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It's very different to typical JRPGs and I don't think it has an English patch available - I just bumbled my way through somehow. It is a very charming game, though, and I got the gist well enough. It's a light-hearted, simple quest to save your true love, so yeah, I recommend giving it a shot if you've the time to kill. X3

Dang, this is giving me major Love Quest vibes. The palette, the cars, some of the building designs, etc. Very much in that style. I mean, it's not rips or anything, just giving that vibe, which is pretty damn cool.

ooh nice~<3


So I was one of the judges and I loved this little game to bits. It was a pity about the bugs, but the rest of it was just aces and I just wanted to let you know that! <3

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The visuals for the game were really pretty and helped a lot in making the setting seem realistic. The character art in particular really helped convey the different personalities of the main crew and I liked the hints that there was more to the girls than first met the eye. The choice of how to show 'the secret', so to speak, was very well done and I could easily see a full game that followed the girls and made you second-guess a lot of things about what is actually going on. I do find it funny that a lot of people didn't seem to pick up on the hints of what was really going on with the girls, but that just goes to show that it has potential to be a really good future twist. ;p

The minigames as they were were pretty nice. I appreciated the pipe one a lot, honestly, and the other two weren't bad either. The sound was pretty great too. It's definitely one of the stronger adventure games in the IGMC.

But seriously tho - Bravo for hiding the twist in plain sight and using general gameplay mechanics to do so. That was seriously clever and I hope people recognise what you did and clap you on the back for it, especially the judges. >.<)b

The atmosphere in the game is very well done. The sound, lights and visuals were woven together to give a really cool feeling, making me tense and uptight about everything even though there weren't many critters to worry about. It did a great job showing a small chunk of what could be a much larger game. I would have liked a bit of a bigger inventory, personally, and I wasn't a fan of the controls, and how clunky the attacking was (having to ready before attacking felt a bit eh) but otherwise the game was really nice. 

The game has some promise but it also has a lot of issues. The most blatant problem is the spelling - there's a lot of bad spelling scattered through-out. This is kinda of weird considering that the writing is rather decent aside from that aspect - grammar and punctuation isn't noticeably problematic, which is weird as one usually leads to the other. This caused a bit of a weird disconnect for me. The characters were... well, they were okay. Nothing amazing but not bad. That really kind of sums up the whole game for me, to be honest.

It was very standard RPG horror game. The mapping was decent, the battles were a bit on the easier side but were pretty basic. I did question a fair few design choices when it came to the gameplay - having some items shown on the map while others were hidden, having menu choices that seemed to be added just to be 'cool' instead of being useful... that kind of thing.

I liked that items had uses, like the broom being used to sweep up glass and the boards being able to be picked up and reused. That felt nice, though the broom being suddenly full of glass was a bit weird (since you can just give a broom a shake to dislodge items stuck in it. Felt a bit ham-fisted as a way to limit it's uses). 

As to the sanity system. It's alright. I noticed people were comparing it to Darkest Dungeon and I don't really see it - it's not the first RPG horror game to use a sanity system in and out of battle, so I was kinda surprised that people were clamouring about it so much. It felt like just another stat, where-as the sanity in Darkest Dungeon is a lot more present and something you need to keep an eye on. In this game it just felt like another stat, like a TP or stress counter.

I also got to a point where I was 20 minutes in and just wanted to do something beyond talking to more people. It was a little annoying that it took so long to get into the game, I guess.

Overall the game was okay. Decent but with some issues. No offence meant, dev-chan, but I don't see why it was in the top ten as it seemed a fairly solid but standard game, but congrats for someone seeing enough in it to put it there. I went into it knowing it was a top ten title and thus my expectations were a bit higher for it than would normally be, so I did get rather frustrated with it at points.

This game was very cute and very polished. The sound, the graphics, the maps were all really nice. The writing was also very good and I really like the characters a lot. The puzzles were a bit too easy, I think, and there wasn't enough of them - I would have liked a few more to show off the 'systems' a bit. I very much liked the game, though, and I appreciated the mysteries left hanging. Great job!

A neat little escape game that dredged up memories of games like 999 and the like. The puzzles are well made and show a high degree of polish and style, as do the menus and other visual assets. The game shows off just what it could be in the future, and that future is pretty promising.

Good job, dev~

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It's all well and good to show instead of tell and remove tutorials that aren't necessary, but when you actually change gameplay choices - like, say, making a previously safe mob start attacking or giving an item to use in order to progress - you need to tell the player about that. Else they get annoyed and upset that the game is suddenly changing without letting them know.

That is, you can't just change the 'rules' half-way through and expect a player to be okay with that if you don't actually give them a heads-up that things are now different for them. It's straight up bad design choice. So, sure, remove unnecessary tutorials. Don't explain things that are pretty much straight forward. But inform them when you are changing shit. Or show instead of telling, if that's your hang-up. Have a pig chase you from a room and then have the character ask wtf changed and why they're suddenly aggressive.

Keep it in the game 'dialogue' instead if you must, but at least 'show' if you're not going to 'tell' in a way that the player can understand without having to die first.

I really enjoyed this little game. It's a bit of a gem, even if I was very frustrated at the end (28 deaths is 20 too many >.<; ) I'd suggest a check point at some point during the eel section because holy shit man, my ball were busted and I don't even have balls! ;.;

That said, the rest of the game shines really well. It's definitely up there in my top five games so far. I loved the way Izel moves under water, had a ton of fun bouncing around as a prawn shell and took vicious pleasure in stabbing enemies and spiking things to death (and destruction). Just... that eel boss yo. Fuck that guy.

Here, have a rage-induced video of love.

It's a pity that there were missing graphics that stopped the game before it even began. What was there that I witnessed was well written, though. So it has that going for it at least.

The game is lovely and has a lot going for it. I can easily see it made into a longer, better game that would be a lot of fun to play. The main issues currently are the zombie dodging and the infodumps that give away the mystery right at the start. As cliche as it sounds, having the player find diary entries as they search through town and the lab would be a lot better as a story-despensing device. Also, having some kind of reaction to his parents talking about the lab stuff would be nice too (since I assume they were his parents and that he knows their names...)

Another issue was the introduction of the girl, who we had no idea about beyond the hamfisted reveal at the end. Hinting that he had a sister, that he was worried about her or that the mystery girl was linked to him in some way would have been nice instead of a sudden "Oh yeah, hi sis, oh no, bye sis" kind of thing at the end.

Overall, though, the game shows a lot of promise and with a bit of work could become something really special. I enjoyed what I played, even if I did get stuck a few times (I ended up playing to the end off-video and liked the aspect of the ending though I could easily see it being a multiple ending game based on actions you do and how 'affected' you get through your travels). 

This game has a lot of promise and is very interesting. It reminds me a lot of Cross Code (which uses the MMORPG idea) and Megaman Network. The aesthetic is really nice and the puzzles are pretty interesting. Though I didn't really understand how to fight for a while (took me a bit to understand how to use the cards properly in battle) and getting a game over crashed the game, it was still a lot of fun and I'm definitely going to play more of it in my own time.

Graphics were great, sound was really good (I was bopping along a fair bit to the music) and the ideas were fresh. I just think everyone should give this game a try for themselves, especially if they like RPGs with a twist.

The game has a lot of great points going for it. It really put me in mind of jRPGs from the early Playstation 1 and 2, and I really liked the overall feel of the game. The characterisation is a bit bland at points, however, and can seem a little rushed. Understandable that this is a prototype and not the full game, so it doesn't take the time it normally would to let the characters get to know each other and fill in the NPCs and world with more than just a quick splash of identity. Something to look forward to in the future, though.

I do wish the skill learning were a bit less 'my first skill tree' in visual - it lets down the rest of the game. I'm also not a big fan of the way you choose which character to upgrade during it. It's one of the biggest issues I have with the game for as much as I played it. I think it'd work as a menu styled thing than just 'floating in space with staaaars'. The aesthetic is a bit weird.

That said, the sound, gameplay and overall charm the game exudes makes it one of the few I've given 5 stars. I really enjoyed this game. Great job!

The tech demo has a lot of promise to be an interesting game when it's complete. The ideas presented in text form is, I thought, an interesting way to present your case to the judges on what to expect and how the game would play out. It wouldn't work in another IGMC but in this one where the idea is to showcase your idea for them to see if it's viable for publishing and winning, it might work out really well. Maybe? It might also make them think about the fact that the game is missing a lot of the interesting stuff that they didn't get to play.

The art is very nice, as is the sound. Presentation was well done and though I was a bit annoyed at the slow speed of some pieces, the promise of a full game made in this style has made me more interesting in following the game to see where it goes, so good job in that. 

This game had some really neat ideas, but it had a lot of big issues that made playing it a frustration and impossible. The graphics are, eh, alright for a demo of what the game could be. They're a bit hard to figure out what some things are, but they worked well enough as a showcase. The main issues are that everything is too fast and your equipment doesn't really seem to be doing anything for the hero.

There's just a lot going on all at the same time - you can't actually do a good job of arranging the pack, dishing out equipment, fixing the pack and destroying stuff while keeping an eye on your hero. If this were a bit slower paced, it would be a lot more interesting and fun. Collecting items, fitting them in the pack, dealing with space issues, choosing what to take and what not to take, equipping your hero so that they can go further and helping them defeat enemies by giving information so that you can plan ahead... that would make a really interesting game, however in it's current iteration it needs so much work. 

While the idea is interesting, there's a lot that isn't explained in-game, like the displacement/replacement mechanic or even how to play. I spent a fair while trying to figure out the keys to move. The idea of randomised stages is a neat one and I liked that aspect a lot. If there'd been even more of that it would have been cool, but for a prototype it worked out well to show what your idea was and how it worked, so good job on that.

The graphics and sound are neat-enough, though there's some pretty harsh pixel clashing going on at times. One thing that annoyed me was how big the screen was and how resizing it didn't help with the intro scene. A lot of it was cut off even after I readjusted the window size meaning I missed a fair chunk of the 'story'. 

Overall, it's a good promo.

This game had a few bugs and felt more than a bit weird to me. On the one hand, it's obvious that the creator went to a lot of effort to make some nice looking areas and lighting to go with it, but there were some pretty glaring bugs that made playing very annoying. Despite the dev being non-English originally the writing was decent, though I didn't understand what was going on or why (I missed some discussion from a continuous bug). Not being able to save really put the kibosh on playing more of it, sadly.

I had no idea that Pop! would lend itself so well to sci-fi, but it does! I really liked this entry and was sad when I couldn't figure out how to go further after getting locked in the armoury room. The graphics are used well, the gameplay had a lot of thought put into it (the puzzles are fun and beating up crates was surprisingly enjoyable). The music was very nice and really enhanced the atmosphere and feel of the game.

Overall a really well-done game.

The custom assets for this game are quite nice, as is the written aspects. I really liked the characters and their designs. Unfortunately, the rest of the game doesn't make a good showing due to not only bad maps, but also due to use of default database items.

Unfortunately I couldn't get far into the game as the spike trap wouldn't set. Pity, since there was promise and the game sounded interesting. I wasn't a fan of the zoomed-out view, personally.

The custom assets for this game are very cute and I appreciated the eye candy, that said, I'm not one who ignores bad stuff in a game just because it might look a bit pretty and while there wasn't anything extremely horrible in the game, there were a few things that did stick out as weird/annoying. The passability, for one, really got a bit annoying after a while, especially for the taller trees and things you should be able to walk behind. I also had issues with some of the writing but for the most part the game as alright.

I liked that I knew the prequel - it helped to give a bit more of a nostalgic feel to the game. The gameplay was pretty standard - run around, kill monsters, talk to friends - nothing exciting but nothing bad. It felt like a standard jRPG, which it pretty much is. Without the history built off the previous game, though, it's not as special (since you don't understand that you're undoing all of your sisters' hard work, for an example).

Well... it was a game. Nothing I haven't seen done better or more interestingly elsewhere. The experience wasn't one I'm willing to replicate, that's for sure. 

This appeared to be more like a joke game at first glance and I wasn't expecting much from it. Which is probably good, because I didn't really get much from it. I do applaud the idea of a bunch of minigames set around a quest, and making your own assets, I just didn't enjoy the game very much and had no idea how to play it properly because I had to turn down the sound so no visual text let me know what to do.

Voice overs are all well and good, but some times people can't or don't have music/sound playing in games (or they can't hear well) and thus text in conjunction with sound is always the better idea.

This is a super cute little game. Did I get stuck at certain parts? Yes. Did I still have fun and slap myself silly when I realised what to do next? Very yes. 

The graphics are cute and give the game a lot of charm. There's a few places where graphical aspects need polishing a bit more but for a proof of concept what is there gives a great idea of what the game is supposed to be like.

The gameplay is fun - you roll around as a rock or jump around as lava, switching between the two with the aid of fire and water. It's such a simple concept but works so well! The controls were really well done, too - you can tell a lot of work went into getting that aspect just right. This is definitely one of my favourite games of the IGMC so far. Great job!

The game is pretty cute - the graphics are used well and the characters are well-written and have a nice dynamic with each other. The battles can be a bit on the harder side, since there's a fair amount of one-person battling, especially if you find yourself up against two enemies. The battle system has a few neat ideas when it comes to magical use, though, which changes things up enough to give a fresh feel. The gameplay is alright - I couldn't really 'get' the puzzles, but the whole idea of splitting the party to work through puzzles is always a nice one, when done well.

I'm going to have to play more of the game, but I ended up dying on a two-monster fight so. Welp. XD

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The game is quite nice looking, and the character designs are really cute. I liked the general idea a lot and the puzzles were interesting and seemed to work well, though some of them could be explained a lot better. Sadly, I got a bug that caused a game over, so I only got part-way in, but I'll likely play more of the game later. 

While short, the game was pretty fun once you realised how the controls worked. The slow build in speed was a good idea, too. It'd be nice to have more stages and maybe some kinds of 'tricks' to do in the future (like, say, a loop-de-loop or the ability to slow for a short period) - maybe different 'dragons' could give you different skills? Well, just a thought. I had fun and managed to get  4090 points, but I'm sure others have beaten that score handily. XD

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The game is very pretty and I loved the aesthetic. The colours and sound really worked well to create an authentic retro-inspired metroid-esque experience. The stages were well thought-out and the character design was very appealing - both for allies and enemies. The game is cute af.

The gameplay consists of running around, jumping and floating your way through side-scrolling, colour-coded areas. There are various puzzles and battles are played as RPG-esque in that you went to a separate 'realm' to engage and destroy the enemies instead of shooting them on-map. This, I think, was a good idea.

Your skills were useful and interesting, and having to play timed minigames was a nice change from just inputting commands. One thing I did have issue with, however, was how floating/slidey the character was when jumping/landing and issues with moving blocks causing trouble with trying to jump to/from them. You'd slide off the edge of the block easily or couldn't jump at all on certain blocks, making some parts of the game more frustrating than fun. Which is a pity. Nail that issue down and the game will be great, though.

Overall the game shows a lot of promise, taking an old idea and giving it a fresh perspective by melding it with another idea and tweaking them both to fit. Also bunny girl is best girl.

I didn't get far into the game because I died, but that's on me not taking the challenge seriously and being distracted at the time by other things. That said, I'll definitely be playing more of it later, so I might edit this post to rectify anything.

I found the game charming and interesting. Granted, I would have liked to have made my own crew to rock the world with (so to speak) but the group given to you worked well enough as was anyway. The battles are a challenge, but the game spells out what you need to do in them and that's great. The aesthetic is very nice - reminiscent of retro games, but with it's own special twists. Overall, the game has a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing how it looks when the dev finishes with it.

Also, the game over screen was worth dying for. ;p

This game doesn't really reflect the screenshots shown, as far as I got into it, but then I stopped pretty short due to a bug and the annoyance that playing presented. The gameplay is non-typical to normal strategy/tactics games and thus, because there's no explanation on how to play, it was difficult to figure out. Only accidentally dragging the mouse helped me realise how to move.

But that wasn't the only issue - there's no turns. Meaning that you move at the same time as the enemy and you can move towards where you think they'll be but they can easily just move somewhere else at the same time as you move to them and thus miss them completely. I had to double-back on my path a few times in the hopes of running into an enemy to attack. Which is dumb.

On top of that, your characters cannot occupy the same square at any point or the game will freeze. Oh, and those you'd think would be long range (like the sniper) seem to require melee range in order to do anything. And movement is pretty slow.

Oh, and the first map is bland, empty and boring to look at. You aren't told anything about how to play - just given a group of characters to pick from and dumped in the scene. And that's all. Frankly, the game is a mess and the idea of movement at the same time should be looked at so that it can be better implemented, if not outright changed to standard turn-based tactic battles. There's a reason people stuck to that type of strategy battle - because it works. 

The game is basically a bunch of maps to explore in a mansion that has had some pretty horrific deaths occur within. You wake up in a bed and set off to explore. There's no story implemented just yet, and I ended up frozen out due to a bug, but overall the general idea is pretty good.

The presentation is nice - the mapping is well done and the idea of hiding and running from an unknown enemy, while not new, is still interesting, especially with the addition of a heart monitor in the mix. The atmosphere is added to not only by the graphics themselves (with pretty nice lighting) but also through sound and music, which fit well.

Honestly, it's a good base to build on and though we didn't get to see any hints about what the monster could be (if there even is one!) it does leave you wondering, which isn't a bad thing. The game has promise.