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​Blink is a game about a little goo that found a light-emitting gem that gave him the power to teleport!
Submitted by Aidan (@itsjustaidan), t3nshi (@_t3nshi), SakanaCookies (@sakana_cookies) — 1 hour, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Kinda fun, but might be too simple to have more depth to it.


Fun and tricky, a lot of potential for additional puzzles/enemies :D
Also really lovely animation^^


Cool idea and amazing pixel art :o

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I've seen alot of people do the "platformer w/o movement" gimmick this jam, and this one is pretty well executed.  Also the game looks very nice.  My only notes would be that there should be a visual indicator to the player that you lose the ability to teleport again until you hit the ground, like the sprite changing color or something.  Also the teleporting was a little finicky at times, like I would click and it felt like it wasnt registering the first time every time. 

I think the smartest thing about this game is the fire bad guy, since he creates a spot for you to teleport to but also that spot is immediately risky because your teleporting right next to an enemy-- maybe use this by creating more branching paths where you have to choose going the risky fire guy way or taking the safe but longer way?

Overall, very nice work.


Thanks so much for the detailed response! Your comment on the indicator during falling made me think "I wonder what it would play like if we switched off his light as he fell - but then everything would just vanish everytime he was midair". Then I saw what your jam entry is. Now I gotta play it once I finish work XD


Cool aesthetic and execution! The split second decision making that happens when enemies become involved make this a lot of fun to play and I don't think it ever becomes too difficult!


great idea great art style and great execution well done for this amazing creation.

It will be nice if you checked out my entry and rate it.


Thank you! And happy to, done :)


Nice, it's like a platformer without the running and jumping. 


god this is a really cool idea and I had fun with it, i just wish there weren't arbitrary spike traps like in sonic rush


Lovely little game. Graphics are on point and using the light as a mechanic works fantastically. There are a few times where I wish the level is zoomed out a bit more so that the spikes below can be predicted a bit better but overall, definitely enjoyable with lots of ways to expand upon. Great job!


Awesome game guys! Love the idea of using light as part of the movement mechanic. There were a few times where I had to position myself such that my light was emitting directly on the spot that I needed to teleport to. Very interesting!


I feel like you spent so long on this AWESOME art that you didn't have time for any AWESOME levels. I personally love slimes, so you have my vote.


Lovely game! I wish there were more levels but that's a very solid base!


short but great execution of the theme. I can really see the potential for more with this concept in what you've done.  


Perfect. I wish you made a full game out of this.


So fun, a really cool idea! Great art and sound as well.


Probably the best I've played so far.  It's original and interesting (and the pixel art is top notch). Could have explored the idea a bit more, but otherwise this is an example for other games competing in this jam, I think.


I enjoyed this. The use of light as the teleportation pre-requisite has some potential, particularly with enemy design as this demo started to explore. A short demo, so a lot of room for ideas to be further explored, but whats here was nice. 


For the GMTK 2018 Jam's theme of genre without mechanic, please take a look at our platformer without moving or jumping!

ART: Angelo @_t3nshi

CODE: Aidan @itsjustaidan

AUDIO: Leandro @sakana_cookies