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Thank you for playing and sharing a video about it! 

Onigami is one of those projects we're most proud of it's art style, and we really like the one that we were able to find for it (it did take us some iteration to reach there, but we think the final result was pretty satisfying in the end)! 

We'll let the artist know that you loved the art. Cheers! 🐳

Glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for featuring it in your weekly collection! That did turn out to be quite the long match, huh? Quite the collection of Samurais you had at the end. 

Cheers! 🐳

Thanks for the report! We've been trying to understand why the issue happens (since a similar upside down problem was also reported on Linux) but keep running into issues with it. 

We'll let you know when we get a new Mac build up, hopefully with the inverted issue fixed. Thank you! 

Hey! For now we've decided to put this game on hold. It has actually been around for a while, but we never found the perfect time to fully polish it, so we decided to just go on and publish it as it is, so we can focus on updating a specific project regularly. 

However, there's always the opportunity that we come back to it and add more content or continue polishing it. In fact, we want to start an internal event specifically to go back and update our existing games with new stuff.

That being, if you have anything in your mind regarding this game, we'd love to know it! Cheers! 🐳

Hey! Thanks for calling that to our attention! This is the first time that an issue on a Mac build has been reported to us and unfortunately we don't have the best methods to fully test it out. To make sure that we can do our best with as much details as there are, could you provide us some more information? Namely:

  • Are you running a 32-Bit or a 64-Bit system?
  • Did you download the game through the website, or through the itch app?
  • Was there a more in-detail error message  that appeared when launching the game?

We also made a new build (for this game, not for Onigami yet) to see if it helps fix any issues. Could you test it and see if works? 

Thanks! 🐳

Thank you! 💕 We personally always strive to make the game pages themed as much as possible after the actual game, as we firmly believe the page alone builds a first impression and immersion.

We're half expecting the adult-expectation situation to either be our strongest point or our biggest hurdle. Highly probable that it's both.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for featuring it. We had a close-knit fear that it wouldn't pass the cut and we're glad it did. Thank you! 🐳 (just as a side note though, it's not currently showing there, which I don't know if it's an issue or you just haven't added it yet :x)

Great to see another Ludum Dare participant here in this threads! First off, I absolutely the pitch of your game, and immediately sent it to the rest of the team.

I gave it a quick go before commenting and I must say that I am already having a whale of a time! I was expecting an Overcooked x Management type of experience where you have to try and optimize your kitchen as much as possible and definitely did not came out of it disappointed, it's exactly as I expected it to be! Chaotic, challenging and with a management twist to it. 

I'm already looking forward for the full version of this. You're doing a fantastic job and I'm amazed at the amount of content that you've put in so far.  Congratulations! 🐳

I have to agree with @GhostGoats completely! The art in your games (and even your avatar) look absolutely adorable and cute!!

It's really heart-warming to read how you were able to use games and their writing as a way to give an outlook about your experience in life. It's great that you were able to find a full-time job with the games industry too. You definitely deserve it!

Congratulations, and keep doing great! ❤

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Hey everyone!

First off, we really have to thank for doing this. It's really hard to bring attraction to our games in today’s indie climate where all of us have to be constantly struggling for attention. Therefor an initiative like this on a time where everyone’s eyes is peeled on GDC is a great motivator. So, first things off, thanks a lot for doing this!

We are Whales And Games, an indie development designing mindlessly fun games full of what we call whalistic personality, meaning that we want players to remind our games and our team by its fun-positive and often exaggerated attitudes. We work remotely as we’re a multinational team with people from Brazil, Mexico, Portugal and the UK.

Some of us tried our luck this year and applied for scholarships in attempts to going to GDC, as everyone of our friends and contacts who previously set foot on the conference told us that the conference expands your horizons and vision in a way that you can’t really find anywhere else.

Unfortunately, none of us made the cut. We’re going to continue doing our best in order to try and set foot on the event one of these days, but for now, we have to celebrate every middle-way victory that we’ve gotten so far.

Last month we tried to do something completely out of left-field, deviating from what’s usual for our team. For a month, we crunched and participated on the Strawberry Jam 3 jam here on itch, a game jam dedicated to creating and developing adult-themed and adult games.Just the last phrase alone makes this the sort of game that possibly would never be shown on a GDC showfloor.

But before you’re shocked at it, read us out. During this one month experiment tackling a completely alien thematic for us, we developed Cosplay Café, an adult-themed character-focused, management and dating-sim crossover. In a nutshell, the game is about the day-to-day of our a stoic protagonist (Caffie) that finds herself having to handle and manage a cosplay-centric café on a town where adult-media has taken the world by storm.

Caffie has to decide what items and decorations the café will have up per day, see those decisions reflected on sales, and have the chance at meeting some very special customers at the end of the day. Will she end up understanding their attachment to their media, or bat an eye at it? You’ll have to play to find out!

While the game has adult-themes, we wanted to find a bit of our own footing and space, and tried to strive a bit differently from other adult games, leaving the adult-themes on the Suggestive dial rather than the full Explicit. We want to make sure our games is about creating connections with the characters, more than striving to see them fully-naked. Not that you can do both, and while we don’t have the latter (even if we had some people already asking us for it), we do have some suggestive lookouts at the characters, but hopefully our point here is understandable.

For the best and the worst, this has kind of given us an imposter-syndrome these past weeks. While we want to try and go through a different path from other games of the genre, we’re still worried that we might be stepping foot on a market that wants something completely different from what we’re offering. Likewise, we’re also afraid that the general market is put off by the adult-themes of the game as some sort of stigma, and this has been noticeable by the absence of features and videos from other sources that we’d normally get with our other projects. It's a double-edged sword. Too NSFW to market traditionally, but not risque enough to appeal to some of the adult audience.

Yet, at the same time, with the jam victory and support from our friends (some of who have made us fantastic fanart), we’re reinvigorated to keep moving forward. Even if we’re not featured, we want to continue expanding this wild and out-there universe that we’ve built, and push these characters even further. It's going to be a time-consuming and arduous task, but we’re extremely excited to start working on the expansions for this game.

Sorry for the long post, but we also took the chance to vent out some of our worries as developers with it. If you get to give the game a try, or if it ends up getting featured, we’re very much thankful for it. We’d love to read what people have to say about it, and the ways we can make it better as we continue building it. We've also got our team Twitter over here. Thanks, and Cheers! 🐳

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Yes. That seems about fair. In all honesty, Caffie was kinda designed with the thought of an asexual in mind. While she understands sexual concepts, she really just doesn't bat an eye of interest on it, but creates a connection with the cosplayers and learns their concepts because of their passion and honesty on why they connected with their respective characters. 

This makes it hard for us to conceive Caffie in an actual erotic scene as it seems weird she would be a direct protagonist on them given who she is. Plus, there's the project's worse and best limitation, which is that our artist is really not a fan of having to draw explicit content, while suggestive is mostly fine.

That being said, the reason why it's best it's because it puts a new pressure on us to try and create suggestive scenes that still empower the characters while giving a nice flair of fan-servive, adult and entertaining tone to the game. With the next updates we want to find the footing of where the project is headed, and we want to add some fun moments and scenes of interactions between characters that push the boundaries of the fan-service future while giving more depth to the cosplayers and their characters as well. With some of the ones that we have in mind, I think it'll make quite up for it. 😉

So yes, in the end, I think you're right that the project is more ecchi than it's a full-fledged explicit hentai. However, I still think there's space for a lot of things within it and personally I've been thinking of the motto of the game being "an aphrodisiac in the format of the game". It might not be enough to make you go over the line, but it should be enough to make you want it. Here's hoping we can go there.

If anything else crosses your mind do let us know! I really appreciate feedback conversations like this as it gets the gears working. Cheers! 🐳

This was a nice set of tunes. I personally like the first two electronic tracks the most out of the four, although I do like how the four sound in total, each in their respective implementations. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd also pick Slipper When Wet.

Glad that you submitted this even if it wasn't a game. Great job on the tracks. Cheers! 🐳

Unfortunately I am also not very familiar with the Floraverse, even if I did give a quick glance at the page you linked through the intro, but from what I have read here, it really seems like you've put a lot of heart into making sure these characters were genuine and real fun to see them interact with. I also really liked the different links you've spread out throughout the different character interactions, which really helped give an extra flavour to it.

I personally got the ending of the second image here from the page. I dunno if I had to interact with different characters or click into different links to get the other one but still, there's that. Fantastic job writing this. Cheers! 🐳

Thank you! We're glad that you have had fun! We always like to try and make sure that our games are as polished as possible, even if it implies polishing to an almost impossible degree during the jam time. I feel a very nice-flowing UI, especially on a game where 80% of the gameplay depends on it goes a long way in improving the experience, which is why 

We're currently working on a fix that improves text speeds, such as making the "Inst." for Instantaneous option really instantaneous, as well as adding a fast-forward option. Wanted to get it out before the judging ended, but unfortunately that patch will have to wait for tomorrow or the weekend. Same-wise with the previous messages log, which will probably have to wait for an even later major update as we couldn't get it done during the jam time.

In what ways or what changes would you make it tender more towards your tastes? We'd love to read your opinions and suggestions about it! And once again, we're glad that you think everything fits together! Cheers! 🐳 

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While it was a bit confusing at the start, it later became an acquired taste. With a timer, it'd be a very interesting game to see how fast you can please the game's instructions, and actually make it into a game rather than some mechanical test. But what's there works and looks the part, specially given that it's the least "in your face" entry of them all. 

Kudos for making it suggestive in a very creative way! Cheers! 🐳

Seems like there’s a very interesting idea for a setting looming around here. While I think that the writing could use some touch-ups to add more detail and build-up the world, this short segment of it does showcase a lot of potential space for characters and “wild” adventures. However, that’s really as much as I can comment towards right now. I am left with some curiosity towards how you’re going to do the visuals and the rest of the story though.

Ironically, we already had a similar idea for this once, only with a biologist and wacky marine creatures and what not, so I funnily found some semblance with this. Good luck on writing the rest of this! Cheers! 🐳

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This is a very nice canvas of what a potential game could be. The movement mechanics are probably the most enjoyable part of the game for me right now. Doing cart-wheels around made it very satisfying to traverse around and the double-jumping did help give the game a sense of verticality. However, at times I found myself unable to use these abilities, either because I was attacked, or for reasons I wasn’t really able to tell. For some of them, like the cart-wheel, I figured crouching fixed it for me, but sometimes falling off a ledge because a double-jump didn’t seem to trigger slightly harmed the mobility experience to me.

As for the rest of the game there’s a lot of space here for a future game can be, but otherwise, there’s a lot to improve and still major lengths to go until I think I’d be able to see and experience the full vision of the game. If the focus of the game is combat, I’d start by adding considerable feedback to it, like flashes, health bars or floating damage numbers, and probably even some screenshake for when you get hit. Making sure that combat is satisfying will help this game in great lengths, as just the action of engaging in combat will be very satisfying.

Ultimately, I praise the will to do such a strong vision of a game but do consider the scope and which mechanics you want to get the players to be satisfied with. I’d suggest focusing on systems gradually (like I’ve suggested above, starting with combat would be wonderful) and add new mechanics on top progressively, as I can see there’s a plan for there to be a lot of moving pieces here.

Other than that, and closing such a lengthy comment with some deserved praise, I did think that the pixel art characters looked really charming and promising. Here’s hoping we see them in an even more animated state in the future. Good luck and cheers! 🐳

Well, this is certainly a concept with its own twist. Off all the weird things that come up in my mind, the idea of Sans Undertale hosting his own drop-contestants-on-gunk show is something that I don’t think I would even be able to dream off. But hey, seeing the stuff that people come up during jams is part of their charm.

Now I don’t know if these were actual shows back in the day, but I think the idea of them is pretty original. Forcing you to think of alternative answers to questions with very obvious answers without using the letter that you’re forbidden from using is certainly a challenge, and one that did get me thinking on what I was going to reply.

Unfortunately, I do have to agree with some of previous comments, where I’m kind of sad that you can just put anything in as long as it doesn’t use the letter and it is accepted because answers are not validated. However, at the same time I understand that the challenge is more for the player (especially given the vast array of answers they can give) than a challenge for the player

Commendable effort on all on making all of those pixel art characters and animations though! I’m amazed at the different variety of characters that you were able to get in and how they’re all differently animated. I also really like the option of just getting a random colour for the gunk.

Overall, great job in this game. I’ve seen some comments from you on Discord saying you’ve been given support for it and that makes me really joyful as well. Cheers! 🐳

Gameplay really is king above all, huh? I actually really liked the rhythm and feeling that this game has going so far. While it doesn’t strive away much from other rhythm games right now, I do feel like I enjoyed the time I had with this, even if there isn’t much to it yet otherwise.

I feel like adding a few more interesting and unexpected rhythm mechanics to the game would make it a very interesting experience within the genera and that the game's skeleton that is here could come to be very satisfying to play with. 

I also think some extra feedback would also be welcome. I realized at a certain point that I was losing points when pressing the keys but can’t seem to figure it out if it’s because I’m pressing them too early, or if it’s because I am pressing them too late. Adding some more feedback to what the correct timings are (even if it’s with the classic ‘GREAT’, ‘AWESOME’ or ‘MISS’) would immediately give it a whole new layer of feedback.

Other than that, great job on making it satisfy to play! I feel like later on if you are going to continue the project like described in the game’s page, making it so you have to play it with only two hands is going to drive some people nuts. I'm looking forward to seeing the reaction to that. Cheers! 🐳

Well, that was an interesting visual and even relaxing experience. From what I’ve seen of the game so far and from what I’ve read from its background, it seems like you’re aiming to do something along the lines of a relaxing experience, which is definitely something definitely appreciated.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much everything I can comment for now. While I think the graphics are really appealing, gameplay wise there isn’t really a lot that I can go on from. I think the bubble mechanics felt bouncy and satisfying enough, but given there’s not much to them yet, I really don’t know where I could give more feedback on.

We’re curious to see where you will take this from now on. Here’s the best of luck for your future project interactions! Cheers! 🐳

First off, congratulations on fixing the game! We were a bit worried since the end of judging was approaching, but good job on making it through. We understand, we’ve been making fixes and hammering issues since we’ve deployed our game as well.

Now, going into the actual critique of the game itself, I believe this is a concept that could come to be very interesting, especially with all of the different mechanics that you guys apparently wanted to put in it. It’s an adult spice on the usual tycoon formula and given how it’s implemented, it can be a very engaging concept.

Unfortunately, I felt a bit lost about what was going on in the game. While the game mentions several things in the features, there were a few of them I couldn’t get to trigger. For starters, I don’t know if it was intended as a design choice, or if it’s a glitch, but I half expected that going through the videos and unlocking the different items would result in getting a cam-action respective to them. While the action bar does have arrows pointing up and down, it seems like I only ever got a single first bar of actions.

Testing the game again, and trying to buy different items at first, it seems like there are more actions to the game, but they’re unable to be accessible because you can’t scroll through action bars. I will assume that it’s a glitch then.

As for other in-game features, I also couldn’t get DMs to work. The different persons seem like intractable buttons, but there’s no way to click them. Likewise, I also found it confusing as to what actually guaranteed me money, and it felt like it happened arbitrarily, or slowly over a period of time, rather than something I had an actual control over. I also think it’d be fun if you could actually move the windows around like an actual desktop and performs actions for the viewers at the same time that you try to finish a UTube video.

I feel like there’s even more detail we could get into too regarding feedback, but given how long this comment is already getting, I think there’s enough on the plate right now. Once again, I hope that you continue pulling through, and hope to see a fully-fixed build soon. I’d really like to see you guys doing more with this, and we’ll be cheering for you. Cheers! 🐳

Thank you! It's really great reading that you've found it fun! When you said Lemonade Stand my mind thought about the concept of being on the street with a Lemonade Stand than the computer game first. 😜 Still, that's kind of a fun comparison!

Do you have any suggestions for possible improvements or suggestions? We'd love to know them. Cheers! 🐳

It's an interesting take on mix and matching genres, with varying degrees of results. It took me a while to understand what was going on, and while there was some fun to be had at trying to hit the other player, ultimately, the controllers felt too finicky. Was there a camera button? Zooming in or out? Anything to adjust the sensitivity of the direction? I couldn't find any, and as a result, being so zoomed out with such sensitivity made it very, very hard to actually land an attack. Just finishing a round felt like a long, long drag.

There's so many ways in which this game could evolve, but before anything, you should try refining the mechanics. Improve on the camera and movement, and then build around that. This has a lot of potential as an artillery game, so you should focus first on making the artillery the best it can be! 🐳

Well, I never expected this to be someone's kink, but here we are. In that aspect, I think the concept pretty much lived up to what it was trying to do and showcases that off.

Like others have said, I can see that a lot of care has been put into the animation. I do feel, if you're keen in exploring such an exotic kink, that there could be a lot to add-in that could improve it as a term of making it more game. Right now, it pretty much just draging the worms in from a side and seeing them developed, with the particles in the end as reward. Maybe you can add some different type of worm mix-matching? Different types of characters that react differently? I feel there's a lot that could be explored to take this beyond hyper-alpha.

Best of luck for what you plan to do with this game next. Cheers! 🐳

Well, there's no way to hide the fact that this game has a very noticeable corruption kink indeed. It's certainly interesting, and I can't necessarily hide that I too have a thing for seeing characters get progressively more into-it (to some extent). 

Personally, I like the way the game is setup and the repetition of common elements and how they transmit Dorothy's change within their... awakening over time and I think the narrative and witting clearly transmit how corrupt they have become over time up to the very ending.

And, that pretty much sums it up! It's a great display of character and for what this is it serves the purpose just fine. I'd love to see something with a bit more depth to it though, if you ever set out do something among those lines! Cheers! 🐳

Well, given how those pervs were exhibiting themselves on the streets, I believe that the punishment was appropriate. From the moment I started playing the game, I can tell that a lot of love was put into the sprites and animations of the characters, as well as giving some sort of extra personality to the main character through the artwork at the end of each level which is commendable. The enemies that you encounter are also pretty creative given the thematic of the game and I think they really help sell just how exaggerated the setting of the game is.

Regarding platforming, I do have to agree with some of the comments bellow. For a good part of my playthrough, it felt like the controls and physics could definitely be tweaked to be made tighter and even more satisfying to play. While the game did introduce some interesting platforming twists on the later levels, I also believe there could be a lot of more unique spins taken with the platforming genera and formula, especially given the nature and setting that the game has.

Given how you plan to make a full version of the game as said in the end and on the game page, I believe that you already have some ideas and plans to make those tweaks, and I can see something really original coming out of a full-fledged version of this game with given time. Here’s the best luck for that! Cheers! 🐳

This was brimming with personality! I believe this is the jam game I spent the most time in so far, and that’s an achievement of its own.

While it doesn’t deviate much from the standard Charm/Strength/Intelligence format that’s common about exploration dating sims, I think the content that’s here was enough for a decent fun time, mixed in with a lot of innuendo given the nature of the jam. The dialog works for the style it’s written on and there’s enough alternatives for the different things you can evolve and the rhythm of the game also steady speeds-up across the time you play given how the jobs pay-out given on your stats.

Ultimately, the only thing I could ask for would be more polish and continuing to pursue an even bigger identity that sets it apart from other exploration dating sims but given that you already have plans to expand it, I believe that will becoming down the road. Here’s our votes of best wishes and the best luck for that! Cheers! 🐳

Well, this is exactly what it says on the tittle. A 3D sex simulator. I’ve given it a run and a playthrough, and tried the different content there is too offer, but ultimately, I can’t help but feel there are several things that feel off from making this a really ‘pleasurable’ experience.

While the customization is interesting especially for a first prototype, I felt that all of the controls for all of the simulation were pretty hard to get a grasp off. Characters moved too much in a physical way that it made hard to adjust them and hard to tell what they were interacting it (most of the times the dialog for the interactions on the table would show up only for it to go back to the standard ways), and the way the camera worked also made it very hard to get a grasp of the world. If I had to recommend something to fix the latter, I’d make it a third person over-the-shoulder view while no interaction is going on, and then change it to an orbital view once an interaction has been locked on.

Interactions are a whole another thing that needs to be refined. At the moment it’s very hard to understand how to make the proper setup and binding of a pose, and most of the times I pressed the expose button, I’d just get locked into picking one of the options since ‘exit’ did not appear as in some of the other menus, which lead me to a bunch of – arguably funny but not the goal - situations such as laying under the bed and under a chair. The system definitely needs to be streamed-line to make it easier to pick both what the characters are doing and interacting.

Other than that, I can’t really say much for other aspects such as novelty or kink, it’s… just plain old’ sex.

I do believe this has potential, especially with the set of features you hope to achieve as described in the main page, but I feel like there’s a lot of work at the base level that needs to be refined to make sure that the simulation is a pleasurable for the player as the characters participating on it. You have our blessing for it! Cheers! 🐳

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The game gave me a very strong, first impression, with a very creative use of menus, overlays and pictures. Being able to fast forward the dialogue was a plus, and it was overall well designed and written.

However, given the choices, I was disappointed that it all narrowed down to the same thing. The narrative built up a lot, brimming with possibilities, and ended up with just choosing one outcome. It became more problematic in later playthroughs, since it really displayed that the options were not so different between each other and the short tidbits of alternate dialogues were not really worth it.

The setting and narrative were superb. You could easily expand on this with worthwhile alternative paths. What's here may be too short, but it's so well constructed that it leaves people yearning for more. Cheers! 🐳

The setting, environment and diverse cast of characters were gorgeous. Checked a few and more than once, enjoying the solid writing. The Tinder-esque interface was a great novel, and being able to pile the possible dates made it more than "choose X to date it". And I found it impressive that there's even voice acting on this. That's a rarity, and a damn good one this time around.

Still, I do have to be somewhat critic on the amount of "gameplay". With so many visual novels around on the jam, there's varying of lengths of replayability and playthroughs, and I'd say that having 18 endings is less of a feature and more of a problem this time around. I loved the diverse cast of characters, but it soon became apparent that I wouldn't get more than a few lines of exposition before getting a short ending. No time or space for development made every playthrough and underwhelming, which is a shame, given that so many characters had strong first impressions, but nothing else.

I still like it for what it is. Short on the narrative, but what's there is well written and voiced. Here's hoping there's more opportunities in the future to get to know the characters. Cheers! 🐳

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A very cute and surprisingly tame experience for this kind of jam. Great visuals, and a very lovable character to interact with. I felt like a genius on the crane game for just shoving everything out of the garage, but apparently that's a common occurrence here, according to the comments.

Oh well. The experience was a bit on the short side. It's a shame, since the polish and the narrative kept me wanting more. Keep up the good work! 🐳

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The "wtf" setting made me grin like a pervert, from the hilariously big pill to the ludicrous number of crocodiles on the street, and the smiling house. Simple in execution and mechanics, but certainly something with that retro nostalgia.

The sounds could become a bother at times, but I believe that comes with the territory. A quick burst of fun overall. Keep up the good work! 🐳

Well, that was definitely an interesting experience! I’m personally a sucker for Portal-formula styled games, with test-chamber layouts and what not, so this game felt personally right at home for me.

Although none of the puzzles felt specifically challenging, I do like the set of mechanics that is displayed on here, and the weird/interesting association of controlling different types of slimes to achieve different goals with them. The dialogs together with Midori were also pretty great and had a lot of charm to it.

With a bit more polish and a few more puzzles to it, I believe this can be a great little game! From what the game’s ending tells me, it seems that you’re planning to expand the game a bit more, which I clearly look forward too!

I personally would suggest adding shift as an option to also run or walk faster, as it did feel a bit slow at times, especially when I wanted to survey the rooms to see what I had to do. Other than that, I look forward to it! Cheers! 🐳

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The narrator's exaggerated furry dialogue was a riot to read. While the game itself recreates one of the dullest board games I've every played, the furry spin, the automation and the dialogs make it memorable, and far superior than Guess Who. If anything, I appreciate playing against an AI rather than an unreliable opponent.

The sounds and sprites do work very well together, and it's fantastic that there's such a great variation of looks and descriptions despite the limitations of working with such little assets. It's a bit of a shame that the game just seemingly crashes at the end, but it was more of a minor inconvenience. Cheers! 🐳

We'll see. Princess Dom actually mentions that and adds it as a term in one of her after-relationship events (and we also have a slighty hint through Golden Bean Shower), but we'll consider it.

We normally design our characters after a certain theme and depending on how they go we decide how to further refine them. If we find an inspiration and way to write a character like that we'll see about it.

Thanks for your suggestions though

Thank you! It's really great that you enjoyed it and you were able to get the good ending first try! One of our biggest worries during development was to make sure that the characters were engaging and making sure that Caffie, while not really into the stuff, was still able to be this bridge character between the players and the cosplayers, so it's really encouraging to see that they were able to come across just as we wanted them. 😄

And yes. I recently noticed the text speed staring as slow instead of default and have already fixed it starting like that in a development build, but since I'm still adapting the game for another platform port I still haven't deployed them. Some other players have also mentioned the backlog text which was one of the things that I wanted to implement but unfortunately ran out of time before I could, but I will see about getting it in for another major release later down the road. As for the dialog branches, all of the characters should have new scenes (although those new scenes do in-fact repeat) rather then repeating their last relationship branch, but yes, I did want to make a complete skip for those as well but also ran out of time as well. Oopsies.

Thank you for your feedback! Do let us know if you're interested in seeing more of this project later down the road as we're still surveying if it's worth continuing to update this project or not. Cheers! 🐳

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Thank you! We're glad that you liked it!

We're still deciding the fate that we want to give Cosplay Café as a whole. For a starter, we really love the universe that we've built so far and our mind is full of ideas for little and big things that we'd like to add to make it more expansive, but it will really depend on how the momentum around it keeps going. 

We've already considered things like going through Patreon with it, but given how this game is compared to other games of the kind, we don't know if we'd find an audience to support us. In the end, it's really up in the air. And we'll be observing how things go until we make a decision. Do let us know if you're still interested! Thank you! Cheers! 🐳

Well this was a very well put and interesting game! I really liked the amount of content (13 characters all with different sets of clothes) and mechanics that were put on here. Even if the game was mostly RNG based, the inclusion of the rules and the prediction system in the matches actually made it pretty enjoyable without leaving the player completely up to luck.

I really like the attention to detail as well. Like I said, including 13 characters was pretty well-rounded and even including different music tracks for all of them was a pretty nice touch. I unfortunately wasn’t able to beat Mesmeralda, but I really enjoyed how much of challenge she and the last fighters (including the original championship match outside of championship mode) put up.

I think this is the highest I’ve rated a game in stealth so far. The inclusion and possibility of toggling the naked more on and off at any time actually makes it very nice and while I know some people will probably only play it with it turned on, I do like the difference sets of clothing as well.

Overall, this is a really nice job and game! On a side note, I am pretty technically surprised this was built on Ren’py, but I guess in the end it’s the developer that makes the game and not the tools. Cheers!  🐳

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I've played my share of CYOA novels a few years ago, and it felt nostalgic to play one of these again, with stats and contextual choices. Unusual and refreshing. I'm genuinely impressed by the amount of writing on this one, and with the actual variations on the text and ending.

I did play a few times to see what else was there, and I'd say that the world building and narrative are well constructed. Any game that lets you become a shark is good in my book.

A fun and bizarre crime romp well worth exploring. Keep up the good work! 🐳

Everything about this game strung a lot of weird chords before I actually played it. Well, "game" and "play". It's a poem, minimalistic in aesthetic, and the 2 comments about it are about the ending. So I took out my headphones and turned on the light, expecting a screamer or something to pop up in a weird fashion.

The reality was far more bizarre. The anticipation had my heart rating, and the final bits of the poem actually shocked me. Not much of a game, not much of interaction, and still, this submission was very impactful.

To move people with words and expectations, you've got a talent for writing. It may look like an exaggeration to say that this is one of my favorite submissions to the jam, but through sheer narrative and a powerful shock, this poem became one of the most memorable submissions. Cheers! 🐳

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While I originally played and thought the game was too short and simple, I remembered the warning of "saving often", and thought that there could be some more depth to the game. I'm glad I replayed it a few times now, since I did miss on a lot of sweet narrative on the first playthrough.

The aesthetics of the game were very creative and outstanding, and the narrative did make me want to see what else each of the 3(4?) robots had to say. It's a shame that there was no music, and that other than 3 sprites, there was not much else to look at. But what's there works very well.

There's lots of ways this could be expanded further, so here's hoping you continue doing and improving on works like these. Cheers! 🐳