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Not just any moon, a furry moon! 🌝 Thank you for playing! 🤗

Thank you! On-boarding and the start of the game is something that we're definitely looking into improving and making clearer in the full version. If you have the time, we'd love to know your feedback on our new early demo too, since it adds some additional content too! 🐳

Hah! Yes, the prices change slightly whenever you visit a town. If you have the opportunity to try out the early demo for the full version, that one actually shows the categories of each item and what each town prioritises in terms of you selling to them! We would love to know your feedback on that one! 🤗

Thank you! 🤗 Working on this new full version has been a great time, and we really hope it lives up to expectation! ✨

Glad you had fun! Thank you for the follow! 🐳

Hey there! Thanks a lot for the feedback! We're glad that you found the game as cosy as we intended! ✨

Right now we're currently working on the full-release version of the game, and it already has a lot of content planned for it! Of course, we're also thinking about how to re-balance and make the game more fun and interactive, and one of the first things we edited was the price of ores. Time-wise, fish now sell for more and ores sell for less, but we also want to experiment with upgrades later down the line to continue to make both activities, and others, more rewarding rather than just reducing their prices for them to be on par.

As for fishing, we'd like to further experiment with its mechanics too. One of our designers proposed some methods that let the player have more control over the rarity of the fish the player can catch, but we're yet to iterate on that. The game is growing in so many areas we'll take some time to go back to certain aspects to make them pop more! 👀

Thanks again for the feedback! And we're happy to hear that you like the environments and landmarks! We've got a lot more already on the works, and they really add plenty of charisma to the world. If you'd like, we'd very much invite you to join our Discord Server, since we'll be releasing an early demo for the new version fairly soon and would definitely love to have your feedback, either then or later down the road when the game releases! Cheers! 🐳

Hi Yuu! Thank you for reporting that, and sorry that it happened while you were going on your trip. 😞 At the time we developed Vast Trivia Of The Void during the game jam, we only tested the game on our current phones and since they used a standard 16:9 resolution, it didn't even cross our minds that more recent phones were closer to 16:10 due to the notch and other screen formats. 🙇

It's something that's been on our backlog to fix, but with how busy we've been with our commercial project and studio workflow we haven't had the chance to revise it. It's definitely something we want to get back to at some point, but we haven't had the chance, but we would really like to avoid someone else having a frustrating trip! 😰

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That's a tough one to get! 🧟

Congratulations! Glad that you really enjoyed the game, and that's a fantastic planet you got right there! Which ending was your favourite? That moon one? 🌕

Thank you! 🥰

That's some big praise! 🥰 Getting to Wave 34 is a very good run! Glad that you had fun with it, and hope you're looking forward for more games! 💪

GREATLY DONE! ✨ Which of the endings was your favourite? 👀

Thank you! Flash games and their DNA are a huge inspiration for our style of games, so we're really glad you liked it! Cheers! 🐳

We have an inside joke that some of our other games might even be someone's planet in Petty Puny Planet. Who knows? Maybe we are also someone else's planet. 👀 Glad you enjoyed the game! 🤗

Thank you! Glad  you liked it! 🥰 Which of the doggos was your favourite? 🐶

Hey! Thanks for reporting it! We're looking into what we can do try to make sure Mac actually runs properly going forward. We'll let you know when we have an update on it! 🐳

Glad you enjoyed it! We don't have any plans to expand on Wizsnooks at this time, but we're currently working on the full version of Townseek if you'd like to check it out too! Cheers! 🐳

Thank you!! Glad you liked it! 🐳

Thank you! Glad you liked it! 🐳

Thank you and glad you were impressed by it! Glad that you enjoyed playing it! We had lots of content ideas that we didn't get to implement like additional buildings and units, but unfortunately, due to the academic-scope of the project, we never really found the time to add more stuff to it. Even then, never say never! Cheers! 🐳

Thank you very much! Development has been really fun so far and I think it'll continue being so! Hope you keep up with news as they come! 🥰

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Born undersea, but with an appetite to soar the skies and explore the world! Now that you've got yourself a reliable airship, it's time to make those dreams come true! 🧭 Our team at Whales And Games has just released our brand new The Star-Seeker Update for our game Townseekfeaturing brand new mines, minerals, artifacts, shooting-stars, a new town, several new items and more! ✨

Townseek is an exploration-trading game where you travel far-and-wide in your own blimp, discovering picturesque towns and exotic landmarks that the world has to offer. Fish and mine to your heart's content, and trade away goods as you strive to complete your item and balloon collection!

We originally developed the game for Global Game Jam and continued developing it a few days afterwards. Once we made the first release of game here on, we were immediately taken aback by the reception that the game got and the project was even front-page featured. After the very surprising and warm reception, we knew we wanted to expand the game further which led to the creation of this new update!

Yet our journey with this game doesn’t end here, and we’ve got another huge announcement to make this week. We’re really looking forward to it! We hope that you enjoy exploring our world, be it as a first-time, or if you've played it before! ❤️

You can play the game for Windows, Mac, Linux and Web over at! We've also got our whole devlog and changelog for this update over here!.

In case you're curious, here's a gameplay video covering everything that's on the current version of the game! 🎥

And here's some screenshots from this new update we've released! 📸

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Thank you for the very in-depth comment! And yes, since the project was originally done as a college assignment, we were still not great at balancing units and the like just yet back then. The AI, while certainly within the grasp of our skills at the time, certainly could be better by today's standards as well, which is why the Oni ended up being a bit weak when compared to the player's skills.  😅

And yes! There were a lot of ideas that stayed on the drawing board unfortunately, including more units, buildings and mechanics. We'd really love the chance to work on or to work on something related to Onigami at some point. Since it was originally devised as an university project, we ended up moving to other things some of which we're having a whale of a time working on. 

We hope you stick around for some of them! Cheers! 🐳

Lots of patience and CSS magic! Glad that you like it! 😊

And you're amazing too! ✨

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Thank you for your comment! Sorry the web version didn't work properly, but glad that you still had a chance to give it a try! And yes, the game is a bit more simplistic in terms of mechanics if you're familiar with card-building games and RPGs, and we ended up basic it a bit more on auto-battlers than full-fledged card-games. We also designed it in mind as being more of a fun playable gift hence why it doesn't have much depth.

Even then, glad that you liked the aesthetics and the overall themes of the game! Cheers! 🐳

Thank you! It was really chill to work on it and we're glad that you had a good time with it! 🤗

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That's very odd. Thanks for reporting! We'll look into it in the future as we're going to be more hands-on with Linux testing as we begin work in some commercial projects. Thanks, and cheers! 🐳

Glad that you liked the game! And yes, unfortunately, we've made difficulty a bit hard in retrospect. 🙇 Make sure that you're equipping stronger items to be able to defeat enemies, and remember that if you push them into a pit of lava, they'll be defeated instantaneously!

If you're in a table with multiple enemies, remember to always go for the Skeletons or Goblins at first too since they're easier to defeat and give you items quicker. Here's the best of luck, cheers! 🐳

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This was a really heart warming comment to read! Thank you so much for the kind words and we're really glad that you loved the game! 🥰

More ship customization is actually something we want to add in the future! We've got several ideas between different ship shapes, colour palettes, flags, and even pets that follow you around, though it's still early to say just exactly what we'll be able to fit in! As for picking your race, it sounds pretty fun! But we'll likely keep you as a shark for now, because we've got something of a main story in our minds as well. 😉

Thank you so much for playing our game as well! We've recently released some new Discord channels for the game over at our server, and if anything else comes to mind, we'd love to see your suggestions there! Cheers! 🐳

There's a point where we needed to stop and we've clearly passed it.
But let's keep going and see what happens.

Thank you very much! 😊 Glad you enjoyed and had a relaxing time with Starsnap! It was very fun to put together during the jam, and we're glad that it comes through! ✨

Thank you very much for playing again, Jupiter! Glad you enjoyed putting some constellations together! Here's to the next jam! 🤗

Thank you! We try to challenge the limits of what we can do with our pages with every game! 💪

Hey! 👋  You can click on the screen (or with the controller) in order to skip the animation and be immediately taken to the "Start" part! If you mean going directly into the game mode panel, we're changing how that works with the long-pending 1.3, so we hope this advice helps with the currently live version of the game! 😊

Hey! Are you playing on mobile? As some folks have reported on other comments, there might be instances where the mobile aspect ratio cuts off the bottom two answers and I fear that might be happening to you. 🙇

We still haven't had the chance to look into it, but hope to do it sometime soon. For now I definitely recommend trying out the desktop version instead. Cheers! 🐳

Thank you so much for your comment! 😊 Glad that you like Jazzy's design! She still has a fantastic look that we still love to this day! 🎷

As for your comments regarding the gameplay, thank you for the feedback! It's been a while since we made Jazzy Beats, and at the time, we were still getting started on game jam games and were trying to bite more than we could chew. We definitely agree the gameplay doesn't hold much well nowadays, namely as a result of the time-limit and our experience at the time. 🙏

We've considered a commercial version of the game at some points over the previous years where we wanted to completely overhaul the core combat of the game to be more akin and responsive to a standard beat-em-up, mixed in with some more crazy elements and inspiration from The World Ends With You. Unfortunately, we still thought it was too much for us to handle at once at the time, so we're currently working on other commercial projects. 🙇‍♂️ 

We do hope that we get to revisit this world, characters and gameplay potential at some point, so thank you again for your comment. Hope to see your around! Cheers! 🐳

Thanks a lot, and woah, some of those do sound like fantastic ideas! Ultimately, we love these kind of games where we could just continue adding features for more personalized ideas, so that feedback and the suggestions would be fantastic to implement. We're not having any plans to do any big update to this, but we'd certainly consider some of those were we to get the opportunity. Thanks, and cheers! 🥂

Vertical manoeuvre pigeon got me laughing good.

While it's a shame that it's unfinished, what's in here is very well thought. The traditional platforming mechanics are functional, but the ideas brought to the table are what make this project special.

Having this duo of birds have different functionality when together and separated really sets up the place for a lot of puzzle mechanics, and it's even better that some are not just "this character can only do X, and the other can only do Y", but that both have different feeling and limitations due to their size and even weight.

The best puzzle platformers use the limitations of the characters to their strengths, and having two characters - which actually can be considered 3 if you count their combined form - opens up a lot of opportunities, which would be fantastic to see explored in the future. Great job here! 🐦

This was really fun and the game's minimal aesthetic hits it home pretty well (no pun intended)!

First off, I really like the thematic and presentation of the game. The idea of space houses and cities encompassed in bubbles in space never gets old and the way you deliver packages between cities and houses fits well within the jam's theme. The presentation of the sprites with the pink shadow is also pretty striking and gives the game a pretty original look even though it could have used a few more details here and there!

I originally tried playing the game with a controller, but to be honest, I've never been much of a fan of rotating controls on the shoulders/triggers. I ended up swapping for keyboard controls and it felt like the ship was much more easy to control as a result!

While I can understand some of the other comments pointing out about the ship being slightly difficult to control, I think that's part of the challenge and charm of this game. If anything, I would have loved to see a bit more mechanical depth come from there. While the ship can shoot other small ships that try to destroy the package, I think it would have been great to more implementations of the shooting. One example that comes to mind are small asteroids you can shoot and break. Even if they didn't necessarily harm the player, it would give the player something fun to shoot. ☄️

Overall, this was a pretty great jam game! It's still very familiar ground in terms of mechanics, but I think both the presentation and themes allow it to stand up on its own! Great work, Elendow! 🐳