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5H00T R4C3R (ShootRacer)View game page

Drive without steering. The racing game of THE FUTURE!
Submitted by ArcanePanda — 45 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline
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Really cool idea, but a bit hard to control! Specially the curves. Good job!


Wow! It was such as challenge to steer mainly because it works differently from what I expected. I thought that by hitting the top corner the car would rotate downwards by in reality it simply rotates in the same direction I hit it. Maybe have an "inverted mode" for people like me who thought that's how physics in the game would work? :)

Still, pretty neat concept and quick to pickup. Steering gets harder the further a way you move the starting point but perhaps that's part of the game ;) Good job


Really neat idea, but it's a bit too difficult to control, the shooter doesn't move fast enough to get into position for shooting the car in the right direction, but I love the aesthetics of it all!  Some balancing and this would be wonderful!  Fantastic job and can't wait to see what else you will make!


I think the idea of the game is quite nice, but overall it could definitely use some more polish. As others have said the hit boxes are brutal when steering and while I really wanted to finish the game it was too difficult for me and I had to gave up after many attempts on one of the levels.

With some more polish and balancing I think this game could really go somewhere though!


really interesting concept.  Bullets could go a bit faster, and space bar for menu made me loose some progress , but overall enjoyable experience :) 


So it's a racing game without steering, and without actually racing? Since there is absolutely no pressure to actually get through it fast (aside from the constant speed of the car). It also doesn't really feel like the car is going fast. Additionally, although said in other comments:
Hitboxes are brutal when steering, since you can hit your back against a wall when you turn, and then crash. Also, that the camera auto-scrolls with the car, but the gun doesn't, makes it hard to line up shots. So I'd either make the camera scroll with the gun, or make the gun also move when the camera moves (so it'll stay at the same position on the screen if you don't press anything).


It seems that you weren't able to face off against the CHAMPION, in the fabled ARENA...

On a more serious note, thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate it!


The gameplay and idea is reall great, and the sfx are on point. The gameplay is challenging and maybe even too hard in some of the later levels. The constant white screens were kinda painfull to look at and the game likes to restart at random. And i recomend saving your game as a zip not an installer. All in all the gameplay was good, but it could have been improved.

Submitted (1 edit)

I like how your game teaches how to play the game with simple levels and works on that concept later in the game.

It was definitely engaging play, even though it lacked depth.
The idea is pretty cool and it fits the theme really well.
Even though the graphics are simple, they do convey the necessary information of the game.

However, the game does need more polishing mainly in the UI and pace of the game.

If it was a Ludum Dare game:
Innovation – 4/5
Fun – 3/5
Theme – 5/5
Graphics – 3/5
Audio – 3/5
Humor -2/5
Mood – 3/5
Overall – 3/5 (Upper 3, if there was this option)

Was definitely one of my favorite conceptually from the game jam. The only minor gripes I had: 1) you can shoot the boxes off screen so before some levels I would just spam in an area to get rid of all the boxes than go, 2) hitboxes were a little rough X_X, 3) I actually spent 5 minutes before realizing I could wasd to move. I feel that if you placed the starting disk in level 1 at an angle it would allow people to not instinctively fire and miss the wasd part. Another option would be designing the game where you don't blow up hitting a wall, which would fix gripes 2 & 3. All in all though, was definitely a great game!


This is a really cool concept! There were a few things that bothered me with the execution, such as the screen scrolling making it difficult to line up my shots with the car and the obstacles could all be cleared off screen before starting. I think it might have been nicer to have hitting the sides slow you down but not send you back to the start of the level, and then have you race against the clock or another driver instead. That way you can complete the level after making a few mistakes, but can come back to get a better time as a reward for not hitting the sides.


Solid concept and execution on the idea. I would recommended easing up on the collision detection and maybe adding in a health or damage system for the vehicle. Its pretty brutal if you screw up on the tracks.


Good stuff. Sound effects and music were good.

The idea of having control remotely with your attention divided between destroying obstacles and controlling your car is neat. I found it rather tough.

The hit boxes were a little unforgiving, especially when you are parallel to a wall and turn the vehicle away from the wall only to instantly explode.

I think that the transition between levels could have been a little less jarring than a white screen.

Misc Notes: The previous champion (yes previous I beat him XD) was a cheater, I let him go first so he would explode to the boxes, and he just pushed them away. No fair.


very clever idea to remove obstacles rather than avoiding them neat game i loved it.

you can go check out my game it will be very nice if you rated and left a feedback.


Neat idea - there were just a few polish bits that could've made this better (fixing the intermittent white screen, balancing the music volume, etc). Overall, seemed really unique! :)


Good concept. Execution was, meh...


Good concept and fun to play. Not much to say other than polish. it's a solid game.


Very good concept. I like how you have to babysit the car and remove the obstacles in order to get to the finish line. The mechanics are well designed and it can turn to a hard game if the track is complex. The graphics and sounds do the job well. Great job!


You can MOVE the gun?!?! Okay now I can get through the second level.

I like the concept. and I enjoyed it.

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I enjoyed the original idea and the tricky gameplay. As you go through the levels it becomes clear there's more to the idea (and gameplay) than just shooting at the car to make it move! I wasn't able to clear the 4th level got hard really fast!

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