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Yeah, can't even kill six or seven. Enemies are bullet sponges and your health is terrible. I know balancing is hard, but it seems like you're not even trying.

Voting's already over?  That's a really short voting time for this many games!  Anyway, this was fantastic.  I wanted to give this five stars!  There was a weird glitch that after you got hit by an arrow, you'd turn around backwards every time you stopped, but that was the only issue!  This game was a lot of fun!  I'd keep playing more levels of this!

Yep.  Same here.  Title screen has no menu and it just loops.

Ah, it's okay!  You still had plenty of Monty Python Holy Grail references in there anyway.

Good to know!

Missed opportunity with the sword and the beggar!  "You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!"

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Oh, my goodness!  I found a game that actually has an ending!  I'm loved by the people!  Is there a bad ending, I wonder?


This is a fun little game!

So...glitchy as all hell, but it was cute!  Loved the singing cats!  And boy, when you reset the multijump through the platforms, it was like a catapult!

Well done!  Very pretty game.  Love the models!

Okay, this game is beautiful.  It really is...but what is going on???  Is this a horror game pretending to be a game about a cool cat?  The cat's character controller not only starts falling apart but the animation blend tree also starts to fall apart as the cat begins to morph into this eldritch horror black blob with paws going in impossible directions!  I mean, seriously!  I should have screencapped this!  The cat becomes nightmare fuel!  Good effort, though!  And it looks really sharp!

This is a really neat one!  Is there an ending?  Wave 26 and still getting cannons.

Yeah, general rule of thumb when making video games: too easy is preferable to too hard.  I couldn't make it out of the third room, and I'd die if I touched anything that wasn't the wall, a dice or a weapon.  Also, the enemies kill you faster than you can press the buttons.

Is this just one procedurally generated level after the other?  This is a neat idea.  I just wish you had more time with it. 

Wave 4 got me!  This was good!  Add a few lives so you don't only get one chance...maybe a health meter!  Yeah, this is great for 48-hours, and this game has potential in general.

This is really good!

Thank you!

Oh, this is such a pretty game, and really tight controls!  You've got a really good character controller!

So, I've played a few games since I played this one, and I have to tell you, this is still my favorite game in the jam.

So, couldn't hide the gift.  That didn't work.  The monster shows up before I even have a chance to read the instructions.  I managed to figure out the third time through that I'm supposed to press X or Space, but it just didn't work.  Just running worked on the first monster.  The artwork is really good.

I like the way he runs and jumps.  I thought he was going to fly to the moon.  FOOD FOUNTAINS!  I got 5300 food!  Also, when you get water, the game glitches out.  I love the artwork.  I mean, the art is amazing!

I probably would have gotten more out of this if I was a Yogscast watcher.  Funny, though, once I figured it out.

Have to fast and accurate AND have a quota!  Explains a lot about how airports are run!  Good job on this one!

And indeed, that worked!  Thank you!

Thank you!

I was thinking about that, but it was the last game I tried, and I went to bed.  I'll see if that works.


Fun concept: giving the player an incentive to invite your enemies to attack, but there's no real strategy here.  Or challenge.  Also, is 4100ad good?

Unfortunately, I only managed to get 53920 points.  This little beat simulator has a bit of potential!

Error 0x80004005 Unspecified Error for everything.

Welp!  DA BEARS!  Thanks!

Thanks!  And why is everyone getting those bears so often?  You, I think, a 10 percent chance of running into them (except for the three bears of course, that are guarding a high value treasure room.)!

And yeah, I know.  I didn't hide it because half the people who play my games either have RM2K or the RTP, and they yell at me whenever I use the extractor.  "I don't want to dump that s*** onto my desktop!"  Okay.  Chill pill!  Please!  Maybe I will hide it.

I was starting to worry I was the only one to submit an RPG Maker game!  And the first thing I hear as the game comes up is a Gymnopedie!  Already on my good side.  Wow!  Lewis does not look happy about going on a date!  And he instantly starves to death?  Huh.  That's really out of nowhere.  Does every single girl dump him immediately the next day?  Maybe I should get him streaming.  Jeez, I wish I had his luck with the lottery.  I've got him laser surgery, got him streaming, and he's managed to go three days without getting dumped! just dumped his kid on you.  This is great!  I loved this!  This was...I don't know how to describe this.  It's like one of those art pieces you see of a man just strapping a camera to himself and recording his daily routine.  You need to make a full game out of this.  I'd pay money for this.

Okay!  Getting ready to play yours now!

Ah!  There's that explained!

Thank you!

Oh!  You got a lot of bears, huh?  I put them really low in initiative.  RNG must have really liked them for your play through.  The graphics are from the White Screw Store, and I cannot recommend them enough!

Okay, I really like this one.  Great job for a 48 hour jam!  Very impressive!

Was it supposed to end when the king asked for a hero to slay the dragon?

Okay, I like the graphics, but, an extra life leading into a death pit.  A hill that's impossible to get up if you're losing frames on the browser (should be doable if it wasn't on browser.  You theoretically can jump high enough to get over those boulders.).  All jumps that I was able to get to are impossible.  I'm assuming this game was a metaphor for the futility of Gerald's quest.