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I read the articles and yes, it's probably like you said, there are a grey area in which not suing an infringer does not neccesarily lead to trademark abandonment.  However it will probably apply differently in different countries or states in the US.

Well, I hope these guys from RotT had got the appropiate permission from Disney and avoid all the trouble.

Thank you, everything you said makes sense. Even if the project isn't released commercially and no profit is made from them, probably the companies will take those actions, right?

Well, I do not think so, I never participated in the development of FreeCraft, I wish I had been involved, because I love the games (War1, War2 and Starcraft) and I want to learn how to make them. Do you have any insights from that time I will probably need?  Don't know for sure if the Stratagus engine is still in active development. When I get some more knowhow I would love to help in the development of the engine.

Yeah, I downloaded already and I'm playing it. Despite some bugs people has mentioned (I haven't got any yet), I think is very good. I'm glad they did it and revive the memories of the DOTT game into this new game. I'm excited about it, and hope they don't have any legal issues.

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I get what you said, and agreed with all. People doing fan versions of games should try not to give any chance for the original IP owner to ask for a takedown. Specially if they are doing a new version of the original IP, and they think it might affect their sales. It would be a shame to take down a project like this, because all of the hard work put in to it, and for what I seen so far it is a good fan project.

That said, what I'm doing is not a fan project per se, is more like a remake for modern computers of Warcraft 1 and 2, but seeing this opens possibilities for me to create maybe new fan campains and stories. I'm doing it because Blizzard has said publicly that they will not do a remake/remastered version of Warcraft 1 or 2, and I just want to play those games in modern computers without DosBox and with somewhat modern standars for RTSs. I know it's not very logical, specially because there are others projects (wargus project here http://wargus.github.io/) and remakes of these games on the internet, but the main reason I'm doing it is because I think I will learn a lot (also the nostalgia of doing one of my first games I played). If in the end I can't publish it (I would always publish it for free) or I receive a takedown notice, well, the project will remains with me. In that case I'll decide what to do with the graphics and logos and trademark names, and maybe create a whole new game, I don't know.

Let's see how it goes.

Hi, I just want to know if there is any legal (copyright or intellectual property) issues for you releasing this fan project. Did you have any problems using the characters? Did you use the original characters or replicate them yourself? Did you ask for permission first to use them?

I'm asking because I'm doing something similar with another old game, and I haven't done any search yet about this legal issues that may come if I publish it, even for free.

Thanks in advance.

Downloading it right now, can't wait to play it!

Earth: Year 2150. Unending wars and lack of awareness, have left the Earth in a constant desolation state. The Earth: once a wonderful blue planet, now a silent dessert. The situation is unbearable, almost no water left on the orb. Barely able to breathe and the lack of natural resources, means that millions of lives are lost every day.

In a last attempt to save our kind, more than ten thousand generals have gone in their ships looking for habitable planets.Time is running out, we must start from zero, learn from errors from the past: we need to find a new home.

You can check it out here: https://acoto87.itch.io/space-explorer

This is beautiful game, with a deep storyline.

@leafo Done, thanks!

A realtime-turn-based platformer. 

The player has a certain amount of time to advance in each turn, but when the turn is over, the enemies have their turn to move. You must watch out for this in order to advance in the game.

There is no penalty for loosing in the game, other than that the position of the player is reseted to the start of the current screen.

Can be played with keyboard (arrow keys and space) or with xbox gamepad (recomended).

You can check it out here: https://acoto87.itch.io/ld41-think-before-escape

A game made by acoto87 for LD41.


Very good game. The atmosphere is quite right and the puzzles well designed. The graphics are, as always, fantastic. Looking forward for the next one.

Yeah, I did see that as a problem.  I'll look into it.

This is an example of how to upload an HTML 5 game with Unity to Itch.io. Don't know how to compile a Game Maker game, though. Hope it helps atl least with the uploading part.