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match-3 puzzle game without tiles disappearing when matched
Submitted by Nic Magnier (@NicMagnier), ArthurHamer (@arthurmhamer) — 25 minutes, 42 seconds before the deadline
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Great puzzle game! Its a nice spin on the match-3 system and it gives me a Tetris vibe.

Point Blank Vector -


A great take on the match-3 genre! Personally felt that trying to lose was more difficult than keeping the game going. Maybe add another type of fish to make it a bit more challenging? Either way, really enjoyed the "chill" (pun) music and definitely has a lot of potential to expand upon.


Great game. Awesome look and sound. Easy to understand and it lets you zone out a little and try for a better score than your last one. I enjoyed this one a lot


Very nice game. I love how it was super chill to play, the music/art played into that. It fit the theme of the jam very well.


Really fun. Love the chill background beats art style and concept. Great little package with a neat mechanic

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It was a pleasure to play this one. Smart gameplay, sweet art-style, chill music – all on places. Well done!

fit the theme he was going for and seemed to work well. wasn't exactly sure how to clear everything well. probably just needed more time with the game. overall good.


Neat game, I like the twist on the usual match 3 game play, and I especially like the graphic novel-y art style!


Nice, good puzzle game :) the graphics were awesome


Awesome! Very smart take on the genre and the theme.   Also I loved the cute aesthetic and music.

Submitted (1 edit)

Love it ! My favourite game so far. Unlike classic match-3 puzzle games this one requires more careful planning. It's less reactionary, and actually a puzzle ! Will be playing definitely be playing again.

Edit: made it to 1725 points !


My best score so far


Great game! After struggling with the core mechanic of the game (I thought you could remove vertical lines too, whoops), I managed to get a grasp on it and get a pretty big score. I absolutely adored the art and the gameplay! Amazingly done!


My score was 592 when I quit the game, so I guess that tells a lot on how good it is (it's good).

Took me a while to "get it" but now I kind of feel I could go on forever. It's a really nice "puzzly" match 3 game. Good job!



I realized I didn't even had time to sit and try to have a highscore.  I will try later to beat yours :p


Very very good presentation, the best I've seen so far.  Once you understand the mechanic it's a pretty cute take on the match 3 genre!

Great mechanic! Makes for a very confusing and fresh (hah) take on the genre.

It would be really interesting to add a set of puzzle levels where the goal is to clear the board completely.


Yes! I totally wanted to make puzzle levels. The whole system is there (it's basically how the tutorial works), so I can easily make my own board. The difference however is that the goal is to make one shipment.

But making good puzzle is difficult and it would have taken too much time so I didn't do t. Maybe I will start to design some levels now :)


Neat game.  :)  Tutorial is bugged though, and some instructions on controls would be nice.  Definitely has potential though.  :)

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm pretty sure I broke it: (edit) I didn't

Not removing matches definitely adds a new dynamic to the match 3 genre.

I like your art style and the game is pretty well executed. I just noticed the fish skeleton spells out FISH, so nice touch there.

I don't usually like match 3 games but I enjoyed playing this one. Thanks for making it.


By broken you mean that there is no move to clear a line?

Yes that is basically the game over. The issue is that it is difficult to test a game over state. It would require to test every possibilities which is really not straightforward. So for the jam I couldn't do it.

But that a good point that I should mention on the game page.

Oh. I didn't really understand what made the board clear, so I just assumed it happened when I ran out of moves. Thanks for explaining why that happened.


Amazingly well polished for a two day game jam. Congrats.


Really cool game! I personally would also make vertical whole bars count because that'd make for a more dynamic game maybe?


We had a version where you could do vertical and horizontal. Our early mockup even had that feature.

But when testing I felt it was better for the player to focus only on the horizontal. That helped with balancing the difficulty and it also avoided to clear the board unexpectedly. With only horizontal it is a bit more focused.

It is possible to balance the game to work both way. We just ended up using only lines.


Simple but it works exceptionally well. This is one of the best games I've tried so far!