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Thank you!

Thanks! Maybe!

Thanks so much!

Thank you, I'll check yours out when I have time! Looks neat!

I hope you enjoy it!

I agree. It's almost there!

Feel free to drop by and check our game out as well if you have some time. :)

Hahaha glad you enjoyed it!

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Awesome! So glad you liked it- and glad you made it through to the end! I'll share this on my Twitter

Great to hear!

Thank you!


Ahhhhh I need to see the rest! :D

Oh this is so cool to see. I'm watching now. Will definitely be sharing around. Would love to see you complete it. :D

It's not something you want to hear someone say.

Glad you enjoyed the vibes!

Awesome- if you do and save it I'd LOVE to watch so feel free to post it here!

Your hard work definitely came across.

Feel free to check our game out too if you have some time! :)

Wow, thank you so much!

GREAT visual work, and some fun sound work too. It felt good to play! Awesome.

Very fun writing and some genuinely cool visual work too. Awesome job!

LOVE the visual presentation. The platforming felt responsive too. And just as a concept I think you executed the theme well- fun to see that the characters were likenesses of you and your daughter.

I only have minor critiques: The mapping of L to shoot is kinda awkward, especially when the game also uses the mouse for another mapping, and the use of the portal was a little unreliable sometimes.

Overall I think you made a wonderful little game here with tons of room to expand.

I think you've got a good setup going and with some tweaks it could be a great experience though!

Feel free to check our game out too if you have the time. :)

Yeah, my favorite way to end it is with a crit shotgun shot.

It's a fun way to open for sure!

Thank you!

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks- yeah it was fun to play around with and I think we hit the right tone with the opening.

Thank you!

Thanks! It was a fun engine to learn.

Awesome! Thank you!

Of course! And feel free to drop by and check out our game too if you have the extra time. :)

I'll check later and will def play this in browser soon too!


Win10. Very strange. I'll redownload, maybe something was weird with the dl.

Thank you! Yours did too! Thanks for playing :)

Thanks so much- and thanks for the Twitter follow! I'll be keeping an eye on your stuff too! :D

Love the combination of mechanics, the game has a great vibe!

Well, thank you for making a cool game :)

Feel free to stop by and check out our game too if you have some time.

Also- that transitional animation between levels is super slick.

No problem, so have I :D

Feel free to drop by and check out our game!

Thank you for making such a cool game!