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Point Blank Vector (GMTK Game Jam 2018)View game page

Top-down bullet-hell style game where YOU are the bullet!
Submitted by Tyler Campanelli — 1 hour, 48 minutes before the deadline
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I really liked the music.
The concept fits to the theme and it is very interesting.
I just missed more that queues of enemies moving together like a snake, hahahaha.
But it is a nice entry. =)


Interesting concept, but it would be nice if there was more variation to it :)  The primary attack is cool, but there weren't enemies that I felt were challenging me to play differently.  


i would like to see more types of enemies in this game with different abilities as this what I wanted to do in my game but it went very wrong you can go check it out and it will be nice to rate and leave a feedback.


It's a cool concept, but I feel that their wasn't very much to do with it. All the shooting yourself mechanic did was essentially make it so you're immune while shooting, and I feel that you didn't do anything that would make that mechanic more interesting.


It was fun at first and fits the theme well, but it gets a bit chaotic after 30 seconds or so...

Developer (2 edits)

That was intentional for the survival mode. After a handful of enemies are spawned the intervals between them gets shorter and shorter.

Maybe if the game was more like a top down shooter where you build up speed to charge into enemies rather than a SHMUP where the charge is just a bullet that makes you invincible the concept would've worked better. But right now it's pretty simple and easy


I like the concept, as others have already mentioned the only thing I would like to see is more.  More variation, more enemies, maybe even more attacks.  You've got a solid core here and a lot of potential to do something really cool.  Nicely done.


Cool concept. :) But becomes way too easy. Probably could be improved if there was a mechanic that stopped you from mindlessly spamming the charge forward move.

Our game needs feedback so please check it out!


Fun game that fits the theme. It's a bit basic, but it functions better than a lot of games I've seen in this jam. Good, solid work.


A great concept that could be pretty awesome expanded upon with variations of enemies, hazards, and player interaction. A solid entry to the jam.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Hey. Cool Idea for a game. 

I like the way it looks. and feels, the controls are easy and fluid. I think the level of variation in terms of what to do needs to be a bit higher, but I understand that there was a time limit. As others have said, spamming space is Overpowered.  so I'd nerf it with a cooldown meter. Also, the amt of health is a bit too generous imo.

I liked the idea that if you get hit, you can't charge for a while, so you can't tank a bullet in the name of positioning yourself in front of an enemy. Good idea!

I'd be curious to see what the game would feel like with more enemies/powerups/etc.

The music is pretty nice to. did you make it yourself?

Anyway, great showing for the jam. Cheers.


Thanks for the critique! As you guessed, I ran short on time to implement counter mechanics and enemy variety. Still, as a solo one-man project I think the core concept turned out quite well. As for your question, the audio clips were royalty free that I just modified with a lower pitch.


Like others have said spamming space bar is a very powerful strategy. Another way to fix this issue is to have enemies or hazards that can hurt you when you're charging or to add a cooldown/energy bar mechanic to the charge attack itself. Another suggestion would be to improve the enemy kill feedback; it's very important to the overall feel of a SHMUP. If killing enemies feels satisfying (usually with a lot of large explosions) the game just feels more fun.


Nice start to a bullet hell game. The 'stun' on hit preventing you from using the charge is good, and could have been useful to have a recharge after a charge attack to prevent charge spamming. And the controls have a few minor issues (you can't move diagonally because horizontal movement cancels out vertical movement). If you continue working on the game, I might suggest allowing the player to slightly steer the charge attack (to give some counter-play to straight down firing enemies) and have where the charge attack exit the top of the screen determine where the ship teleports back into (to give the player a way to deal with "well, I'm going to teleport back into a nest of bullets"). Overall, good concept and fun prototype. :)


Charge attack is too powerful! It's a great concept but I think making the player stay at the top end of the screen, then making the character travel back at the bottom end (which when the charge attack would be available). Also being able to control the player more fluidly would be much appreciated. It's an interesting concept, would play it if you get to update the game! :)


Spam spacebar and you're almost invincible. For this concept to work you actually need to have risk - maybe make the front end of the ship a spike that you can ram into things?


I think it fits the theme. It would be way better if gameplay actually changed during the game though.