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Hey really happy to hear this mate! By any chance are you using Game Maker Studio too? If so we could collaborate :) 

Yes!  i really like the working on it super hard to get the game feel right and complete it to a full game... I will send you a msg once the next build is released 

Really appreciate the feedback man!! Yeah my favourite scene too! Lot of work need to be done but i feel it will look really cool once this is completed :) 

Thanks a lot, i will be adding more levels. I'll send you the link once 10 levels are added :) 

Would be the best medium to check out the game before downloading leading to more ratings :) 

Here's mine : 

Thanks mate

Yeah a installer would be okay for a full game. Preferably a paid game. But for something like this, it should have been a html5 web game. Really appreciate your thoughts mate. I downloaded your game but the virus guard stops me from playing, i'll deactivate it n play soon :) 

Can you post the date and time here?

It is a problem in collisions mate, i fixed it. However i cant update the exe file till the voting of JimJam is done (in 6 more days).
Thanks a lot for trying out the prototype and for the feedback!

Slug_Overdoes Thanks a lot for the feedback. Yeah it is tiny actually, just 5-10 seconds of gameplay. Yeah my scope was a huge battle scene in slow motion where you have to save people and kick cops (and objects too, like kicking a table towards the direction of 5 cops to save some time instead of kicking 5 cops individually) in a entire facility...But yeah i ran out of time and couldn't really finish it properly.
I will finish this within this week and send you the link mate :) really nice to get some feedback! 
Regenerating the ability and moving in normal speed n slow motion would be really cool! will add it. 
About the installer, sorry about that, it's my 1st game jam. I should have exported a html5 version n added it here. Will keep in mind for the next game jam :)




Lol Good one!