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Very fun game! I was wondering how you would keep us on the move and the idea of targets following  the character is great! I still don't understand how to pass the final radar zone unnoticed but eh, I reached the ship! I also love the ranking system "worst radar recognition" or sthg as I kept trying to beat my own record. (My first try was the best!)

The concept seems nice but it's not obvious what you have to do, plus I still don't know what the turrets are for. Do they fire invisible projectiles ? How do red cubes die? A bit blurry to me.

Lovely game! I wish there were more levels but that's a very solid base!

Pretty neat concept. I wish you had more levels with the jump mechanic to see how it could've worked on the long run!

Very nice concept! I wish you had time to work on graphics but I really liked it!