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Thanks. I made the graphics except for the red unicorn, and most of the music was made by Jaggy Fox (with a couple songs made by me).

I just found Gamemaker to be the right engine for this project. Changing engines mid development would basically mean making a different game in my eyes. But if I were to do it all over I would still have used Gamemaker. I just feel like certain games lend themselves better to certain engines.

But maybe I'll make a game using unity in the future 

the power ups are random and you play as a dice. The theme was roll the dice

thank you. My original goal was to make three options with the third weapon was going to be a laser. Idk if that's the best choice but also adding a third enemy type I think would help as well. 

So creative and fun. Really stretched the theme to fit but in a good way.

Very creative and unique. It's amazing what you can do with interesting rule sets and limited assets (one location, a simple hero character, and two eyes).

Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to play it. 

I see what you mean about the gun spread. Fortunately, that's a single variable (number) that I literally have to change from 20 to something lower like 10 or something. UNFORTUNATELY, the rules of the jam don't allow me to go in there and just change that =/

But I totally agree with you.

I did. The problem i had is that the keyboard had very low contrast when comparing letters that had been used vs ones that hadn't.  Dark Grey vs slightly darker grey. What may help is greying out the actual letter as well. 

Obviously the colored letters are really easy to spot, but the gray ones are not. I hope I'm making sense.

Great recreation. Had fun playing it on my phone. One big issue I had (actually the only issue I had) was the color scheme. It was so difficult to see what letters i had already used due to lack of contrast. Other than that it works.

Amazing and fun! Loved it

thank you!

I have a shortcut of CRT on my desktop and when I drag and drop into the shortcut the gif doesn't seem to save otherwise it works. just fyi

Where does it save the gif? I can't seem to find it

Another Stuffed Wombat Classic. Nuff said

The presentation is fun, the puzzles are engaging and the music fits perfectly. It's hard to find any flaws without being nit-picky. Great Job

A challenging puzzler with a great aesthetic, excellent design, and chill soundtrack. What else do you need to know? 5/5

Also the name is perfect

A challenging puzzler with a great aesthetic, excellent design, and chill soundtrack. What else do you need to know? 5/5

Also the name is perfect

very cool. The art is great! And the concept is so unique. The story was clear and, although it was short, it felt complete. The fact that their was an Android version made it easy for me to rate and play for me. Great job

checkers with a twist and pigs. What's not to love? Plus having an Android version made it easy to play. Thanks

thanks so much for the feedback and thanks for playing

delightfully retro and inventive! Great job!

Very unique! Great for playing with a friend. Don’t see many co-op games and this is a good one. Great physics on the rope

very cool game. Reminds me of the matrix. Seen this game get played on like every stream. 

amazing game, great characters and art style and just good ol fun. Awesome

so cool! Original and fun

amazing, unique and fun. Amazing work!

thanks for playing!

Hey man thanks! The flashlight was always meant to be optional. I'm glad you enjoyed it more than flushed, as I was constantly comparing the two games in my mind and was worried that there wasn't enough gameplay in this one. Thanks for playing and the great feedback. 

Oh no! Wonder why? Anyways here is the link to the survey:

Look forward to your feedback

Unfortunately there are no plans to bring Unichrome to Mac. At this time only an XBOX release is in the works (and perhaps PC)

I couldn't get past level 4, so I had my girlfriend beat it for me (she's a scientist). It was great. Wish there were more puzzles but that's a good thing. My first instinct was that the movement was a bit too slow. The artwork is so freaking good and the overall presentation is spot on. Your logo at the beginning is great too. Fun and original 5/5 stars

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Hey thanks for playing. I'm looking into that glitch and I have a sense that it may have to do with occlusion culling. It will be fixed in the next update along with new levels and music

Hey thanks! great video! hope you liked it