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First off, a thanks is in order to everyone who entered and submitted a game to the "Find The Cure" GAB jam. We really appreciate everyone flexing their game dev muscles in support of JDRF and their fight to cure Type-1 diabetes. Every entry integrated the find the cure theme into their game in some way which was great to see. You're all winners in our book!

There were three entries in particular that excelled in not only integrating the theme into their game in some creative way but also in presentation, gameplay, and overall engagement! 

The winners of the third official GAB Jam are...

Cave Rush by Nomi

Re-Pair by Ash Badas

The Missing Cure by abbasazzam419

Congratulations to the winners! Please sign up for our discord (information on the jam page) and contact me directly to redeem your prize.

And thanks again to everyone else who entered. It was a pleasure playing through all your entries. Even if you didn't win, I'm sure you learned something valuable through the process of making your entry. I hope you continue to keep making games and entering our jams in the future because we have no plans on stopping! See you next GAB jam. 👋

Nice puzzle platformer. There were some interesting mechanics like dragging the pills to take out enemies. I would suggest adding walls to the side of the levels so you don't accidentally walk offscreen. Also it seemed a bit harsh to have to start all over after one death. Good use of the theme overall.

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Always good to see a RPG Maker entry. There was only one map to explore and one encounter so there isn't much to comment on. The Falchion Spirit didn't put up much of a fight. I was able to take it down just spamming Attack which isn't very interesting. I would suggest customizing your encounters a bit more and also adding more interaction to your maps. Thanks for entering!

Looks like you had some fun with this one! The sound effects were pretty goofy when paired with that dramatic background music. The wall jumping was a bit inconsistent. I was also caught off guard by that little pop quiz at the end. I answered wrong and got a game over but looks like that was the end anyway lol. Thanks for the entry!

Very trippy experience. I really like the visuals between the disturbing moon that follows you everywhere and your character even looking like a ticking time bomb. The camera is a bit too far to the right. At first I was struggling with some of the platforming; especially because some of the platforms seem to just drop if you jump on or shoot them. Then I realized you can spam clouds with the right mouse button and float forever. After that there wasn't any real challenge. It still was a very moody experience and interesting use of the theme. Nice work!

Pretty fun top down shooter. I was confused how to shoot my gun at first. I would suggest having the player start with the pistol already equipped as there doesn't seem to be any advantage to being Unarmed. I would also suggest showing the Controls quickly when you start a new game as I didn't know you could reload. Once I made it out of the first building I had a pretty good time shooting through the infected and finding the cure. Nice work!

Thanks for the entry. I unfortunately got stuck at the prison section. I tried interacting with everything in the cell, including pressing the button outside the cell, but I couldn't get an event to trigger.

This game feels incomplete in its current state. It was very unintuitive how to play the game. I would definitely include some instructions when you first start. It seemed like the objective was to dispense bottles and then slide them over and fill them with the liquid the customer is requesting. The customer seemed to accept any liquid I gave them as long as it was the right volume. The arrows to move between screens didn't seem to function. Right now the gameplay loop is very unsatisfying. Good use of the theme though. Thanks again for the entry.

GREAT atmosphere! You really nailed the creepy hostile world vibe. The pixel art looks great combined with the lighting effects. The music and sfx create a really creepy ambience. Jetpacking around is fun and I like how there's technique to shooting your projectile. I was a little unclear on how to restore the light resource. I was collecting these orbs that gravitated towards me but they didn't seem to be recharging my light resource. I also found torches that would teleport me to different areas. Eventually I got stuck in an area where there was an inaccessible torch. It's a shame because I wanted to keep exploring the world. Very solid entry!

Thanks for the submission. Good use of the theme. I would suggest adding more time to the start of the level to allow the player to get oriented. It's not a great first impression to game over within a few seconds before you even know what's happening. The platforming was fairly challenging. I found the jump to be not very responsive. Once I realized I could jump in the air though I had an easier time. Nice work!

This is a really interesting real time puzzle game. There is a lot going on mechanically but I could never get too far. The toxic fungi spreads fast and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop/remove it so eventually areas would become inaccessible. I do like visually how the game looks but the camera is so far zoomed out. I would allow the option to zoom in/out so it's easier to see the objects you're trying to collect.

The pathfinding still needs a lot of work. Most of the challenge was trying to get my character to navigate to the room I wanted to get to. He would often get stuck on the tops of ladders or run back and forth in confusion.

Technically this game is fairly impressive and good use of the theme. It's just very difficult to play in its current state. Nice work overall.

Great use of the find the cure theme and a solid base for a puzzle game. The way you select DNA is very simple and intuitive. Definitely something I could see on a touch device. Currently you can only pair red-yellow and blue-violet and only select the molecules horizontally so there's not a lot of variety in the puzzles. With the addition of more molecule pairings and mechanics this could be a really addicting puzzle game. Nice work!

Very cute platformer. Nice pixel art and animation especially for the player character. That warped perspective also looks pretty neat.

The ramp up in challenge feels good but there are some VERY generous hitboxes for the hazards and enemies. It's much more noticeable for enemies that move. I would often get hit when I was nowhere close to them. The platforming also feels very floaty and it's easy to get stuck on objects. Definitely needs more polish in those areas. Speaking of floaty, the fan physics allow you to jump insanely high if you time it right. It's actually a lot of fun although it's hard to know where you're going to land. It didn't seem intentional but if you are allowed to jump offscreen you should have an arrow indicating where you are horizontally. 

A solid entry and good use of the theme. Just needs a bit more polish in some areas.

Very nice pixel art! I would suggest including controls at the start of your game for new players even if they were basic. The movement for the player was a bit sluggish especially outside. Maybe a run option to speed up? It could also have some kind of impact on your overall Headache meter. The player sprite also jitters when moving diagonally.

I like the overall theme of going outside and doing activities to cure a late night gaming session hangover. I do really enjoy taking walks myself when I'm feeling crummy. The only option in the game right now seems to be fishing and there is very little interaction. A few additional activities with additional gameplay mechanics or minigames would be interesting.

Also being killed by the car felt really out of place given the overall tone and aesthetic. The "music" that plays is very grating and nightmarish!

The overall execution could use some work but I really like the approach you took to the theme!

Great use of the theme! The dialogue had a very personal feel to it which kept me engaged. It was a bit inorganic in places and the player character could come off as a bit preachy at times. It didn't feel like the dialogue choices  had much of an impact on the overall direction of the conversation. I would also recommend doing a spelling/grammar pass again as there were a lot of errors.

The video in the background looks nice but it loops a bit too frequently to the point of being distracting. My main suggestion is adding a hovering effect to text you can interact with even if it's just highlighting the text. Also an "Exit" option at the end of the game or having the app close after a few seconds.

Overall one of the more thoughtful approaches to the theme. Great work!

Great presentation! The pixel art for the environments and animation is very polished. I like the CRT filter effect too. Very chill and relaxing music for a lowkey platforming experience.

The puzzle platforming and level design is overall solid. The movement speed is slow and there is not much of a challenge. Presenting the backstory as you explored and having orbs to collect made the overall experience more engaging. The way orbs are presented it feels like you should just collect them by moving into them. Having to press E to collect orbs while in the air didn't add any challenge and just felt unnecessary.

Good overall use of the FTC theme. I collected all the orbs and cured my illness!

The pixel art and backgrounds look great! I like the monochrome aesthetic. I don't feel like the music really matches the tone you're going for though. Some basic sound effects for shooting and enemies would go a long way.

The run and gun mechanics are simple but work. The camera is a bit disorienting when you turn around but fortunately the only direction to move is to the right. 

That first enemy charges right at you not giving you a lot of time to react. I noticed if you don't move at all it will keep pushing you to the left without doing any damage. The hit detection doesn't always seem to be working properly. There is also a lack of feedback of when you're getting hit and missing information like a life bar. A score counter might also be a nice addition to track how many enemies you slaughter on your mad dash to the right.

I did manage to mash my way to the end of the level in time. Nice work!

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Congrats! Unfortunately, the public vote doesn't determine who wins prizes. Now that the public voting period is over, the GAB team will play through the top ranking entries and pick our winners. From the Rules section of the jam page: "Who will judge the games? Games will be rated by the public after the jam ends. After the voting period ends, a team of judges from GAB will  play the top ranked entries. The judges' top 3 picks will win prizes!" Sorry if that wasn't clear. If you're on discord, I'd be happy to offer a prize though for placing in the top 3 of the public vote!

Updating the game page is fine. 👍

I downloaded the game yesterday and had no problems running it. Feel free to change it to a zip file.

I'll allow it. I might have to hit you with a small penalty though to keep things fair. It shouldn't affect your overall score much.

Ok looks like it's running now. Technically you should be disqualified the game wasn't runnable when the deadline closed.

Now I'm getting a "Failed to load mono" error

I'm receiving the following error when I try to run the exe:

There should be '41Seconds To_Data' folder next to the executable

Sounds like you're in the clear then

You still have over a hour to submit the update

Yep I would recommend you focus on just one entry but if you have the time and energy you can submit more than one.

Ratings don't open until the end of the jam so you should be fine.

Yep you can use those.

Yep anything you make during the jam is your intellectual property. GAB takes no ownership.

When submissions close everyone will be given time to rate other entries. If you want to increase your chances of having your game rated I'd recommend playing other entries and leaving feedback. Ratings are weighted so that the number of ratings is taken into account. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Just make the best game you can within the timeframe and have fun! The duration of the game also doesn't matter too much as long as it's a good experience.

As long as your work the "find the cure" theme somewhere in your game it's fine. More creative integrations of the theme will score higher.

As long as the entry adheres to the rules detailed on the jam page there are no further restrictions

With so many amazing entries, it was very difficult for the GAB team to pick a winner. After much deliberation, we chose these three submissions for excelling in Gameplay, Presentation, Engagement, and adherence to the "Fresh Start" Theme.

And the GAB JAM: Fresh Start Winners Are...

Lindo by Elizra, bsrgp407, Papa Bless

Farm, Fresh, Fast! by Coreylr197

Sisyphos by MaryWillowson

Congratulations to the winners! For everyone else who submitted an entry, please don't be discouraged. I was very impressed with the quality of submissions this jam (and I've worked on quite a few). I'll be taking the time to write feedback on every entry which will be posted on your submission page. There were a lot of great demos and prototypes, and I hope you use this jam as a jumping off point. And definitely join us for the next game jam!

Nice concept for a game. I developed a similar system for one of my games where the protag can decrease (or increase) their anxiety meter by interacting with objects in the environment. Just like my game though the MP system feels underbaked. Every object you interact with gives you a +1 MP boost. It would have been interesting if some interactions could actually decrease your MP. Also I would have liked to see more actual gameplay.

Overall decent presentation with the assets. There were a few passability issues where I was able to walk through solid objects. In the apartment you can actually walk onto the top layer doing this. These issues could have been caught with a little more testing. Solid effort overall and has potential. I've been wanting to make a game about a depressed hero that struggles to do basic RPG hero tasks myself so I'm fully onboard with the concept.

I love a good puzzle game and this! I read the instructions but I still didn't really understand how to play the game properly until several failures. The overall thematic of this game is fantastic! The presentation and gameplay captures the Sisyphos greek myth. I love that "ROCK DROPPED" screen. His look of anguish definitely matched my after my double digit attempts.

I'm not sure if it was intentional, but once I realized you could move backward, it made the game much less challenging. I was beginning to think some sections were impossible until I realized I could step back without losing balance. I don't think this is mentioned in the instructions, and I would definitely recommend including it. 

This game started out REALLY slow but became oddly mesmerizing as I played longer. The basic loop of planting crops, harvesting crops, and selling them is nothing original. As you buy more plots, seeds, boost your speed, and a second farm stand to sell crops to, the feedback loop speeds up to the point where you're always doing something. I could have kept playing but I got to the point where hitting the $500 goal was too easily attainable. The game could be fleshed out more but it's very derivative of other games out there. I can tell by the intro the creator is a fan of Stardew Valley. 

Good overall use of the theme and a strong feedback loop along with the cute presentation and music. Solid entry overall.