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Cyberpunk Game Asset Bundle

A bundle hosted by Joel Steudler with content from dragoonwys, Joel Steudler, PVGames
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This bundle ended 2024-05-12T04:00:00Z.

Looking for an upgrade to your cyberpunk gamedev arsenal? Tune your scanners and optical implants to this very bundle! You will hack into a directory full of graphics and audio assets to populate your distinctly dystopian visions. From strictly sci-fi to apocalyptic wastelands, you'll be well equipped to present whatever iteration of man and machine merging with this selection of assets.

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Includes the following asset packs:

At $25.00 or above

Blasters, beeps and bots are just a fraction of the futuristic frequencies you'll find in this auditory anthology!
Explore lost worlds, battle cybernetic foes, or delve into the heart of the machine!
Face the future with twenty tracks of synthetic sound suitable for cyborgs, humans and replicants alike!
Hi Resolution Cyberpunk City Exterior Pixel Tileset Pack
Twenty tracks of synthwave, chillout, metal, orchestra and more myriad modern melodies.
Hi Resolution Cyberpunk City Autoship Interior Pixel Tileset Pack
Go back to the future with hard hitting analog action music!
Twenty tracks of menacing music and wasteland radio for your apocalypse!
Build a 2D Monitor UI Skin, includes 80 parts!
Build a 2D Button Panel UI Skin, includes 115 parts!
Build a 2D Radio UI Skin, includes 90 parts!
Windows UI elements for fallout themed games
Windows UI elements for fallout themed games
Windows UI elements for fallout themed games
This core asset set provides thousands of tiles to create a cyberpunk-themed game.
Create your own cyberpunk characters!
This asset pack augments your cyberpunk landscape with additional tiles!
This asset pack contains what you need to create an oppressive authoritative menace in your cyberpunk world!
Icons for HUDs, UI elements, equipment, and more!
Cyberpunk-themed industrial assets to supplement your cyberpunk city!
The further from the city, the more barren the world becomes.
Innovation is the path to the future... and profits!
Experience luxury and night life in Cyber City... If you have the creds for it.