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Damn it! 🤦‍♂️

Thanks for pointing that out, the score was a last minute addition and obviously not tested enough 😅

(Playdate 4 ever!!!)

It was super fun and extremely well done. It has a similar vibe to Baba is you, maybe easier and better suited for my brain. It is very satisfying when you realize how the stuff is actually working. Really really cool experience.

But the Level design is excellent and has great balance between teaching you how to play and actually be challenging and having ah ah moments. This is not a small feat.
I am looking for your next game :)

It's very challenging to play but I like the idea and feel of the game. The rope tighting up for example was really well done. The combo system is also a good addition to make the game a bit more strategic.

The game also look really good. So overall a very good gam. Nicely done!

I like how simple but engaging the idea is. I think the concept could be developed further and even expanded with eardoping conversation, taking notes on the callers, who they are, who they talk to etc.. There is a lot of potential there.

Very funny game to play!

I think my favorite is link two baddies together and hear the "BONG" when bumb with each other. It's comedy gold.

It feels quite complete for a 3d game and well put together overall. The color tones between the two dimensions works very well and the combat is straightforward but works well too.

The concept of switching between dimensions fits well the theme IMO but lack some strategic decision or choice. It is mainly trial and error.

Well done :)

The number of cards is limited and it is a bit difficult to see how a choice will affect the team or the game but I really like the idea of showing the relationship between each team member. I think that is an interesting concept.

It's a very satisfying jump mechanic but it is a bit too challenging to successfully aim and dash through enemies especially in the second level where you need to stay in the air so it becomes pretty hectic. But overall this is really fun and I love the art style using only outlines. It's cool unique and also improve visibility.

It's good idea that is trickier than it seems. I especially liked how physics is used to move the boxes.

Wow! I really had a good time with this game! I was totally into it. Thank you for making it.

I think having the rope length being the limitation with three climbers was a really good idea. It is not too difficult but still you need to consider your moves to be able to progress. That was just the right balacing for me to keep me engaged and bring me to the end.

The big moment for me was the following gap. It was tough (and I am still not sure what is the right technique to pass it) but it was also very tense. Having two climbers dangling is really stressful. So when I finally had a guy on the other side, I was so happy.

So overall it is a really fun game that uses really well the theme. I loved it!

The learning curve is steep but when it clicks it feels really to chain the switch between the characters. I feel that zooming out the camera would help making these moves but that's the kind of details that can be tough to balance with only 48 hours :)

Well done!

Nice game. It feels good to get  super long convoy and to circle an enemy that as no chance to survive. A goal is kind of missing but as a game jam entry it demonstrates well that the core loop is already working well.

Nice job overall :)

The idea is good and It plays well, what can we ask more? :)

I think the few last levels use really well the main mechanic.

Really great idea. It plays well and is really fun. When you start to stack up cannon blocks it feels really awesome. There is a lot of potential there.

I just would have hoped to be longer which is a good problem to have I guess :)

Really great idea. It plays well and is really fun. When you start to stack up cannon blocks it feels really awesome. There is a lot of potential there.

I just would have hoped to be longer which is a good problem to have I guess :)

I love how the different parts are used to assemble puzzles. It gets really tricky but that's so well put together. Really excellent work!

Thank you so much for your feedback :)

There is some strategic choice you need to make if you want to have a high score but when I was balancing the game if I was relying too much on them, it was really too challenging and frustrating if you didn't know the game. I made it easier so that it is at least engaging to play the game even though it is a bit less stratetgic especially at the beginning.

This is exactly the type of game I want to see from a GMTK Game Jam. It takes a simple mechanic and use it in different interesting ways to solve a puzzle.

Really excellent entry, I love it.

The game gives a really good feel of ever changinf labyrinth which is very interesting to play. It keeps you on the edge. I would have wished for more variety and suprises and I preogress from level to level.

Super well done!

Really nice dark atmosphere. I really liked it. The game uses a system that many games use in the jam, the player losing control of their character which I find usually pretty frustrating. But here how it uses the timing is actually pretty nice. You have an idea when you will regain control but not quite sure exactly when and you have to deal with enemy preparing attacks. That create a really good tension that is very engaging. I really really liked it. Well done.

A really nice game but quite some really nicely design puzzle. The clock pendulum is a nice idea especially when used with the blocks.

Sometimes I had to fight a bit with the platforming physics but overall I had a really good timer with it.


It's really fun to see the fire spreading and everyone panicking. The game might be too random in the end to really care about the final score but I fon't think this is athe core of the experience. Seeing people running on fire IS the core of the experience :)

As always this is top notch. The dwarfs are really dumb so they might try to get food that is just next to the boss but that's the slapstic humour of the game.

Great game :)

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate :)

Your comment on the mouse is interesting. I tried to make it as immediate as possible but I can see that the lack of cursor can be disorienting. Definitively something to tweak.

At first I though it was a really mice looking game but with another frustrating gameplay of the game randomly removing or changing your input. It hits me after few level that you lose your input when you get damage which is a nice idea but that you can get your input back which is great. It sometimes became like a puzzle, how do I get by down back with all these enemies around.

Really nice idea and an amazing production.

If I would nit pick I would say that losing controls tend to be a vicious cycle because it makes it more likely that you will get damage. But that's really a detail at this point.

My brain is all twisted and hurting after trying to relearn how to move a mouse multiple time when playing the game. Ouch.

The game is really cool. At first I didn't get why some popup didn't close until I saw the purge button. I think my highscore is 18.


An excellent idea that was done very well. I really like the dialogs and the destructible furniture.

It's a shame some levels have camera issues. That really spoiled my fun toward the end but that's just some game jams hiccups I guess. So 5 stars all the way.

Great Job!

I like the idea of knocking your head to be able to crouch I would have hoped the level design would make it more of a puzzle. Changing the keys with the mind control device is interesting but stop my flow. I have to think very hard which keys I have to press ^-^

Well done!

The game cover grabbed my attention because it uses the same inca tileset as in my submission.

It was a nice experience. I like the concept. I also like that you kept the keys to be always left or right.
Nicely done!

Aaah Interesting that it affects the music. I didn't thought about it because the music flows really well.

ah ah! You have good memory. Chronodog still was the work of a team. This year I wanted to try doing it solo again and you can feel it 😆

excellent observation. Walking to the exit is actually a totally valid strategy. I put some half block in some levels to prevent that technic but other levels I allow because it nice to feel like you cheated the system 🙂

The question and answers are pretty spot on and well written I have to say. It surprised me.

The music and general atmosphere is really nice too.

I would have wished that my choices would have some consequences however. And beside the last questions I am not quite sure I understand how it fits the theme. The last questions come quite abruptly I feel.

But a really nice game overall.

Really great work. I don't have much to say because everything look so polished and well thought. Nicely done :)

I was stuck on Level 8. I couldn't figure out the puzzle. I guess I have to do the big detour to push the pots at the beginning but I keep dying on the cactus. Any hints would be appreciated.

Wow that was a really nice experience. I really like how the octopus move, how it grab things very naturally, the music, etc.. it all fit together to create a really chill experience.

I would usually become pretty impatient with some game jam games but here I restarted several time to explore further each time. I don't really like the waiting necessary in some paths but it also somehow participated in the overall slow and natural experience.

Really excellent game!

That's awesome. It took me a while to understand the mechanic with blocking the turrets with boxes and that the hand is actually colliding with the level and so can be stuck.

It's fun, tactile and pretty great to play. Great as usual :)

That was really fun. Finished a few games :)

That would be great if typing the same name would bring up always the same rules.

The game looks really nice.

The puzzle aspect is interesting especially the size that is pretty small so you really have to think about every move.

At first I really had trouble understanding that you had to swap cell. It was not obvious to me that what z was about. I would also say that the game have too many mechanics or special cells because you have to introduce each one after the other and I would have liked few more puzzle in between to get used to each mechanic.

But pretty good game overall. There is a lot of work and polish. Well done!

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Sure things got out controls! :) I always end up with an explosive number of troobles which is the fun part of it.

I like the idea and be able to shred them is fun (but cruel) but the issue I had was more with the controls and UI. I couldn't see which tool I had selected, sometimes grabbing didn't work and the UI was difficult to understand.

I like how atmospheric the game despite the tiny window. Starting the car and the light really help build the creepy atmosphere. Turning with the car is a bit tricky though.

I didn't know about quadplay, looks like an interesting fantasy console!

Well done.