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Can you add a location-based imaged (IE: an actual map other than the dark space) to the minimap?


Played this as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk. LOVED IT! Except for the POV of the camera. Really did NOT like how it was slanted. It was far too distracting and took away from what was otherwise an incredibly well-written and interesting game.

Great game!

Thanks for posting that, Berry!!

If it's the Wrong Turn I'm did you 100% the game, then? One of the endings is IN that Wrong Turn.

I can't figure out how to get there a walkthrough anywhere?

SPOILERS but a potential bug...

When you move the cat and go into the Time and Space Wrong Turn, during the boss fight the HUD bugged out, and no longer I had no idea the status of my party. I managed to win, but only because I got SUPER lucky, and healed every other turn.

I am also curious if this is still supported or not.



Gonna stream this tonight at!

A bit linear, but it gave a good idea of what kind of game and world this whole project is, and what it is about.

An emotional roller coaster from start to finish.

Not a huge fan of the combat, but everything else was really nicely done.

Interesting, but even when I followed the instructions on how to set the spike trap, I wasn't able to place them on the proper tile. I then restarted it (using the F12...or was it 5?) and the game wouldn't load at all. Tried a few times before giving up. Some null name error.

I tried to go into the garage and the game crashed lol

Adorable and cute design, clever level design, and very good controls. I really enjoyed this one.

Some of the text descriptions were a bit too graphic for my tastes (and my stream viewers XD) But I played through to the was an interesting game, but I agree with the other comment: the ending felt rushed.

Play the windows version. The original song in this is well worth it alone.

The art in this is phenomenal and fits it so very, very well.

I'll be uploading the video I played of it to my YouTube soon!

Screw Might No. 9...this is SO FREAKING AWESOME. Streamed it, and the chat loved it.

It's short, but sweet. I really enjoyed it and the puzzles were nicely done.

I'll echo it: Cowboy Bebop. It's got a lot of influence from it, and it's a good thing. Really nice use of the tilesets, too.

very interesting and unique character designs.

The dialog is worth the price of admission alone.

No story or monster (yet) but the maps look phenomenal and are very well-crafted.

I really liked the comic cut-scenes.

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This gives me so many feelings of nostalgia it's insane. One of the better RPGs I've played in a while.

I really think this has a TON of potential. Character moves a bit slow for my liking, but there's a solid ARPG here.

I really like that you can play it over and over, retaining your abilities and 'cash' to get the different endings.

Love the graphics, and very well done for a platformer made in RPG Maker. A little floaty on the controls, but there is a LOT of potential here.

Cute style, interesting story, and well-made graphics. Excellent!

Played it on my stream and enjoyed it!

I felt that it took a bit too long to get started, but then when it did it felt like it wasn't sure what kind of game it wanted to really emulate...or, more accurately, what type of horror. I don't want to give spoilers, but it jumped around a bit and made me (and my viewers) go "HUH?!"

I really hope this gets fleshed out into a full game. I really want to find out what happens and how many more genres you can cram in here XD

I will say, as a solid critique: it takes FOREVER to get started. You could completely do away with the hopsital entrance and it wouldn't affect that game at all IMO.

Quite an entertaining entry. Good luck!

Ok, folks! Here is how things are going to go for the JAM: I am going to start an early stream, around 10am MST (It's my birthday and my wife wants to take me to lunch :P) 

If you can make it, GREAT! If not, so worries; I'll be streaming again at my regular time with my regular game (Alien: Isolation) at 8pm MST (maybe 9...depends on how trick or treating goes). Along with awarding prizes in the early stream I will also be giving away game codes and humble bundle links!

Hope to see you guys there!

Sorry it took me so long to reply...I sent an e-mail with more details. Hope that helps.

After the fork in the road choice, and you find a cottage, the game crashes with this error:

FAILED TO LOAD: img/faces/PSF-Face05%20(1).png

If your game doesn't have anything (however remote) to do with the theme, please don't enter it...I'm just going to remove it.