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Very nice. The concept is pretty fun and I liked the music

Thank you so much for playing :D yep, this was done in 3 days. The themes I used were radioactivity (the constant poison in the character) and Dragons (final boss of the game). Glad you liked it

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play and the feedback! I´ll definetily look on the transparency later on since I couldn´t change it during the jam. I´m glad you wanted to see more. I´ll consider extending the game later

Thank you so much for playing and the feedback! I tried to fix those things but time ran out pretty fast. I´m happy you would like to see an extended version :D

Got it. Thank you so much!

1-Bit Weekend community · Created a new topic Assets to use

I understood the idea that we can use assets created before the jam. But I´m curious about assets from the unity asset store or royalty free music. Do we have to create those from scratch too or are we allowed to use them?


Hello. Thank you so much for playing my game and for your feedback. The bug that didn´t let you continue was fixed, the grammatical errors are in the works

I understand. I also tend to do so in the beggining but then I scale down things once it´s matematically impossible to add everything I originally planned

Thank you so much :D I´m very tired right now x-x but it feels good that I could finish

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Hello. I thought I was not gonna make it but in the end I was able to fix and upload a version of the game with some bugs fixed. I uploaded 30 minutes right before the jam ends. Just in case someone played the original version and was unable to progress the story. Sorry if I didn´t write this correctly, I slept at 3 am and woke up at 5 am to upload this new version.

Thank you

The rules say that none of the NPC and combatants can be killed. I would like to know more about this. I understand that in the process of the game nobody can be killed. But can someone get killed before the game starts and that be the start of the conflict (the character is not an NPC nor combatant, it´s just mentioned as part of the story of why the conflict started)? Or there is no place for someone getting killed?

Great! Thanks for the extention :D I also wasn´t really sure if I could make it on time

Thank you for playing :D I took as reference some adventures games where in-game choices like the order of the items you take affects the gameplay and how to play becomes a non-traditional puzzle. Hopefully, this one is like those games. 

The key is hidden in this barrel. Think about how much to take so you can avoid being eaten hehe

Nice work. Good luck :)

I will look into that. I didn´t have enough time to check that out. Thanks for letting me know and for playing, Kay :)

Congrats to the winner

Hello, I tried to change some stuff and apparently it was the "Resume" passage. As for this new version, everything has worked correctly so far :)

Got it. Thanks for the reply :)

New question. I get this error when using the Blank template. Is there a way to fix it?

Hello, I read the rules and I got some questions about the template:

-Can we change the background and text color to fit more the story? Or it must be with the settings the template comes with?

-Is there any limit to the number of images and sounds?

-Besides the code fragments like autosave, is there anything we must NOT touch?

-Is it enough posting our entry here or we also need to upload it to your site?


Thank you for playing! Sorry it is very short, it was originally for a class in college and that´s the most I worked on it.

Glad you like it :D thank you for playing!

Thank you :D

I´m considering to join. But I´m sort of busy right now

Yo soy mexicano. Aunque no sé si pueda participar.

Alright. I sent you an e-mail

Great! Thank you so much! Here is what you need and some questions:

-Shirt size: small

-Address: here two things. Is there a way I can contact you in private? And I live in Mexico, is it alright?

-Payment method: Paypal. My paypal e-mail is


Muchas gracias por jugar y por las observaciones :D

Sí, no está terminado. Debido al tiempo del jam (y el que tuve para desarrollar) me enfoqué en tener un día completo en lugar de varios incompletos. De realismo mágico, me faltó investigar más,  por lo que sólo puse pequeños detalles como el tipo con cabeza de arbusto, los libros volando y el cerdo del final

Muchas gracias por comentar :)

Por el tiempo del Jam, no pude impletar mucho. Originalmente pensaba agregar más cosas para interactuar

Muchas gracias por jugar :D Me alegra que el final haya tenido cierto impacto.

Thank you :D I forgot to add that. Thanks for letting me know! The readme has been added

You added nice details like the fruits rotting if not delievered quickly. It was fun and the instructions in the menu really help.

The physics give a real challenge, inverting the controls not so much. Still pretty good

The story is what kept me playing.

Saving a dog in space while moving planets it´s the least I would expect from the given theme... it was highly entertaining and unique. Excellent work!

Simple but entertaining. I got some Flappy bird flashbacks while playing