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in case you want to play levels after it anyway, you can just press the 1 through 9 number keys to select the corresponding level manually.

She's the one listed as "Amy" in the credits

> MonoGame is a free C# framework used by game developers to make games for multiple platforms and other systems.
I'm really not a fan of C#, to be honest. But maybe next year goodwebgame (Rust library) will be stable enough that I'm willing to use it in a gamejam, because then it'd work both in HTML5 *and* natively. (Last years entry used quicksilver, which is *okay*, but it had some weird issues that I needed to essentially work around in code)

Also, SFML is actually cross platform, if you don't need mobile & online :]

It is insanely hard to move anywhere, even after your plan of attack is over because all enemies are dead, mostly because there are not enough grey tiles (or I just don't fully understand the game).

Apart from that, it's absolutely brilliant. Love it :]

They will literally keep protesting countermeasures while protesters around them fall over dead.

I simultaneously love this game (it's well made, has more charm than it has any right to) and hate it (people protesting masks during a pandemic shouldn't be a thing).

Would've loved better messages at the end though for when you kill more than half the population, for instance.

Might be because I'm running it via Wine, but it appears to be broken in a few places (some levels immediately complete, for instance).
But I do have to say that I absolutely adore the art style!

I only get a black screen when trying to run it via Wine. If someone figures out how to run it on Linux, please let me know!

> Also full disclosure, the double jump is a bug haha, we believe it has to do with the coyote time being weird.
Absolutely brilliant ^^ It does help when playing though, especially considering that the checkpoints don't work. Happy little accidents and all that :)

I do know that issue (although this time we were surprisingly timely). But that really is nothing more than a minor nitpick, again, the game's great :)

No problem ^^

Thanks :]

A bit of searching online revealed that this is probably a gamemaker exported project. Problem is, I don't have that installed.

That was incredibly cool. Good job!

I really like this one :]
A bit of constructive criticism though: A restart button at the end would've been nice.

I can't say I know what's going on, but it's fun either way.

I do have to note that there is no Linux binary included, and while the Windows one works with Wine, none of the text gets displayed.

I do have to note that "How does your game fit the theme? Pretty good" does crack me up.

Anyway, good game :)

(side note: It actually does not include any linux binaries, but it does work with Wine)

I think those things with the one block high walls were supposed to be checkpoints, would've been *really* helpful if they worked (maybe they do under Windows and Wine fucked up though). But apart from that, here's two tips for other people playing this:

· You can, in fact, jump twice.
· The platforms move when you jump.

I think the idea is really neat :)

Doesn't work for me via Wine. If someone is able to get it working, do tell :]

This has some funky behaviour when run under Linux with Wine, specifically, as soon as you defocus the game (which happens quite easily for me because I have two monitors), it will stop responding to inputs.

I saw "The E" at the end before I managed to get my mouse on the other screen again, and managed to get every single cube there. I hope that counts as a win.

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I didn't have the time to implement the "red zone" version two (the zone where the ball can't spawn), which would be try to make the first bounce always somewhat safe. Currently, the ball just can't teleport directly on top of you.

But you are somewhat safe on the walls at least.

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I hate to give people work, but I think the one who did the art for my game would enjoy some bad fanart ^^

Anyway, I hope you're having fun :]

well, the cat has more than one move... But yeah, some of the "only one" things are more jokes (albeit true!), *especially* the source file one.

I would've loved that too. But I started searching for music too late, and had to give up on SFX for the time being because the library doesn't support canceling sound playback, and playing only smaller samples just wasn't really feasible.

Thanks for your review though, glad you liked it :]

There was actually less programming needed than I anticipated. So let's just say I was the one who got more sleep in those 48h XD

Designing the game mechanics was done by both of us though.

Holy shit... Yes. I don't have any words. It's just awesome.

Just here to confirm that this person was the one in charge of the wonderful art :]

Your entry is marked as being runnable under Linux, which it isn't. Not even via wine.

Just letting you know (I'm not rating this one)

This is very short. Very simple.


I have to say, I fucking love it. Good job :]

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I'd really love to see more *stuff* in this game, plus maybe an additional mechanic than just saying yes/no (plus, that should be made a bit easier by automatically showing the next card, imho, moving the mouse around gets old quickly).  A "replay" button would make sense. It's a bit too hard to actually lose without trying to, too. Apart from that, my only criticism is that you're apparently able to spend more credits than you have, which is weird.

All in all: A very nice experience though. Good job!

While I do really like the idea, honestly how the characters move killed it for me. It just feels so sluggish and as if the game didn't react to your input. Apart from that, I really liked it (as far as I got, at least) :]

This is very, *very* amusing. If only there were enough creatures to squash paint with...

Looking forward to the finished thing!

Oh yeah, the intro screen isn't done yet. I should've put it in the description in the meantime, but forgot. Thanks for noticing :]

The orientation doesn't mean anything, and is purely decorative.

And thanks for the nice review!

I love this game. I feel like I could waste literal days with it.

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You could've made the window bigger, the instructions are on the title screen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please rename "game.exe" to something else (like "rts-iter.exe"), if your AV software detects it as a virus. It's not, but the filename alone seems to cause trouble with i.e. Norton or Avast.

It doesn't work for me under linux, saying that there is no data folder.

For other linux users: You need to `chmod +x` the executable.

I doubt that you can easily include viruses in GameMaker games. Use the installer instead, that works (even under wine).