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While the art is definetly well done, I feel a bit silly playing it. But the mechanics are waht impresses me here most.

unplayable because you can't choose a perpective that gives view on an outpost

RTS and absolute control if I understand right

nice idea but a bit simple

I would prefer a more realistic setting I think, Medieval/Sci Fi I don't realy care but I still think it is absolutely amazing adresses the thing that anoys me the most about RTSs, the need to manage everything

This is pretty great, even thought I dislike the visual theme and it could use a lot more complexety

plays well and fit's the theme even better

Good idea and execution, wish I was better at it

I found myself searching for a puse button, but that would not realy fit a platformer I think

nice concept but a bit too random for me

Nice, tricky but not anoingly hard(I usualy struggle with puzzle games)

This is realy cool! Realy fun too.

I think the concept would be great for multiplayer :D