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You are supposed to cut to the beat - the little bars that rotate with the thing you're supposed to cut have to line up with the knives, which you can activate with A & D / the left & right arrow keys respectively.

If you miss, you lose a life. If you've lost all lives you get a game over screen. Apart from that, the score per thing is 100 if you hit it perfectly and 0 you hit it perfectly.

There is no executable file in the downloadable zip; only a ".app" directory [which is iirc how applications are packaged under macOS] - since this appears to be made in Unity, you'd have to build it separately for the separate platforms; this specific build you've uploaded however will not work under everything but macOS (since there iirc wasn't any wine-ish thing to run macOS stuff on other systems, that statement isn't even about not being able to run it natively)

The zip file does not contain any exe file at all; only the `.app` folder which is macOS specific


That said, it was an enjoyable challenge!

Just to chime in as well, the hearts were actually added after the scoring was to... disincentivize spamming. I actually personally prefer it with the hearts in there, because then I know exactly how much leeway I have with trying to get a certain cut or not, though that's just my personal preference of course.

(my high score is 3089, so *barely* over 3000; the maximum score you can get is 4000 - there's 40 cuts, and you get up to 100 points per cut [though for 100 you'd have to be frame perfect])

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Yeah, that should even be possible as far as I know - however I have so far never built Rust for Android or iOS and know next to nothing about packaging for these platforms either.

That said, the web build is known to work minus the input issue, so I'd honestly just stick with that & rebuild it once there's a fix for it upstream

Edit: I just wanted to check if I've subscribed to the GitHub issue [I forgot as it turns out] and it appears to be resolved; I'll update it once the voting period is over

I don't think this runs on Windows (or in my case Linux using Wine) as-is, even though the icons on the download would suggest otherwise

I do like the idea a lot, though I must admit that it doesn't allow for that much variation, sadly - at least no variation that I could think of.

Also I don't think there's any way to finish the ninth level, but I'm also too lazy to actually check the code to see if I'm right.

To anyone who can't run it, this might be because it's depending on the musl libc and linker - that said, you can just run `make` (after installing raylib) and it should work.

Presumably you could even run it on macOS or Windows after installing the necessary bits and pieces to make it compile, too.

The issue is that the assets load asynchronously, and I didn't have the time to implement it waiting on all the assets to load before letting you out of the main menu.....

Which is particularly bad with the music because that one starts at 1. The moment it is started in code 2. The moment it's loaded, whichever of the two comes later (it needs both), so if you start before the music is loaded, it starts the music too late causing everything to be out of sync

Mobile is actually technically already supported in the code I wrote, the issue is that it doesn't propagate touch events in WASM builds - and the only workaround I've found is building a JS thingy that sends the events into the WASM code, but that simply isn't in the scope of a 48hr game jam.

That said, the underlying issue is likely to be resolved sooner rather than later!

This seems to be a bug introduced *somewhere* in wine 6.x; 5.22 runs the game without issue.

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Weirdly enough I'm getting an unhandled page fault on read access to 0x24 at address 0x69885BD5 (and consistently so, the only variable is the thread ID) when running it under wine. Removing dxvk from the equation didn't change anything either.

If anyone gets version 4 to run under Linux (or some other version I'd have access to), please do let me know, since from what I've seen so far this does seem pretty nice & I'd like to at least be able to give it a proper try beyond a few seconds into it (it crashes a few seconds after clicking "Begin Story" / after the last card in the first round was played; whichever happens first).

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 I'm using Arch with i3 for windowing, which means it's using X11 and scales the applications directly after they are opened if it can (due to i3 being a tiling window manager).

Also, it's all good! It *is* a game jam entry, and if bugs like these weren't something to be expected; and this one really isn't game breaking either.

 Yeah, the zooming and such seems to be a problem in general, and that one part of the dialogue is moved weirdly for everyone. I have not found the reason for that, but I also haven't really investigated why that happens yet.

I should probably have said so in my comment before, but yeah: I did find the option in the menu, but it didn't do anything - the other option that was supposed to change the menu style also didn't do anything by the way.

My main feedback would honestly be that the music is very loud, and I wasn't able to turn it off (though that might be a wine issue instead of an issue in the actual game; but I don't think that's very likely).

That said, it's definitely a fun idea!

This game was absolutely great! If there's any feedback I could give it'd be making the movement of the orbs a bit slower & maybe even stopping the timer when moving them; and apart from that just cleaning up the already very charming visuals a bit.

having played a few other Unity based submissions, it appears to maybe be an issue with either the newest wine (the thing with which you can run windows programs on Linux/Mac/BSD/etc) or the newest Unity versions; since it happened with a few of the other ones as well.

Anyway, if there's anything I can do to help investigate / fix the issue let me know ^^

Nice! Could you share some details of what you did differently so I can update the description for anyone else having issues?

This is not an easy game, very fun though!

This seems like a really fun concept!

However to anyone under Linux, esp. with more than one monitor, it will probably not work. Whenever my mouse exited the window, I couldn't look around anymore.

I really want to like this, but - be it bad luck or just me being impatient - some of the battles can just take *way* too long, due to both the player & enemy healing constantly.

That said, I really do like that you can *kind of* control where you're going on your wheel, that does give it some extra flavour beyond customizing your wheel that I really liked :)

I have yet to figure out what causes that part of the text to be moved to the top right weirdly; but I also haven't investigated it that much yet. I assume it has to do with spaces somewhere that shouldn't be there or something like that; but I honestly don't know.

Sometimes game jams are just a bug creation marathon XD

What browser are you using?

Oh, I really like that idea! I personally thought of linking more different statistics originally, like constraining an enemy to a certain height based on for example your health, something like that.

As for the bug, it's a known one and is fixed already in the fixed version of the game I linked in the description, that was caused due to the game over screen referencing the wrong background (two levels always share the same background, so the background ID is half of the level ID rounded down; and the game over screen tried the level ID directly); which you can actively see when dying to the mad scientist (level 2).

The mechanics could've definitely been explained better, but almost all of the dialogue was written in the last 10min of the game jam; otherwise it would've contained a few more tips along the way.

For example, instead of just "gliding" to a halt, a better strategy is to actively try to walk in the opposite direction; this brings you to a stop quicker and leaves less time in which you're vulnerable because of standing still; when someone is linked with your speed.

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Fun fact, I actually *did* search for wasm-compatible audio for bevy, and the library I found *is* compiled in. It's just that we didn't have any time to actually add any sound because of the deadline; hell (ignoring the grace period I didn't know about until literally a few seconds before it ended), the game isn't even playable after the half-way point because of game breaking bugs that I just didn't catch because I couldn't really test much.

Maybe we'll actually continue updating this game a bit; we'll see.

This honestly feels like the worst game jam entry I've made so far, because half of the game is inaccessible, which sadly means that half of the art that the wonderful artist I worked with isn't even really in the game.

Still hope you'll enjoy the half that does (kinda) work, I had a lot of fun working on it :)

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The agreed upon plans for multiplayer were mostly to pit robots of different users against each other in a fight, which would run locally (so the server would just distribute the programs to each player), if I recall correctly.
(I was the one who made the programming language happen for the most part, and I'm really used to languages with semicolons, mostly Rust XD)

Building the scripting language was definitely fun, thanks for letting me join the team!

(though C# sucks for programming language development and/or I'm just way too bad at that language XD)

in case you want to play levels after it anyway, you can just press the 1 through 9 number keys to select the corresponding level manually.

She's the one listed as "Amy" in the credits

> MonoGame is a free C# framework used by game developers to make games for multiple platforms and other systems.
I'm really not a fan of C#, to be honest. But maybe next year goodwebgame (Rust library) will be stable enough that I'm willing to use it in a gamejam, because then it'd work both in HTML5 *and* natively. (Last years entry used quicksilver, which is *okay*, but it had some weird issues that I needed to essentially work around in code)

Also, SFML is actually cross platform, if you don't need mobile & online :]

It is insanely hard to move anywhere, even after your plan of attack is over because all enemies are dead, mostly because there are not enough grey tiles (or I just don't fully understand the game).

Apart from that, it's absolutely brilliant. Love it :]

They will literally keep protesting countermeasures while protesters around them fall over dead.

I simultaneously love this game (it's well made, has more charm than it has any right to) and hate it (people protesting masks during a pandemic shouldn't be a thing).

Would've loved better messages at the end though for when you kill more than half the population, for instance.

Might be because I'm running it via Wine, but it appears to be broken in a few places (some levels immediately complete, for instance).
But I do have to say that I absolutely adore the art style!

I only get a black screen when trying to run it via Wine. If someone figures out how to run it on Linux, please let me know!

> Also full disclosure, the double jump is a bug haha, we believe it has to do with the coyote time being weird.
Absolutely brilliant ^^ It does help when playing though, especially considering that the checkpoints don't work. Happy little accidents and all that :)

I do know that issue (although this time we were surprisingly timely). But that really is nothing more than a minor nitpick, again, the game's great :)