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Just played the game and the game had no direction in where to go. The story is you have to figure out on your own. I did some exploring and didn't find much besides large open areas which I hated walking around in.  The towns were huge and I also had to figure out the mechanics too.  You should add some guidance to that. 

I also noticed that the green bar didn't go down when the hp went down so...yeah. 

The graphics looks so JRPG and this whole game very much feels like JRPG. Though there isn't much story ahaha.

The game does have a lot of potential but I would like to see some more structure to this game. I was literally given the freedom to do anything like a sandbox game and it didn't appeal to me that well. It's like, you are the hero and you choose what you want to do feeling. So I wasn't too attached to this. 

Some of the animations, at least when walking out of the building or inside, if you kept trying to go, it feels like the character is walking in place. Just a minor detail. It feels off putting to me. 

The music was great, especially the spooky part, but there was no climax D: so it just felt like a stagnant scare, if that makes sense. I would really suggest scaling down your maps as the walking from one map to the next is so painful.

Oh and the main character sprite is too bouncy and a bit unsmooth. But other than that, a very retro game!