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Nice idea, but I think the presentation is too slow for a game based on quick-thinking and reflexes.

I did. I'm not sure how I would've run it otherwise. Out of curiosity I tried it again. This time it got through the unity logo and then showed a block of text, an x in the top left corner and a "play game" button, but then locked up and became unresponsive when I tried to click the button. I tried yet again, and the same thing happened.

It didn't appear to work. There was just a black screen.

Given the genre, getting obviously impossible combinations kills my interest immediately.

I managed to win, but I don't understand the concept. You've got the movement controls on screen, but what was the actual effect of getting a number?

I like the idea, but I couldn't tell if the guns were running out of ammo or taking time to reload. Regardless, they didn't seem to be shooting very consistently.

I don't understand what the player's supposed to do. Even the first room always seems to have too many enemies in it to circle strafe, and none of the spells seem to do anything but shoot. It's also really weird to be able to just walk through obstacles.

Having a sniper without any indication of such feels unfair, as does the enemies not taking damage when getting hit by a spike box. It would also be better if the die hitting the green box had an indication that it worked.

Other than that, the die being a die seems unimportant. The player can just push it instead.

Only got 60 points, because I didn't realize at first that it wasn't a 2-player race.

Everything seemed to work and look good, except that at one point the blue die got stuck on a tree and ended up behind the screen.

The tasks were hard to read both because the text is small and because they ended up formatted wrong. In case it matters, my screen resolution is 1920x1080.

It's generally a good idea to put in an in-game way to quit at all times, since not all players know about alt-f4 and it doesn't always work anyway.

This could use an in-game or on the gamepage mention of which side to match. My first guess was that the pips should touch. Also having an in-game quit button for use at any time is always a good idea, as alt-f4 is not always known by players and sometimes doesn't work anyway.

I think you need to plan out your visuals better. I couldn't tell at all what was going on, mostly because I couldn't tell when enemies were dead, KO'd or whatever. The results of each die roll was a total mystery to me as well.

The menu looked like it had automatically contracted to fit my screen, but in a way that made everything unreadable. My screen is 1920x1080. I think it'd be a good idea to test your game at different window sizes, if Godot makes that easy enough (I haven't used it myself).

Oh, and I've never seen d4's that actually match the values with the faces, since that makes the value that was actually rolled unreadable. As such, I wouldn't recommend d4's for this concept.

I can't tell what most of the icons are. In addition, after experimenting a bit, the ui just starts screwing up so that the slots to place stuff just show white.

I think the 3d die roll is really jarring next to the 2d pixelated graphics for the rest of the game.

It seems to run really slowly in a browser, especially given how simple the graphics are.

I feel like the only strategy is realizing that 2 of the options are pointless. I guess it is at least a functional game with decent presentation though. My main complaint would be how long it takes to finish given how little the player actually has to do.

The auto-turns item doesn't seem worth it, given that it doesn't buy more in preparation for running out. Other than that, the only things that stand out to me are minor visual things. The button text for "buyTurns" isn't formatted the same way as everything else, which looks like a mistake. A lot of the text on buttons goes right up to the borders of the text, which makes them look cramped. Most pressingly, the timer not formatting the time correctly is a very common issue I see in a lot of small games that makes it harder to read.

In case it comes up again, I just did a quick check of the String class for Godot, and the pad_zeros() function seems like your best option for timer formatting.

I'm not fond of clickers myself, but overall this does at least seem like it's one of the more finished entries. I also like that it has and ending.

It's a nice idea, but I'm not sure how to prevent the combos or blasts from being interrupted by enemies that are further back. Also, it looked like a couple times the enemies interrupted attacks just from touch rather than attacking.

The game seems to run very slowly for me, even offline. I'm using a windows 10 laptop with "AMD Ryzen 3 3250U with Radeon Graphics 2.60 GHz" according to the settings and 5.95 "usable" RAM, in case that's helpful at all.

The music sounds like a much more chill version of "Fortunate Son", which I'm guessing is on purpose, so good job making it recognizable. The visuals also do a great job at being exactly what would make sense. I couldn't tell what type of monster figures were attacking though.  Still, this is probably the most visually clear game I've played so far in this jam.

For gameplay, it is a functional top-down shooter, and I was able to guess correctly what I could shoot over. I was a bit surprised that I could move off the gridded area though. Mainly, I don't get when the enemies are actually attacking. I had to sit still for quite a while to even find out that the game has damage implemented. At the same time, I doubt this game would be any fun even if the enemy attacks were more threatening, due to how they spawn in. Having them spawn right next to the player while the camera isn't centered on the player just makes everything feel awkward. Overall, the enemy behaviors and spawn mechanics feel both unjustified in context and kinda pointless. It really needs some hint as to why Army Man is being attacked by monsters and why the monsters spawn in any particular spot.

You've got a good base, but it seems like it would've needed either a lot more time or a lot more focus to actually make this work.

Gaining gold feels a bit empty without something to spend it on. Other than that, it'd be nice to have a guide as to how the colors of enemies matter. Other than that, the actual gameplay is nice.

The collision box for the spikes is too big. As a result the cats get hit long before it looks like they should. Having the bottom cat be able to move while the die is rolling makes it feel like guesswork where the bottom cat should start. Also, having one of the cats barely be able to make even a small jump is just annoying to deal with.

I got through a handful of the sections, then stopped because it felt like they were just repeating with no difficulty curve at all.

There's several places where I couldn't tell if there was ground or a gap due to the colors. Also, I couldn't tell well the die is on the ground during normal movement, which made jumping really awkward. I'm not sure how the player is supposed handle the case where the die is stuck on the even side given the lack of control over how the die rolls.

I got runner. The attack only worked half the time. Otherwise it should the visual and did nothing.

It doesn't check if the number is actually between 1 and 100, nor if it's even a number. Also the die's roll takes too long for just a spin animation.

I've got a score of 2545 and I've gotten bored. It feels like at some point the level of enemies plateau'd, and it stopped being a challenge. The game is great otherwise, though.

This feels existential, like it could somehow be saying something about all tasks in life ultimately coming down to patience, if only there was something to tie it to such a theme.

The physics seem to work differently in different directions. Also, Having to press R to rotate the camera in a game with WASD controls seems unnecessary. Why not just have the mouse control the camera?

I feel like most of the mechanics are wasted, since it's too risky to run from the enemies. Also, the third level I got started with an enemy already on top of my character.

Didn't get the references. Humor was lost on me.

I don't find the animation particularly satisfying. It's too disconnected from the feeling of rolling dice. That becomes especially apparently on leveling up, as the numbers are coming from corners on dice that would have the numbers on the sides.

I can't seem to get the die to go anywhere. As soon as I let go of the mouse button, it just stops and falls.

The dialogue getting in the way of the game at the beginning is bad, but not in a way that feels fitting. Also, I couldn't tell if I was supposed to keep pressing anything while the dice was rolling. It took an oddly long time for it to finish though. The level I got had a bunch of cars floating, and I don't get why they kill the player character when moving sideways. I didn't get past that level cause I had backwards controls which made the wall jumping feel worse (I didn't even like it to begin with).

High score: 165.

The instructions aren't clear. "Click" usually doesn't mean hold down. Also, it's hard to tell just by the visuals that the throw needs follow-through.

A lot of these questions are 50/50. That really kills my interest, as it cuts down on the amount of strategy.

I like the puzzles and overall look and feel, but waiting for the die to roll feels like needless padding.

I played in a browser on a laptop with 1920x1080 resolution. The game window ended up too small, so the title overlapped the menu buttons and the text went off the screen nearly every line. It's fixed by going into fullscreen though.

Every line seems to have a flash of text before the line begins. I can't tell if that's residual text from the previous line or if I'm missing text because of the click lasting too long.

I've got a score of 336, an empty board, and no interest in continuing. It's nice that it's calm and chill, but I'm not sure how to lose.

So I understood well enough to beat the game on the last day. The way the probability is presented feels like it's backwards though. Like, both in-game and under the hood, it feels highly likely that there's a specific time when the attack will happen, determined at the start of the day, and the "chance" is just a timer rather than any calculation of probability.

Other than that, the movement feels clunky, and it was hard to tell how to get back in the ship at first.

Just got to the scenes of Nirima failing at chess. Two things stand out here: 1. the chess position against Anii is a generic opening with neither side at an advantage, and 2. they say "blackjack" in the dialogue, but the rules described are for "crazy eights" (what "uno" is based on).

If you have the ability to place any of the individual pieces on the chessboard asset, I'd recommend searching chess videos on youtube to find a position where the person in the video says that one side is about to lose. 

I'd like to add an easier mode, but there's not enough room in the cartridge. Pico-8's limits are kinda harsh. Both the token limit and the compressed size limit make it hard to add or fix anything further.

I'm also not sure what the best way to make it easier would be. I really don't like just making the enemy hp lower or the damage lower, but everything else is as in favor of the player as I can make it without making the game's pace different. (ie. the dodge roll gives invincibility all the way through rather than just in the middle like most games of this sort do)

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you liked it.

I wouldn't be opposed to upgrades, but unfortunately the combination of precise mechanics and varieties in the enemies too up too many tokens. I also had a lot of trouble fitting the map in without going over the compression limit. That said, I did think about the possible reasons to fight or not fight when doing the map design. There's spots where I was tried to make it unreasonable to do the platforming challenges without clearing out the enemies first, but also spots where I tried to make it unreasonable to fight every enemy specifically because I wanted the player to be thinking of running past enemies as a legitimate strategy. I think I just wasn't very successful at encouraging fighting in the first section (out of four). Part of that is because it's easier to force a fight when the player is going up rather than down.

If you play again at all, here's a tip that might help: the bats and other melee enemies still have cooldowns on their attacks, so if you dodge through them first then attack you'll be less likely to get hit.