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Nice job! I really liked the way that the ghosts and the skulls worked together, forcing you too keep it close to see where you're going, but keep it on the ghosts at the same time so that they don't kill you! It was a lot of fun, if a bit easy, but the art looked great and the feeling of tension was very enjoyable. Well done!

Nice job! It was a very cute little game, i very much enjoyed the art style, and the music was nice and relaxing. As for the game, I only have a couple gripes about the tutorial, as I didn't realize that synergies where a thing immediately, or that I could replace buildings that were already built. I also felt that an income/research meter would have been nice, as towards the end I was just hoping that what I had was enough. Other then that though, it was a lot of fun! Nice job!

Super sweet! The writing was really funny and charming, and the graphics and aesthetics were wonderful. The dialogue felt natural, and the choices were a lot of fun. Very creative and fits the theme quite well, so very nicely done!

Really cool! The idea of having the maze building and enemy killing linked together is super clever. I tried just going for kills, but found I would quickly get my self pinned into a self made corner this way. It really forces you to think ahead and plan, assessing the potential consequences of placing walls! (despite this, i only managed 10 points)The control scheme did feel a little awkward, I think mouse controls for the walls might have been more intuitive. Aside from that though very nice job! 

Very cute! I really enjoyed the art, music, and setting. Those were very well done! I did have some issues with the gameplay however. Shooting at enemies wasn't very fun, as getting the bullet back in order to shoot them a second time almost always resulting in me getting hit, which didn't seem worth the trouble, and I just ended up running past them when I could. Also could have done with a tutorial, as it took me a while to figure out I could restart a level after I got stuck. The crashes sucked, but I get it, its a jam game. Aside from that, nice job!

It's very tough. Part of it has to do with the controls I feel. You want to keep it far away so you can move and aim, but you also need to keep it close so you can pick up items, and having to switch between those is a little awkward. Also, middle click is a very hard button to press while having two fingers on the mouse. There were also a couple times where the bullet would just go through the enemy (or at least look like it did). Other then those gripes, it was quite smooth, and I liked all the little touches like the slow down effects which really helped create the sense that you were a badass action hero! Nice job!

Man, hearing the bullets monologue for the first time put a huge grin on my face. Seriously, well done on the voice acting! It was super funny, which really isn't easy to do! The game play was also very well done, and I liked how you balanced a need for speed with a need for precision so you couldn't just take the game super slow and make it trivial. Really nice job!

So sick! In addition to nice graphics and one jam of a song, you also made a super fun game! There's really not much for me to criticize here, it was that good. That being said, having to repeatedly type in those super long patterns over and over did start to get a little slow, maybe throw in some more of the smaller enemies with new patterns later on to change things up? Aside from that though, very nicely done. Bravo! 

It was quite hard, but I'm glad you put in the invincibility option. Exploring felt super organic and gratifying, and the very first thing I did was go everywhere except where the arrow was pointing! I also really liked how you teased other secrets by placing grey squares that were just out of reach. Aside from the difficulty (which i felt took away some from the exploration until I used the invincibility option) very nice job!

Not much of a game, but that's alright! Reminded me of r/place, so im excited to see what gets made after the week!

Such a simple concept, and yet so much fun! You really do a lot with the mechanics, and I really enjoy how you need to figure out how to maneuver your platform and how to jump around to make it to the end! It was at times a little hard to tell when I needed to move the platform or just try to platform, which I definitely felt more towards the later levels. Other then that though, very nice job! It plays really well and it's overall super polished for a jam game!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it! The idea is that you try your best to remember which items and names go together so a legend would have defeated the purpose, but larger text is a no-brainer. Thanks for the feedback!

It took me a little bit to figure out how to get started (i didn't realize you had to click on your one land to start building), and the diagram wasn't super clear, but once it clicked it was super cool! It was fun trying to plan ahead with the turns i had left to make sure i had enough food and stone, and got my army up in time for the enemies arrival. I think my main complaints would just be that it isn't clear what you're supposed to do or how to do it, like I couldn't figure out how to get 40 soldiers, and the diagram didn't help with that. Other then that though, really solid, with nice looking graphics and music and some charming sound effects!

I really liked the chill atmosphere and the silliness of cutting all these animals cleanly in half, but I just wish that you didn't have to restart each time you failed. It made it a lot more frustrating then it should have been, which was compounded by some input lag that I experienced occasionally.

It's an interesting take on RPS, and all the visuals looked great! I thought the "on __ mode" effects were interesting, but in my experience they took away from the mind games and decision making aspect because it was strictly better to put the card into that mode. But overall,  nice job! The flavor text was a nice touch as too.

I really loved the designs and sprites for everything, it looked cool and kinda cute at the same time which I really enjoyed! One thing I didn't like too much was the fact that if one of your characters died, you could just keep playing with one, which kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe a shared health bar to force you to keep both alive? Anyway, nice job on a really good looking game!

Mechanically,  not really, but I get a kick out of wanting only one sun, so hopefully that comes across in the descriptions!

Nice job! Sadly, the puzzles were pretty broken because of that bug you described, but even still, they took some thinking through as well as good 'ol platforming. Nicely done!

I liked the theme of only one limb at a time, and the art and sounds were super nice! Unfortunately, I didn't understand how to maneuver the robot at all, and I was unable to get out of the starting are because I couldn't figure out how to finagle my robot over the first block. But nice job on making this entirely from scratch, engine included!

so simple, and yet....

im not super good (only managed 17), but i really enjoyed the main loop of clicking in a certain way to move left and right, and clicking another way to move up without going to high, and trying to do it all with out messing up and clicking into some spikes and the music and sound effects were super enjoyable, even if the visuals weren't the sharpest

Oh man, what a cool game! I've never seen that overwhelming social anxiety represented so well in game mechanics before! That, combined with the slick characters and jazzy tunes and ambiance makes for a super cool twist on the dating sim!

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//////////////////////New Employee Training Manual////////////////////////////////////

Hello, and welcome to the Intergalactic Travel Security Administration!

Use your space bar to switch screens, and use the mouse to interact with objects, as well as to press the approve and deny buttons located next to the luggage check. Press R to restart.

As a member of our team, you will be making sure that all of our passenger carry only what they have declared on their papers, and NOTHING ELSE. Failure to spot undeclared items will result in your termination.

Also, as you've no doubt heard, a dastardly villain is attempting to smuggle in parts for a sun creation machine! Make sure you keep an eye out for those parts especially and report them using the red button, because WE ONLY WANT ONE SUN.

Thanks for playing! The dash can definitely be a little buggy, especially cause it's an instant jump and it's not always clear what happened. As for the bullet enemies, I liked the moments of really fast typing were you need to type shield, shoot, and some times even jump all in succession, it feels cool to think ahead and pull off that maneuver, but a lives system might have been a little less punishing. Thanks for playing though, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! (Also, the C code is actually the net code for the original Doom)

That was fun! Having to balance energy and motivation was quite interesting, and I enjoyed the challenge. However, I felt that the errors that opened up a window were a little to hard to hit because they're so narrow, which made it harder to shoot them 3 times as you had to line up your shots very carefully, which takes time. Other then that though, I enjoyed your game quite a bit. Nice job!

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It's a cool concept, and you did a great job with the visuals, but there are a couple things that kept me from really enjoying your game. The block placing was a cool idea, but it was a little finicky, especially since you could only move it once. Several times this led to me placing down a block too low or too high and having to start over, as well as accidently releasing the mouse and having the block be stuck there. Also, it was unclear where to use the blocks, and i died more then once because i fell down a pit that you need to place a block in, which wasn't immediately clear. Also, the enemies  often came out of nowhere at high speeds and cost me a life, and I gave up on the last part where you need to switch your gun to kill the corresponding enemies, because you can't see the enemies until it's too late and there's no time to switch. I did like the ideas you had, and I feel that with a little more refinement, you'd have a pretty solid game.


If you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it if you tried out my game and gave me some feedback

Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!


Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed playing. I thought about adding the auto complete, but decided not to because I felt that some of the funnest/most exhilarating moments happened when you made it through a gauntlet by typing the correct commands barely in time. Also, from what I remember of Hacknet, a lot of the commands are obnoxiously long IP addresses and such, so I don't feel its as necessary, but that's just me.  As for the case sensitive commands, that was totally my bad, all commands need to be lowercase in order to work.

Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking about adding a way to execute multiple commands simultaneously (by adding a space or something) but I never got around to it. As for the technical issues, I'll try and find out what's causing them, and fix them once the jam's over, so thanks for pointing those out. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for playing!

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Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Visuals are definitely not my strong suit, so hopefully i can find a style that looks nice and also isn't too demanding. As for the jumping, it definitely is a little wonky at first, but once you get used to it, you can make most of the jumps no problem. Thanks for playing!

Its a super neat idea, and quite creepy! It looks super good, you've done a good job with the aesthetics and such. As others have said, I think some ambient noise would have helped, especially to give feedback on where you are. Other then that, it was very well done. Nice job!

I really liked the idea of a platformer where everything jumps when you do. You had some cool challenges where you needed to stop yourself jumping to get under spike blocks, which i thought were super neat. It was quite buggy however, and that did end up costing me a couple of attempts unfortunately. Other then that though, I quite enjoyed it! Very nice job on the execution, as well as all the graphics and music.

Its a cool idea, but I had a couple gripes about the execution. I felt that it was quite hard to accurately control your character, especially in regards to mid-air controls and changing directions. Also, I felt that the levels were a little cramped, and I would often hit my head on something mid jump and fall all the way back down. Other then that though, I had a lot of fun! Your game looks and sounds fantastic. Very nice job!

It's a really cool idea! I enjoyed having to be careful with my shots and setting up kills because of the bullet ricochet. However, the bullets despawning when they hit a box or an enemy kind took away meant that I never had to deal with the ricochet as a hazard, and I mostly used it to kill enemies on treadmills. Also, the limited ammo felt pointless, because each enemy or box dropped some more ammo, so I never really had to think about that.

Overall, its cool idea, but I feel that the main mechanic wasn't really emphasized too much. Nice job on the aesthetic though! I enjoyed all the candy themed items! 

That was a super cool concept! It took me a second to understand what was going on, but once it clicked, oh man...

You had a lot of interesting challenges, and I found the fact that you could move diagonally, super cool. Sometimes it was kind of hard to imagine what keys I needed to press to go anywhere, and I died a bunch because I couldn't link it to where my character "was" on the number pad.

It's a super cool and well executed concept, nice job!


I would have liked to have had a way to close out, cause having to hunt it in task manager wasn't too fun.

SO SICK! The game felt really good to play. I had a blast slinging asteroids around, blasting back huge masses of bullets, and blowing up ships with missiles. The core game play was super solid, and I loved all the extra bits like screen shake and particles that made it feel even better. I think it's a little to easy, as your gravity well is quite large, and there's no reason not to have it on constantly. Other then that though, I really enjoyed it! Very nice job!

It's an interesting concept, but I think it needs just a little more work. I found getting Emily to do what I wanted was a little finicky, and I couldn't tell how close I needed to be to get her moving. Because of that, I found that precise platforming wasn't really the best fit, as I would often get a little to close to her and she'd just walk off the edge.

Its a really concept, and I dug the aesthetic, especially all the little icon! I did have some problems with mouse control, however. I found it a little frustrating, especially when you needed to perform precise jumps, like in level five. Also, the screen wrap doesn't work when there's an enemy on the opposite side, as your character ends up running into the enemy because your cursor is still on the other side.

Other than that though, it was pretty fun. Nice job!

It seems that you weren't able to face off against the CHAMPION, in the fabled ARENA...

On a more serious note, thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate it!