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Ah, you can fall off the left side of the screen in the very beginning???

wow, appropriately lurid and intense graphics. 

This is hilarious and I am amused; although some of the screens are not fully readable bc the display area for the twine is too small

Character creator is cute! Is there supposed to be a walk animation? If so, it's not playing.

10/10 instated Modern Efficient Farming

....after converting about 10k Accident Mushrooms into blood crystals to quell the Plague

Hello! I'm interested in incorporating parts of this tileset into the preexisting tileset of my (potentially commercial) game. Would this be ok with you? (I credit everyone whose assets were used or derived from)

You're right about combat testing, but there are some limitations with the basic RPGMaker (I'm on MV) combat editor - for one, it's not immediately obvious how to test a battle where an actor enters with a status effect! 

I think he was talking about poor-planning behaviors like using variables without giving them names and then accidentally using them to track a second thing, or making a section of a game dependent on a resource location the player would already have exhausted long ago in a full playthrough. 

There are countless ways to softlock - and even hardlock! - your players without crashing the game.  For example: start making a common event that switches on when a certain switch is flicked, and then change what that boolean does later, forgetting it was used for a common event... and you've made a complete monster.  I bet with sufficiently bad logic, you could even get a normal event object to crash the game. It's par for the course with anything programming related; there are *always* bizarre edge cases that let the player do something unanticipated.

Unity is... overkill for a VN, but the amount of coding required to use ren'py is trivial. It's a good life skill, might as well learn it on something fun. 

Art is good! Like the aesthetic.

Could probably use a dubcon/ambiguous warning in the page description

Good job! A sprint option would be nice, though; the default movement speed felt very slow.

That..... sure was a thing. MY GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE???

Remains very faithful to its conceptualization.

btw - if you decide to develop from this alpha, there's a glitch at "100%" where the worm sprite starts vibrating all over the screen and things seem like they're about to crash. Could have been intentional, but didn't seem like it!

This game just.... really captures something.

Specifically, the experience of trying to explain to someone else how to operate your equipment

Hm, interesting! I like the schtick, it's very clever. Each little narrative was good. However, there are some UI issues. First, on nonmobile devices, scrolling is very awkward because the natural motion (use scrollwheel) moves the whole page, and the dragging motion is uncomfortable. Second, while a nice feature for those who like readalouds, the button to disable the voiceover doesn't work consistently, and clips of audio kept coming through. These are both pretty major barriers to enjoying what the game has to offer.

The mechanic of being able to come back to characters you liked but didn't immediately respond to is completely opaque; I initially thought the chat message screenshots were of content not in the game because it seemed like there was nothing beyond the swiping screen.

Wow, this was amazing! There are two things I would change - first, make the lists numbered instead of bulleted, and formally add the inventory with new descriptions for the items that don't add another item to your inventory.

Beautiful! Although it feels like the snow should react when I scroll, as if it's a digital snowglobe ^^

What makes your tracker superior to more widely used freeware like Famitracker?

Ooh, ouch. Good atmosphere.

There's a missing tile in the second to last room! Made me think there might be an alternate ending... but there wasn't, it's just hellfire all the way down.

You can.... accidentally fall out of the house.... uhhhh...

Hmmm, perhaps there should be a visual cue to the win condition? (ex. predominant colors are all different)

I think the timer? Energy meter??? Is too short for the number of plants that spawn in a distance.

Please set the text on this page to something readable, and list whether the game has jumpsacres. If you actually want people to play your game, we need a little context for what to expect.

(I am, in fact, partway through, but the game is a lot less fun because I don't know whether it's all going to turn out to be an excuse to pull a cheap trick on me.)

How do you unlock past the first hilt? I've reached a point where no combos seem to work.

Just the right blend of gameplay and humor.

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Solid fighting mechanic and good art! Would be nice to implement some story or a counter for scoring

I have some questions about the platforms in the second region, also

45. 45. Times.

Please do. I doubt I'm the only one who's waiting to hear if there'll be more!

aaaaaaaaaaaaah I really hope you continue this game! I really loved the demo.

Rated it 4/5, although it was a tough call because pretty much everything was top notch. However, having to force-reload the game if you get trapped is a really huge flaw. Even without checkpoints, it would have been very simple to implement a "return to beginning" button.

Actually, there are a lot of places you can get permastuck. Checkpoints would be a huge boon.

There should be a checkpoint on second tread that you can reset to, because inside the "way out" there's a spot you can get just stuck, and it's frustrating

Great art, great idea, exactly as frustrating as a normal bullet hell. 10/10 good job

A game without.... a game. Or a story. Or any quality, other than being perplexingly pointless. (Is it intentional that only one enemy actually shows up?

Graphics don't display properly. Would make more sense if there was some degree of control over your faller...

Great mechanic! Makes for a very confusing and fresh (hah) take on the genre.

It would be really interesting to add a set of puzzle levels where the goal is to clear the board completely.

Conceptually, great, and the art is pretty good. Held back by difficulty of accurately aiming weapons. Would be a lot better with some kind of minimap.

The OHKO plus the single-block gaps you have to jump through make the game unnecessarily frustrating.

Hm, any hints as to whether there's more than one ending?

Hm, I think this is a bit of a big hill to climb. Jack-of-all-trades programs often run into issues of being less specialized in every area than other readily available tools, rendering them less effective to use than approaches that combine multiple platforms.

Music creation in particular is really quite complex to tackle in a standalone. Having the ability to make midis and midi instruments from imported sound clips (either by autopitching or by letting the user import a new clip for each note) would be really good though. In fact, it would put you into territory very few have effectively covered... but making intuitive controls would be a real challenge.

For an example of how not to do a jack of all type program, look at novelty the vn creator - sure, some people really like it, but the UI and explanations of how things work are *horrible*. Successfully making a new character for the first time practically needs a PHD.

Thoughts: grass in shadow should be darker than the shadow instead of the same value as in the light.  Vary the trees in groups of trees a bit, even if it's just by flipping some of them left/right, to break up the visual pattern more.

Looks really good otherwise!

Quick question - is this series based on a specific irl location somewhere in Massachusetts? (You know the one.) (Just a curious passerby)