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Hey there! Thanks a lot for the feedback! We're glad that you found the game as cosy as we intended! ✨

Right now we're currently working on the full-release version of the game, and it already has a lot of content planned for it! Of course, we're also thinking about how to re-balance and make the game more fun and interactive, and one of the first things we edited was the price of ores. Time-wise, fish now sell for more and ores sell for less, but we also want to experiment with upgrades later down the line to continue to make both activities, and others, more rewarding rather than just reducing their prices for them to be on par.

As for fishing, we'd like to further experiment with its mechanics too. One of our designers proposed some methods that let the player have more control over the rarity of the fish the player can catch, but we're yet to iterate on that. The game is growing in so many areas we'll take some time to go back to certain aspects to make them pop more! 👀

Thanks again for the feedback! And we're happy to hear that you like the environments and landmarks! We've got a lot more already on the works, and they really add plenty of charisma to the world. If you'd like, we'd very much invite you to join our Discord Server, since we'll be releasing an early demo for the new version fairly soon and would definitely love to have your feedback, either then or later down the road when the game releases! Cheers! 🐳