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A platformer where you can't control the player!
Submitted by Reumarks — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
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It's pretty nice!

Sometimes is very hard to click on the spot you want because of the camera, but watching the ball jumping  was satisfying when you completed a level!

The only thing I dont like, the music. I preffer silence or some FX than that music D:

Overall, great job!


Alright! Thanks for your feedback. I'll add some music controls in my next update.


interesting concept, but a bit too boring, could be a lot better given the time to flesh out the concept:)


Alright, thanks for your feedback!

Would you have any suggestions on how I could more fully flush out this concept?

of course dude, I think maybe making a little more variation in the springs(i.e. some that send you higher or lower)more variation in level design, and other things like that. Typical fleshing out stuff


Definitely value for this concept in the runner genre. Found it a bit hard to keep up with the camera though and I imagine you could make some really creative levels with a pause button


I think this is a really good idea hampered by the fact you had only 48 hours to make it. i like the idea of the mechanics, and i like the use of coins to encourage smarter play. But yeah, the camera moves a bit too quickly to be able to do anything reliably, especially on my touchpad with a delayed tap input.


Good concept and well designed levels. It felt very much like a platform puzzle game playing through it. I liked having the camera follow the ball and the lack of pause added tension, but it did add difficulty when trying to change the placement of jumps. Perhaps making Left click add a trampoline and Right Click remove them (to avoid accidentally adding when trying to remove and vica versa) could solve this problem. The music was very nice and soothing and helped keep it light. The bonus level was a nice touch.


Really solid gameplay. Further refinement would make a fantastic game. 


Same feedback as plocked. I really like the mechanic, and the fact that you restart the level right away encourages me to find the solution, but the camera movement really get in the way. A very simple fix would be to fix the camera position for the whole level if its not too big, or of course you can implement a pause button, but fixing the camera movement would be less invasive for the gameplay I feel. Also you get no benefit from having the camera following the ball, its more of a disadvantage. Again, very fun mechanic, and gosh you finished this 1 day early? Kudos!!


Thanks, yep I agree compleatly about the camera movement and am currrently working on a solution. Also I did not actually finish this 1 day early, I made this submittion page, and submitted a prototype yesterday, but I didn't upload this current .zip file until about 30 minutes before the jam ended. That way I would get a few more veiws from participents before the rest of the games flooded the page, thus allowing for my game to be recommended more often on the download screen of another project.


Ahh I see. I made the prototype too but didnt think of submitting it. Will be a useful tip for my future game jams on, thanks :D


Well, this game was good at first, but then, when it becomes more complex, it has more errors, for example; It is practically impossible to put a trampoline because the camera follows the player. And when you finally can put the trampoline, the ball goes faster and does not work (you die anyway)

but if all these things are fixed, I'll play it safe, because it's fun, it's challenging, the concept is unique and smart and, even though it only took 2 days to make the game, the music and graphics were pretty good. I hope this helps you improve the game in case that you follow it.
sorry for the crappy english xd


Thanks for the feedback, I agree that something should be done to make it simpler to click on the blocks, but I was not able to find and implament a good solution for that before the time ran out.

I found myself searching for a puse button, but that would not realy fit a platformer I think

Developer (1 edit)

A possible solution I just thought of when you said that, would be a time freeze where when you held right-click the game would freeze until rightclick was released. I'll try adding that now and see if it works, although I won't be able to update the game-jam version so a seprate download would be nessassary.


Really fun game and unique concept! Clicking the boxes can be a little unintuitive and the way you have to go back to the start and wait for the ball to get to the part you died on is kind of annoying. Also the music sounds like I'm playing a shitty kickstarter commercial.