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Five years after the war, a boy returns home...
Submitted by Hide the Pain Studios, Exsomni, SmallCritter, Cloudkourin — 5 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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People's Choice Vote#54.4714.471
Degica's Choice#7n/an/a

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This game has a ton of potential, but it does need cleaning up in a lot of places.


The game is lovely and has a lot going for it. I can easily see it made into a longer, better game that would be a lot of fun to play. The main issues currently are the zombie dodging and the infodumps that give away the mystery right at the start. As cliche as it sounds, having the player find diary entries as they search through town and the lab would be a lot better as a story-despensing device. Also, having some kind of reaction to his parents talking about the lab stuff would be nice too (since I assume they were his parents and that he knows their names...)

Another issue was the introduction of the girl, who we had no idea about beyond the hamfisted reveal at the end. Hinting that he had a sister, that he was worried about her or that the mystery girl was linked to him in some way would have been nice instead of a sudden "Oh yeah, hi sis, oh no, bye sis" kind of thing at the end.

Overall, though, the game shows a lot of promise and with a bit of work could become something really special. I enjoyed what I played, even if I did get stuck a few times (I ended up playing to the end off-video and liked the aspect of the ending though I could easily see it being a multiple ending game based on actions you do and how 'affected' you get through your travels). 


The zombies are kind of frustrating (that dang alley one killed me like a hundred times) and it could use a bit more polish, but this is really strong start! Definitely one of the best I've seen so far in this contest.

How did you get pass the alley zombie


Awesome, awesome awesome! thank you @_firescribe for the recommend, this was an incredibly fun and entertaining little game and the art was heckin amazing!!


Pretty good! I really liked the character art and backgrounds the game has an excellent style to it. I had an interesting time playing it. I got stuck after the combination lock and wasn't sure where to go next. 


Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game so far. We have more surprises in store after the combination lock if you feel like giving the game another go~ We have a walkthrough linked in our description so if you ever get stuck you can always refer back to that!


Well, you've got good art style and characters. That's about it though. Everything about the gameplay fails to connect. To elaborate:

The backgrounds don't match up well with where the character can walk, nor do they show any indication of where the route to the other areas are. When I got the message about the destination being right ahead, I ended up walking the wrong way and going past the correct route.

The items on the ground don't mesh well with the background, with the stick barely even being visible due to how it camouflages with the road.

The inventory system would be hard to make worse. At the very least, if you're going to go with a click item then click usage spot system, you need to highlight the item that's currently selected. Further, there should be some response to doing something that doesn't work.

The rotating lock shows no indication of either what kind of lock it is or which numbers are relevant. The first time it's brought up, there's nothing to even say what the player can click on. This may seem small, but it shows a lack of design in the challenges. Everything the player interacts with should be thought through.

The journal is a text dump during a story that has been too minimal and visual to support suddenly stopping to read.

The first zombie encounter is basically a game over until the player can stumble into whatever they're supposed to do on that screen. It lacks any sense that it was polished as well.

Lastly, the text failing to explain how to use items stayed on the screen it appeared on even after I left and went back.


I have to say that the arts are good.
But I didn't have fun playing it. I don't know why. It was little boring for me.
Sorry, I just shared my opinion.


Well, I first time found this game in an FB page. I admit that I download it because of the CG and I didn't expect much about the background story, but I was wrong! It was fantastic! So as that background music, the art and the motions in this game! And I got much more than fun from this game, I'm from a country that didn't use English in normal life so, I have learned more vocabulary from this game.

P.S. Thank you so much to create this wonderful game><~!


I really enjoyed this game , the controls were a bit hard to use and it would be cool if we could run fast away from the zombies but I cant wait to play more <3  The sprites and environment are really really pretty and the story is very interesting


i *really* *really* wanted to like this. And I do, because I wanted to play it more. But I def rage-quit before even getting to the lab tbh. The alleyway with the zombie just....frustrated me. It's almost like you can't really get around them?  The lack of a health bar at least kind of makes it very anxious like because you don't really know how many hits you can take until you're dead. I am definitely intrigued in maybe watching someone's full playthrough of it because I really want to know what goes on!


Overall, this game was very well done! The story was very intriguing and kept me wanting to know more. I really enjoyed watching the small details pile up to form a cohesive and interesting story. The gameplay was a little rough around the edges (zombie why...), but it was functional enough for the purposes of the game. The UI could have been improved though (sometimes I had no idea what item I picked up and there was no ability to inspect it in my inventory or even get a name of the item). 
In the end though, the atmosphere is really where this game shines. It was truly immersive, and I felt both the fear and desire to learn more about the truth. The use of color in each room and the music that accompanies them really sets the mood upon walking in. 5 stars! Keep up the great work!


OMG THIS GAME IS SUPER SUGOI!!! All the characters in the game are  very kawaii~ (even the zombies <3)  I believe this game deserves 100/10 because I get to chase Iris around and make her my waifu :3









Great job on the game though! The music and graphics are very well done and pair greatly with the atmosphere of the game. The gameplay is also very reminiscent of the point-and-click flash games I've enjoyed a long time ago. I also liked the small details included in the game,  like the censored letter and the ripped manuscript. The plot is really intriguing, but the short length of the game does make the pacing seem rushed, which is understandable considering you all had only one month to complete this game.

I certainly hope to see a longer and more polished version of this game in the future. It would be great to have more character development, as well as a more fleshed out background story with side stories on the various inhabitants of the town. 

As for the gameplay, I would hope to see more complex zombie encounters, like ones which incorporates your character's ability to use items so the different gameplay mechanics can tie together. Also (as a small detail), I would personally prefer if the item-mixing mechanics involved dragging one item over another, as that would feel smoother than clicking both items.

Overall this game was really fun, and I believe there's lots of potential for this to be designed into a game rich with details and surprises. I give 5 sters.

(1 edit) (+1)

wow this was really exciting! I loved the art  and interesting plot. althought it was kinda difficult to run away from the zombies. I hope to see what happens next!


This was really fun to play! It was scary to run away from the zombies but the retries helped a lot. As others have mentioned, the corners were difficult to get around and using items were difficult, but they weren't big problems.

I loved the art and the story and I hope that this will be made into a full game!


I was notified of this game just a few hours ago via a friend of mine saying it was worth the play and it really was!! I really hope you guys are able to expand on this game more because I'd really love to know the background stories of both Aster and Iris more, as well as what happened to everyone in the town and how Iris is still alive and seemingly normal! Good job to the whole team, especially since this was done within a month, I'm so very pleased with how this indie game turned out! It's almost like an actual game, just gotta work on a few controls and such. But overall it was amazing, the music and art aesthetics were so pleasing and I really hope you guys have more to come in the near future!


I'm sorry for the late review...

To be quiet honest, since I'm such a bad gamer and a super scaredy cat I struggle a lot when the zombie start chasing after Aster... :'D


I love all of it... Even though it was such a short experience, I love every second it take to finish the game. The art add the creepy and abandoned feeling of the town. The water effect is super cool!! And also I really love the character design there! Iris's clothing really remind me of the red riding hood to be honest..XD The music... Don't make me start talking about how awesome and great the music is! The story is making me super curious now... It's kinda pointing out everything but still leave some for the player to imagine how the doom happen there...

It has a great potential and I bet if you guys want it, Everbloom can become a lot longer version there... I still want to know more... whether Aster is the one specimen that's escape (from one of the file)... And also how Iris could stay kinda "sane" there...

Good job guys! I'm super glad I could finish this game... No matter what the result will be, just know that you guys have one new fan of your game here...:D


Oh, by the way, just a bit suggestion... maybe you can make Aster control for movement with the A,W,S,D button too... since you guys also use the mouse for the control too... maybe it will make the playing experience a lot more smoother since I can use my left hand to move aster and use the space button while my right hand for the mouse function (?). And maybe add run function for Aster...

Just a friendly suggestion though...>< Overall still really love it!^^


The character and background art is all so lovely! I love the colors, and I especially like the way light and shadows are used to create the atmosphere. The game was able to craft a unique style for itself in a short period of time.

The sound design was really impressive as well, especially regarding the horror element. (Thoroughly spooked!!)

I enjoyed figuring out the puzzles and, as a person who likes clicking on everything multiple times, I'm happy there was so much flavor text! Thank you for the details. Hope to see more of this story :)


Very impressive


This was amazingly well crafted for just a month of work! The story flowed nicely, and art was really nice, and the music fit nicely, and the puzzles. I really enjoyed all the puzzles. They felt a little escape-roomy/old-school-adventure-game-esque with the cool connections between various pieces to find the combinations to unlock things. The zombies were also a scary surprise, and very cool when the lights went out and the music changed and you are panic lighting the lantern.

If you have plans to go over the game and polish it a bit more: The UI could definitely use some enhancements, somehow highlighting interactive objects would be nice (I found the matches and the key in the fountain completely by accident, just sort of randomly click around), and knowing what item was selected in the inventory would be helpful. Also clearer indicators of locations (I didn't realize you could walk into the first door in the clinic area until I had literally gone around the entire place and interacted with everything else). And a little AI to make the zombies a little more interactive to dodge (like make them pause a second when they get close and then make them quickly move to the player's location when they paused).

Overall though, amazing job for a month of work! Story was nice, and sitting through and reading the journal at the clinic was great. The parting picture of the flower as Aster is escaping was great as well. And the puzzles, once again were all really nice (especially the safe combination one! Would love to see what other games y'all can come up with.


Honestly, this was actually amazing and well executed.

The Art; the background scenery and the characters..So detailed and crisp.

The Music; it fit every situation. It honestly felt very alluring and i loved the smooth transition. 

Although it was a bit short (Haha due to the deadline of course) I liked it.

Nearly everyone was complaining about the zombies, and i thought it was pretty okay? I mean, it was a bit frustrating and challenging but, there's a certain trick to dodging them. But the area was pretty small though, but i think it was okay i guess.

The twist in the end kind of caught me off guard lolz


The zombies- at first might've been too fast but if you think carefully you can easily dodge them

The controls- Was a tad bit difficult, didn't even know if i was actually mashing 2 things together or not. And it was difficult for me to get the key out of the fountain because i wasn't sure if i was clicking it so i suggest you guys to have like some image or "signal" that i'm/we're clicking on it or like the item is able to be used, etc


Hope you guys can improve it later in the future if you guys have time!!

*Now for the awkward fangirling screaming rant*



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