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I love your reaction to the ending. And you perfectly explained the beginning of the story. Look forward to the release.

Thank you for your support! Look forward to updates and stuff from this dev blog!

1) I'm Yobob and I live on the westcoast!

2) I know how to write music and write interesting story but i'm willing to try drawing. That's a little hard for me.

3) I use a program called sibelius for my music notation. And I use RPG maker MV. I'm super good with it (I think).

4) I've finished a game called second chance. https://yobob.itch.io/second-chance

It's my first game that I made and I think it turned out very good.

5) You can contact me through this email. yobob123456789@yahoo.com (though I am hesitant in working with a team since i had abad experience with one)

1) Hey! I'm Yobob....Kinda want to use this name lol I'm a composer and a story writer....and also a physics major. Why am I making games...Backup plan LOL

2)I didn't participate in the jam but i want to join since this looks interesting.

3)I love the FF series! They inspired me to make music and as i made more music and started to love writing stories and then video games.

4)I do have a little game development experience and i worked with some people but it's been a fail since one of the artist had a major ego problem which made it very hard to communicate with him. We didn't talk about ourselves which i felt no connection with the artist. My other artist that I had (Which was stupid of me to do) is that i dropped that artist for the ego artist. UGHUGHGUHGUHG The ego artist knew what he was doing and i thought i could learn from him...I did a little bit. Market, market, market.

5) I LOVE music. Especially classical music. Or video game music. AND anime lol because some anime just make you cry!

6)I don't know if i consider myself a vet but i do have enough expereince to say this. Expose yourself early or else it'll bite you in the butt when you release your game. Make blogs or something to create a fanbase.

Free to play!

Fun, adventurous, and tons of humor!

Try it HERE.