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Oh, thank you very much! I began working on this a while ago out of frustration with Blizzard declaring that they won't provide a remake of this game. And since then I've learned a lot about how to do these kind of games.

I'm actively working on it, so updates will be uploaded from time to time, when I finish a feature or fix a game-breaking bug or something. Next feature will be a minimal AI that allows me to make the complete levels of the game (I'm fixing bugs along the way too).

I'm glad you enjoy the original game, and I'm hope this will bring back memories as it does for me. Feel free to report any bugs here or create an issue in the Github repository:


Hi there,

The end goad of this project is to have a Warcraft 2-like engine, which I can use to make my own RTS IPs. As a side goal, I get to make a custom implementation of Warcraft 1, where I can play that game with "modern" RTS features.  So far this is what I've implemented and I'm working now on the AI features (which I've to study for a while first) which will allows me to move forward and implement the next levels of the game.

Best regards

Hi everyone,

I just made public my on going development of the War 1 project. It is a remake of the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans game created and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 1994. It pretends to be a complete implementation of the game using only the assets (*.WAR files) from the original game.

You can check out the game demo here:

Very good entry, the art is well done, and the story is very interesting. Good luck on the contest, will not surprise if this game ends up at the top. Well done!

yes, a demo, it's called Pickup all the power, i made it in a LD as a test to see if the idea was good enough, but couldn't advance more than that.

Good luck!

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Really good game, I've a similar idea that I was developing for sometime, it has another elements but the core mechanics is the same. I must say that you figure it out better than I, and this game have a solid core mechanic that led to interesting puzzles and consequences. Keep improving the game, and make it to Steam or something, it's worthwhile. Good job!

Awesome game! Short, but concise, with good story. The art is amazing, as usual from Octavi. Hope we all get more of this in the future.

Very good game, challenging and well implemented. Congrats!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, I updated the page to include some more information about gameplay.

Very very good, recommend it if you want to play something beautiful for 20 minutes.

Yes, maybe better balance between sounds and music could help or solve the issues completely.

Well, I must say that so far the game is fun. 

No 100% sure about the music, tho. I mean, is very funny, and fit well with the mood of the game, but it takes more prominence than it should.

Sometimes the dialogue tends to be long, and I ended up skipping most of it, not sure about how to make it shorter without affecting the explanation part of the game.

Aside from that, very good job, and good luck finishing it. I surely will play it again in a more advance state.

Nice game, it has all the elements to make it a real game. Just polish it a little more and ship it!

Nice game, very simple. It have a Lemmings vibe. Good job!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Going to fx the inverted thing on the ceiling..

Yes, the inversion of the controls is a common critique, I will fix that.

I personally think that the Kenney assets are great for prototype things and early development stages, and since this jam was 90% about game design, I didn't bother too much. Also a I've 0 skills for graphic stuff, did you saw that magnetic effect! XD

Anyway, thanks for playing, I appreciate the feedback. ;)

Very good concept. I like how you have to babysit the car and remove the obstacles in order to get to the finish line. The mechanics are well designed and it can turn to a hard game if the track is complex. The graphics and sounds do the job well. Great job!


Cool game. Maybe you can provide a desktop build, because sometimes the experience of these type of games (mouse heavy controls) on the browser can be bad. Aside from that, good job.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into it, to make more smoth the transitions on the game.

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That was probably a bug, maybe  the character miss the collider that reset the level, and got stuck floating in the emptiness and darkness of space for eternity, that sounds scary ;P.

Anyway, thanks for playing!


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Thanks for the detailed feedback. I had fun creating it, not so much because of the point 3, but well, that was came out.

1. I consider do this, but at the end I decided to left relative to the player. I guess it would better relative to the camera.

2. Yeah, the game need a lot of indicators, about the magnetics (for which I only put a flashing circle), the floating directions, and more effects.

3. This was the original idea. Sadly I couldn't implemented :(. I tried but failed to make it work, and eventually I have to decide to make something simpler, but finished, then I implemented what you played. The mechanics of walking over magnetic surfaces and shift from one to another smoothly. However, I'm gonna implement this, now with more time and maybe make another similar game with that mechanic and see what I got.

Thanks again for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it at least a bit. :)

The concept is very good, and the graphics do the job very well. The one thing I would put more efforts in, is in the design of the levels, some of them are pretty straighforward, some of then are fine. Overall, very good game!

Yes! The controls are way better, more reliable, but it felt kind of weird because of the direction, maybe you can add an option to invert the Y axis. Also, I fall right into a pit in the second screen, and the game stop responding.

Very good!

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Yeah I notice at the end of the jam that it's maybe a little slow, I'm guessing the fault in the interesting part is due the design of the levels, they could be better to keep the player interested.


Well, I must say that this game is more fun than I expected. The strategies for the game aren't very clear, but once you learn the stuff, the realtime part of the strategy can be very fun. I think with a few more ideas, this could become a full game. Good job!

Nice little game.

Very good game. The concept is not new, but there are some interesting mechanics that arose with the turn balls, and the graphics do a fine job. My entry has similar idea, but your game is better and more well designed. Good job.

Very good art and sound effects. The concept also is good. Good job.