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A prototype Action RPG based on old SNES RPGs! Set in a world of magic and technology.
Submitted by Pixel Control Studios — 6 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline

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Just played the game and the game had no direction in where to go. The story is you have to figure out on your own. I did some exploring and didn't find much besides large open areas which I hated walking around in.  The towns were huge and I also had to figure out the mechanics too.  You should add some guidance to that. 

I also noticed that the green bar didn't go down when the hp went down so...yeah. 

The graphics looks so JRPG and this whole game very much feels like JRPG. Though there isn't much story ahaha.

The game does have a lot of potential but I would like to see some more structure to this game. I was literally given the freedom to do anything like a sandbox game and it didn't appeal to me that well. It's like, you are the hero and you choose what you want to do feeling. So I wasn't too attached to this. 

Some of the animations, at least when walking out of the building or inside, if you kept trying to go, it feels like the character is walking in place. Just a minor detail. It feels off putting to me. 

The music was great, especially the spooky part, but there was no climax D: so it just felt like a stagnant scare, if that makes sense. I would really suggest scaling down your maps as the walking from one map to the next is so painful.

Oh and the main character sprite is too bouncy and a bit unsmooth. But other than that, a very retro game!


The game looks good aesthetically, with a style all it's own. There is a bit of stiffness in movement animations, but it's not a big deal being that this is a contest build. Just something to look at polishing up in the future. There's no instruction on how to use skills in-game which is an issue since skills don't use the usual keys. 

The story and plot is a bit up in the air. You are given direction but not really directed as where you should go and maps are so big and your walk speed so slow that it takes a while to get anywhere. I'd suggest making smaller maps for the town areas and bumping up walk speed a little.

Sometimes the fire spell doesn't shoot the ranged shot. Not sure if it needs a cool down before it does that or whether it's a bug. There's some weird inconsistencies such as having to talk to chickens from the top of their sprite. Also, I couldn't find a save point or menu. I figured ESC might bring something up but it just closed the program. Oops!

The dialogue and text in the game is pretty well written and much more interesting than the gameplay aspects are. I only found two ways to attack and they both did the same damage. One was sometimes ranged. There wasn't really a need to use one over the other so it felt a bit bland.

Ultimately it has some promise but it definitely needs a bit more work to make all the pieces gel together a bit better.


Hey y'all, I'm Shyruni,  one of the sprite artist and storyboarder/lore boi of the game.  First of all I wanted to thank anyone reading for checking out our project and trying it out, it really means a lot to us.  

Second, I had a feedback related question for you all: the game is currently built in a very open-world way with very minimal story out of subtle details.  The plan was to keep the open world aspect but add a main story to direct the player through it; not to necessarily limit exploration, but rather to provide a main goal and plot.

However, that's kind of why I want your input.  Would you prefer an actual story to the game, or do you like the more environmental open world feel of the current project?  I have my own thoughts on the matter, but I would like to hear from you guys what you are thinking while playing and what you feel like would be the most fun, engaging, and interesting.

I love the open world mechanics. Having the story being told through those open world events would be awesome. Like you can do them in any order and the story will still make sense.


Fantastic visuals and fun gameplay. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this world!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

Well we hope to win, but there is a ton of competition from the jam. Heh. We had fun and a lot of effort went in. We worked really hard to get something different from the rest. Few entries that used Unity3D got as far as we did. I wish we could update it some more but the competition is over. :(

I think you did a really great job with the time you had.


The sprite so awesom! there's some potential in this game! good luck guys <3


I really think this has a TON of potential. Character moves a bit slow for my liking, but there's a solid ARPG here.


Thank you for doing a playthrough of our game on your twitchsteam, we worked really hard on Animus Strife to get it where it is.


First 5 minutes in and I'm hooked.. I love this so much! Its hard to impress me with games but this one did. Good job!


Thank you. :)