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Thanks to all your support guys! Number 34 in peoples choice is so awesome! :D

Hey just wanted to comment on your entry. I didn't play this one because I have a Mac but I noticed right away that you are 13! Wow.. Anyway I want you to know that you shouldn't be discouraged by the rank you received. You know most adults don't EVER finish a project? You should be proud of finishing this and I wanted to tell you to keep at it! Don't ever stop making games okay?

Thanks so much for playing it! I enjoyed watching your video as well. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate your feedback! 

Yeah! My discord is KendallFire (Starlight)#7635

Send me a friend request.

Wow! Thank you so much! Your kind words really are appreciated! I'm gonna be honest, I was having a very emotional night and reading this made me feel much better about everything. Thank you again for your feedback.


If you have problems opening the file, please go into the zip file and change the name of the folder Starlight CB so it has no space in between and it should work fine. 

There was a problem that was reported to be a file directory naming issue causing the game.exe not to open. 

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To be perfectly honest, there are many many different possibilities as to why entries may have absurd amounts of votes but no following or no game in the popular games section.

1: It is totally possible to get your friends and or family to play and vote for your game. Naturally friends and family are going to rate your game a high rating because they love you.

2: The ratings of are different then the ratings for the igmc. This means that the number of ratings in the igmc DOES NOT affect the games in the popular games section. 

3: Sadly the peoples vote is usually the hardest win to acquire because to win it, you kinda have to have some sort of following and be a super awesome marketer to win it. People sometimes vote through screenshots without even playing the game. (Please don’t do this.)

4: Lastly, the number of ratings an entry has might be different then the high rated games. I don’t believe there is a way to check, but I think how they determine this voting thing is by the games that have the highest amount of ratings not votes. This means that a game could be given 50 ratings but they all could be 1 star ratings and a game with 20 or so 5 star ratings would do much better in the people’s choice. 

I have yet to find one so I think not. I would like this as well.

Thanks for playing it! 

thank you!

me too. My artist didn’t finish in time.

Hey, EmmaFM. This is a completely different version. Unfortunately my entry from last year, the files got corrupted and my backups were on my flashdrive which got stolen when I left it in one of my college classes. For this year, I decided to rework everything from scratch! :D

But the story, characters, graphics, and music have all changed pretty drastically. Its a completely different game and in my opinion, much better than last years.

Thank you so much! 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh okay. One of my friends played my entry on my computer and then created an account, and then logged into it on my computer to rate it. She doesn’t have a working computer so I told her to do that since she seemed interested in rating it. When you check the ips, is that gonna be a problem since the rating was done by my friend on the same computer? 

Thanks so much!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

I think its an honor system. I doubt the contest judges have control over it sadly. I thought of this too.

This looks adorable! I'm excited to try this one!

First 5 minutes in and I'm hooked.. I love this so much! Its hard to impress me with games but this one did. Good job!

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New update: The new sprites have been added in and the story has changed a bit. Feel free to check out the changes here.

Also here is the new trailer!

Nice! I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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All the graphics for the characters should be finished this upcoming thursday the 22nd of November. I should have a new executable up and running sometime in the upcoming weekend. Thanks so much for everyone's support!

Above is a preview of the sprites.  ^^

Thank you!

New Updates: My artist should be finished just in time for me to update all of my character sprites and Face Graphics. Here is the new look of the sprites for Starlight CB! 

These sprites do need to be scaled down to the tileset's size but this is what I'm going for. Hope you like it!

P.S. The portraits above are gonna be changed as well. 

Possible things to come: I'm in contact with an artist who may help me design original artwork for the characters so it is very possible the RTP in this game will go. I do not know if the artist will be able to finish before the deadline and if he does, if I will have time to update the graphics but please stay tuned!

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Hey game jammers! Even though I've already submitted my entry, I still want to jump on this bandwagon and have a Project Thread. Starlight CB is currently in the entries page of the IGMC but I do plan on updating it. So here goes! 

Meet Eliot 

Meet Luna

Meet Nash

And Aria

Here are some screenshots as well as some animated gifs.


Here is the game page:

Thanks! The menu took a LOT of work... if you are familiar with RPG Maker MV, that menu is all evented. I hope you enjoyed it. 

It is a fun little game! Very entertaining story! Looking forward to seeing more of it.

Feel free to post feedback here! I'm always open to all types of feedback and I do take constructive criticism very well. Hope you enjoy the game!

Thank you for your feedback!! You do gain magic after the second battle so it does make it easier and less tedious going forward. The reason why you don't start with magic is that you are supposed to only gain it after you create stars as the description and storyline says. Right after the second battle you gain fire magic and it definitely makes it easier. 

Thank you! Hope you enjoy playing it!

I am so glad you enjoyed it!

Update 1.2: Check the Devlog on the game page for more information.

Update 1.1: Check the Devlog on the game page to see what's different. 

Hello Enigma, thank you so much for your feedback! I'll be sure to fix those errors right away. I'm glad you enjoyed it.