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Thanks to everyone who entered and submitted an entry! This was our first game jam and we're excited to take a look at submissions. 

I'm planning on streaming the entries after the voting period ends. You can tune in to the stream at my channel: The date is still TBD.

The theme is: CURSED
Be as creative as you would like for the theme! It could direct your story, gameplay, and/or aesthetic. Take a few hours to think of different ideas before you begin development. Feel free to ask any questions here.

Thanks everyone who has already joined the jam. Due to limited exposure, we are delaying the jam until the end of October to see if we can get more entrants. I hope this isn't a huge inconvenience to current entrants. We'll be announcing the theme and prize in the coming week!

Thanks for joining. We might have to delay the jam until we get more people entered.

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Notes from my playthrough:

The font works thematically but gets a bit tiring to read.
The mapping of the city looks great! The Egyptian setting is a nice change of pace from the standard medieval fantasy RPG setting.
No way to map jumping on the gamepad?
Spear description is for a shortbow?
I didn't know there was going to be a quiz! Should have studied up on my  Egyptian mythology before playing.
The ring combat system reminds me of Shadow Hearts. The sweet spot is always in the same place though. It should move around the ring to make timing it more challenging.
My first magic ability is empty?
Learned another blank ability. Class abilities don't seem to be setup right.
For awhile I thought I was stuck in a room with just chests (that all had monsters) until I realized I could jump over them.
Spamming jump to move around the room to lessen encounter rate!
Combat feels unbalanced. I can one shot early enemies but later encounters felt like they dragged on for too long.
Most magic attacks do less damage than my physical attack so why use them?
Death by Fire is the only ability I have worth using right now.
The dungeons are too maze-like and many rooms have you going back n forth while fighting random encounters which isn't much fun. I do appreciate that there is some variety though in the room types.
There was a lot of content in this game! I hit the hour mark before I could complete all the trials.
Cool demo! Hope to see this expanded upon.

Umbral was in the initial batch of games I was assigned and was in my top 5! Here are the original notes I wrote from when I first played it:

- Best title screen/music so far. Immediately makes a good first impression.
- Love the sci-fi aesthetic and the scenario of the game.
- The time stopping puzzles are decent but I found the momentum building puzzle frustrating. There is no good visual feedback on how far the ball is going to move. It took me a few tries of mashing on the ball to get it to hit the target.
- I was surprised when the puzzle ball did damage and that it could actually kill you and send you back to the title screen. It's easy to keep walking into the puzzle ball and take a lot of dmg before you even register what's happening. If you do lose your energy, it should restart the room rather than game over.
- The boss fight using the balls was a bit clunky. There wasn't much threat once you figured out the gimmick and was a bit tedious to complete.
- It's not obvious you can walk through the lasers without consequence in that hallway you fall into. I ended up walking over a damage tile to avoid them.
- I believe it's possible to cause a progression block if you were stupid with your orbs/energy. There should be some way to renew a minimum amount.
- Nice ending point. I'm interested to see how this demo will be expanded upon.

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I've been investigating the issue with the itchio admin. We've identified fake accounts and will be removing their votes at the end of the voting period.

This game would highly benefit from gamepad controls.

If your game was disqualified you'll be notified at the end of the voting period.

If you want to be eligible for judging/voting your game needs to be available for free. You can choose to sell the game after the voting period is over. Otherwise you will be disqualified.

Unfortunately you can't until the voting period is over. If we can't run it with the files provided before the submission deadline then we have to disqualify it. Sorry. :(

I can't get it to run. It looks like the UnityPlayer.dll file is missing.

Cool to see that all these tools that were custom coded for the IGMC 2017 jam are now available to all hosts. Thanks again for all the support leafo during the jam, and I hope other hosts find them useful!

Disqualified - Event involving the rope repeats forever.

Disqualified - Can't get beyond the first few maps, no clue what to do.

Disqualified - opening cutscene repeats forever.

Disqualified - Game stopping bug in storeroom, can't reach book even after pushing chair, also can't leave room.

Disqualified - Missing face graphic, game unable to continue.

Disqualified - Couldn't find quest item early on after looking in every possible spot.

Disqualified - Passibility error blocks progress beyond 2nd sublevel.

Disqualified - Tileset error after first boss blocks progression.

Disqualified - Missing RTP files, game can not start.

I really enjoy escape room type games and logic puzzles so this entry was a lot of fun. Are there just two endings?