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At first I though it was a really mice looking game but with another frustrating gameplay of the game randomly removing or changing your input. It hits me after few level that you lose your input when you get damage which is a nice idea but that you can get your input back which is great. It sometimes became like a puzzle, how do I get by down back with all these enemies around.

Really nice idea and an amazing production.

If I would nit pick I would say that losing controls tend to be a vicious cycle because it makes it more likely that you will get damage. But that's really a detail at this point.

My brain is all twisted and hurting after trying to relearn how to move a mouse multiple time when playing the game. Ouch.

The game is really cool. At first I didn't get why some popup didn't close until I saw the purge button. I think my highscore is 18.


An excellent idea that was done very well. I really like the dialogs and the destructible furniture.

It's a shame some levels have camera issues. That really spoiled my fun toward the end but that's just some game jams hiccups I guess. So 5 stars all the way.

Great Job!

I like the idea of knocking your head to be able to crouch I would have hoped the level design would make it more of a puzzle. Changing the keys with the mind control device is interesting but stop my flow. I have to think very hard which keys I have to press ^-^

Well done!

The game cover grabbed my attention because it uses the same inca tileset as in my submission.

It was a nice experience. I like the concept. I also like that you kept the keys to be always left or right.
Nicely done!

Aaah Interesting that it affects the music. I didn't thought about it because the music flows really well.

ah ah! You have good memory. Chronodog still was the work of a team. This year I wanted to try doing it solo again and you can feel it 😆

excellent observation. Walking to the exit is actually a totally valid strategy. I put some half block in some levels to prevent that technic but other levels I allow because it nice to feel like you cheated the system 🙂

The question and answers are pretty spot on and well written I have to say. It surprised me.

The music and general atmosphere is really nice too.

I would have wished that my choices would have some consequences however. And beside the last questions I am not quite sure I understand how it fits the theme. The last questions come quite abruptly I feel.

But a really nice game overall.

Really great work. I don't have much to say because everything look so polished and well thought. Nicely done :)

I was stuck on Level 8. I couldn't figure out the puzzle. I guess I have to do the big detour to push the pots at the beginning but I keep dying on the cactus. Any hints would be appreciated.

Wow that was a really nice experience. I really like how the octopus move, how it grab things very naturally, the music, etc.. it all fit together to create a really chill experience.

I would usually become pretty impatient with some game jam games but here I restarted several time to explore further each time. I don't really like the waiting necessary in some paths but it also somehow participated in the overall slow and natural experience.

Really excellent game!

That's awesome. It took me a while to understand the mechanic with blocking the turrets with boxes and that the hand is actually colliding with the level and so can be stuck.

It's fun, tactile and pretty great to play. Great as usual :)

That was really fun. Finished a few games :)

That would be great if typing the same name would bring up always the same rules.

The game looks really nice.

The puzzle aspect is interesting especially the size that is pretty small so you really have to think about every move.

At first I really had trouble understanding that you had to swap cell. It was not obvious to me that what z was about. I would also say that the game have too many mechanics or special cells because you have to introduce each one after the other and I would have liked few more puzzle in between to get used to each mechanic.

But pretty good game overall. There is a lot of work and polish. Well done!

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Sure things got out controls! :) I always end up with an explosive number of troobles which is the fun part of it.

I like the idea and be able to shred them is fun (but cruel) but the issue I had was more with the controls and UI. I couldn't see which tool I had selected, sometimes grabbing didn't work and the UI was difficult to understand.

I like how atmospheric the game despite the tiny window. Starting the car and the light really help build the creepy atmosphere. Turning with the car is a bit tricky though.

I didn't know about quadplay, looks like an interesting fantasy console!

Well done.

So good and satisfying as always.

Excellent use of the constraints.

You don't even see the comic strip explaining the story? What happens exactly? Do you have a black screen? Can you hear music?

What mac model are you using?

It's great to hear and I'm pretty excited about the updates.

Finally had a bit more time to play with the characters. What a treat!

Every character is a suprise and a real nocel way to play. I only failed to finish with the character that only goes straight and the climber :/

I also liked the music layers you added to the game. It's a nice touch!

It was so much fun to play. It's really well designed, the platforming is tight and fun and the puzzle aspect is really interesting.

I really hope you consider developing the idea further.

We wrote a dev log sharing some development details for Chronodog. I hope some of you will find that interesting,

Yes we knew from the beginning we would do the zooming out progression in addition to the slowdown mechanic. It's actually something I show in my development commentary.The first build of the game is literally testing the zoom out feature :)

By the way, I absolutely love your game. I think it is my favourite in the jam (and I think the only I actually kept after playing it)

Thank you so much :D

I love how juicy the game feels. The gameplay is really tight and feedback is excellent. This is pretty tough game because it is very easy to die.  Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to predict the trajectory of your pet bullet so it adds up to the frustration.

But the game is overall pretty fun to play. It feels very polished.

Great job :)

The game will not win a beauty competition but the game design and level design is excellent.

The idea is simple at first but you really develop it really well with an excellent level design. It is a bit difficult sometimes to navigate between the platforming with the keyboard and the platform positioning with the mouse but having slow down remove a lot of the frustration and it looks pretty cool.

At first I thought I had to grab the platform before putting it but I realised later that you can just click anywhere to slow down time. I think it makes the game much more enjoyable.

Did I say already that the level design is good? Because it's really good. :) The progression between level is really nicely done with new interesting mechanic being introduced each time. And the difficulty is I think really well balanced.

That game really impressed me. Congratulations :)

What a lovely game. The art, sounds and music are really charming.

I was really hooked to the game and I had to have the 4 gold medals.

Well done.

Fabulous! I didn't do everything yet but I will continue to play after the jam because it is so good.

The level design is just awesome and you exploit everything possible in there. Every playthrough I did helped me see the level ijn a different light and you have so many character it's amazing.

Let's not forget it feels really good to play, it's responsive, have good feedback. Everything you need to have a good time.

Amazing work.

The idea is really interesting and it create some interesting puzzles and situations. The level design is ok but could be more focused to leverage on the idea. I also had a lot of issues for selecting and sticking other blocks on me.

I think the concept is really good and would be worth exploring after the jam.

First of all, I really appreciate how much thought you've put in considering this feedback.

So it seems there is two issues (or consideration) at hand: How to make sure rating doesn't get too concentrated to the top 1% and how to make it easy for people to engage in the voting.

To be clear I don't think the current system is that problematic so we discuss mainly on how to improve it even further.

  • How to make sure rating doesn't get too concentrated to the top 1%?

Let me try to break down this one even further. I think it all come down to how to have a fairer distribution of game played. If a game is played, ratings will follow, comments, and so on... For new jammers the rating might not be important (and sometimes discouraging) but having positive comments can encourage them to continue participating in jams. So actually it could lead to a multitude of solutions like a optional queue system that would prevent user to pick the nicest thumbnail, or pre-installing game if you have the app...

The fear is that the voting period is the only few days many games will have the chance to be played. After the result come out, most interest will be focused on which games were the most interesting to play. Only a tiny minority of user will start to explore the submissions. So the voting period is a crucial and exciting period to have your game played by strangers.

At first I agreed with you that it is not a zero sum game. Yes a user rating a popular game doesn't mean they will not rate something else. However after sleeping on it, I start to change my mind again. Time is limited and time spend on a popular game is less time that could be used on other games that would need reviews. I struggle with that myself, I have a massive list of game I would like to play. A lot of them are popular already and I feel really guilty to not be able to spend more time on more confidential games.

To be fair the popularity aspect was there before the Popular filter. I am lucky enough to have a game that got a lot of downloads (I think mainly because of the thumbnail) and I don't see in the analytics that it changed anything to have now the Popular filter.

  • How to make it easy for people to engage in the voting?

I agree that having an easy entry point is essential to help people engaging with the system. The counterpoint to that is that the Popular filter is actually an option and as a result will be overlook by the vast majority of players especially the one not familiar enough with

And if they start playing games with the popular filter they will probably to continue (especially for GMTK with so many entries), there is even fewer chances they would decide to explore games randomly. Not impossible of course but unlikely.

To be clear I am also of the opinion that only the participants should be allowed to rate games during the voting period. (someone who didn't participate can still rate and comment on the normal game page). I have also the impression that non-participant comment tend to be less encouraging because they don't have the same perspective than participant. So in general I would pay much less attention to these users. You have of course a totally different point of you since you need to consider this specific part of the site but the whole website experience.

In conclusion

After thinking a bit more about it, I would say that having the Popular and Most rated filter has probably very little effect. If there is an effect I still believe it would be more favorable toward already popular games. However it has an effect on the jam participants that already struggle to get their game played and seeing these options feels unfair. Not having the filter would feel much more balanced during the voting period as all title would have the same discoverability. (so in the end I think it's amore about feeling than actual user behavior)

really REALLY cool game with a simple mechanic fitting the theme really well. The level progression is also really excellent with some really smart solution. You did a lot with a very simple mechanic.

5 stars all the way.

The white wings really stand out sure but that's nice to have an easy one from time to time. And in one round all the flamingo had wings and I had to find the only one without wings. That one was a real challenge (and quite fun)

Impressive game. The machanic is solid and there is enough variation in the level design to keep you hook. The game feel very polished and complete for a game done in 48 hours. Really well done!

Damn this game is nuts :D I love it. I think my favorite is the flamigo with the flamigo life saver!

If I had one small complaint is that the difficulty didn't ramp up which mean that if you play well you can play for a very long time. Getting less and less time per flamingo would be a quick fix IMO.

But otherwise I had a blast. Great job.

The concept is interesting and has potench' however I really had trouble understanding the interface.

I really like the minimalist and abstract art style.

Good job :)

Excellent. I really loved it.

I cannot imagine how hard it was to create the last (real) level. It's a great fit of level design. And the second level is also a very smart piece of level design. Well done.

(I love the ending level featuring the unused mechanic. It's a great idea)

I still really like the ludum dare system where people how rate a lot of game tenmd to buble up at the top of the list, encourage everyone to rate. It's quite common for people to wonder how to make their game more visible and with this system the obvious answer would be "go and rate games". The main draw back is that it might encourage some people to randomly rate games without relly playing them.

So I'd love to have the default filter being semi random, with game entries having a weight based on the ratio rate_given by rate_received

Would be also nice to have a text filter. A simple text input and when you type it filtered out games that doesn't contain the string in the properties of the entry (name, author, platform etc.) I can do that already with the search field in the brwser but somehow I would find it more convenient as a filter option.

I agree. And I don't think it's only about being the default option. Just having the option give people the opportunity to easily access games that get a lot of rating.

It would be best for these options to appear only after the end of the voting period.

Thanks. It's really nice to hear that you enjoy the game :)

We've considered making a mobile version but that would require quite a significant re-work of the project so at this momen there is nothing planned.