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The game is fun.  It's a quick paced little bullet hell and the audio is great, but it's problems definitely need to be addressed.

Controls are an issue.  In this type of setup, a single poorly placed button can make or break the controls.  The shield button, "Q" is where we have this problem in this game.  I recommend using the right mouse-click to shield instead of the Q.  It's extremely cumbersome.  Also, you need shield and dash gauges.  Combat balance could also definitely use some tweaking.  After about half an hour of play, I was absolutely unable to get past the first enemy.  Finally, you should add a flash to the enemy so that the player knows if s/he's managing to hit him.

Also, it a bit too much setup in the beginning.  A wall of text followed by a smaller wall of text is not the way to open a game like this, and the NPCs don't seem to have a point.

Missing file: Graphics/System/Continue Game

Crashes on startup.

Also, you should really announce movies.  Seriously.

Thanks for the feedback!  Also, for some reason, Morgan was spamming Deplete and Fiend Blast.  As a result, she ran out of MP before she had a chance to heal.  It didn't happen with me or any of my playtesters, and testing the battle again, it's still not happening.  Also, the graphics glitch at the end with the cabin isn't showing up for me.

Hmm...I'll look into that.  If I could do something like Elder Scrolls, that could be a thing.

Thank you for the feedback!  I'm honestly not sure how I'd do it differently as every way I can think of would pretty much take away the player's ability distribute them the way they'd like.

Thank you so much!

Well, this is a cute little game!

This is a fun little game.

So, I managed to get 119.  It seems like the cupcake gets bigger.

This is great!  I love it!

Oh...this game is so adorable!

Well, for once I had a small idea.

I hope it's cute enough!

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Woo, that game was hot, but you know, the ending was really surprisingly touching. I really liked this. It's a little repetitive, but it's well written.

(Having read through the other comments) Yeah, don't get me wrong. There's a lot that needs to be improved. I don't necessarily think you need to show Quinn's pussy, but it would be nice to see her in other poses, and maybe see both characters.