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AUI - Stone Snake Island (IGMC2018)View game page

Entry for the #IGMC2018. Meet the cutest lava slime EVER and master its many forms in this platform puzzle adventure.
Submitted by Elf Games (@ElfGamesWorks), Ennacrima, Lizardhorn (@lizardhorn) — 49 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#323.8523.852

Ranked from 27 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
ProGM, Guardian Of Irael, Lizardhorn, Seluine Ennacrima


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Good work! I really like the fire/stone mechanics... as a prototype I would like to see the game completed :D


This is a super cute little game. Did I get stuck at certain parts? Yes. Did I still have fun and slap myself silly when I realised what to do next? Very yes. 

The graphics are cute and give the game a lot of charm. There's a few places where graphical aspects need polishing a bit more but for a proof of concept what is there gives a great idea of what the game is supposed to be like.

The gameplay is fun - you roll around as a rock or jump around as lava, switching between the two with the aid of fire and water. It's such a simple concept but works so well! The controls were really well done, too - you can tell a lot of work went into getting that aspect just right. This is definitely one of my favourite games of the IGMC so far. Great job!


I absolutely LOVED this. The visuals are charming, the game play is unique and adds a lot of depth and challenge. ahh I had so much fun from start to finish. I will certainly come back to play a longer version if you make one.

The two forms open a lot of doors to different challenges. The water and lava points were aways well placed and it never felt like I had to go too out of my way to find out for the puzzle at hand. The little mermaid character - adorable. The big ol' snake - adorable. The little lava ball - adorable. The grumpy stone lava ball - grumpadorable!!

These crits are really minor - especially since I think they come from a place of time constraints. The game could really use some sound effects. The lack of them is pretty noticeable. They'd do a lot to communicate things to the player. Or maybe it's just me, but things like wall bouncing or smashing through floors were hard to gauge without sound.

I didn't find the 'Q' button to smash platforms around telegraphed very well. I found out I could do it by accident in a fit of frustration. I understand the coins are mostly a guide for the player - but I'd still love a x/y coin counter haha  

There's one wall jump puzzle that involved sliding down the wall a bit before jumping again and that slowed things down in a weird way. As I said, this is all pretty minor stuff.

Seriously tho, I gave this game 5 stars because it really blew me away. Favourite game I've played so far.

Best of luck in the contest!


W-Wow, sorry for the late answer! Thank you very much for your appreciation <3

I'm happy you've liked both the characters and the mechanics :3
About the Q button, you're totally right. The tutorial is one of the latest things added, and it's not well polished.
The same for coins :( There should have been a final recap screen, showing your coin record, but we were too close to the deadline, and we decided to skip that feature and dedicate more time on debugging.
Again, thank you for your enthusiasm!


Amazing artwork! , loves the theme, and great soundtrack too, I hope you guys get funded and develop this project further and if it does, I hope there is more transformation and puzzle. Great job you guys. 


The intro is too condensed and fast-paced. I had to watch it twice to catch what it was trying to show. Also suddenly taking control during the tutorial make the player fall into a pit makes it feel more like a glitch or like your mechanics aren't very good.  Even if the player learns better afterward, that's not a good first impression. Having an invisible wall above the wood is similarly not a good idea.

Your visual design is great when it comes to the individual assets, but their use in the level design, especially the way the ground is layered with the not-ground, is visually confusing. Related, the bars really should be split into multiple layers so that the character can actually go through them. Otherwise it's unclear the first time whether they're an obstacle or a mistake in development.

The lava form's blast needs more impact.  It looks like a puff of air.

While I was playing the lava form's movement speed became stuck at the rock form's movement speed, preventing me from clearing jumps I'd already cleared.  I think it occurred because of getting hit by water while using the blast, but it's hard to tell. I played through to the spot with the button to turn on a flame required to get through a gate and then could make the jump afterward.  Then I played through again (to figure out why such a well-made game was leaving me bored) until the part with the large pool with sprays, one of which goes up further into a secret area. The bug definitely occurred the second time, but I'm not sure if it occurred the first time.

I'm having trouble figuring out why, but your challenges seem bland. I get less the feeling of figuring things out and more the feeling as if I'm just going with whatever happens.


Thanks for taking the time to play our demo and for your feedback!

Overall, you make very solid points that we will need to address if we decide to develop this concept further. :3
We had a lot of game mechanics mulling over our head, and we had a hard time deciding what to put inside the demo, what to leave out... and what to polish.
(for example, there was another game mechanics based on a new transformation which didn't make it to the final version) T.T


Great work, guys!


I'm so dumb, I don't know what to do xD

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Press Q to Explode, like you've done in the tutorial :P


From a design perspective, why exactly do you need to press Q?  You don't press anything to go through bars or grates on floors.   If lava touched plant matter it would burst into flame right away.  I  would remove the button press personally, just one more thing to remember.


You make a very fair point, we've actually discussed whether to introduce an "explode" button or not quite in depth!
The cons are the ones you mention: other powers are all "passives", so it feels a bit "left out" to have only one active mechanics, which we agree is kind of an issue.

At the same time, if things were to burn on touch, burning would be very similar to "passing the bars" mechanics-wise - also without having a "choice" button, puzzles (like the platforms moving on explosion) would be less about reasoning and more about action (not necessarily a bad thing, just a direction we took).

On a side note, introducing an "action" button was also reasoned taking into consideration other mechanics we designed, but which we didn't have the time to introduce in the final version for the contest T_T


Um... I downloaded this but my antivirus software quarantined the exe file when I tried to run it.


Ok I grabbed it from the virus vault and it was a lot of fun. nice work!


Oh gosh this Is bad! I'm happy you could finally play it!


Looks like it is fairly common with Unity games and Avast.  So I just ignored Avast and trusted your game.


I've added this information in the installation instructions ;) thanks!


Will make sure to download whenever I've a chance. By now I'll just add to collection. Hope this is as good as Little Briar Rose, or even much better :) 


Thank you :O Looking forward for your feedback!