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This is beautiful game, with a deep storyline.

@leafo Done, thanks!

A realtime-turn-based platformer. 

The player has a certain amount of time to advance in each turn, but when the turn is over, the enemies have their turn to move. You must watch out for this in order to advance in the game.

There is no penalty for loosing in the game, other than that the position of the player is reseted to the start of the current screen.

Can be played with keyboard (arrow keys and space) or with xbox gamepad (recomended).

You can check it out here: https://acoto87.itch.io/ld41-think-before-escape

A game made by acoto87 for LD41.


Very good game. The atmosphere is quite right and the puzzles well designed. The graphics are, as always, fantastic. Looking forward for the next one.

Yeah, I did see that as a problem.  I'll look into it.

This is an example of how to upload an HTML 5 game with Unity to Itch.io. Don't know how to compile a Game Maker game, though. Hope it helps atl least with the uploading part.