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This one's really good! I like the gameplay but it's a little tricky. There's no good indication for when to hit or block, and even what seems like perfect timing often doesn't work. I feel like a system like this needs a lot of refinement, and controls need to be tight. Without clear indicators, it will probably be impossible for players to get it right. I thought there were blocking indicators, but timing with that ring power up often doesn't work for block either. I can usually get the first block to work, but the second block is completely unreliable.

Also, I would play a whole game about Gabbo and Gobbo, no joke.

This is neat! I like the pseudo-3D type games. I have nothing to complain about, so, good game!

So, I found a glitch. On the fourth puzzle, I discovered I could just walk around the orange gate to the next puzzle.

But I really enjoy this! It's really cute!

So, I found a glitch. On the fourth puzzle, I discovered I could just walk around the orange gate to the next puzzle.

So, there's really no point in forcing players to sit there for a painfully long wait time for every single text box, and every single sentence within the text box. It's really exhausting.

But, it was a really neat atmosphere, and these cutscenes were so well done! It just shouldn't have taken 22 minutes to get through it.

Downloaded! I'll play it when I have the chance!

STAR FALL community · Created a new topic Community Rules
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  • Be courteous to one another.
  • Don't lewd the forum! This isn't the place for NSFW!
  • Just because we have political intrigue in the game doesn't mean we want it in the forum. The only politics you should be discussing is Star Fall politics.
  • No advertising. No spam. No scams. I'm just going to assume they're all a scam.
  • Don't do things that will make me make more rules.
  • Other than that, welcome to the forum! It's a pleasure to meet you!

Thanks for pointing out the glitch. I have fixed that and will upload it after the competition has ended. For people reading this in the future, on the current version of the game, instead of walking through, trigger the fight by interacting with the little cave to the right of the map.

Yes, I am considering making Harper a party member and giving her a helper on her way out of the Dark Realm. For narrative purposes, she'd be on her own against the initial kobolds. The only reason I didn't do it is because I decided to make my own feat and ability score increase system because the script didn't have feat functionality and the ability score increase definitely didn't work RAW.

Yeah, I think if I took more time with it, I could probably make the combat balance a lot better, and I definitely need to put more loot in the early section.

Thank you so much for playing and posting on it.

I wondered what I should say, because you're absolutely correct, and I need to address it, but RNG is the core of D&D combat. I think what I can try is making the items that are available at the beginning more apparent because there's a dagger that you can get in the ruins that make combat a lot easier. In the demo version, it's glitched in the player's favor. I forgot to assign a skill to it, so it's using VX Ace's basic attack skill. But even if it wasn't glitched, just the extra attack it gives demonstrably makes combat so much less frustrating (because at level four, one of the feats is Elven Finesse, and that also gives you an extra attack. So, even with a glitched dagger, I still have a feat that demonstrates what it would be to have a proper second attack.). But I know that if I'm not going to change the RNG (and I'm not), then I have to change something else. I had hoped that the no-death method I'm using would make the combat a little more tolerable, but it doesn't seem like it's helping as much as I hoped it would.

Thank you! Credit to Frogge, also! His account here is

Okay, I found the app, downloaded it and downloaded one of my games. I don't actually think I have control over that. 

I don't understand. I've checked them both and they appear to be downloading fine. has an app?

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Man, this is unplayable. Lust meter hitting 100 is like a damned stun lock. No way to reduce lust. When lust hits 100, you can only act a few times before you reach a point where you just don't get a turn and you just get to watch the goblins beat your characters to death.

Dungeon is a meandering hallway. Only one opportunity to heal in the entire dungeon and it doesn't reduce lust! Why don't you just have the statue say, "Haha! Fuck you!" I mean, it kind of already does!

You're not beating the goblins at the end of the dungeon, not a chance in hell.

I hope you're not expecting this demo to sell games. Sex can sell a lot of things, but I promise it won't sell this broken shit. It's amazing anyone would think it was a good idea to put a demo out in this state. The characters are supposed to fuck. The player isn't supposed to get raped. The fact that this game looks so good is only going to piss people off more. You might want to look into the history of successful games that had shit demos. I'm not sure any exist.

This is your marketing. You have to be out of your mind to release a demo in this state. It's like you WANT to fail.

Oh! You still can't heal in town!!! (Yeah, I read phyire's comment). Man, I'm trying to have fun. I just wasted an hour I can't get back! Screw this game.


Yeah, can't even kill six or seven. Enemies are bullet sponges and your health is terrible. I know balancing is hard, but it seems like you're not even trying.

Voting's already over?  That's a really short voting time for this many games!  Anyway, this was fantastic.  I wanted to give this five stars!  There was a weird glitch that after you got hit by an arrow, you'd turn around backwards every time you stopped, but that was the only issue!  This game was a lot of fun!  I'd keep playing more levels of this!

Yep.  Same here.  Title screen has no menu and it just loops.

Ah, it's okay!  You still had plenty of Monty Python Holy Grail references in there anyway.

Good to know!

Missed opportunity with the sword and the beggar!  "You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!"

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Oh, my goodness!  I found a game that actually has an ending!  I'm loved by the people!  Is there a bad ending, I wonder?


This is a fun little game!

So...glitchy as all hell, but it was cute!  Loved the singing cats!  And boy, when you reset the multijump through the platforms, it was like a catapult!

Well done!  Very pretty game.  Love the models!

Okay, this game is beautiful.  It really is...but what is going on???  Is this a horror game pretending to be a game about a cool cat?  The cat's character controller not only starts falling apart but the animation blend tree also starts to fall apart as the cat begins to morph into this eldritch horror black blob with paws going in impossible directions!  I mean, seriously!  I should have screencapped this!  The cat becomes nightmare fuel!  Good effort, though!  And it looks really sharp!

This is a really neat one!  Is there an ending?  Wave 26 and still getting cannons.

Yeah, general rule of thumb when making video games: too easy is preferable to too hard.  I couldn't make it out of the third room, and I'd die if I touched anything that wasn't the wall, a dice or a weapon.  Also, the enemies kill you faster than you can press the buttons.

Is this just one procedurally generated level after the other?  This is a neat idea.  I just wish you had more time with it. 

Wave 4 got me!  This was good!  Add a few lives so you don't only get one chance...maybe a health meter!  Yeah, this is great for 48-hours, and this game has potential in general.

This is really good!

Thank you!

Oh, this is such a pretty game, and really tight controls!  You've got a really good character controller!

So, I've played a few games since I played this one, and I have to tell you, this is still my favorite game in the jam.

So, couldn't hide the gift.  That didn't work.  The monster shows up before I even have a chance to read the instructions.  I managed to figure out the third time through that I'm supposed to press X or Space, but it just didn't work.  Just running worked on the first monster.  The artwork is really good.

I like the way he runs and jumps.  I thought he was going to fly to the moon.  FOOD FOUNTAINS!  I got 5300 food!  Also, when you get water, the game glitches out.  I love the artwork.  I mean, the art is amazing!

I probably would have gotten more out of this if I was a Yogscast watcher.  Funny, though, once I figured it out.

Have to fast and accurate AND have a quota!  Explains a lot about how airports are run!  Good job on this one!

And indeed, that worked!  Thank you!

Thank you!