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The puzzles were interesting, and the overall game relaxing. However, I think the flipping mechanic would've been better if the color change was less drastic. It doesn't cover that the field is flipping any better by inverting the colors, and it makes the use of that mechanic in solving unpleasant. Also, the pushing of objects and their sizes was awkward in some levels. I think if the rotations had snapping movement like the vertical movement did, it would've helped both with pushing items and with not taking so long to make a full revolution.

Is this game possible to win? It doesn't seem like any combination of options can help once the happiness starts going down.

Also, the game puts a lot of text on the screen a lot, with most of it looking very similar, so it's hard to tell when the text has changed.

My best was 240 sec, 19700 gold. The game is fun and seems to be free of bugs, but the instructions are lacking. It took several tries to figure out how the game works.

The best strategy appear to be to keep the wheel directly in front and use it as a lance. Even so, the rocks seem to break the physics of the rest of the game. I'm not sure how to jump high enough to reach the high ledge.

I don't know what kind of string manipulation options unity gives, but the numbers could use commas. By the time the nuclear war option is unlocked, the difference between before clicking it and after clicking it becomes invisible.

I tried once, lasted a while, then tried pressing escape to see if I could skip the narration. Seeing the menu itself slowly narrate gave me no motivation to try again.

The enemy shots are too fast. It's too hard to see the path they take or when they're actually being shot. The large amount of shaking on hitting an enemy only makes the issue worse.

I tried if for only a couple moments. It ran really slowly, but that seems to be the case with all UE4 games, so I can't tell if it's the game or the engine itself that causes it.

Graphically, it's an impressive feat. I didn't feel very engaged though. I think it would've been better with a flat colored floor. The grid is hard on the eyes. Subtle changes in the coloring would have worked too to make it more interesting, or having the signs not be the same so much.

It seemed fun at first, but not for long enough to get through it. The cars spawn at a good rate, but the patterns they can spawn in often result in the player having to make a choice between two direction before they find out whether either of the directions will turn out to have more cars forming a dead end. Also, after a few tries, the movement of the lane indicators starts to feel like flashing lights, which makes the cars harder to pay attention to.

This is minor, but when designing a game, I recommend choosing what types of controls you're going to have available early and then trying to be consistent about supporting them, that way your player never has to figure out more controls. In this case, your actual game uses keyboard controls, so the dialogue and menus should also be allowed to use keyboard controls. The mouse control is still good, since the player can use WASD thus making it intuitive for FPS players, but if the player finds the arrow keys first, then switching between them and the mouse will feel weird and they won't necessarily realize that WASD is also an option.

I got to 31. It seems like the game would eventually become unfair due to not have enough time to turn, but I'm not sure when that would be. As a quick arcade game, it definitely works.

It was fun to play through and see the possible outcomes. I'm not sure how the theme fits in though, as I didn't see any points being tallied, nor were there different parts of the story. I also agree with the other commenter that the text could have been bigger.

This game is intriguing. If I had someone convenient to play with, I think it could be fun. The screen shake would get irritating after a while though. It'd also be annoying to play multiple rounds if having to quit out between each one, especially with how blurry the title screen is. I don't know how worth it it'd be to fix those in blender though. Good job getting the tanks to not get stuck on geometry.

It didn't come off as a disappointment. It's just harder to comment on something that's so clearly incomplete, since there's less indication of what was intended. I stuck to mentioning what's wrong because there's always that chance that the creator didn't already know about all the bugs yet.

I got 11 flower petals, but there doesn't seem to be anything to do with the flower. If that's the end, it feels a bit unfitting, like it's implying they're stuck in time rather than moving forward.

The second instruction I got had a vertical coordinate and lateral coordinate, both of which were negative. Has that not been implemented yet? I only saw one coordinate, and all the locations in the field were positive.

Oh, it might have. I wouldn't have noticed. I had the feeling that was the end though, so I wouldn't consider it a problem.

The combat interface disappeared after the first attack. In case it matters, my first choice of attacks were to have Drew use the tech that hits 12 times and Tabitha use the big laser that hits 9 times. I still managed to win the battle by remembering the order of menu options, but then the game stopped doing anything after Tabitha declared "Land, ho!".

The game page's description doesn't say how anything works. The description on each tile only uses relative terms without anything discrete. The description on the right side of the screen only indicates how one trait is derived. The other traits just have raw numbers and weird percentages that shoot up and down. There's no indication on how much the position matters, nor how the military bases need to be placed to affect the "eaters". Further, the "eaters" show up early enough that there's not much time to test anything to get a better feel for what the results will be.

I don't doubt that the happiness can't be positive when a revolt happens, but asking fora  screenshot is pointless. The game goes haywire on game loss. That's part of the problem. I can't tell what went wrong, since the happiness suddenly is negative and game loss happens.

That is what I did. I don't think the cut scene triggered.

They all appear to be looking up at the sky. 

I'm going to have to agree with the previous comment. This would be better if there were some amount of strategy to it that allows at least a feeling of getting to the end faster.

That said, I like the dithering effects. Also the question "Why do we fall, humanity?" came to mind while watching the cutscenes.

You came up with a lot of good minigames and managed to balanced them pretty well. I didn't like the lack of instructions though.

The bike has an annoying tendency to do a 180 on hitting a wall. Also, the checkpoints don't work on retry.

This game is rather opaque. I'm not sure what the actual effect of anything is, and it keeps complaining about revolts due to unhappiness while the happiness rating is positive. It also seems to lack any way to quit.

I didn't find the gameplay interesting at all, but it does look nice.

That was the most complete experience among the jam games I've played so far in this jam. I'm gonna refrain from participating in the hunt though. Not really my thing.

The "jumpscare" made me laugh.

2010 points, max combo 5.  It's fun, though I don't think the elements really work well together. The third skill seemed unnecessary, and the points seem like they'd be reliant on luck more than strategy. The visuals are nice.

This looks like a good start for a bigger game if you feel like making it. It would need something more game-like though, such as a way to fail at the match-3 game or something unlocked by doing it enough. I'm not sure if there's an ending, since after a while of going through rooms and doing rounds the game crashed.

There's a couple things wrong that could use fixing if you have the time: 1. the instructions at the menu are fed to the player way too slowly. I can see that presentation potentially helping players who are younger or just generally not good with consuming information quickly, but for someone used to reading a lot, it just gets annoying. 2. the rotation and movement during the 3d sections shouldn't be linear. Having the character just move a set amount per button push gives an impression of extremely high acceleration that makes the game more likely to nauseate people who are sensitive to motion.

At the part where it says "Unless your faith is misplaced..." the cloud to hop on when going down is in the wrong spot, then it refuses to restart the level.

The death animation didn't work one of the times that my character got hit while dashing.

For the second set of gears, the spacing between the first and second gear causes them to sometimes be impossible jump over due to the platform placement and the dash not being activated yet. That can be avoided by slowing down right beforehand, but it does still mean that your tutorial section can become unfair for reasons that are neither the player's fault nor consistent with the rest of the game. Other than that, the only issue I see is with the difficulty in figuring out what new types of gears will do in time to dodge them. Overall the game seems to work well.

I feel like there's an early disconnect between the art and the narrative. The room with the "black mold and fungi" looks more like its covered in blood, and the "big woman" immediately made me wonder how the narrator knows the gender of the figure being shown. The latter example is also shortly made more confusing by the next character being referred to with "their" showing that the narrator either isn't one to immediately guess or psychic when it comes to gender.

I'm confused. Is it just about clicking to see things happen? I'm not sure what the effect of each click is, partially because the planet has already rotated away by the time things are done happening.

I got to a point where none of the problems with the systems can be fixed, and the message being broadcast is some weird code. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be the end or a fail state. Despite that, it seems like you've got the start of a decent game.

There's a couple issues I see, though. Firstly, "?" doesn't seem to do anything, either by pressing it or by typing it in. Second, the game starts in full and didn't work when put in a window (I tried alt-enter and it put the game in an unusable position, so I had to put it back to fullscreen), yet you've got the commands listed on the game page. That didn't get in the way, but it does mean that your instructions are incomplete. I recommend putting a mention on the game page that players will need to keep that page open and alt-tab between the browser and the game. It would also help to mention that the console doesn't have a text box or cursor for it, and that the player should just start typing.

If you continue this or use the same type of system in the future, I suggest programming "?" or "help" first and then "quit" or "exit" second, before doing any of the commands for in-game progress. That would make your system more functional from the start. It would also help to start the game's console with the instruction on what do to when stuck. That gives the player something to start with and shows more clearly that they're handling a command prompt. Other than that, you could also repeat the player's entry in the feedback to help the player figure out if they typed something in wrong.

It froze after what I think was "the cycle goes on" (it was hard to hear and sounded like mostly breathing). At that point I had to use task manager to close it. Even the close button didn't work.

The drop after the hatch with switch gives the player no way to avoid the enemies at the bottom. Similarly, the start of the second stage gives no way to know where the platforms going down are. There's nothing to indicate that the player is allowed to jump to swim out of the water nor that the water will slowly drain the player's health. Later in the stage, the safe paths get too confusing, and it's not clear if it's possible to win without losing half the maximum health.

The jumping doesn't feel good. Try to avoid jumping mechanics that don't resemble the overall form of real life physics. In this case, I'd recommend an initial jump boost when the player presses the button, followed by one of two different rates of slowing down depending on if the player is still holding the button, then on the way down a single rate for speeding up to the maximum fall speed to represent gravity. That way the over path is similar to a parabola (a specific type of U-shape) but still giving the player control over how high they jump.

Lastly, the image for hearts being gone isn't very clear. If you use that image/style again, I'd recommend either changing the color of the heart itself or putting a lot more scribbling on it.

The window for your game started past the top left corner so I couldn't see all the text, nor could I move it even with alt+space.

The attack seems to be totally useless, the madness lacks an explanation for why the player takes damage out of nowhere, and enemies have a tendency to spawn on top of the player at the beginning of a new room. The best I could do was just running from room to room ignoring enemies. That run I got 11 rooms cleared, 1 coin, 4 emeralds, 4 rubies, and a total score of 350.

The visuals aren't bad, but I think the floor tiles would be better if they aligned with the directions of movement.

The echo mechanics seems to be only a way to discourage movement. It's far easier to just sit there shooting at missiles.

"ERROR: remove_from_group: Condition ' !data.grouped.has(p_identifier) ' is true.  At: scene/main/node.cpp:1828" kept popping up in the console window. Also stage 9 didn't register the solution the first time I solved it. Other than that it worked much better than most jam games I've seen, including feeling more finished. The one thing I can think of that would've made it better is a rewind button so that accidentally pushing too many times wouldn't result in having to redo the whole puzzle.

The game's resolution is too high, and it doesn't scale down when selecting a smaller window size. It also didn't respond to any keyboard inputs.