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The Clockwork PrinceView game page

Fight to escape your fate
Submitted by Zmakesgames (@Zmakesgames) — 4 days, 14 hours before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#204.0004.000

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RPG Maker VX Ace

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Good job, you told a complete story without anything particularly irritating. I like the tone and art style too. I was kind of hoping the other one would use the sword, but the ending is till good. That said, I do think it would make more sense in a longer version, since it would give the characters more time to shift.

On the more negative side of feedback, I can think of two things that can use improvement: 1. The humans should have more animation frames so they don't look at mechanical as the workers. 2. The player should be informed about how to run before the chase sequences so that it's clear that running is an option. Otherwise players who aren't used to rpgmaker may get stuck due to not realize they can move faster. 


I really love the art and I've been looking forward to play it since I first saw it. The art is cute and has its own charme and I'm sure with some polish it will look even better. I love that you've made all the maps yourself. It must been a lot of work XD
I'm very interested in the story and it has definitely potential to become a big one^^ The game might be short, but I think it shows just enough story to make the player interested without explaining too much.
I really love steampunk games in general and I'm looking forward to how the story will continue^^


qvq/ Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!

Very good entry, the art is well done, and the story is very interesting. Good luck on the contest, will not surprise if this game ends up at the top. Well done!


;v;/ Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it!


This would be my personal choice for best game.

Found a game-breaking glitch.  At the second guard, if you hide behind the second crate, he catches you and at the reset, you start behind that crate and can do nothing.  You have to exit the game.


;v; Thank you so much.

ÓvÒ/ And thank you for bringing this to my attention. I won't be able to patch this as we are all now in the judging period of the contest but as soon as it I am able, I will try to patch this.

Amazing story with amazing and innovative character design. The colors, the steampunk atmosphere, the  character's fate, just perfect. The kind of game I really love! ♡ Good job Z, and good luck!!!


;v;/ Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Interesting story, beatiful art and the music fits very well. Good luck


ÓvÒ/ Thank you so much, I'm glad that you enjoyed it.


The game is one of those you pick up and play in a rainy afternoon, along with some coffee or hot chocolate. The art is kinda cute, not my cup of tea, but I still can see its value.

Gameplay wise, it's really, really simple, so I guess the Story was intended to be the main focus. Speaking of, the transition from sweet to bitter happens a little bit too fast - at least for me.

More focus on the characters themselves could really help the game presentation, in other words, it's always better to see an event than hear a character talking about it. The most sad moments could be powered by quick flashbacks, maybe just some flashing images on the Screen - anything that would break the "dialogue, dialogue, dialogue" flow.


The message behind the character's fate is really strong and makes us think about it for a while, so if your main point was to deliver it: mission acomplished.


ÓvÒ Thank you so much for playing The Clockwork Prince.

You made a lot of good points in this review and brought a lot of things to my attention.

The main focus was the game was the story, yes, and I admit that the gameplay is rather and the transitions did go rather quickly. It was because I wanted to make sure that I had the full story completed and to make the world in which the game takes place feel alive before the deadline and thus I did have to rush a bit of the scenes that I would have preferred to have more build up.

I will try to get better at these aspects that you have brought up and I really do appreciate you being honest in your review.

I do hope that you have a nice day and wish you luck in the competition.  Thank you again.