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A puzzle game about the first day of an astral.
Submitted by kato-san (@katoconbufanda) with 23 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
Rated by 213 people so far
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Out of all the entries I've played, this one feels the most complete!
I took a little while to figure out a couple of the puzzles, but when I did,
they delivered the "a-ha!" feeling we all crave from videogames.

I wasn't paying that much attention so forgive me if this is actually a non-issue,
but I think energy should be a renewable resource. That is, it fills up a little over time.
Maybe one point every 10 seconds or something. That way, all situations are winnable
if players miscalculate. It'll also serve to punish enough of the player's time
to encourage them to be careful. Still, the ability to replace orbs with health
in the first place is quite considerate, so thanks for that!

Good job. d(^^)



Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for playing the game! I hope you enjoying it and I'm glad you didn't give up with the puzzles.  it's a good idea what you have, I'll write it down. When I can update the game (at the end of the contest) I will implement all the good ideas everybody have given me. 


This was an excellent submission. The aesthetic worked well, the dialogue was good and well-paced, and the underlying story was an overall delight. I always love exploring the concept of sentience in what would otherwise be considered, "lifeless" forms. What is in a soul? What makes something truly "alive"? Very well done. 

The music suited the atmosphere perfectly, and while the puzzles were not overly challenging, they had enough complication to make them enjoyable without being overly frustrating. I also really liked the diversity of them and the way they were laid out.

Honestly, the only issues I could really find were the occasional spelling issue or grammatical error. Easily remedied. This has been my favorite submission so far, and the first to receive a five star rating. I truly hope you will continue with this project, as I would love to see how the story resolves.

Well done. I've completed a Let's Play for this game as well. I'll include that below:


Wow, this is the best review I've received! I'm very happy that you liked it !. And sorry for the grammar mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker, fortunately Hawkzombie helped me fix the most notable mistakes,  it would have been much worse xD.
Thank for the video, I really enjoyed it!!! 


OH BOI, el juego simplemente me encantó <3 La historia está buena, los sprites son preciosos, los puzzles por más que no sean difíciles son entretenidos de hacer, amo con todo mi ser a Aysel <3 La música acompaña muy bien el ambiente (además de estar bien hecha y no ser de esos soundtracks que a la tercera vez que se repite te carcome los oídos). 
Simplemente amé muchísimo el juego, me encanta <3 


AHHHH, muchas gracias!! me alegro mucho que te haya gustado!! :D


Best game!


Thanks! c:


It's really amazing, I love the art style, good job :000 


El concepto de utilizar los poderes del tiempo no esta nada mal y es interesante el usarlo para interactuar con los objetos de diferentes planos, sin embargo siento que el juego es algo lento en cuanto a reacción, se congela algunas veces. 

Y es algo raro que no se pueda ver a la personaje en 90 grados cuando vamos caminando a la izquierda o derecha.


Bueno, es rpg maker, seria muy dificil hacer que el personaje se vea 90 grados, pero gracias por jugarlo!


Me engancho! Queremos mas!!


Lots of polish on this one! The puzzles don't feel like a drag and are mostly short & intuitive once you figure it out, and the aesthetic of the game is certainly one of its stronger points. Really good work overall, my biggest gripe about it is that I didn't find the characters to be very interesting so it was hard to invest in what story was there. 


Me gustó mucho el juego, los dibujos, la historia, los detalles y la jugabilidad está muy genial. ojalá que gane porque está muy genial :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Great artwork and intriguing story. 

While the puzzle, for the most part, were easy enough, not being able to grab extra orbs or energy at certain spots was kind of bummer, mostly because I'm terrible at puzzle games.

However, save spots were frequent enough to where I could save scum when I royally screwed up on the robot "boss fight."

Music and tone fit really well, and I'm curious to see what happens with Aysel and if we ever get to liberate the other Astrals and potentially destroy Harbor.


Received this game from the Secret Santa, and I'm quite glad I did!  It's impressive you put it all together in a month.

The story and art is nice, though I bet with more time you could polish both even more.  The mechanics all worked pretty well, stopping time to solve puzzles is an interesting idea.  The updating files minigame was neat, but it only relying on colors made it a bit boring after the first few correct answers, so it would be interesting to see it with different shapes or patterns that get added as the player plays.  I did have some trouble with fighting the security bot, but it's hard to tell if that was because the controls are a touch clunky or if I'm just bad at games.

I didn't run into any bugs, but that's mostly because I saw your post about known bugs.  Overall, this was a nice experience and with more time I could see this becoming an amazing game. :)


The setting, story, music and art are the strong points. It's very interesting. Puzzles are mostly simple and the boss battle is fun. Only held back by a handful of bugs (sadly, game-breaking), some patches of rough English (nothing too bad) and one dialogue where the text goes off the screen. 4 stars easy. I hope to see more of Aysel's adventures.


Please check the bugs list before play:

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