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Bring peace to the universe one phone call at a time.
Submitted by Sebastian Scaini (@sebastianscaini), Simon Peng (@simonporterpeng), Patrick Flattery (@FlatteryPatrick) — 42 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
The goal is to join together 2 leaders in peace.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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Our favourite Sebastian Scaini & Co. Original™ to date (although the racoon game still lives rent-free in Moski's head).

This game gives first impressions of the best bits of the Telltale Games in a rush, making the player take quick decisions based on their context. And just like that series of games, while the gameplay is not exactly innovative, the themes and presentation are what really set it up apart.

On game jams, we're more inclined to pay more attention to the graphics and audio (which were great this time around, by the way), but what we really would like to highlight is the writing. The game's setting is very well-structured, to the point, highlighting early and easily the urgency of the situation and what's at stake. Simultaneously, it doesn't take itself seriously, cracking jokes in a very natural fashion, flowing like a very smart sitcom.

We've played visual novels on jams before, but this one is unique and outstanding in every aspect: From its looks, to its dialogue, to its themes and its sense of humour. It sets to be a straightforward decision-making experience, does precisely that without extra fluff or overscoping, and does it magnificently.

So yes, it's simple in its design, and it doesn't add much new to the table, but it really didn't need to. It's a fun experience from beginning to end, well worth experiencing! 🐳

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Ahahahah! Such a fun game, I loved it! And it has multiple endings and dialogues too!

The art style and voice acting are really great, and the movement towards one and the other presidents every time they speak makes it so dynamic. Stressfull, but in a very good way!

Excellent job to the team!


Well that was fun! Some of the dialogue and choices made me chuckle. Played a couple of times to see more of the dialogue. Art and audio supported the game very well. I wish the buttons couldn't be clicked outside of their visible bodies, because I was clicking already-seen dialogue to get to the options, and it picked the option even though my cursor was way to the right from the button.

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Fantastic and stressful and well-drawn and hilarious and recommended.

Also secured the peace on my first attempt ^^,


Well designed narrative game, good job!


Really fun interpretation of the theme ! I have to say I did not understand everything I did in this game, but in the end the peace was declared, so I guess I chose well ? Anyway the dialogues are really fun and camera movements are very clever, I love the animation that  shows the time you have to answer a question !


Managed to doom earth. I think they deserve it. The art style and presentation is excellent and the sims-style gibberish was a really good touch!


This is awesome! Took me a couple tries to make peace but it was really satisfying when I figured it out.

Did you make the art in Procreate, btw? I think I recognize that pencil brush...


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

The art (and animation) was all done in Photoshop. I think I used one of the Kyle Webster inking brushes for most of the line work but, honestly, we were working so quickly I kind of lost track of it! I did rough out the first thumbnail of the idea in Procreate, though!


War has been avoided!

Really awesome game, super fun to play! I absolutely ADORE the art style for this, I think it couldn't fit more perfectly than it does. Amazing, amazing work! Great job!


This was awesome! I played it for Android on my way home from work and it was just what I needed - to make peace <3


2 days ? 2 DAYS ???

This game was so fun, it's scarry. X)

The visuals, the music, the atmosphere... I was really feeling the pressure when I had to make a choice before the leaders collide but in the end, I felt so relieved and proud when they made peace and I decided to hang out with each other!

NICE work.


One of the most creative ideas in this jam. Connecting 2 leaders!! :)

Would love to play a full game with 20 missions like this.


very cool. The art is great! And the concept is so unique. The story was clear and, although it was short, it felt complete. The fact that their was an Android version made it easy for me to rate and play for me. Great job


Very  cool. Some of the back & forth reminded me of Phoenix Wright. Great presentation!

I just wish the timer was longer to make the choices, and there was a little bit more logic behind the guessing. Would love to see this turn into a larger game! :)


good job! mr triangle seems like a nice guy


I can't wait for my next mission!


i found the game very funny and a fun way to interpret the theme! would love to see more.


Very creative! The story is very engaging, and the gameplay perfectly complements the writing!

One problem I had was that the text wasn't visible on the corners, probably because my monitor has a small resolution. So, I couldn't read all the text on the screen.

Other than that, great game!


super cool concept and art!! I've laughed out loud on their conversation:D your game is a gem of this jam, good job!


This was great! Loved the bit about "Off-Course." The writing, art, and sound design are all very sharp!

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