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Submitted by Denomrs (@denom_rs) — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#1422.3332.333

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Oh, Japanese voices. I see you are a man of culture as well. I too enjoy the sound of the Japanese language my friend 😆 Anyways I had a fun time. I liked the character art and you picked some nice music. I think it took me about an hour to beat it.

If you decide to keep adding to this game you should have some levels where you play as the crazy murder girl with the knives too. And some more of the spicy jokes. 

Nice work!


Thank you for playing the game! I´m glad you enjoyed it :) That girl was meant to be playable but I didn´t have time implement her. She will be when I expand the game

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

It had some problems, like you can't jump sticking to the wall, infinite coin, max shoot rates. Or on the first run the robot maid didn't die, no matter how many arrows I was shooting, I closed and ran again.

Upgrades reset after quitting.

but the idea is cool, it also lacks 45 degree shooting.


Thanks for the feedback and for recording your playthrough! That will help me improve the game. I´ll consider the 45 degree shooting.


Uhm. This is really really rough. The 2d + 3d mix is interesting, but really incoherent. Mechanics need a lot polishing.

The setting is a bit confusing. I'm not really understanding what kind of world you created.

I liked the digging mechanic. Maybe arrows are not the perfect weapon to dig. What about a gun or something more... explosive?

However I think this could be a interesting point to work on, because it's pretty unique.


Thank you for playing the game and the feedback! I´ll take note in the artstyle and storytelling. 

The digging arrows is actually pointed out in one of cutscenes hehe some of the features I was unable to add were another character that uses guns and a world fully done in 3D.


Really, really rough, but with a lot of polish, this looks like it's going to be a really neat game.  Not a huge fan of the terrain textures.  Seriously, of all of the bugs, the problems with jumping are the most common in Unity and most annoying.  Definitely should have made a point of dealing with wall hanging and ledge blocking before submitting.  If you're interested though, instead of getting rid of the wall hanging, you can use it to give Claire a wall jump ability.


Thanks a lot for playing the game and the feedback! I noticed the contest 10 days after it started so I couldn´t give it a lot of polish and of course I had cut some features. I´ll take note on what you pointed out. Thank you :)


The character art has its charm, although I feel it is a little unpolished. I am not a fan of the japanese voices, but that is down to personal preference. That said, I did like how they were used just before the next level started. Was a nice touch

The gameplay was good, but I feel it needs better level design, specially with the enemy generators pumping out too many enemies in the early levels before you can get upgrades. Besides that, the small issues with the physics and animations made the game less enjoyable that it should have been

Overall I think there is a lot of potential here. With plenty of polish this can become a very unique platformer, particularly if you make the most of the digging mechanic


Thanks a lot for playing my game! I´m glad you liked the character art and the digging mechanic. I´ll definitely take note on the negative aspects you pointed out. 


Awesome. Once I finish rating all games I can, I will do a serious attempt at beating this game. I accidentally deleted the progress before reattempting level 8 and it was a sad day

If you have the time, please check out my submission. I would greatly appreciate it!


Jumping up into light ground that isn't moving causes damage.  Getting the shooting rate down to .1 causes the arrows to not go anywhere. I'm not sure what triggered it, but while trying to fight with the .1 firing rate the arrows got stuck only going down.


Hmmm... weird, I thought I fixed that. It may be late to fix  it but thanks for letting me know and sorry for that.


Good luck, Denom.