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Yo soy mexicano. Aunque no sé si pueda participar.

Alright. I sent you an e-mail

Great! Thank you so much! Here is what you need and some questions:

-Shirt size: small

-Address: here two things. Is there a way I can contact you in private? And I live in Mexico, is it alright?

-Payment method: Paypal. My paypal e-mail is


Muchas gracias por jugar y por las observaciones :D

Sí, no está terminado. Debido al tiempo del jam (y el que tuve para desarrollar) me enfoqué en tener un día completo en lugar de varios incompletos. De realismo mágico, me faltó investigar más,  por lo que sólo puse pequeños detalles como el tipo con cabeza de arbusto, los libros volando y el cerdo del final

Muchas gracias por comentar :)

Por el tiempo del Jam, no pude impletar mucho. Originalmente pensaba agregar más cosas para interactuar

Muchas gracias por jugar :D Me alegra que el final haya tenido cierto impacto.

Thank you :D I forgot to add that. Thanks for letting me know! The readme has been added

You added nice details like the fruits rotting if not delievered quickly. It was fun and the instructions in the menu really help.

The physics give a real challenge, inverting the controls not so much. Still pretty good

The story is what kept me playing.

Saving a dog in space while moving planets it´s the least I would expect from the given theme... it was highly entertaining and unique. Excellent work!

Simple but entertaining. I got some Flappy bird flashbacks while playing

Based on the rules, this are the requirements the game must have:

-Done with Javascript

-Run in browser

-Code easy to understand

But I have questions about the software and the terms of use:

-Can it be done in ANY software that supports javascript and that include the code? 

I´m considering using RPG maker since it uses javascript but doesn´t have traditional scripts. 

As for the open source part, RPG maker may cost money but anyone can make plugins and customize it in any way. Does that count as "Open source" or should I use something like Unity instead?


The rules say we have to make all assets from scratch. But I´m still curious if this is allowed or if it is part of the challenge.

So we make a game and post all the assets and editable files to github?

Ya me uní a la comunidad y le mandé mensaje a Natalie :)

¡Muchas gracias! :D

Gracias por comentar :D no había pensado lo de los power-ups. Muy buena sugerencia

Muchas gracias por jugar :) tomaré nota con respecto a lo de la dificultad, no lo había notado.

Ese es el espíritu. Por cierto, ¿podrías checar el mío? Es "Rana de Río". 

Tu estilo de dibujo es reconocible y la calidad de los fondos es muy buena. 

En cuanto a mecánicas... me gustó que fuera clicker aunque el sistema es muy fácil de abusar. Un poco de "historia genérica" igual le puedo haber ido bien.

Estuve cerca de no acabar ._.  pero lo logré :)

Mi juego se llama "Rana de Río" y controlas a una rana. Debido a que el tema era "medieval", quise darle la vuelta y en lugar de controlar al héroe, controlas a un monstruo.

El objetivo es envenenar a los caballeros que traten de cruzar el río.

Los caballeros tienen historia, la cuál avanza conforma se acaben niveles:

Y pues fue divertido probar algo diferente. No pensé que haría un juego sobre una rana.

Did you get my e-mail? I can send it again in case you didn´t.

E-mail sent

Thanks for the feedback! I applied the lyrics to a dungeon concept and also added some references to the lyrics in the intro. Guess I should have worked more on that.

I just read this, sorry. I was travelling that Saturday. Would that interview be on Skype?

Sounds good. I´m interested

Congratulations to the Top 10. Good luck 

Thank you for playing the game! I´m glad you enjoyed it :) That girl was meant to be playable but I didn´t have time implement her. She will be when I expand the game

Thanks for the feedback and for recording your playthrough! That will help me improve the game. I´ll consider the 45 degree shooting.

One of the aspects that are looked in people for in the game industry, is for them to have a public game. It doesn´t matter if it´s good or bad. Just look at how many people said they would join and only about 21% made it.  When it comes to engament, it´s better to have negative than nothing. Because now you know someone actually got interested in what you did and you can learn from it. 

Thank you for the mention! Although it seems the last letter of my link is missing. This would be the complete link has an "8" in the end:

Very nice style and design. It felt like a real retro game in every aspect (and in the good and bad way). Good work

The art style is very cute and it can be recognized from other games. The switching powers mechanic works very well since in other games you need a power up in order to do so. The "suicide" button (sorry for the name) is a good idea for testing purpuses. Some parts may need some level desing work but others are okay since they felt more like a hard challenge. The music and voices also fit very well.

Thank you for playing the game and the feedback! I´ll take note in the artstyle and storytelling. 

The digging arrows is actually pointed out in one of cutscenes hehe some of the features I was unable to add were another character that uses guns and a world fully done in 3D.

This one seems to have a bigger chance of winning than several other entries. Every aspect works perfectly. Excellent work and good luck.

It was short and simple but very interesting

Very charming and lovable characters. Very short but solid. It would have been nice to learn more about the story.

Thanks a lot for playing the game and the feedback! I noticed the contest 10 days after it started so I couldn´t give it a lot of polish and of course I had cut some features. I´ll take note on what you pointed out. Thank you :)