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I have a shortcut of CRT on my desktop and when I drag and drop into the shortcut the gif doesn't seem to save otherwise it works. just fyi

Where does it save the gif? I can't seem to find it

I'm always around... Lurking... 👀

hi I'm Rafa. I've been participating in the weekly game jam since like week 18. Sad to see the server go but looking forward to the five year anniversary. 

Another Stuffed Wombat Classic. Nuff said

The presentation is fun, the puzzles are engaging and the music fits perfectly. It's hard to find any flaws without being nit-picky. Great Job

A challenging puzzler with a great aesthetic, excellent design, and chill soundtrack. What else do you need to know? 5/5

Also the name is perfect

A challenging puzzler with a great aesthetic, excellent design, and chill soundtrack. What else do you need to know? 5/5

Also the name is perfect

very cool. The art is great! And the concept is so unique. The story was clear and, although it was short, it felt complete. The fact that their was an Android version made it easy for me to rate and play for me. Great job

checkers with a twist and pigs. What's not to love? Plus having an Android version made it easy to play. Thanks

thanks so much for the feedback and thanks for playing

delightfully retro and inventive! Great job!

Very unique! Great for playing with a friend. Don’t see many co-op games and this is a good one. Great physics on the rope

very cool game. Reminds me of the matrix. Seen this game get played on like every stream. 

amazing game, great characters and art style and just good ol fun. Awesome

so cool! Original and fun

amazing, unique and fun. Amazing work!

thanks for playing!

Hey man thanks! The flashlight was always meant to be optional. I'm glad you enjoyed it more than flushed, as I was constantly comparing the two games in my mind and was worried that there wasn't enough gameplay in this one. Thanks for playing and the great feedback.

I couldn't get past level 4, so I had my girlfriend beat it for me (she's a scientist). It was great. Wish there were more puzzles but that's a good thing. My first instinct was that the movement was a bit too slow. The artwork is so freaking good and the overall presentation is spot on. Your logo at the beginning is great too. Fun and original 5/5 stars

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Hey thanks for playing. I'm looking into that glitch and I have a sense that it may have to do with occlusion culling. It will be fixed in the next update along with new levels and music

Hey thanks! great video! hope you liked it

Thanks for the playthrough. Fun and entertaining to watch you play. Hope you enjoyed it

I see. Thanks for the reply and the info. I will definitely be adding a sensitivity setting.

thanks for playing and leaving feedback. May I ask what u mean by "ran really fast"? Do you mean character movement was too fast and aiming sensitivity was too high?

Hey made this video on the making of this ... =P

Thanks for the feedback. The eerie feel of the game is my favorite thing about this game. I will try to implement some fixes and smoothen out the gameplay based on feedback like yours. The sensitivity in input you are talking about is one of the things I'm having the most trouble with tho. I've noticed that if you lower the graphics quality the game seems to control better (also depending on your hardware). So that is one thing I cant say for sure will be fixed. Tho in the next update expect to see some side scrolling levels and maybe a rock chase scene like in crash bandicoot. Again thanks for playing and taking the time to write such a thorough comment. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing!

Amazing concept and execution.

Great game! I got stuck in one part tho lol or else I would have never stopped playing

Thanks for the kind words I will make a note of that and fix it ASAP.

Although it does take the visual style from saber punk (and expands on it quite a bit) I coded the whole game from scratch, made a whole bunch of new animations, a new dialogue system, quest system, and composed original music for it. And since I was under the impression that people could use assets that they have the rights to I figured I could re-use the enemy sprites and bounce pads without breaking the rules. I feel that's okay

should be called META gear

Haha yeah. I cant wait to see what games come out of this. 

BTW, I've continued to work on the prototype I made with your sprites and I was meaning to ask you if you were interested at all in lending a hand with it on any capacity. I would obviously love to have you help with sprites (and there is budget for that) but I do understand that may be a big commitment. I believe the success of my prototype camelot crawl was in large part due to your inspired sprites and would be honored to have you involved on any level of development (from sprites to simply play testing and anywhere in between). If you are at all interested let me know.

Also I will be adding a link to your work in-game, I hope you dont mind...


This would have been usefull before I animated your sprites by hand XD