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should be called META gear

Haha yeah. I cant wait to see what games come out of this. 

BTW, I've continued to work on the prototype I made with your sprites and I was meaning to ask you if you were interested at all in lending a hand with it on any capacity. I would obviously love to have you help with sprites (and there is budget for that) but I do understand that may be a big commitment. I believe the success of my prototype camelot crawl was in large part due to your inspired sprites and would be honored to have you involved on any level of development (from sprites to simply play testing and anywhere in between). If you are at all interested let me know.

Also I will be adding a link to your work in-game, I hope you dont mind...


This would have been usefull before I animated your sprites by hand XD

fantastic game. Excellent design and visual style. Music was spot on.

Great game! love the power ups. One suggestion would be to make the bullets bigger and faster. Like WAY bigger.  And second suggestion is show the score at the end. I played for a long time but when I died I had no idea what my score was and no way of trying to beat it. The gameplay is addicting tho.

I animated and coded everything myself although the original concept for the look of the sprites was based on a sprite sheet done by 0x72. Unfortunately that sheet only had one frame done for each character and I had to do all the animations myself (about 24 frames per character plus hit sparks/projectiles/etc).  Of course this doesn't compare to the amount of animation needed for the full game (out sometime this spring)  ;^)

Hey I made a game for the weekly game jam 25 using your tiles. Now people are asking for me to make a full retail version of the game. I modified and added animations and am continuing to add more stuff all the time. I thought you might be interested in checking it out... Camelot Crawl

here you are sir. and FYI if you like the game I can give you a key for "Age of Avalon" which will be the full retail version of this game with added features like 50+ weapons and real boss battles plus 15+ environments and level up features... I mean if you're interested in that sort of thing...

Hey guys I'm new to the community and have just finished a gamejam! Woot! Now is the part where you guys get to play it!

Camelot Crawl is a bullet hell game without bullets or guns. Instead you use your sword and powers of reflection to bounce projectiles off walls and ricochet them on to your enemies faces. This took 4 days to make but I am considering making this into a full game.

the game art is great, but the water disappeared and the narrative was a little lost for me. I love the concept and what you did with the theme. I want to see more story based games

Excellent aesthetic! I love the pixelated look. I was a little confused as to what was going on but I was still able to get through the whole thing with no problems. I like it when games try to tell a story. But I dont know what it was about. What engine did you use?