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Damn, someone sounds a little cranky.

I, just wish I knew how to get all the endings lol

Sir, that was NOT a pizza.

Got stuck on the box puzzle code, couldn't find the 4th symbol, NOR what order they were supposed to be in.

Short and sweet! Loved the pixel art in this one, too.

I was going to stream this. I cannot believe From Software got to you first.

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Kind of bare bones at the moment, but the dev has proven themselves with their past projects, so I'm confident they'll add more content soon. It really does need faster progression ASAP tho lol

Sadly, this keeps crashing.

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I wish the dialog was more like this ALL the time:

Windows Defender found a trojan in the .exe, and it's 100% not a false positive.

Who Killed HawkZombie? community · Created a new topic FAQ
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Any and all questions and/or concerns about the game jam will be posted here for ease of viewing.

  • Can I recruit for my team? Can I be on multiple teams?
    • Sure! Just remember that if a team wins, the prize money will ONLY be given to the person who submitted the game.
  • Can I submit more than one game to the jam?
    • Yes!
  • There's not much info about your Hawk...
    • Yeah, I know. It's unfortunately my fault, so feel free to make up some stuff that fits your game's narrative! This game jam is kind of a way for me to fix that issue, too...
  • Can I submit late?
    • Nope! Since this is for cash prizes, no late submissions will be accepted.
  • Can I use voices or clips from the twitch channel?
    • Yep! Just be sure to ONLY use HawkZombie's voice, or clips without copywritten content within them.
  • Does my submission need to have a downloadable version?
    • I would prefer it. I find it far easier to set up to stream.
  • Where can I find more information not listed here?

The intro is unsettling as hell. I'll admit, I almost turned it off, but the rest of the game was very dark and well-crafted. I'd say in the future, you can still do unsettling things, but try not to focus on them for so long.

Is the game SFW?

This game surprised the hell out of me. It may not look the best, but the story is gripping and well worth the time invested. I loved it.

Oh thank god it wasn't just me not figuring something out.

This game was insane. You'd think the text-to-speech would be annoying but it hilariously fit.

This has been a strong group of games this year. Love it!


*heavy sigh*

I'm looking for my boys. You know who you are. Contact me.


I love all your games. Just wish the Endless Mode had a little more to it.

Really enjoyed this one.

I thought about giving a week as a few people have had to step away due to IRL situations, but I think a single 24 hour extension is enough for people to finish up what they need. So good luck everyone! YOU HAVE ONE EXTRA DAY!

Well...I made sure it was closed.

I dunno about the rest of you, but I've been a good boy all year.

Interesting. Played a little off, but that ending was...something else.

Full playthrough of the good ending.

Had a few shortcomings, but was short and enjoyable.

At least they're free range.

Not terrible, but has a few issues. You've definitely got a style!

Cute, but very sad. Well done!

Your stuff is so wonderfully delightful.


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Since I cannot rate this, I will say, that while there were a few bugs and the minigames were a LITTLE janky, I found this to be fun, adorable, and really REALLY wish there was more to play. Eggcellent work.

The god.