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Love the artstyle! Reminds me of , but free-form instead of on a grid, which added some extra depth and aesthetic choice. Got 130, don’t know if that’s good or bad :-) One small issue: the pine tree sprite is already dark, so it’s not clear when the place you’re trying to put it is invalid.

Glad you enjoyed it! :-)

Thanks! Glad you were inspired by it – please get it touch if you make anything inspired by it, we’d love to see it!

Glad you liked it! That’s an interesting idea – we definitely want to add more dependencies between cards and variance to the epilogue.

The art is really cute, but I found the gameplay pretty frustrating. The job system is random and hands-off, which is fine, and the mouse management system is very micro hands-on, which is fine, but together it doesn’t quite mesh. Like the game seems to want me to just sit back and watch the mice run around and occasionally plop down a building, but to get there I need to keep track of how many mice I have, breed more when I can, keep track of the green vs brown shirts to make more workers…

I think if the goal is to have a game you can just sit back and mostly watch while occasionally plopping down buildings, the mice should take care of themselves more – you should be able to plop down a hut that spawns a certain amount of mice or something, instead of needing to manage the individual mice manually.

Wishlisted! Good luck with the launch :)

This is awesome! Took me a couple tries to make peace but it was really satisfying when I figured it out.

Did you make the art in Procreate, btw? I think I recognize that pencil brush...

bit addictive actually. Had fun (got to wave three) the idea is very cool and its executed so smoothly. Definitely agree with other comments of having either a second direction (or maybe turning faster so you can do more loops?). would be a fun mobile game

Thank you for the kind words! I haven't played that game myself, but you are seriously tempting me to try and dig it up on Flashpoint and play it :D

Good point re: the controls list (our background is in making text games if that explains it ^_^). Probably a visual diagram would have been easier to parse and a better explainer.

Cool idea! The movement was a bit slow, which made needing to restart really frustrating. Could have also been interesting to have a bit more "physics" on the ball to make using it a bit more satisfying.

Cool idea! I found the amount of visuals and moving things on the screen and the small characters made it kind of hard to tell at a glance where each person was? Which made the game very difficult. Maybe desaturating the background could have helped a bit?

Cool idea! I think the concept of the game was to have you push the flies around to get them into your web, but there's a way better strategy, which is to just hook all the flies with your string and then drag them all into your web at once. I was able to finish the 4-fly level in 5 seconds that way, but it's pretty boring. I also would have really liked to move the mouse to cut the strings instead of having to click the pegs, which would have helped it feel a bit more dynamic I think. I liked the art though, and the concept for the game and the levels were pretty interesting!

This looks awesome, unfortunately I use LInux so can't play the uploaded build (tried with Wine and got a weird error :<) You mentioned releasing a Mac build after the jam, if you could also do a Linux one that would be awesome!

I think this concept has legs! I agree with the commenter on the game page that the best strategy seems to sort of counter the idea, just running around with both characters to collect health together. That said, as I started to get better at controlling the characters, I was able to separate them to collect things in parallel more efficiently. I think making that feel more necessary or rewarding would work well -- giving more time in the interludes and then removing the pickups during the fighting period, maybe? I also didn't like health being tied to the ammo -- it's an interesting idea, but made the vulnerability curve less fun: instead of having two separate danger states with different tradeoffs (high health, low ammo / low health, high ammo), there's only one. I think having a regular health bar would work better there. Overall, cool idea, and was pretty fun!

Funny concept! I thought it was a cool gameplay concept how the henchmen don't hurt you, so you have to choose whether it's worth it to target them to help you in the future vs focusing on escaping now. A neat expansion would be to have multiple "phases" since it can get a bit repetitive after a bit. Cool game!

A kind comparison! Thanks!

Thanks! The controls are definitely confusing, which I hope is part of the charm :)

This is awesome! The hitboxes are a bit iffy with the spikes which made it kinda frustrating in places, but the idea is executed very well and the level design had some great "aha!" moments :)

i hate this. this game ruined my day. 10/10

Thanks! Haven't got a chance to watch yet but will soon :)

Just left a review!

This game feels really professional and polished. The juice is really good, it feels good to play. I found myself getting frustrated with how it works with death -- the idea that a death can be good or bad by enabling or blocking your progress it cool, but the problem is a misplaced body can force you to restart a run that took 10 or 15 deaths to reach that point, which is really frustrating. In a normal platformer dying isn't a big deal since you just restart and need to rerun the level once, but here you have to rerun the level 10-15 times placing your body just to get back to the point where you were, which kills the momentum. Not sure what the right fix is, and your game isn't the only one with this idea that has this issue, but it did annoy me here, I think more than on other games just because this game is so polished and feels good to play in every other way.

Loved it! Left a more detailed review on the page.

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Super fun! Making a two-player game in a game jam is a risk since most people will be playing alone, but I played with my wife and we got SUPER competitive and started psyching ourselves out about the generation patterns of the projectiles XD (she beat me 3-1 so it's definitely rigged...) The graphics were simple but they had a lot of "juice". My only suggestion would be to telegraph the projectiles a bit more, or just have a bit of rules so they're a bit easier to predict -- the randomness is good don't get me wrong, but it feels a bit hard to play strategically because the projectiles move so fast. I wouldn't lean *too* hard into the strategy aspect because it works really well as a party game right now, but a tiny bit would be nice. If a polished version of this was on Switch for < $5 I would definitely buy it. 

I liked the art, looks really polished. The controls felt pretty nice, a bit slippery in places but I think that was just physics issues that are hard to nail down in a 72 hour jam so it's not a big deal. The bodies rolling drove me CRAZY, it was so frustrating needing to position the body perfectly on the hovering button or it would roll off. I think maybe those buttons in the air could have a lip so the bodies stay on, or maybe bodies could stick to buttons more than on the ground? I know the bodies rolling is an important part of the physics for e.g. stacking them in the last level, but I almost ragequit when my body rolled off the floating button for the third time.

Overall, nice execution of the bodies-as-props concept, definitely one of the better takes on that idea I've seen.

Will play when I have access to a Windows PC later :)

Rated and reviewed!

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This is pretty cool! It took me a bit to realize there actually was strategy to it -- I started out just randomly flailing and was doing OK since you can't really die. Once I realized there was strategy it got more fun, but it would definitely make it more interesting if there was some challenge or reason to not die, or way that dying affected the game.

Oh I also loved the humor and the fake EM english, "thou have the jelly plague" killed me XD

Glad to hear the feedback is helpful! Good luck with the full release :)

Rated! Love the seed, they're adorable.

This is awesome! The idea of dying to progress isn't new, but this game does it well (liberal use of checkpoints so you don't need to redo stuff + still having a "game" element where there's a goal and you can't just do random stuff and succeed). The art though, whoof, really takes this over the top. The little seed is adorable!

Left a review :)

I dig the aesthetic! Not sure if you made the art but if you did that's super impressive for a game jam IMO. The controls were a bit stiff-feeling, and I tried lowering my speed for attack damage but it was so slow as to be unplayable, so I didn't end up actually beating anything with my stats tweaked from base -- would have been interesting to see a boss that barely moved that you could go full tank with high damage no movement on, and then you need to switch to a high movement low damage build to dodge some flying attacks... definitely some good potential here.

Thanks! Will check your game out when I have access to a Windows PC later.


The controls felt really... floaty in a way that was unpleasant, like it was difficult to figure out where I was going to land or where my jump would end up in the air. The tutorial at the beginning also didn't mention there was a double jump, which took me a second to figure out in the second level when I couldn't reach the platform normally.

The snarkiness of the narrator was kinda fun, it could be a good theme for the game if it was expanded, though making a snarky game is threading a needle a bit -- it only works if the players feel their failure is their own fault, and not if they feel it's the game's fault. If you fail in Portal and Glados makes fun of you, it works because you know it was your own dang fault you screwed up.

Overall, congrats on the game!

Rated! Liked it a lot.

I've played a few different "die to get powers / progress" games in the jam so far, but this one is my favorite -- it really feels like there's a difference in power and state between being alive and dead, and that there's tactical reasons to be each. Paired with the frantic pace of the game, it's really fun.

My biggest gripe would be the teleporter cannon things -- they shoot so slowly that it doesn't really fit the otherwise fast paced nature of the game, to the point I gave up on levels because I couldn't figure out how to time them right. Maybe I just need to git gud, but they drove me crazy.

(Also, appreciate the Linux build :) )

Left a review!