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Fire Emblem but you can't attack
Submitted by nyx — 2 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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I'm not really a huge fan of turn based tactics games, so there wasn't much here for me unfortunately. It was interesting, having to focus on maneuvering and keeping your party alive, and I did like the teleport and rescue spells, and I think I'd be all over that if I were more familiar with the genre. Nice job though!

Clunkiness due to the engine, but it was fun to play! don't know if it would hold up to a full game without tweaking the mechanics of the genre more, but worked well for a game jam game. Lvl 2 was the best, felt nice figuring out how to get by. 4/5


Congrats on the game!

I also feel that part of the clunkiness of the game comes from the game style and the game engine, but I feel that healing + defensive options can make a good game experience, far from the traditional.

Nice concept on how to approach the theme :)

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Although there's some vestigial UI  clunkiness that I think is coming from the engine itself (Fire Emblem and its like are complex games, even though this game is much simpler - I'm not sure if I'd even know how to play this if I hadn't tried and failed to get into Fire Emblem once!), some really interesting ideas shine through, here! The defense level was particularly interesting and really made me think.


simple but great art style it needs some changes and improvement and it will become perfect.

You can check out my entry it will be very nice.


Nice idea! The game itself need more polish and more funny interaction but there's some potential. It's kind of the Undertale of tactical RPG. Good job!


The first thing I thought was that the menu was really pretty, but I didn't know how to use it and I keep getting stuck on a screen without anyway out and having to restart the whole program several times just to get into play. Then I got stuck where my only option was to discard items.

Beyond my trouble using it, it was fun to try and get through without fighting. It makes every level has a sense of danger rather than steam rolling opponents.

Overall a game with a lot of potential,

Impressive how much was there in 48 hours.


Please play rate and give feedback on mine at


Nice one! This would be amazing as a level in a tactics game; the lack of ability to fight back adds a strong feeling of vulnerability to the levels, which is really compelling. Well done :)


Ummm...I struggled to play the game. I don't know my way around a menu system like this game and I could not even get the battle going no matter how many times I clicked "Fight -> Start? -> yes". Perhaps adding some guidance in the description would be helpful for silly people like me who don't know their way around complicated looking menus like this one. :)


This was a good and polished concept! Enjoyed playing it

holy shid you werent kidding about the loud


i'm so sorry, once i figure out how to configure the volume in srpg studio games i'll get on that immediately


This was fantastic, the mechanics don't feel gimicky.


I'm glad you went for non-combat, because combat's a staple in so many genres that could be removed to interesting effect. I initially was going for that with my game, but I didn't really have enough time so enemies just go boom.

I haven't played a lot of tactics games, so I don't have a lot to measure this up against. But it seems like you've done a great job at coming up with interesting scenarios. I appreciate that you get new skills as you go along to keep it fresh. Great job!

Submitted (1 edit)

Cool game, but hard to get into. Probably because I don't usually play SRPG's, but it felt like a lot of information was avaliable for me. The art and music are both great, and thanks for the volume warning!


Now THIS is what I was really hoping for with this type of jam theme.  I've wondered about making a non-combat tactical RPG for a while as well, but never got around to it.  To see 3 fully functional, balanced, fleshed out levels made in only 48 hours is just stunning.  Not to mention the art is phenomenal, it's pretty much on par with FE:H.  It really feels like you poured a lot of love and passion into this game.

As you may be able to tell from my name and avatar, I am quite the avid Fire Emblem fan, so when I say this game holds its own against the actual games in that series (the levels here are better than some entire FE games), I hope that really makes it clear how great I think this entry is.


Oh, this was all made in SRPG Studio, an engine that specializes in Fire Emblem-style games! Games are a lot easier to make when you don't need to do any art or code, so I managed to get the fundamentals of the levels down in one evening. The rest of my time with this jam was spent polishing it up to make it actually playable and fun. I'm really glad you enjoyed it this much!

Really cool! I was just wondering a few weeks ago if anyone has made a pacifist tactics RPG. I think it's a great idea and would love to see more games like this in the future! Nice dialogue writing, cool choices of abilities, and good use of SRPG Studio.

Would love to see a game that combined the Escort and Defend styles of gameplay together. One of the bummers of FE-style games is sometimes you're just Ending your Turn over and over to quickly progress things if you're just walking forward or waiting around. Maybe another map type where you have to collect story-related items around the map, or pick locks, or something?

Overall really cool!


The most enjoyable puzzle game I've played lately.

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow this game is incredibly complicated for only a 48 hour jam!


This doesn't work under wine. (=> not rated)