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Nice game! I wasn't sure if there were more than two endings, but I really liked the fact you based the locations on real life ones! I hope you make more games like this one!

It works now! I can't wait to stream it tonight

It seems it might be causing some sort of crashing issue as well. I tried to load it and 20 minutes later my computer blue screened. I think something may be causing a memory leak.

Just downloaded it, and all I get is a black screen and the game doesn't load at all.

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So, lemme clarify my comments, as I don't think you saw the live stream of this

First dungeon was incredibly easy and I could button mash my way through it. Subsequent dungeons took strategy, but there were enemies 1 shotting my characters. This was what I meant by balance. No trash mob character should be doing all or nearly all of my HP in damage as the first strike.

I didn't hit level 5 at the end of the first dungeon. Maybe 3-4 at best.

I also sold items to the guy in the castle. I didn't get nearly enough from the monster drops and had to sell star souls to get equipment.

My equipment choices didn't change from dungeon to dungeon, and the reward of only one "better" item when I have several party members was paltry, at best. Again, it ties to balance.

The game had some interesting points and a different story, but certain things IMO held it back.

You're welcome! I look forward to whatever you come up with in the future!

WOW This is crazy that you did this xD

I would love to try it out! 

I actually did enjoy it! Good work!

You also did The Lost Art of Innkeeping?! I really enjoyed that one, too! I also streamed it!

If you ever finish this, let me know. I would love to see how it all turns out. The comedy was GOLDEN

I really hope you do. I just adored the little world you made here!

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The thing about making a game around a specific strategy, is did you give the player all the information and knowledge to actually USE that strat, or did you just assume they would read it themselves?

Sometimes, even in difficult games, you need to sort of 'spoonfeed' your players certain mechanics or guide them towards the information. Then, the errors lie on them, not your design. But, IMO, I still was it truly 'wrong'? ;P

Just some advice. I also didn't think the ending was 'dumb' per say, but it does raise some interesting moral gray areas. Even some potential dangers. Does it make him evil to strip her of herself? What if she regains her memories? Etc.

It also really does kind of feel like the start to some bigger, interesting story if it dives into those ideas.

I like the concept and would love to see it expanded upon!

Let me know when you have a version ready!

I liked how easy it was to swap between the animals and how you had to use the different forms to overcome puzzles. I would have liked some more depth to the puzzles themselves, but it was still a nice game with really good custom art assets.

Suggestion: Allow the player to swap from animal to animal, instead of having to go back to a human again.

I really liked the setup and how everything was labeled. It made getting around easier. I also really liked the inclusion of the gender-fluid character, but Leo can miss me with that TERF poop. Hopefully she learns the errors of her ways ;P Still, a fun little setup for a magical girl tale that has me curious what will happen next.

Suggestion: It kinda takes a while to get to the really cool stuff, so maybe speed it up a bit.

Even without any dialog I really enjoyed the story. The puzzles were varied, and easy to understand without any tutorials and the visuals were just an absolute treat. There was a tiny bit of lag around the brambles that popped out of the ground, but otherwise flawless.

Suggestion: I can’t think of anything other than coming up with a way to adjust that lag.

It kinda threw you into the fight right away and it was a little jarring at first, but I quickly picked up on the mechanics and got comfortable with them. I would have liked to see some sort of small tutorial at least explaining how to fire. I got to a black screen and couldn't advance.

Suggestion: Definitely ease the player a bit more into the game itself.

While the jumping was a little rough, the game itself was amazingly well done. The art direction was also impeccable, and I had a LOT of fun playing it, and wanting to know more about the game and the world's lore and especially about Arp. Very nicely done.

Suggestion: I got soft locked by exploring the level, thinking I was going to find a secret. It was also a little hard to figure out what to do next at times, especially since I didn’t realize I could go in a direction I didn’t until later.


I rather liked this game, and how the outfits determined certain stat changes to the characters AND changed their in-game looks! A good entry, especially with how it gave information, but didn't force feed it to the player. However, the fights were a little lengthy (some enemies felt like HP sponges) and the second boss was VERY difficult.

Suggestion: Definitely adjust the balance a bit for the boss, and reduce the HP on enemies so it doesn’t feel so grindy.

I honestly can't believe this was done with ZERO plugins. I would have liked a little more tutorial in that it tells me what petting the monsters does for them, and that you can only catch wandering monsters (not those in the tall grass). An excellent example of a game that has zero dialog and story as well. One of my favorite entries.

Suggestion: Tell the player what petting does, and give some sort of system to hold onto monsters you’ve already captured so you don’t have to give up a powerful party to just try and get to a secret area.

SUPER CUTE. I kinda of wish there was a way to view the achievements, but this game was short, sweet, and even had multiple endings. Really enjoyed this one, and thought it was a nice, fun title to play.

Suggestion: Maybe give the player prompts to save their game when they are about to do an action they can’t reverse.

I'm not usually a fan of ARPG games, but this one was a lot of fun. Using a controller felt intuitive and the movement was smooth. It was also very straightforward getting from point to point. I will say that it felt a bit too dark in most areas.

Suggestion: Lighten up the game. I actually found the controls pretty great.

Another excellent title that really personified what this jam was all about. Some of the battles were a little rough, but it was also incredibly forgiving. I wasn't able to beat it in the full hour so my thoughts are only on that hour, but this game hit all the right notes. Loved the art as well.

Suggestion: Maybe give some more guidance to weaknesses for enemies. Or, give another option for damage for the enemies that you HAVE to counterattack.

I liked the Oregon Trail aspects with the choices and immediate results. I was sad that the demo ended just as I was about to head out into the world! The art assets and music were also very well chosen and fit nicely together. I eagerly look forward to more.

Suggestion: I would love some more of those choices that affected the game world!

Cute art and a very large, incredibly unique, interesting, and varied cast. However a soft lock and error with the puzzles kept me from completing the game. 

Suggestion: Test the puzzles and variables next time before building the rest of the game. They were interesting and varied, but if they don’t work then the rest of the game will suffer.

I couldn't tell exactly what I was supposed to do. I leveled myself up to 99 after talking to and interacting with everyone and everything, then faced the boss. I won and got a game over. Losing the fight made me try again, but only with one HP, causing it to be a forever loop of lose. I couldn't understand the point to the game, and there was no story or introduction, just a lot of pep talks.

Suggestion: Make sure the player knows what is expected of them and give the game a proper ending.

I liked the idea of the puzzle game, but even with the other project added to the end, it was only 11 minutes of content. I got softlocked at one point. The text font was also kinda off-puting when mixed with the background for the text boxes, and the text speed was stuttering in odd spots. The segues for different music in a single scene was also a bit jarring and rough.

Suggestion: Make the puzzle game AND finish the other project. Both have great potential!

I did all I had to do within 3 minutes, and the game is also unfinishable. Therefore, I did not judge this title.

This was made with MV, and therefore I did not judge it.

Amazingly done custom art and tiles, excellent choice of font, and dynamic, interesting, UNIQUE characters. An excellent entry and one I feel fully encapsulates what this jam set out to do. I especially love how you made it randomly different.

Suggestion: I WANT MORE. I love how this game is set up.

Excellent story, great use of the tiles and characters (especially the little custom animations for head shakes and sleeping, etc). The beginning is a little dicey with the bugs attacking as often and as hard as they do, and gold doesn't freely flow as often. However, by the second area (especially after you get a second member) it eases up to doable.

Suggestion: Definitely tune the start of the game to be a little easier for the player and/or adjust the cost of the inn at the start.

Great use of FinalBossBlue's tilesets and characters! An interesting, fun, and unique concept. It was a lot of fun although I never figured out how to gain influence, and only got 2nd place. It's something I would enjoy seeing elaborated on.

Suggestion: Definitely elaborate on the different aspects of the game so they can actually lead to some interesting tactics to try and win. Also, fix the timing on that ‘Simon says’ mad lab one. I dunno if it was intentional, but all lights seemed to go off at once at the end and it’s impossible to figure out which to hit in what order.

Fantastic game. Loved the style and the way it was written. Excellent entry, and exactly the kind of thing I was expecting for this jam.

Suggestion: Just finish it, please! This was delightfully charming.

Really dynamic gameplay, and not something I think I would find in an MZ game (in a good way!). That said, things feel a little TOO frantic. I couldn't get past the second stage boss, and when I played the arcade mode I was able to nearly defeat the 3rd easily (a few more tires and I would have gotten it). The difficulty ramp is very VERY steep. Perhaps TOO steep. Also, I feel that with the engine it might be able to handle the multiple precise inputs for a game like this, so with things going as fast as they were, I was reacting, but getting hit with something else, like a random projectile that came out of nowhere.

Suggestion: It doesn’t have to be so frantic, and it can still SEEM like it is, especially with damage taken stun locking the character. Give them invulnerability frames. Also, definitely tone down the difficulty. While it’s a boss rush mode, that second boss was NO JOKE.

Very nice puzzle game, but with a few issues. I felt rushed when trying to make the 'perfect dream' and didn't hit the mark more than once. The unlocking of the switches made me feel frantic rather than enjoying it, and having to do it every time was more of a chore than a challenge. I did like the custom art and the sad story, however.

Suggestion: It was a little difficult to find the ‘perfect dream’ until AFTER I was already there. Maybe give some hints before the player goes? Also, a timed puzzle was not my idea of a good time to figure out what to bring. It made me feel rushed and not in a good way. Maybe randomize the puzzle after each trip, to keep it there, but keep it unlocked until you grab the pieces.

Great custom art and animations, however it felt very short. I liked the idea of a larger game world that the player could work within.

Suggestion: Give some more meat to the game! You’re a great dev and these jams prove that 100%. It really did feel far too short and just left me wanting more and to know exactly what was going on in this universe and with the MC.

I really enjoyed the concept and the little bits of humor. The battles were a bit unbalanced (regular enemies not doing any damage, and bosses doing a LOT). I enjoyed it however.

Suggestion: Tone down the encounter rate, and beef up regular enemies (or drastically tone down the boss). I thought it would be a cake walk, but it turned out to be VERY hard hitting when I finally faced the boss.

Interesting story, but the battles felt like they didn't matter and were just there as a time sink. The controls felt a little laggy when moving (you just tap and it only turns up in that direction) so this made the highway scene a little frantic.

Suggestion: I wasn’t a fan of the input lag for directions, and would have much rather preferred being able to turn and move in that direction as soon as I hit the key to do so. The enemies were far too ‘spongy’ (too much HP) and gave little reason to actually fight them (no items or money or experience).