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The game has a really nice feel to it. I really like what you've done with just 560 chars.

my high score is 2130 so far

Hello everyone,

I've started a small video series exploring how was developed certain Game Jam games. For the first episode I've interviewed the devs behind Hug Them Real Good which was a lovely game made during last year train jam. For the next episodes I will probably pick a game made during the Nordic Game Jam and also one from Ludum Dare, both taking place this week-end.

Let me know if you have any feedback and if you can share it online :)

Really lovely game, great presentation and amazing music. Simple goal but interesting gameplay trying to control the swarm.

I became stuck in the "8" level and re-reading the text it seems the solution might be that I should have turned the camera.

Great Work!

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Down Below is a small Pico-8 platformer that I did for the Ludum Dare 43.

Your goal is to go deeper and deeper into hell to save your bestie (not sure what your friend did to end up in hell, probably creating a language where array index starts at 1). It's an old school platformer so there will be some jumping, deadly spikes and other danger.

But to go to the next levels you will have to deal a devilish creature asking you part of your lifebar. The game gets harder as you progress (what a novel idea...)

Play in your browser, it only take 10 minutes (and leave a comment ❀️)

>> <<

My advice for any jam is always to know your tools before starting the jam. Of course I do not listen to my own advice and it was my first Pico-8 game and I had to figure out everything on the fly. That was rather smooth except when some of my sprite and map got corrupted (because the memory map overlap between tiles and map?!). I also rarely dabbled into sprite animations so it was kind of an interesting experience.

There is plenty to improve like have another pass on the collision system, adding some music and tweak the difficulty, but overall I am kind of happy with the result and hope that you will enjoy playing it.

I like the simplicity of it. The game jam version has an obvious winning strategy which mean the game is pretty shallow strategically speaking but despite that the game was enjoyable to play. I played several time in a row and enjoyed it each time. This is of course frustrating when one guy doesn't take any cover but overall I was surprised to be engaged with the gameplay.

Congrats for finishing up the game for the jam! I think next time I also want to try Pico-8.

The game id definitively well produced.  The idea is simple but well done. The physics is well balanced and the collisions are precise which is not always easy to do.

I like the details like the eyes that follow the player (why do both of them look so pissed, did they had a bas day or something?)

Correct me if I'm wrong but there is a cooldown on the magnet probably to avoid the player to keep the magnet on (not in the menu however). But it was really ambiguous when the cooldown was trigger because the sparkles on the magnet are still on even though the magnet is not anymore. That made the game harder IMO.

The first level is nice but the difficulty is raising a lot, in level 2 and 3 and it felt more punishing than challenging. This is a subtlety that is difficult to nail in 48 hours of course.

Well done for completing the game. It is a quite polished submission.

What a fantastic game. This is the types of submission I love, the ones that look like much but are really well designed.

The concept is simple enough but the levels show a great variety of situations. Playing it didn't feel boring because I was always challenges in different ways. The pacing of levels is also great. The difficulty is not always increasing, you might have a tough level followed by a few easier level. That's really great to keep getting engaged. Related to that, I am particularly fond of the levels that are identical but with just an element that change to raise the challenge or simple forces you to find a different solution. These are my favorites.

I also love that the levels have a main solution but still open to other one. The goal is simple, you just have to figure out how to achieve it, even if it means taking a detour, or cheesing it.

There is also some small details, like the sparkles of the goal that are always visible on the side even when it is out of the view. Nicely done.

My main complains is that there is too much level and that I couldn't finish it (because work!)

Amazing submission. I hope to see it on the GMTK recap video.

That's weird little game (in a good way)

I wouldn't say that controlling the lines curve is intuitive... but trying to figure out how the line react to your inputs and so how use it to go to the next line was fun. I think if the player could have more intuitive and direct contol on the line it would not have been as interesting.

There is no so much replay value and depth to it but I enjoyed playing it.

Congratulations for finishing the game during the jam.

Really nice game.

I enjoy especially the mechanic of using floating objects to change my own direction. I also enjoyed the level design. Rooms have a nice progression and each one have their own thing that make them special.

There is so strangle collision sometimes which spoil a bit the experience. It would have been nice to also by more explicit on the ability to move diagonaly. It really make the experience much nicer if only you discover it.

Well done for finishing the game for the jam πŸ‘


Wow really nice game with really nice executions. It looks amazing, there is tons of finely tunes details like the sand, physics objects etc. The music is chills and the sound effect really punchy. Really nicely done.

The level design really sold the game to me. Each now level was a small puzzle/challenge to figure out. These bit size gameplay bit create a really nice pacing in the game.

For a bullet hell however there is not so much bullet :) (well except at the final boss which I skipped... way too difficult) The bullets are sometimes difficult to see (in some levels with more geometry and in general a bit difficult to dodge.

Also the screenshake was turned up to eleven.

Really nice submission

Well done for finishing for game for the Jam (additional kudos for doing it alone)

It's a bit difficult to remember all the spells so I ended up using only fire since it was offensive and a single entry spell. It was a bit difficult to aim, I didn't really see where is landed or if it really impacted the slims. But when it landed and slims start to spread fire, it was a good moment :)


This is an amazing idea that will just fuck up your brain :)

The game is really nice and have a unique feel to it (beside the 360 camera). The ideas of twins enemies is really nice and a smart idea on how to take advantage of the concept. But I really didn't figure it out, I read the solution on the game page. So it was a bit frustrating when I didn't how to fight back at the enemies.

(At some point I wanted to know what was the shape of the room, it took me longer than expetended to figured it out)

Congrats :)

Really nice and atmospheric presentation.

Since I was so focused on the key typing (and you need to be able to really focus on them) I didn't really like it was part of a battle. So the brawler aspect of the game is a bit missing.

Otherwise, congratulations for finishing the game. It really looks polished.

You have a point there. My original comment was nitpicking anyway. :)

Wow really awesome game. So Juicy :)

I really like all the details, like the character, goes back a bit when launching the grappling hook, enemy are push and can explode other ones, the color splat when enemies die etc.

On the concept, my only negative would be that the game doesn't really feel like a top-down shooter are at least part of the shooter genre.

The art style and animation give a really good vibe to the game.

The game is hard and slow but that adds a lot of tension. It is too bad it is too repetitive, I always use the same sound cue to advance.

But I finished even if the difficult is really high which mean I enjoyed it!

Well done!

Really nice concept. I think the controls work quite well (the wall sliding if a bit off) because the game is very responsive but it was easy to aim and jump on the dinos.

I like that the dinos are trying to chase you as you come closer because you have to manage them to be able to jump where you want. I like this idea of crowd control, it really had the extra layer of fun to make the concept shine.

Congrats for finishing the game :)

Hey a fellow LΓΆve game programmer :)

It is a shame the controls are a bit difficult to get used to. It kind of spoil the experience.

The power 2 and 3 are more interesting than the first one which is the equivalent of the a thrust (at least from the camera perspective). So the early experience doesn't really establish how the lack of thrust impact the asteroid genre.

But I like that asteroids collide with each other creating some domino effect which is quite cool. I also like that you tried to use the points in the back to visualize the effect of your power but, especially for the first one, it can be a bit too subtle.

FISH is a Match-3 game without the tile disappearing when you match them. That the brief GMTK sales Pitch.

In the game you have to match the most delicious seafood (premium quality, ultra fresh, don't smell) in order to freeze them. When they are frozen you cannot move them anymore. Too bad, but complete a line of frozen items and it get shipped with all connected frozen stuff to the nearest 5-stars restaurant.

My advice is to not rush like other match-3 game, it is a bit more puzzley, so think twice before moving some clams.

Game Page:

Rating Page:

πŸ† Hey fishheads, share your highscores below πŸ†

(The winner get a copy of the game for free)

My best score so far

Really nicely done.

It's like a 2D Miegakure ^^

I love the minimalism in the visuals. it works quite nicely.

For this jam I'm mainly interested to see how developer solve issues when they remove the core mechanic of their choosing and I think you handled it quite well. The position of the key to move the character and rotate are next to each other. And especially the platform you jump on changes color which relly help to orientate yourself and know which part you explore or not.

Excellent job

Really simple but nice twist on Pong.

I like how you added more precision on the ball direction when you hit the ball. This is simple but crucial to make the concept work.

Well done.

The bird and its animation are quite nice.

I finished the game but I did it by constantly smahing the dash button.

Congrats for finishing the game duting the jam :D

I like the idea of the parry because this is really about risk and reward.

But I found the experience a bit frustrating because the parry window was really short and the enemy shots quite fast. And I was able to parry often the enemy already moved and avoid the shot.

This version is certainly challenging. :)

Congratulations for finishing the jam.

Not necessary a tutorial, it can just be clearer feedback during gameplay.

If you match bullets, you have bullets flying to the magasin. You match guns and the new gun appear in the corner with a flash, particles etc. You can also put the bullet pattern next to the gun so that the player can associate both of them more easily.

And in a jam, if you don't have time to be fancy, just add text flashing briefly that explains the internal logic of the systems. "New gun acquired" "3 additional bullets" etc.

Nice match-3. My highscore is 59

It took me a while to figure out that the tiles has actual effect (gun to have a new gun, bullet to get more moves etc.) and I like that. You really have to strategize  your moves.

The game is also tricker that it seems. At first I thought it would be too easy if you just shoot the tiles you don't want and it all goes down but how you solve it using different gun is really nice. You really have to think how everything will fall down.

I feel the game should do a better job showing how these sub-system work otherwise you can easily overlook them.

Nice job.

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I like the puzzle aspect of the game, it's even more a puzzle game than a platform game. It is mainly because you are constraint by the list which is a great I think.

It is a bit difficult to get around the controls and how the tools work but after that I enjoyed trying to figure out how to eat waffles.

Also: I think this is an alpaca and not a llama :p

I get a Thumper vibe from the game. Not a bad things since one of my favorite game.

I think the challenge was properly balanced but got a bit frustrating of the dash that felt a bit weak.

I really like the idea of seeing where you died before. That's a really nice touch.


I realized I didn't even had time to sit and try to have a highscore.  I will try later to beat yours :p

So if I understand the design goals, there is no deck so the game gives you enough card for a battle (hopefully) but in three different hands forcing you to plan ahead. Am I right?

I feel that more elements should use the number of turn into account to really take advantage of the system. For example a defense is valid for 2 turns, A grenade will explode in the next turn, etc. At the moment I feel you don't really need to plan ahead. You just reacting to the enemy and if you don't have the appropriate card, well too bad.

Well done for submitting your game. πŸ‘

Really nice game.

I love that you can aim where you want to go that give a really nice agency for the player. You can be careful or more reckless. At first I was really not sold on the concept because I thought it would be a flappy bird or balloon fight like, but the aiming system really show how you solve the platformer without platform conundrum in an unique way.

I didn't go far because I was focused too much on getting all the stars.  πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

Yes! I totally wanted to make puzzle levels. The whole system is there (it's basically how the tutorial works), so I can easily make my own board. The difference however is that the goal is to make one shipment.

But making good puzzle is difficult and it would have taken too much time so I didn't do t. Maybe I will start to design some levels now :)

Congrats for finishing your game for the jam.

I like how the difficult ramps up. I felt I was definitively improving the more I played it.

The idea that the coin is a different hazard that doesn't kill you immediately is nice because it can be a trade off for the player (I do a safe jump but get damaged by the coin). I recommend also to give more feedback when you pick up a coin (a sound, or simply the coin disappear). The only way to see if I got damaged is to change my health.

I would have setup the camera so that the player could see the ceiling and the floor. The only way to avoid a hole is to see it early enough, memorize it and time it properly. That's challenging.

Nicely done :)

That game is hard :)

I really like how crazy it gets when the plane starts to flip and you are not sure what is upside down. But that's also the moment when I know I'm screwed and cannot control my character anymore.

In my best game I saved one person.

By broken you mean that there is no move to clear a line?

Yes that is basically the game over. The issue is that it is difficult to test a game over state. It would require to test every possibilities which is really not straightforward. So for the jam I couldn't do it.

But that a good point that I should mention on the game page.

We had a version where you could do vertical and horizontal. Our early mockup even had that feature.

But when testing I felt it was better for the player to focus only on the horizontal. That helped with balancing the difficulty and it also avoided to clear the board unexpectedly. With only horizontal it is a bit more focused.

It is possible to balance the game to work both way. We just ended up using only lines.

For Ludum Dare 40 (Compo), I created a game around the (not original) idea of an operating system. It's a rather straightforward experience, smash your keyboard to write a bunch of stuff on screen to complete jobs and earn money. It only take less than 10 minutes to complete and the feedback so far has been great.

As some of you might have noticed, it was inspired by the look of BeOS (minus the tab title bars) which I fondly remember. There is a lot a cheap jokes and puns but the goal is not really to read all the text. But if you are attentive you might catch some reference.

I've also added an interesting surprise in the latest update (read the DevLog *With a minor Spoiler*)

That's a nice game. The concept is simple and levels are interesting to play. I really enjoyed finishing it.

Well done :)


Void is a small shmup where you are blind. You cannot see a thing in front of you. Except when you shooting, your bullets will reveal small piece of the playfield. Your first shots reveal a large area but if you keep shooting the shots get less visibility, so shoot wisely.

There is no scoring but the difficulty is increasing over time. It starts slow and after a bit of time it become a real bullet shooter.

I made it for the Game Maker Toolkit Game Jam in about ten hours. The games lacks some music (if you are a musician and you have a bombastic track that you would like to include in the game, let me know). The best part of the game was to actually create the bullets particles system and the various pattern. I used LΓΆve to make the game.

I was one of the lucky game to be in the top selection of the jam (as seen on TV... I mean youtube)

Please share your comment and let me know if you enjoy it!