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For Ludum Dare 40 (Compo), I created a game around the (not original) idea of an operating system. It's a rather straightforward experience, smash your keyboard to write a bunch of stuff on screen to complete jobs and earn money. It only take less than 10 minutes to complete and the feedback so far has been great.


As some of you might have noticed, it was inspired by the look of BeOS (minus the tab title bars) which I fondly remember. There is a lot a cheap jokes and puns but the goal is not really to read all the text. But if you are attentive you might catch some itch.io reference.

I've also added an interesting surprise in the latest update (read the DevLog *With a minor Spoiler*)

That's a nice game. The concept is simple and levels are interesting to play. I really enjoyed finishing it.

Well done :)

Download: https://nicmagnier.itch.io/void

Void is a small shmup where you are blind. You cannot see a thing in front of you. Except when you shooting, your bullets will reveal small piece of the playfield. Your first shots reveal a large area but if you keep shooting the shots get less visibility, so shoot wisely.

There is no scoring but the difficulty is increasing over time. It starts slow and after a bit of time it become a real bullet shooter.

I made it for the Game Maker Toolkit Game Jam in about ten hours. The games lacks some music (if you are a musician and you have a bombastic track that you would like to include in the game, let me know). The best part of the game was to actually create the bullets particles system and the various pattern. I used Löve to make the game.

I was one of the lucky game to be in the top selection of the jam (as seen on TV... I mean youtube)

Please share your comment and let me know if you enjoy it!

Download: https://nicmagnier.itch.io/void

The goal is to control group of units to beat the enemies by simply drawing a path for them. But to do extra damage you have to sort the units by size, from the smallest to the biggest.

There is no time pressure, the idea is more on how to finish a level.


That was my submission for the Wizard Jam 5.

Pretty neat idea. I like the idea of building/evolving pong.

I wish the pong game would actual played itself.

Really neat submission. I really like the art and how everything moves. My only complaints is that it is a lot of clicking :)

This is a really nice and relaxing idle game. It was really nice that it had lots of animations.

I had some performance issue at the end (especially with all the birds)

That was awesome.

At first I didn't get how it was a idle game but just clicking to investigate makes sense and it's a quite original take on the genre (well both genre)

But the story is killing it. It was funny and well written.

Well done!

The game is really tough but that was quite fun to play. Well done!

That was weird. But good weird.

Super well done!

I really like the idea that is fitting really well the theme. A playful activity that is not tied to performance. It would have been nice if the player had more control over the stone and not just clicking a direction and changing the rotation since it would encourage player to stick longer and chill even more :)

The background noise are really good and put you immediately in the right mindset...

Finding the beach after few days was a nice discovery and it really conveyed the feeling that you should take time to discover stuff. And in general just exploring the scenes and get rewarded for doing so was a nice feeling.

The time limited aspect was a bit offputting however. I didn't really help me to sit back :)

Well done!

Really relaxing thanks to the quiet ambient.

It's nice to click on thing and have the little text pops-out. Some text are a bit too jokey for my taste by the overall idea is neat and keep you engaged.

Thanks to the bench I realized I could sit down which was nice when I came across the picnic :)

That was awesome :)

Honestly my expectation was not high because of the screenshot but the game totally kills it. The dialogs and humour is just great.

Very well done!

It was difficult at first to run and to understand the game (goal and controls)

I like the concept of the different abilities and the art sytle have some charm.

Well done!

Nicely done. I love the feel the game have: the atmosphere, the grabing feel and nice shake when the block is thrown. Excellent work.

I agree with josefnpat that some more puzzle, especially advanced ones would have been a killer.

I feel like the polish of this game with the puzzles of C&C from 1e0 would have just been perfect :) (https://itch.io/jam/love2d-jam/rate/121387)

Congratulations, the game is really good. Not the prettiest but the puzzles are super good.

I really enjoyed finishing the game.

(The level 13 was a tough)

Really cool game!

There is a boss door in one of the mountain (not the lich king tower one) but there is not question mark. Is it missing or is there a way to unlock a quest there?


It seems more complicated that it is at first because of the list of controls but it is a nice idea to explore and get the required materials.

The gameplay is a bit confusing at first but it became clear when I realised I had to always see my partner to not lose energy.

I like the idea of having to talk to people while having some pressur when your patner is going somewhere else.

The concept is fun and interesting and the art style simple but effective.

It is just a bit unclear how you heal the hero.

The game is quite nervous (maybe a bit too much). It feels quite good to successfully smash guards with the ball.

Nooooo! I had the key and arrive at the gate but I was trapped between two groups and ran out of heath :cry:

Amazing work. I really love the minimalist approach especially since every visual element is really tight.

I only had a problem at the beginning of each puzzle to know exactly which form I could control.

The puzzle are quite challenging which is a good thing when you succeed but I had to stop at the forth level because my brain had enough :)

Slow Game Jam community · Created a new topic Solitude

Hey all,

So last Sunday I'be submitted my entry and thought it might be interesting to talk a bit about it:


Few years ago I was thinking about the idea of scale and how to make an environment feel big and massive. I did some small experimentation and I had this demo where you control a tiny dot in a single screen. But it was not the size that convey how big the environment was, it was its speed. By making the dot really slow, you felt suddenly walking through a vast level.

The idea stuck with me but it was dead on arrival because it was really slow to move just one screen. Who would want to play that?

And few weeks ago I saw the slow game jam and I thought it would be perfect to get it out of my system. I could just build the game for this jam. Not just because it is slow but because of each new screen is a meaningful discovery even if the discovery is small. I really like the idea that a screen is an achievement in some way and that any small element in it is rewarding even if it's just a tiny dune.

I've tried to add enough variation, small moments and surprises to keep the player engaged but this is so difficult because the game is so bare bone and slow. But I also added some secrets that will reward players who try to explore.

Another important aspect was the movement of the dot. While I tried to make the movement minimal I still wanted to make it move in a natural way with effect and sound effect that would ground it in this world.

Speaking about sound effect, the biggest flaw for me in the build is the lack of environmental sound in most of the level. I tried to add wind, birds and other background sound but none of the result was satisfying so I didn't put any ambient. I feel its really missing in the game just to make it feel nicer to be in these places. The only ambient I have is the sound I've recorded in my fridge (!) which is used only for special occasions (the sound, not the fridge).

Another missing piece is the lack of explanations or tutorial which is crucial to explain the climbing mechanic. I tried to add one but it felt out of place and since I didn't had time last week end to finish a proper one I just dropped the ball.

What is funny is that the idea at first was to be a rogue like with a stamina bar. If you start to climb and run out of stamina you would simply drop, die and restart from the beginning. If you play the game you probably realized that is really harsh :) So yeah now I respawn the player is the last safe location and there is no more stamina which is way better.

Anyway, I you have 30 minutes to kill and want to do something while your mind in drifting in random thoughts, check out the game. And please share how far you went, I'll be very interested to know.


4 Hour Jam #4 community · Created a new topic Stream

I will be streaming my 4 hours of coding in about 30 minutes.

I will do my project with Löve.


Is there other people that will stream?

I had the same goal for the same ludumdare and I was really happy with the experience of using love. Lua was a bit strange at first because some stuff are unusual (like arrays starting at 1) but overall I like how straightforward everything is.

This is why I participated in this jam. Löve is such a good options for jams

I've started streaming. FYI I'm in Europe.


I was actually planning to stream it which will be a first for me.

I still have nothing properly setup or tested so it will be probably a bit rocky.