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Wow, glad to hear you liked it so much! Here is my twitter It's a bit empty right now, but I am panning to put some cool stuff there!

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Thank you very much for feedback!

Love this so much

Love the art and music!

Awwww! I absolutely love it! All 5!

At first didn't understand that I can move up and down too. Nice little game.

Cool idea! Jump is a bit junky though. Friction with platforms is way too high.

Nice idea, though feels too easy and quite repetative. Has potench!

I see some great bad fan art here

Wow, that's cool! Thanks man!

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Wow, thank you very much for playing!

Local 1 v1 multiplayer

Just played yours and damn it's good. 

The strangest thing that this worked out somehow.

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I never animated before, but decided to do a fighting game. The whole code is a clusterfuck of public stuff, where everything knows about everything.  Oh, and Unity crushed 9 hours before a deadline,  and corrupted my project (I was able to recover). 

But the most hacky thing is this. I encountered a bug, where menu music never started playing. I solved the problem calling PlayMusic twise in a row. 

So, I think one anime eye is good too

There is something charming is this game for me.

Love it! But damn, this spikes are punishing.

Maby you should use some synths, or virtual instruments, insdead of pure sines or saws.

That's awesom!

Cool! Would be great, if bug and bat sounds were somewat different, or at least paned more agressively.

Very nice!

Yeah, I made it to the spaceport!

Thank you very much! Though I think it is more about getting new experience and connections than winning!

Life of the lower dimension creature is hard!

Thank you for reply! Totally agree about different patterns and colors. At some point (dangerously close to the deadline) I tested the game on my roommate. And he was completely lost, jumping in circles! After that I came to a rather choppy solution of changing a color of the block after jumping on it. Still not enough to solve the navigation problem completely, but it is at least beatable now.

Awesome! Very smart take on the genre and the theme.   Also I loved the cute aesthetic and music.

Thank you vary much! I was actually inspired by Miegakure \|T|/

Not sure if it fits the theme, but absolutely love this one! Cool mechanic of facts and hypothesis.

I was scared at the first volley! Looks interesting, but controls are painfully slow.

Missing key part of the 3D platformer (and technically this is the one) - ablility to see 3D world.

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It has all the platformer parts, but lacks one of the part of 3D platformer - 3D representation of the world.

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Well, technically it's a 3D platformer. And it lacks one of the key features - ability to see the world in 3D!