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watch the candle drip

a quick sketch

made in flickgame



<3 <3 < 3

thanks! I'm glad I could you introspect a little bit. 

thank you <3 

ahhhh, I can't wait until this is released! it looks so excellent. I love the art and the theme, and how it seems to incorporate elements from your games in the past. I'm really excited to see this when it comes out. 

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Awww, thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you had fun. If you ever get stuck on a level for too long I recommend just creating a lot of juice cartons really quickly, they usually fill the glass on their own. . .


hello, sometimes all I want to do is drink juice

this is a game about those times. 

in this game you will pour and drink all kinds of juice. 

orange juice, pineapple juice, kiwi juice, and more!

here are some pretty gifs of how you might find yourself drinking juice if you played this silly little game:

Thanks! It's funny, you're not the only one googling the ingredients for that. I just happened to find myself surrounded by many English Breakfast's over the course of the jam weekend, and I guess I was inspired. 

A gorgeous game about cooking. I love all of the interconnected scenes and stories that play out. It presents very small and personal stories on a grand scale, without losing their human (robot?) touch. Plus, cooking! What could be better than grandma's potato soup? 

awesome! looking forward to it

I'd love to try this, any chance of a Mac version? 

hahaha, awww thanks :) 

Thanks! I'm definitely realizing now I needed to make the knob turning a bit clearer, you're not the only one who had issues figuring that bit out.

No worries, I completely understand. And I'm excited to play the Mac version when it finally comes out!

If you wanted to send me a build I'd be more than happy to playtest the Mac version and let you know if it works!

awwwww, thank you for playing it! 

No worries, I'm looking forward to playing it once it's up :) 

Awesome, I'm looking forward to traveling down the road of fully automated luxury gay space communism when that time comes!

No worries, and thanks! I'm looking forward to it. 

Also - I've seen some devs put a link to the Mac build in the comments of their games even though uploading is frozen. No pressure to at all, but I don't thiiiiiink that it's again the rules. But regardless of when it goes up, I'm looking forward to checking it out. It looks really neat :)

Cool, I'm looking forward to it :) 

Out of curiosity, what is Drone made in? 

Hey, thanks making the build! I just played through all the levels and here are some thoughts: 

Really neat little game, very polished for the time limits of the jam. For most of the levels I thought the controls worked pretty well and I could mostly get the box to do what I wanted, however there were a couple levels like 1-4, and 2-3, where I really couldn't get the jumps to happen consistently and found myself flailing about with the mouse until the box just randomly got to the end. Also, as for the structuing of levels. I really like how each new set of levels you introduced new mechanic, and then the mechanics started to layer on each other. Really good on boarding there. But was there a reason water was the last set of levels? I found the lava that came right before it much much harder than the water levels. 

Anywho, really great job! 

Hahaha, I love the look and concept of this game! It's cool to see someone else making a "cooking" themed game. Any chance of making a Mac version of the game, I'd love to play it. 

Ahhh, I was following the development of this on twitter over the jam, and I really really love the look of what you made! plus, the concept is just excellent. Is there any chance for a Mac version? I really want to try it out! 

Really cute little game. I enjoyed it a lot. Also - it was really fun to come across a PICO-8 game among the entries! Great work. 

I like the concept here a lot, and would love to try it out. Any chance for a Mac version? 

Hello! I'm very intrigued by this 'Life-Changing Event', full of 'puzzles' to be 'solved'. I'd love to check it out, is there any hope for a Mac release? 

Me too! I was actually having difficult with the bowl's collider, it's something I hope to change if/when I return to the game

I'm glad to hear it made you laugh :)

Hahahahahah, I love the idea + look here! Any chance of a Mac release for this? I would love to get in not the bacon eating. 

Any chance for a Mac version? I like the idea of controlling security cameras a lot, and would love to check it out!

I liked this quite a bit. It reminded me of two things: 1. thematically+visually it reminded me of Leave No Trace, a recent movie about a father (who is a vet) and his daughter living out in the woods when he returns home from war. 2. The single room/area survival reminded me quite a bit of The Gods are Watching. I think there's a potentially really interesting and moving tiny (anti) survival game here. I think it could be really interesting to incorporate bits of narrative into the decisions that you're making, dialog between the father and daughter. The one thing I'll say is the day cycle definitely felt a bit abstracted without actually having any calendar, and also that it was going down every 10 days also felt weird, because I'd normally expect it to count down the weeks every 7 days. Just some thoughts. Good job!

Any chance of a Mac version? I'd love to try this out. 

Neat twist on a normal twin stick shooter. I really like that your shield isn't just a straight reflection, but that you have to time the reflection/parry. That said, I definitely had bit of trouble getting the timing down on the parry window - but maybe that just comes with more play. 

Fun little game. I quite like how you took the name/concept and just ran with it!

Neat game, I like the twist on the usual match 3 game play, and I especially like the graphic novel-y art style!

Hello! I'm so glad you like it and thank you for the feedback. I definitely want to working on making the knob interaction more clear. I added the highlight at the last minute to make it clear it was intractable, but I definitely hear what you're saying about making it feel like a button. Also I'm really glad to hear the humor came through, and it made you laugh :) 

Excellent idea and execution! 

Definitely one of the best developed ideas I've played from the jam yet! I think there's a lot of really interesting places you could go from here, but even what you have is an incredibly fun and mind bending puzzle game. Love it!

Hey, is there any chance for a Mac port? Everything from the theme, aesthetics, and especially title/concept looks excellent and I'd really love to try it!