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I've always wanted to try alien tinder xD This is such a unique and creative idea I love it! Now I really wanna see what other characters you'll introduce to us

Zooming into the bar would be a great idea! We did that for the city map and realized it was pretty helpful for guiding people along the level, so we'll try to implement that for the first map too :) Thanks for playing our game and for your kind words! 

Thanks for taking the time to play our game! :D Really happy you liked the art and the mechanics! This is our first time making something more gameplay focused than story focused so we're really glad it was fun for you! If you'd like, there's a full demo version without the nasty bug in our game page description, or you can download it here !

This is a pretty cool game! The gameplay was very smooth and straightforward, although I did have issues with how sometimes even when I'm walking the other way the player still shoots from behind. Overall a pretty fun game with lots of potential for expansion too :D

This is such a cute concept, love the backgrounds and the music you used! The gameplay was very smooth too and blasting off into the sky just felt so satisfying lol. I want my packages delivered by this doggo pls ;v;)b

Cool game! I like how you have limited bullets so you have to choose whether or not to get into certain battles, and it was fun trying to aim at the harder to hit enemies.

A cute kitty exploring space is just what we need! My one struggle with this game would be that the jumps were really short and quick, which made it difficult to get onto a lot of the higher platforms, but overall I loved the theme and the graphics for this game! (and the purrs haha)

This was a really nice straightforward game! I like how you get a shield after u take damage and it had a good difficulty level :) The intergalactic shop keeper is pretty cool haha

I can tell you probably spent a while on all the animations, kudos to you! The game is very user intuitive with the signs telling you what to do, overall a great game especially with this being your first.

PINEAPPLE DOES NOT GO ON PIZZA LOLOL. I loved the concept of this game, going to different planets and entering different dreams! I found that the text was cut off in the browser version, and maybe some of the colliders could be adjusted so the jumps are more smooth? (Because I kept getting stuck on walls >_>) Really lovely small game!

Can't believe I can finally play as a corporate kitty slave LOLOL This game is so cute! I love the meowing mechanic really making me stop and think about the path of the guards. I found the level where you had to climb up in a ladder way (for lack of better description) to be somewhat challenging because I kept hitting my head on the blocks and cutting my jump short;; overall it was a really fun and intuitive game! 

This is such a cute game! I really like the idea of being able to create your own platforms by shooting objects. I got a little frustrated at the timing level because I couldn't hit the red button fast enough orz but I love how well the game flows!

Awesome game!! The animations are so smooth and I love the cute art :D It's pretty addicting to play even though I keep dying LOL 

Thanks for giving our new version a try!! Really glad you like the mechanics : D It means a lot to us! ^^ 

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Since the final version submitted cannot be played until the end screen, if you'd like to play a full demo version, please download it here.

Of course, this version is not to be considered as part of the competition, it is just for a more proper playthrough. We really like to see people play our games and hear feedback!

Thanks for playing the game! We've edited it during the grace period to have more indicators. (Though there's still a lot more we wanted to do to polish the game up a bit.)

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Hello! Thank you very much for trying out the game. Yeah, we are definitely aware of all the issues with QOL and all... sadly we were short on time so these aspects were not polished enough. :( There was supposed to be an indicator for various things like transforming, which we added during the grace period. (We also added some dialogue with NPCs that was planned but missing.)

According to the comments we tried to shake the train less, and increased the jump a bit to help with climbing up the pipes. Thanks for your thoughts, we'll definitely consider them for any future patches. 

(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

Thank you so much for giving our game a try, and thanks for the feedback! 

We'll try to make the instructions and puzzles more clear, and probably update it within the grace period if you'd like to give it another go! ^^

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Unfortunately we were REALLY tight on time for the game so many graphical issues were not fixed before submission LOL (we submitted seconds before the deadline...)  ಥ_ಥ

game.rar is the version submitted before the grace period (only playable until end of tree map before game breaking bugs, and many graphical issues)

Beginner GameJam Game.rar has many issues ironed out, and is from the grace period. Game is playable until the City Map (unfortunately that map cannot be finished.)


Puzzle order for tree map (spoilers):

Activate the lever on the other side of the tree.

Press Z next to regular form to return.

Pump water underneath the metal structure.

Jump on tree to reach next level on right.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game so far. We have more surprises in store after the combination lock if you feel like giving the game another go~ We have a walkthrough linked in our description so if you ever get stuck you can always refer back to that!

I received this game from secret santa!

The concept for the whole game is definitely unique and very interesting! The graphics and art is very cute and I really liked the whole atmosphere of the game. I really enjoyed the dialogue and box art in this game too. 

The controls are a bit floaty and makes the game very difficult to play at certain areas, oftentimes making me fall off something I spent a lot of time trying to jump onto. I think this is mainly due to the acceleration physics. Personally, I feel the acceleration physics did not add to the game and instead made it frustrating in a way that detracted from the experience. I think the game would be better without physics, and instead has a simple mario-style gravity/movement system..

Overall, its a very cute and unique platformer experience. I think with a bit of tweaking, the game has lots of potential to become something really great!

Thank you! We found out about this contest late so we started one week late into the contest so a lot of things were left unfinished or had to get scrapped out due to lack of time >< So we're really glad that you enjoyed it! 

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Thanks for checking our game out! We appreciate the constructive feedback and we agree that these are good points to look into improving in future builds. 

Thanks for checking us out! We're so glad you enjoyed the game. We have a walkthrough linked on our game page if you're interested in checking that out for the solution to the safe vault!

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Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by and giving our game a try! For item activation, make sure you're not double clicking the item or real world objects as that resets the combination check. I find myself doing that accidentally sometimes, leading to item combinations not activating at times. Unfortunately, there currently isn't a save system only an ingame checkpoint respawn system. Sorry about that! It's definitely something we will need to add in a more polished build.