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By soft-locked I mean I couldn't figure out how to get out of the Game Over screen.  It said press any key to continue, but I pressed a lot of different keys and nothing happened.

Really cool idea.  Controls are kinda difficult though.  And mouse sensitivity was too low for me, even after maxing the slider.

Really liking the art style, but the sounds are kinda annoying.  Also not sure how well it fits the theme.

Definitely has potential.  Doesn't seem to be a way to exit the game though.  It's also really easy with all the clues given ahead of time and the ability to reshuffle your inventory pretty much whenever.  Also not sure exactly what the point of it being in 3D is.

As it is I also wouldn't really call it a stealth game.  But if you made it so you can't so easily rearrange your inventory (like being in line of sight of guards for example, and maybe have them AI'd to follow after you if you try hiding around a corner in certain zones), it'd fit much better.

Does what it says on the tin, but the game soft locked when I got a game over screen.  Could also use a way to quit out of a level once you've started (rather than use up all the remaining moves).

Neat idea, but it's really hard to play.

Really cool!  :)  

It's a bit difficult (although in a kinda fun I-almost-had-it-gah-why-am-I-so-stupid kind of way).  Art could use a little improvement, and there's no sound or music.  And a way to skip through the game over screen faster would be nice since you see it so often.  Instructions could also be clearer (it took me way longer than it should have to figure out the level select screen).  Most importantly though, it's fun to play!

So for a game jam 5/5.  :)

Neat game.  :)  Tutorial is bugged though, and some instructions on controls would be nice.  Definitely has potential though.  :)

I would prefer instructions in game rather than in game description.  There's also a bug where you get stuck on some objects when moving (from experience with GMS it should be a pretty easy fix to the collision logic).

I'd also say it's still a stealth game with stealth.  You still have walls to hide behind and enemy FOVs to avoid.

Another neat idea.  :)  Needs some instructions, and a bit more clarity about stuff (like the enemies FOV and something visually obvious when it's game over). Art could use a little work (the enemies mainly).  Also, the AI needs work (I can just sit in the starting furniture bit and never get found).  Oh and an end goal (like a place you need to get to) could be useful.

Neat idea. :)  Needs some instructions on controls and goal and stuff.  Also a little difficult.  

As is, it is essentially just a "brick breaker" type of game.  Maybe add more plants you have to pick up and put down to juggle watering them?  And slow down the pace a little then so you can keep up.  ;)

Neat idea. :)  Could use some instruction for controls.  And some sort of explanation on why you lose.

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Really cool and relaxing.  Only issue I found was that the beacon thing in the center could hide obstacles behind it sometimes.  Fix that and I could play this for hours.