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Super fun to play with! I really liked pulling the bullets and missiles and just wave them around until they hit the enemies. The inverse gravity was just harder to control. Really good job on this, congrats!

Thanks for checking my game :D Glad you think it fits the jam's theme, the longer I kept working on it, more far fetched the idea seem to be, so by the end I was really in doubt if it would fit or not.

Thank you for your feedback, I'll at least upload a new version after the jam ends with more elaborate sound design ;)

Really cool idea, but a bit hard to control! Specially the curves. Good job!

The game is super cute and charming, but the difficulty is very high! I got to the cannon level and had to quit. The previous levels were easier because once you hit the bombs they would go away in the next turn. The controls are a bit too difficult too, and the collisions are super tight to be able to move as freely as intended. Overall, I really enjoyed it, congratulations!

The game is super cute and charming, but the difficulty is very high! I got to the cannon level and had to quit. The previous levels were easier because once you hit the bombs they would go away in the next turn. The controls are a bit too difficult too, and the collisions are super tight to be able to move as freely as intended. Overall, I really enjoyed it, congratulations!

Really good, loved everything about it! I got 178 stars, is that the max? It just needed some kind of music :)

Wow, thank you a lot for the amount of constructive feedback! 

Sorry for the jumpscare, I just didn't know what to add in the end if you win ahah. The missing sound is my fault, I just didnt allocate some time to find a sound designer when it was perfectly possible to find one. The keys are the last feature. At first, I thought about having different "victims" but due to time I couldn't add that form of progression (just a text appearing saying "victim nº1",etc..). The hard knock is a really cool idea! I might add it. But the ghost is not programmed to find you, just go around. Thank you once again.

I thought about having the touch be only a single button, but then I really liked the idea of the player having to "scan" around him, and press different keys, as to simulate the real "touching everything around me" feel and "touchability", if you know what I mean :P

Thank you for your feedback!

Really cool concept, had a lot of fun with it! The only thing to make it better was to update the physics and the layout of the flipper. I died too fast in each round and I couldn't keep up with the ball and the controls. Congrats on the game :)

Wow, not expecting this! Really awesome, I felt really inside an escape room, with tons of cool puzzles. At first I was completely lost, but after some tries with the normal mode I got it. There are some things you can't predict while in ghost mode, but that was cool too. I actually figured out the screwdiver just once I got it, I had no problem with it. I was getting a bit frustrated with the buttons on the jail door, but then I saw the arrow. Also, with how I was supposed to use the paint. It didn't occur to me that a wall could have two perspectives (beneath and underneath the table). I was also thinking how the paintings would give clues, but maybe not. Very nice game, congrats :) 

Really cute graphics and neat concept :) I just wished there was a victory screen ahah

I liked this a lot! The art is neat and the concept is interesting. I couldn't manage to save the daughter, though. I was making my choices based on most important things, but I guess there's other logic behind it? What is the numbers next to each action? Congratulations on the game :)

Wow, what an amazing game for 48h! I'm really surprised on how polished this is and the amount of mechanics, content and levels. Loved the sound effects and the animation. But that aside, you really created a perfectly designed puzzle game with interesting and deep mechanics. I'll keep an eye on your future projects!

The idea is interesting, I got 149. The problem with this is that the enemies and layout of the level don't let you explore the mechanics. I ended up staying at one place near the enemy spawning point, enough so they don't get me but the bullets hit them, so I could kill them infinetly. I got killed eventually by the shooter zombies that shoot when they spawn. Still a nice game, congrats!

This was surprisingly good! The addition of new actions during the game was unexpected and thrilling! I got a score of 139 but I'm coming back for more :)

I'm also participating in the jam, it just doesn't fit because when I think about Boulder Dash I think about digging dirt and a player without gravity moving in tiles. You shouldn't remove if you don't think anything else that could fit! 

The thing with the drill is that it hits me whenever I try to move long distances and it catches me off guard as its so fast. Anyway, congratulations for the fun game, its really amazing :)

Thanks for your opinion! I'm glad you liked it. I'm sad that I didn't have more time to add sounds, I shouldn't have left that for the end... About the ghost, yeah, I should really tweak him to move around more, it really depends on the layout of the level when it shouldn't. I will check yours ;)

Very cute, the mechanics were interesting but after some levels it feels stale.. Maybe with different mechanics every now and then? Loved the bouncy seed.

Cool idea and amazing pixel art :o

Nice graphics and presentation. It was fun choosing from all the motives for why they were discussing and seeing the responses, but I felt bad in the end for making the girl cry :'( hope it's not based on real discussions from the authors!

Cool idea, but needs checkpoints! Had a lot of fun with it.

It was a cool idea, had fun traversing the levels, but its not clear at first. The presentation is really good, perfect pixel art :) Maybe add some other turn-based mechanics in the future to add some variety to your hiding.

Classic ice game with the additional puzzle of the objects moving with you. Really cool!

Really sweet game, with tons of variety. The archer enemy is a pain!! Good variety of enemies, levels, different kind of puzzles. Really good, congratulations :) Was really sad when it ended ahah

Fun concept! My favorite enemy was the one that grabbed the gems ahah. The drill one was super fast and hard to avoid. The idea is really cool, but I think you shouldn't have used "Boulder Dash without the Boulders" as it looks something different altogether (except for the theme).

Such cute graphics, I wish I could survive longer ahah. It might need some other blocks to make traversing the map easier, the faster enemies could catch me in an instant. Very good effort, I really liked the overall presentation and polish :)

Very polished game :D I had a lot of fun just moving around and possessing guards. I haven't found a way to complete the level without killing someone, but would like to do it once you update the rank bug.

Amazing concept and super well polished. The animations and art were very good. The difficult was a bit too hard at first, but it only made me replay until I got better! Congratulations!

Good idea, but not very well executed. It's hard to predict when the objects fall down on you, it's just too fast. I got to the second level but when I died I had to start over, so I quit. Anyway, it's a very interesting concept and the art is really good, congrats!

Very cute and simple gameplay! Some things could be streamlined or more explained, like how the sandwich is the only object you can make go up. My only complaint is how the chicken is so slippery.

Amazing atmosphere and story!

The controls were a bit annoying and it didn't flow as expected... But everything else is super good :)

Very polished, but needs buttons to go back to the menu and to the next level. Kind of annoying gameplay, but still fun :)

Once I figured out how each tool worked I had a really good time with it :)

Nice, good puzzle game :) the graphics were awesome

Really good, so minimalistic and fun :) Also, shouldn't you have "adventure game without text" somewhere?

Really good, clever and simple mechanic that has enough room to become really deep.

Sorry for scaring you! It was supposed to only happen when you loose, but ran out of time. Thank you for your comment :)

Wow, super cute :) I love the pixel art and everything animated in such a cute way. I was confused at first why the bear was being destroyed, cranes usually grab toys ahah but then I figured it out. I laugh so much when I used the crane on the girl xD

Quite hard to get into, but once you understand how much sound every move makes and you start paying attention to the bar and you get into the rhythm of the game it's a very cool experience! Kinda sad it only has 5 levels. Great job :)