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Thank you so much! My co-developer Colestia did the music, and I couldn't agree more :) 


I'm so glad to hear that! It's one of my favorite projects :)

Colestia, the other dev on the project, made the song with some of his friends! All of the radio is custom made. I really love the song, and I'm glad you like it too!

Incredible, the song at the end is sooooooooooooooo good!!

Nice!! is pretty hard to get to, good job.

thanks! glad you liked it :)


Wow!! Thank you so so much, I'm just now seeing this comment and it totally made my day. As half of the team who made this possible I'd like to say a big thank you, I'm really glad it spoke to you :)

Hey! Thanks so much. I'm so glad there are still new people finding and enjoying our game. I like your suggestions, and I'd love to one day make a larger Interlude-style game that focuses on all sorts of little mundane activities while still having an involved narrative that plays out in real time. Unfortunately we're both working on different projects for the time being - but who knows! Maybe one day we'll get the band back together to make a follow-up anti-thriller! I know I'd love to one day :~)

Really looking forward to playing this when the Mac version is out!! It looks absolutely gorgeous.

one of my favorites so far! the drawings accompanying the text are gorgeous!!


Definitely not looking for a refund. I'm sure stuff is crazy right now with lots of bug reports and fixes around launch, I'm just happy to wait for whenever the Mac version is (more) ready :))

Hi! I'm really excited about this game, and I read the disclaimer about it not running reliably on Macs yet so hard hard feeling :)

When I try to launch the game I get the error: "gutwhale quit unexpectedly'. For additional info, I'm running Mac High Sierra 10.13.6. Lemme know if there's any else I can do to help! Looking forward to playing it!!!

hahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! it was really fun watching your play through :) 

loving the new colors

I too will now ponder the sentence your bubbe said...

hell yeah! juice forever :~)

A gorgeous, moving, terrifying experience.

hahaha, thank you. that's a nice high score!!

glad you had fun, loved the video!

A lovely desert.

too spicy 4 me

It made me laugh and cry, a must read. 

Now that I have seen it properly, I know that Hissy Fight totally owns. Do yourself a favor - and snake an anti-favor - and get this videogame.

Hahahah, they're all original songs by David Cribb, aka Unfortunately they don't exist outside the game (for now....??). But if you like that music, keep an eye out for our upcoming project: The soundtrack is by David as well, and it's banging :) 

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I'm very excited for this one !! 

hey! I thiiink what's happening is that the controls for the title screen are kinda obtuse. what you need to do is click and drag the dial above where is says channel. it's supposed to be a little TV with a spin dial - but because the game was made for a jam the actual interaction is unpolished/kind of hard to do. lemme know if that helps !

also - thanks so much for the kind words!! I'm glad you like my games :~) 

this is really gorgeous. I love the floor plan style of it - and I especially love the final scene :) 

ah wow!! really good job. to my knowledge I think you're the current world champ!!

Oh wow, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm so glad you liked it :) 

hey, thanks for the reply! unfortunately that link seems to be broken 

lovely bitsy!

super cool, but I couldn't figure out the final 3 levels. I was thinking maybe the pictures are a clue to solutions in the level select screen, but I couldn't figure it out . . . . 


thanks so much for the kind words, I used to play snake on my dad's Nokia, and I was definitely trying to capture that feeling :)

thanks!! we really wanted to highlight the parts of heists you never see. the name of the original unity project folder was: 'the boring part of a heist' 

I'm looking forward to watching the video, thanks for making it! and nice job piecing together bits of the story, I think a lot of people have been overlooking the internet...

you're very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that you found the button for the wipers! 

hey! thanks so much for the video! I really enjoyed watching discover all the little details strewn around the car and I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much :)