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Absolutely love how the dog controls, very awkward but really fun! Would be nice if there was some way to control the camera but that was a minor gripe. Great job!

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Thank you for your feedback! Very little playtesting had been done on this game prior to the voting period so it's likely that certain mechanics/drain values/etc. will be adjusted at the end of the jam and everyone's concerns help narrow down which mechanics need to be revised.

A bit rough on the edges but the concept is definitely unique! Alternative mouse controls was a nice touch so that you're not totally hopeless if the enemies destroy the extra keys. Increasing the default movement speed would help make shuffling the keys around easier.

Took a little bit to figure out how the player's movement affected the level's rotation but after that, It was fun messing about with how the level rotates. A health system would have been nice since dying immediately after getting hit once with the spikes is a bit unforgiving but overall, a fun little platformer with a very cohesive presentation!

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Fun, panicky management game. Love how other people's movements start to appear on some levels. Perhaps using the mouse to select other animals might improve the feel of the game a bit since pressing space to switch animals feels a little awkward. Keep a lookout for the BIGCHUNGUS pattern that might appear!

Quacking good game. Some questionable narrative choices here and there (why is a cat following a ghostly rubber duck? Why does quacking make the cat fall asleep? Why is flying bacon lethal to the cat?) but overall a cute, funny experience!

Fascinating little experiment, will try it at some point with a friend but simply playing as player 1 and let player 2 just stir about randomly is still pretty fun!

Cool little lemmings-like platformer! Not exactly sure what a girl wearing a Christmas getup is doing on a post apocalyptic setting but I can dig it.

Oh wow a rare text adventure! Love all the little effects and changes that happen as you reset the story like the disappearing letters and changing options. I think it might be the case that some people might have trouble reading certain passages since they disappear on a timer but that's my only gripe. Love the twist at the end!

Too many Milos! Really fun arcade-style game, I think some of the upgrades are a bit too overpowered but when there were like 100 milos trying to reach the sky I can't complain about them.

Love the winDOS style interface. I felt like the overall game could be longer or maybe introduce an infinite mode so the fun can last longer!

Manic and fun, love how you incorporated the gameboy aesthetic to the controls themselves. I think it would've been more forgiving to start the game of with an extra button or two but a really solid entry overall!

With over 5000 submissions to one theme, you're eventually bound to find some mechanic doppelgangers. It's not too awkward don't worry!

Yes! managed to finish the damn thing, very satisfying and rage inducing! See you on the vid hopefully!

Pretty funny concept, at some point I just laid back and watch squiggly do its own thing since he(she?) wasn't too interested on all the food I drop. Camera was a bit fiddly to work with but overall the game was fun to try!

Really fun to play, a small suggestion would be to increase the speed in which buttons switch out so it doesn't take too long to see how each button affects the board but overall a satifying experience!

The game stops responding after falling about 9-10 (I wasn't keeping track) screens worth of levels but the music still keeps going. Not sure if there's supposed to be a game over screen there or another level or whatever. This happens on google chrome but I haven't tried it on other browsers.

The window moves around when controlling the character on firefox, Google chrome works fine though. Pretty neat concept trying to catch the platforms before they disappear but it looks like the game just kinda hangs until you reach the very bottom.

Our bad, there's a bug when resetting that specific level. The only way to set that level back is to reset the game I'm afraid. Thanks for the feedback and we'll make sure to fix this level after the jam ends.

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Thanks for the feedback, the spring thing is something we're aware of and we'll likely fix after the jam. Also the above image is what you get when one of the programmers decide to help out with the handwritten tutorials. Please feel free to shame him.

Clicking shift crashes the game. Please fix so I can get my giant oversized screwdriver fix.

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An interesting take on how a platformer can be played. Hopefully no one else uses this control scheme.

Hilarious. Really appreciate the hodor music and the hodor dab sprite. Hodor.

I don't think I would have never expected to see a Zach-Like game on a 48 hour game jam so props on building one in such a short time! I'm not sure if an average player would be able to figure out the first couple of puzzles without some experience with logic gates so a more in-depth tutorial would do wonders for the first few puzzles. Overall, would love to see this expanded upon. Well done!

What an odd yet very original game. Controls could use some work since it took too long to set up the laser in my opinion and I kept accidentally getting killed by my own laser. Other than that, it's really cool to see something really unique in the jam. Great job on adhering to the theme too!

Love the donkey-kong style enemy jumping to save on those precious jumps (I think at some point I finished a level without spending any jumps). Good job combining platforming and puzzle solving!

Showed the game to a colorblind friend of mine, he did not do very well but overall pretty fun if you have the eyes for it.

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Great game!, Good pixel art and concept. Took me forever to realize that the far left burners were needed to heat up the ore but after realizing that, everything clicked. If you're working on this in the future, I suggest slowly introducing the different kinds of products you can create since looking at the instruction manual for the first time felt a bit overwhelming. Overall a really fun game!

I don't think we've seen that bug yet, do you remember what you did exactly to produce that bug? We'll see if we can patch it up or call it a feature. Thanks for the feedback!

I wanted to paint but ended up engulfing cars and likely killing many. Absolutely hilarious

Lovely little puzzle game, really funny and inventive. Controlling the hand gets finicky at times but I personally think it adds to the charm.

Neat little idea for a game. Sound would have definitely added to the authenticity but I'm not sure if the game is registering my inputs correctly since I can't seem to get any of the letters correct.

Love how the game feels to play. Graphics and sounds are nice and stylish! Would love to see the concept and strategies of the "one shot at a time" expanded on (do you shoot the moving one closer first to get your bullet back faster but risk missing them or shoot the stationery enemy that's farther away with the higher chance of hitting them, etc.) Overall a solid entry to the jam!

Lovely little game. Wanted to help the grandma pick up her apples but accidentally picked her up instead. Controls could use some work but overall the concept is hilarious and really neat! Would love to play a fleshed out version someday.

Didn't think I'd be playing one dimensional flappy bird in 2019 but here we are. The concept is wacky yet works pretty well for a game jam game! It would be interesting to see what would happen if obstacles outside the main frame were to be introduced to add to the difficulty.

Really cool idea! Feels like the police minigame is the one where most of the focus is going to be but the slow introduction of the previous two games was really well done. It would be interesting to have these games swap out with other different games as time goes on (and maybe even include other buttons as well!) Great work!

Interesting take on the theme! it feels like choosing yankee is the easiest way to win here but shooting the enemies feel too difficult since they move too fast and the reload speed is really slow. With some tweaks here and there, this could have some potential!

Fun little idea to adhere to the theme. somewhat baffled as to why you can't use the mouse button to shoot since you use the mouse to aim to begin with but other than that the game is pretty fun!

Looks great but I agree with the others, a tutorial is much needed especially because of the amount of steps needed to make a bowl of noodles. The concept of having one plug, one topping is well implemented though.

Yondu would be proud. Aesthetic is fantastic, concept is brilliant. Controlling the needle is a bit finicky (it felt a bit better using a controller but still kinda difficult to control) but otherwise an excellent submission to the jam. Congrats!