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Had a blast with this! Managed to kill 300 something enemies after a lot of tries.

Hope this gets polished, I really liked the design of it. But the controls were a bit unfair (I couldn't even aim the beam and the ice attack with arrow keys). Also, the enemies get lost behind the gems which is very frustrating! Good work on this nonetheless!

Ohh this was great, so many little details to explore!
I got stuck in the last challenge and played it for hours before realizing it had a bug (a block that didn't exist in that level was blocking the red orb). Had to restart and finished it in a couple of seconds after that.

Good job!

Oh no, I have to try it again D:

This was my second try after missing one of the penguins ( the hidden one).

Sadly there is no alternative ending for getting them all :( Good job on the game!!

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I wish I had a commercial project to donate, but here is my most appropriate project:

62 Deaths ( the first two was just trying to get good with controls ) very fun game :D

Oh, custom made, amazing! I was surprised how the "e" and "a" were only four pixels tall eheh. It's okay, I'll  try to make my one too! :) Thank you for your reply

Really cool idea, but got stuck because the collisions are so tight! The challenge is less about solving a level and more on executing it flawlessly.

One thing I would like to ask you, what is the font you used for the cutscenes? I'm looking for a small font like that!

Well, I played it only for the plot as the gameplay was not that fun... Could be better with smaller levels that took use of the mechanic without unfair death pits! But I really liked the graphics and the story, good work :)

Had fun with it, and it is easy and pretty relaxing :) good work

I enjoyed this a lot, very fun! I couldn't beat the boss tho :( But everything else is really well done, specially the animations, good job!

The best implementation of this idea I've seen from this jam! The controls are good, the graphics are very readable and authentic and the mechanics all go together in a fun way. The level design is great in the way it teaches about all the elements. Was it me or did some levels could be solved in multiple ways (like the long room with the spike, why not just kill myself? xD). 

Good work on this!

Oh wow, you are the first to beat my score, so here it is, your medal :D

And true, it starts slow and it gets hard to beat really fast, I will teak that when the jam ends! But glad to know you had fun with it, thanks :)

Oh, so you collect souls from the plants right?
Yeah, I accidental used one item and two enemies killed each other eheh

Loved the sprites and the presentation! But I was unsure how the game worked, I just got to the second level but got stuck in a dead end? Not sure what was the use for the things you collected...

Thank you for playing!  Yes, I really have to fix the difficulty ramp when the jam ends ahah. But that was a great score, the best I had was 55!

The music is by Trix, from the jam resources! Thank you for trying it, I was aiming for something like Snake where there is simple rules you can understand right away and play relaxed "forever".

I wanted to keep it simple while scaling in difficulty, in this case by speeding up the time where humans appear. But those are neat ideas, thank you for trying the game!

Yes, that's something I will update once the jam ends! The game is actually fun when challenging, but trying to make it accessible for first players I made it too boring ... Thank you for trying it out :)

It is kind of unfair, specially with the stiff controls, platforms where you can't look where you are going and the moving platform not carrying you around in the last challenge. But I managed to beat it and had a lot of fun! Not sure if I reached the ending, just "to be continued" appear even after I died from touching the last character...

Well, after the jam ends I'll update the difficulty :) hope it was not too boring!

Yeah, it starts really slow but by the score of 30 it gets hard real fast! 

I actually thought about adding more types of humans, but kept it simple. Thank you for trying it out! 

The dithering effect was really nice, I enjoyed walking around it. But I didn't know where the exit was, I was just walking around in circles..

The tower effect is really impressive! Just moving around it is fun :) Liked the idea of controlling the ghost and possessing, good job!


The HTML5 version ruined some of the parts of the menu, but thanks for noticing :)
Thank you for playing, hope you enjoyed it!


I tried to get the feeling right! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it

I was short on time to test it well, so the difficulty curve is kind of messed up, starts really slow and then goes really fast when it reaches around 30 points. Thank you for trying it out :)

I was kinda confused at first, and even won one time just figuring out the controls and moving the character around xD
But the characters levels was a cool idea, would be cool to see it in more deliberate levels like in a puzzle game, instead of all characters just moving around and catching you by surprise. 

I really liked the zombie transformation animation! But some of the graphics were not completely true to the restrictions. 
In the end, it's an enjoyable little game, congrats :)

Ahaha that's cool, thanks for the explanation! Good job :)

Pretty compelling and great design on the controls and visuals. Great job! :)

I saw a lot of things that broke the restrictions, like physics, rotating pixels, etc...

The ideia is good, but could have been more explored with the level design. But good job on it :)

Really liked the puzzle solving of what to do in each in level, good job! My problem with it was that there was not really enough feedback if you were doing the right thing or not. Also, the labyrinth area is annoying, you hit walls where there are none!

Genius idea and good execution!! I had the idea to make a bomberman type game for this jam but couldn't think of a good mechanic but you nailed it :) I just wish the levels wouldn't be generated but hand made, they feel kind of all the same.

Loved the cutscenes. It feels slow and clunky to control though, but I eventually beat it :) I liked those small enemies that looked like the player ahah

Amazing use of the theme, the game is really fun to play! Loved trying to break the egg. Good job!

Very fun, but really hard x) the intro and end graphics were fun lol

This could be on a real Nokia! My only problem with it is that you can get it while changing rooms. And also the gameplay felt a little bland, I was hoping more things would appear. But overall, it's cool, I like the simple pixel art, really nailed that old style!

Really hard to control in this resolution, but good job!