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The game looks good aesthetically, with a style all it's own. There is a bit of stiffness in movement animations, but it's not a big deal being that this is a contest build. Just something to look at polishing up in the future. There's no instruction on how to use skills in-game which is an issue since skills don't use the usual keys. 

The story and plot is a bit up in the air. You are given direction but not really directed as where you should go and maps are so big and your walk speed so slow that it takes a while to get anywhere. I'd suggest making smaller maps for the town areas and bumping up walk speed a little.

Sometimes the fire spell doesn't shoot the ranged shot. Not sure if it needs a cool down before it does that or whether it's a bug. There's some weird inconsistencies such as having to talk to chickens from the top of their sprite. Also, I couldn't find a save point or menu. I figured ESC might bring something up but it just closed the program. Oops!

The dialogue and text in the game is pretty well written and much more interesting than the gameplay aspects are. I only found two ways to attack and they both did the same damage. One was sometimes ranged. There wasn't really a need to use one over the other so it felt a bit bland.

Ultimately it has some promise but it definitely needs a bit more work to make all the pieces gel together a bit better.