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Perspective ShooterView game page

Like an FPS, but with a unique perspective.
Submitted by kangawallapuss — 11 hours, 44 minutes before the deadline
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It was interesting, and I could see a version of this working, but it would need to be fleshed out I feel.  I would really prefer the controls to be based off the camera perspective, rather than the character.  Reminds me of the camera bullet thing from splinter cell.  


Good, but not really on theme


Really clever  idea, I also did a FPS with a twist but yours is far more original. The gameplay is good, but I would have prefered some slow paced puzzle at the beginning rather that direct gun fights. Otherwise the game was good once you master the mechanics.

Interesting idea, didn't play too well. felt like I couldn't get good cameras from certain positions no matter where I shot. Not really on theme, but functional and novel.

I think the idea is promising, but the gameplay is clumsy and confusing. I found myself shooting 6-7-8 times at different spots to get a new good perspective without being ever satisfied with the result. 


The idea was great! And although the controls were somewhat hard to master, the gameplay was very nice. The problem for me was that aiming was a hastle, especially with the possibly inverted mouse, although the laser helped. It was also annoying to replay the level everytime you died, as one guy said below, checkpoints would be nice.

Overall, great game! And I would hope it would get polished and published into a full on title.

And now for the shameless ad, sorry, please come and play (and give the wall a new coat of paint), need the ratings:


Great concept and execution. Fits well with the theme. I like how the placement of camera is used as a strategic element.

Difficult but fair controls. Great idea and execution. Game is well made and introduces new enemies/hazards at a good pace. So far the best game of the jam I've played.


Mark needs to see this beauty so bad

The best idea I've played so far.  Hard to control but that's kind of the idea. I especially liked the title and the credits being on the walls.  It's well paced, it introduces props, then enemies, then hazards.  Good job!


Loved it. I set up some pretty cinematic "shots" while jumping around like an idiot into spikes and shooting the wall. Good idea and good work

Submitted (1 edit)

Really good concept, only thing I found to dislike was that the camera moves on an arc and I could not figure that out till halfway through the game. Only other problem is that it was a bit short! would love to see more.

Really awesome and unique game mechanic. It was fun and challenging and fits in perfectly with the spirit of this jam. My only criticism was that I wish there was a button to quickly turn around so I didn't have to keep moving my mouse so much after I get the perspective I want.

It controls weird but I like the concept and I picked it up quickly

A really cool concept, but very clunky controls. I think I would've pushed much farther in if your direction input changed with the camera, such that pressing up always pushes you into the screen, rather than the direction the character faces.


Really cool idea.  Controls are kinda difficult though.  And mouse sensitivity was too low for me, even after maxing the slider.

Completely interesting concept, kinda hard to get used to, but can lead to something really cool. :)

Nice and easy to grasp concept! 


While playing, I liked to imagine that I was positioning CCTV cameras :D very fun!


It's fun, but really hard to control. I wish the controls were based on the camera's perspective, not the characters.

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