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Thank you, Libby!  I'm glad you think it's at least worth following!  Also, that floor pixel drawn directly off of the real floor of the Space Shuttle Endeavor.  Those are modular panels and the direction of the design is supposed to indicate how they interlock for easy replacement in case of damage.

Thank you so much for your feedback!  I've gotten so little, but thankfully, all of it's been good, including yours.  Sorry, I didn't respond sooner.  I haven't paid attention.

I agree with most of your points.  I WOULD agree with all of them under ordinary circumstances but in the case of this particular IGMC, I have to disagree with the notion that I shouldn't explain anything (and please don't take this personally.  I understand the criticism.  I know you're right, but there are extraneous circumstances I simply had to take into account.).  In this IGMC, it's not a full game we're supposed to be presenting, but "the next big thing".  When I realized I had overextended myself setting up the health system (and while it's mostly hooked up, it's still not entirely done), I realized I wasn't going to finish anything remotely resembling a near complete game or even a near complete level.   I probably could have explained better and streamlined the text, but at the time I realized I was going to have to explain some stuff, I was already in the 11th hour.  My goal became to demonstrate the technical aspects of the game, and to explain what it was going to be used for.  This game isn't just survival.  There are deeper aspects in the story.  The game is just there to tell the story.  The story is where this started.  I didn't create the story for the game.  I created the game for the story (and from the beginning, I always intended to make this story into a game).  The game was made for these two ladies who have to survive on their own.  So, while I would ordinarily agree with you, in this particular instance, I have to essentially rebut that this game not only needs to be a prototype, but needs to be a functional sales pitch.  I just wasn't able to present in the prototype enough to really explain what the game was about.  It's about survival.  You have to install antennae.  You meet an alien.  And?  It's a sci-fi with procedural elements.  Hardly unique, and there's not nearly enough there to show the game's intent.  I thought I could get that health system going in two weeks.  It took three.  No showers or shaving.  Two days of mapping.  Mapping in the process of hooking up the health system.  The rest of the time spent racing to add anything I could that showed what the game was going to consist of.  Again, ordinarily, I would not disagree with you, but the specific requirements of this specific event puts me in a different mind.  Yes, it is jarring, but without it, there's very little indication of what the game's actually about.  The text is mostly put in loading screens.  Those screens were going to be there anyway.  May as well put something useful there.  Ultimately, a big drain on my time was making sure to polish what I made as much as possible.  I wasn't going to put something ugly there, and there was no way I was going to make a game this important to me without first establishing the framework (which is what led to me overextending myself on the UI and health systems, but now they're up and they were definitely the hardest part.  Seriously: animating, mapping, even setting up text and the antennae installation; it was all a cakewalk compared to that health system.  The only other thing I think is going to be as hard, if not harder is setting up save functionality.).

I'm honestly not happy with the music.  I wrote three pieces.  One of them I like.  One of them I think needs to be reworked, and I just don't think the piano piece fits.  The credits music and the title music I nabbed from some of my older projects.  The title music had been written in a hurry for a previous game when I couldn't find a piece that fit the mood I wanted to convey.  It actually conveys the mood here very nicely and I will probably keep it.  The Credits music is one of my earliest pieces I wrote for children's fantasy game.  Definitely didn't fit, but wasn't horribly out of place.  That will get replaced.  That was literally added last minute to just to give you something to listen to in the credits screen.  I also wish I could have done transitions.  Turns out they're actually kind of complicated.  Just fading out and in takes stupid amounts of code to pull off.  That probably would have eaten a whole day...all to get it to fade out and back in when she goes to sleep.

Finally, I wish I could have done this RPG Maker VX Ace or MV (preference being VX Ace, which is a bit more conducive to directly scripting).  I actually spent a bit of time trying, but it turns out it that those engines just weren't ideal to this game.  My big reason for giving up on RM and switching to Unity is because I know C# and I do NOT know Javascript or Ruby.   It turned out to be a good choice.  However little progress I made, I ended up making three times as much as I had in either of those two engines.

Just saying "Thank you" seems an entirely inadequate response.  Thank you for not hating my game!...?

It's an awesome review, though!  Seriously, thank you!

As for the smack talk...all we were only talking about was how you made a troll game last year.  Pretty sure you did that, unless I'm mistaking you for someone else.  Sorry, didn't mean to offend, but if I made a game like that, I'd be surprised if people didn't talk about it negatively.

Neat game.  There's a pretty serious glitch though.  I'm not sure what triggered it, but I reached a point where I couldn't shoot.  I think it might have been the number of ammunition magazines that I was carrying, but suddenly it wouldn't shoot.

Also, you can't die, but that seems like fair compensation for the gun suddenly breaking.  Also, managed to kill quite a few zombies in melee before being dropped down to one heart...and quite a few after.  I was still trying to get that gun to work.

Reloading takes a little getting used to.  You might want to consider adding a fill gauge to show how long to hold the R button for.

It doesn't crash if it checkmates me.  Just found that out.

Also, pawns don't move correctly.  They will only push on their first move.  After that, I can only move them side to side.

As I've already said, there's no error code, so there's no screen cap I can give you.  I'd only be screen capping either the game in play or my desktop.  There's nothing to screen cap.  After several playthroughs, though, I do know it's not random.  It crashes instantly upon checkmate.

I really enjoyed this one!

This looks really interesting!  The browser lag killed me, though.

This thing is too freaking addictive to be allowed!

Okay, I enjoyed this one a lot more than I thought I would!  What's with the Oregon Trail type cutscenes?  Where did that idea come from?

I can't.  It's not like an error code or anything.  I move my piece and the window just blinks out.  I could show you a screencap of the game, or I can show you a screenshot of my desktop, but I can't show you the crash.

Really, really rough, but with a lot of polish, this looks like it's going to be a really neat game.  Not a huge fan of the terrain textures.  Seriously, of all of the bugs, the problems with jumping are the most common in Unity and most annoying.  Definitely should have made a point of dealing with wall hanging and ledge blocking before submitting.  If you're interested though, instead of getting rid of the wall hanging, you can use it to give Claire a wall jump ability.

I saw Poe!

This was an interesting little game!

Well, this was neat.  I'm just not sure how practical it is to play golf while being under constant attack.  Also, you definitely need better controls.  It's not just the golf that is seriously problematic, but it's almost impossible to aim attacks against enemies.  You have to keep repositioning the wizard until he hits something and it's not just fireballs.  You can't hit the enemy with melee attacks unless you're perfectly facing him.

Okay.  Got it to work.  Wasn't easy to get it to work.  I wonder what's up with that.  Anyway, this is a really great take on chess.  Unfortunately, it has a bad habit of randomly crashing sometimes when I move.

This ended up being a really fun game.  Took me a minute to get the hang of, but once I did, it was a lot of fun.

Pretty basic concept.  You could have at least given us a title screen and a death handler.  

Yeah, none of my rar unzippers will open this.  Unzip RAR says it's an invalid file type, 7Zip gives me an empty folder, and Express Zip self cancels unzipping.

Lots of fun!  WAY too easy to get cornered in this game.

So, this is one of my favorites from IGMC.  Not my absolute favorite, but still a favorite. 

Your treasure box counter doesn't seem to work.  I went through two whole levels before I got a single skill card.  I went through an entire level without a single encounter.  Seeing as how long you can go without something occurring on all levels, this seems like an RNG issue.  You may want to consider tweaking it.

This would be my personal choice for best game.

Found a game-breaking glitch.  At the second guard, if you hide behind the second crate, he catches you and at the reset, you start behind that crate and can do nothing.  You have to exit the game.

My favorite game from you is always going to be U. U. P. Gemstar, I think.  I'd love to see that finished.

This game wasn't really my thing, but I enjoyed it!

A lot of fun with a big time "Cowboy Bebop" vibe.  Would love to see this finished.

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I like the art and music a lot and the idea of two people from backgrounds completely alien to one another trying to communicate to solve their problems is a solid one. I get the feeling this is in -very- early stages at the moment though.

Thank you!  I'm not so thrilled with one of the three songs I wrote for this (I think it's fine, but it needs some serious sound leveling: word of advice, never try to write music with a single earbud), and the two songs that I yanked from other projects will be replaced. 

It is EXTREMELY early development.  Instead of trying to throw a concept together, I sat there and made the actual UI and Health framework.  When I had it together, I found I had very little time for anything.

Any sort of visual indication here is better than nothing, strapped for time or not.


 I didn't want to make anything ugly or clashing.  The rating period for last IGMC wasn't a very pleasant experience for me and I didn't want to repeat it.

 I placed a radio tower, but I couldn't figure out what to do after that.

There isn't anything else to do after that.

Side note - if you return to the base, it re-triggers the opening scene again.

Save functionality is required to prevent events from replaying in C#.  The game does not have save functionality, yet.  Psy_wombats told me that I wouldn't be able to establish it for this type of game in the time I had and to simply worry about presenting the game.

When I realized I wasn't going to have much of a game, I just worked as hard as I could to present a coherent concept, which I hope I did.

Again, thank you so much!

Oof!  I love the style, but man, the graphics distort horribly every time anyone moves and it really gives me a headache.  Also, story is interesting but extremely hard to follow the timeline.  There's some obvious time jumps going on here, and there's no context between the scenes.  It almost feels like an RPG flow chart in video game form.  I feel like it would have been better if you just had us go to the mock battle and the demo into the first mission.  I love LMMV and GubiD, but if those graphics are going to distort like that, you may want to give strong consideration to another system.  It looks like problem is tied to the camera movement script you're using.  I suspect it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if you hadn't made the game in fullscreen.

VL Gothic font error?  Really?  To Google it is!

My primary problem was the numbers keys.  I really can't think of any good way to do this with just the keyboard.  You need the keyboard to move and you need it to attack and change between accessories.  Three things you have to do with two hands.  Ctrl+space or shift+space would be better if you don't want to use mouse.  With the mouse, though, there's an intuitive interface.  With one finger attacking and the other switching weapons, there's very little hand movement necessary.  The more the player is moving his hands, the more trouble he's having with controls.

I used the browser version.  Would the Windows version have been a different experience?

Shield doesn't seem to work.    Very unintuitive control setup.  I recommend switching to mouse attacks with left-click being the attack and right-click switching between shield and sword.  Extremely hard to catch the clowns.  This definitely falls into Nintendo-hard territory.

Thanks!  I'm hoping to be able to offer a demo in the near future.  What I offer to IGMC will not be much of a game, but I'm trying to give it something.  So, in the immediate future, you'll at least be able to sample a build that will at least tell you what the game's all about.

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The game is fun.  It's a quick paced little bullet hell and the audio is great, but it's problems definitely need to be addressed.

Controls are an issue.  In this type of setup, a single poorly placed button can make or break the controls.  The shield button, "Q" is where we have this problem in this game.  I recommend using the right mouse-click to shield instead of the Q.  It's extremely cumbersome.  Also, you need shield and dash gauges.  Combat balance could also definitely use some tweaking.  After about half an hour of play, I was absolutely unable to get past the first enemy.  Finally, you should add a flash to the enemy so that the player knows if s/he's managing to hit him.

Also, it a bit too much setup in the beginning.  A wall of text followed by a smaller wall of text is not the way to open a game like this, and the NPCs don't seem to have a point.

Missing file: Graphics/System/Continue Game

Crashes on startup.

Also, you should really announce movies.  Seriously.

Thanks for the feedback!  Also, for some reason, Morgan was spamming Deplete and Fiend Blast.  As a result, she ran out of MP before she had a chance to heal.  It didn't happen with me or any of my playtesters, and testing the battle again, it's still not happening.  Also, the graphics glitch at the end with the cabin isn't showing up for me.

Hmm...I'll look into that.  If I could do something like Elder Scrolls, that could be a thing.

Thank you for the feedback!  I'm honestly not sure how I'd do it differently as every way I can think of would pretty much take away the player's ability distribute them the way they'd like.

Thank you so much!

Well, this is a cute little game!

This is a fun little game.