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We're happy to hear that people are enjoying one of our most relaxing submissions to date, as we aimed to make something cozy! If you happened to use the function to take a screenshot of your final sky, we'd love it if you could share it with us! 😊

Aw, shucks, thanks! We hope you had a good time with the wacky names and what not. And if you'd like to show us one of your saved playthroughs, that'd be fantastic! 📸

Hey, thanks for those heartwarming words! And yeah, we even had to skip on some features due to scope and timing. We firmly believe that anyone can always come up with ideas to further improve and enhance their games. It's always encouraging to find a game in a digital store which idea originated on a jam like this one, so we're hoping to be lucky enough to play a few games that will outlive the jam!

Ohoho, we remember you, and it's a pleasure to meet you on the field again! We're glad that you think those things about our submission too! Our team's hearts have been warmed!

As for that last bit, we're sorry! It's a bug some people have been encountering it. We'll check on it and have it fixed after the jam's voting phase is done! We really would like for more people to share their creations, so it's a  bit disappointing that some people can't show them around properly because of said problem. But even then, we're glad people still enjoy it! 👍

Oh, thanks! A lot of people have been telling us that, and we're very humbled for that!

As for inspirations, there were a few games we knew that were about connecting points in some fashion, but the one that was most prominent for our inspiration was Longest Night, of which we took inspiration in some visuals and music. We highly recommend giving it a try! ✨

Quite indeed, thanks! We seem to alternate between goofy or some other kind of charisma, but we're glad we went for "adorable and cute" this time around! It feels good to try all sorts of themes! 🌟

We'll gladly share those compliments, thanks!

Those comments brighten the spirits of everyone on our team! Everyone brought their A-game to this, so we feel humbled by these kind words! Thanks a lot, and we're happy you enjoyed the game that much! 😊

Thanks a lot! And yes, we're amazed ourselves. Our team has had a lot of synergy lately, and yet, we barely made it to the end this time around! We're exhausted, but it was well worth it! 💪

198 with a single constellation, I guess? The full night sky would have likely been a lot higher than that. I wonder if you played around to finish a sky though, since we've got some people getting a bug where that cannot be done. If you think you couldn't complete the game, we'd appreciate if you could tell us if you encountered said bug. Thanks a lot in advance!

Guess it was a great idea to put that functionality in the game after all! It'd be great if you'd like to share your sky with us, since we've got some people showing their creations off on our server! 👍

We're impressed ourselves that we could do this in two days, since it involved doing a lot of things we had not given a try to yet. And we're glad that you found it relaxing, since that's what we were aiming for!!

Kind words, thanks! It took some iteration, but our artist managed to get it done, with our composer knocking it off the park too! 🎨🎶

Very glad that you think of our game in that way! Polish is what we strive to do best! 💪

Hey! Thanks for reporting it! The same thing happens sometimes with my own phone as well and I still haven't been able to track exactly why, since most of our testers and people who have played the game have been able to play it just fine. 🙇 I've been looking into it, and I hope to have a fix sometime soon!

This is one of the most heart-warming comments we've received to date. 💖 Thank you so much for the kind words! At the moment we still don't have any games on neither the Switch or even Steam, but who knows what the future might bring. We've always got tons of ideas and plans in mind. 👀

And glad that you stumbled upon us again and thank you for the follow here as well! 🤗 If you do happen to use them, you can also follow us on Twitter or join us on our Discord Server respectively. We tend to post about the stuff that we are working on on those and It might also be easier to track us there than on the incredible yet immense collection of games that Itch has. 🐳

Glad you had a fun time with it! 🐳 If you mean the website button that appears at the start of the web version, that button is there in case we publish the game to a game portal that doesn't have a easy access the downloadable version (like Newgrounds) . That way, players that want to find a link to the downloadable version, can easily be redirected to a page where they can get it at.

Here in itch, it's a bit redundant yes. But the button is also prepared so that once we revamp our main studio website, it redirects to a dedicated game page then. Hope that clears it up! 🤗

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Thank you! We're really proud of how the game art ended up looking! 🥰

At the moment, we're not looking for translators for our projects. However, we're currently in the pre-production of some games that we might want to localize in the coming months. If you're interested, you can send us an email at and we'll keep a note that you've contacted us!

Thank you! We're glad that you enjoyed it! 🦈 Is there anything you'd like to see in a future version of the game? 👀

Glad that you're having fun with it! We've had some people around who made their own packs! If you do end up giving it a shot, we'd love it if you shared it with us at our Discord server!

As for the server questions, the current plan is to implement them into the game whenever we get around to patch it, so it ends up having more "base questions" for offline play as time goes by. In case we're unavailable, we would just make the JSON file available for use and edit on the long term. Thanks for showing interest on the behind-the-scenes of our game! 🐳

Thank you, glad you like it! We don't fully understand your question, but we think you're asking if Stardew Valley was used as an inspiration? While not necessarily itself, Townseek was partially inspired by games like Stardew Valley, more or less. I hope that answers to your question! 🐳

Hey, thanks for reporting it! It is a known issue with Mac and Linux builds, which we've been trying to look onto for more of our projects. We're really eager to find a solution to it, so our games can be in top form! 🐳

Oh, yeah, that's certainly good feedback. Since the game doesn't really have much to do, we added it as a "completionist reward", but were we to enhance the experience, it'd certainly be best to give hints or clues for stuff that is not immediately intuitive. We'll take that into consideration, thanks! 😊

Hah, we certainly didn't expect anyone overthinking the egg location, so we really hope that wasn't that big of an inconvenience. But we're glad that you had a good, chill experience with it! 😊

Thank you for reporting the issue! We've now got someone in our community that can help us test Mac builds, so hopefully the process going forward with those builds will be a lot smoother going forward. We hope to have all the core Mac issues fixed by the time of the next big update! 🙏

Thank you! Glad you had a fantastic time with the game up to completing it!

Is there anything you'd like to see added to the world? 🦈

Thank you! Really glad that you liked the art! 😊 And thank you for the suggestions/comments! We're still balancing what we can do for the upcoming 1.2 expansion, but we're taking notes for the long-term too.

As for the trading colours, green always represents when something is a better deal for you. Items in green in the Town's Inventory means that you're getting the item for bellow the average price, while in your inventory it means you're selling them for more than the average price. Red represents the opposite, meaning that the item is more expensive in town than the average, and that you're selling it for lower as well. 💰

Hope that you found one last fish in the end! We will likely throw in a "Sell All" for the 1.2 expansion since it seems easy enough to add. 👀

The critters were really fun to add to the world to make it pop in colour that little bit more! Is there any kind of critter or animal you would like to see us add? 🐼

We have a some plans for the future and have been spreading a few teasers here and there in our Twitter. We're still in the talks about how and how much we would like to expand on it, but there's definitely more coming to the world of Townseek! 🦈


Thank you! We really enjoy how the overall page along and we really like the effect of the clouds over the world's background.

Now that you've played the game (I saw you commented on the comment about the fishing bug), what did you think about it? Anything you'd like to see added to the world? Cheers! 🐳

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We have a few ideas for the future about how we can make both exploration and trading more interesting in the long run, but we're still early in the talks about it. The idea of implementing cargo limits is one that has popped around ever so often, but the more we discuss it, the more we feel we enjoy the chill no-limits aspect to trading. Our vision is more to make it interesting to how many different things you have at one point rather than how much. 🤔

Explorers are the main taxonomy we're aiming at, so we definitely enjoy having players like you around. Thanks for having played the game! Cheers! 🐳

Sounds like a perfect world to live in. 🐳

Thank you! 😊 What endings did you end up getting? 👀

Hah! We're unsure about crews yet, but we've been brainstorming some ideas of how we can have character be more involved with towns and how you trade. 🦈 And yes, the burning forest is a reference to such-named shapeshifting master of darkness. 👀

Glad to have you around! Cheers! 🐳

Yep! Someone actually suggested something similar bellow, and we're already thinking on how we can implementing better queues so that trading becomes more readable! Still though, thank you for the suggestion! 🐳

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Thank you for your feedback! We were working on a last massive update to the game that completely revised and balanced several of the modes, Woof! included. 

Unfortunately, work on it has been frozen for a few months now, but we do hope to come back to finish it at some point. We hope that you give a try to the game then!

Thank you for playing and sorry about the bug! 🙇 We've already had the issue reported a few comments down and we're working on fixing it for the next version! Hope you do play it again some other time and get the completion!

How would you like to see the game expanded? Which kind of content/mechanics do you think would be nice to see? 🐳

Thank you so much for the super kind words! Really glad that you've enjoyed the world that we've created and the aesthetic we gave to it! We're really proud of how it came out and yes, our artist wanted to create a blimp in the style of Cpt. Jawline himself. 😛

We have some more plans for the game that we've been talking about and would like to share in the future! The comment right before yours shows a small teaser to what we're currently working on. We've been thinking of writing potential Developer Insights like we've done for some of our previous games for Townseek to showcase a bit of the behind-the-scenes of the game like you're asking. However, since we're currently busy with the game we haven't scheduled them yet! 

Alternatively, we also sometimes share WIPs and other things in the #whales-chat room over at our Discord server in case you're curious to check it out! If you have more ideas of content (mechanics/town themes) you would like to see, do let us know!

Hope that you continue following the game, and we hope to have more to show in the future! Cheers! 🐳