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Ooh, interesting. (I'm very curious about your backend and whether you were tracking any variables...)

Note for players: the following is spoilers for this twine

Playing this game made me really reflect on how absolutely, thoroughly, and comprehensively I've  pummeled my edition of The Monster into a paste.  For a long time, I've been the person friends (and... acquaintances. My bar for friend is pretty low, yet even lower than that) come to for reassurance etc. in the face of The Monster, because I both know and can carry out talking someone down. However, for most of the time I've been doing that, behind the scenes I can feel my own monster nodding along. But! It's gone! Not only has it not made a direct appearance for... a longass time, it didn't even peep in the face of dialogue of exactly the sort that's historically triggered it. Wow. I guess recovery is real???

To my memory, I wasn't tracking any variables aside from the player's name at the beginning.

And that's amazing!  Recovery is real, good for you! C: Thanks so much for playing and commenting!