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One man's journey to a strange planet.
Submitted by Hide the Pain Studios, Exsomni — 44 seconds before the deadline
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The art is fantastic! The BGM also fits perfectly. Platforms and game mechanics are really creative. It's little bit pity that we are stuck at level 3. Really good job on this one! I will show this project to my team for inspiration


Thanks for taking the time to play our game! :D Really happy you liked the art and the mechanics! This is our first time making something more gameplay focused than story focused so we're really glad it was fun for you! If you'd like, there's a full demo version without the nasty bug in our game page description, or you can download it here !

Submitted (1 edit)


I like the Art in this game, It's Beautiful. The Music sounds Nice and Spoopy and fits with the theme of the Game nicely. The Idea of Spirit Mode allowing the Player to interact with Invisible Objects is Clever. The Skull Mask and Sprite change when entering Spirit Mode is pretty Cool too.

I decide to go into the Game Blind and didn't know that you guys post the solution for the Tree Map. I didn't realize the Metal Bar that was blocking the Pump disappear so i tried to Jump into the Slope manually Instead. but I eventualy realize it and Interact with Pump. Maybe you guys should Zoom the Camera into the Unlocked Metal Bar? (Or maybe I'm just Stupid Haha :D )

The Second and Third Stage is nice. The Camera Zoom in to indicate what change so it helps the Player to know and I also like the Platforming on those Stage.

Overall I think this is a Pretty nice Demo :D

(Sorry for my Bad English. It's not my Native Language XD )


Zooming into the bar would be a great idea! We did that for the city map and realized it was pretty helpful for guiding people along the level, so we'll try to implement that for the first map too :) Thanks for playing our game and for your kind words! 

Developer (3 edits)

Since the final version submitted cannot be played until the end screen, if you'd like to play a full demo version, please download it here.

Of course, this version is not to be considered as part of the competition, it is just for a more proper playthrough. We really like to see people play our games and hear feedback!


The game is beautiful and atmospheric. I loved the music too. But there are no indicators as to what to do. I had to come read comments to figure it out. The first puzzle should be easy enough for the player to figure out or they might not want to keep going. An indicator to press space at the door, and the guide telling you to press Z would have solved all of that. As it was I was waiting for the shaking to stop to indicate that I was at the next stop, but it never stopped. 


Thanks for playing the game! We've edited it during the grace period to have more indicators. (Though there's still a lot more we wanted to do to polish the game up a bit.)


This game is really pretty and has wonderful music! This game definitely has a lot of potential, I love the atmosphere of the game and the art direction in general, however I do wish it was a little more user friendly (especially for first time players) 

For more specific feedback: I agree with the commenter before me, the train scene gave me a pretty bad motion sickness, I think it would be nice if the parallax or camera shaking gets toned down a little or decrease the number of layers. I also wished that somewhere in the game itself, they tell you about the special mode (Maybe the fella on the tree can tell you that? He is our guide after all) Otherwise I wouldn't have known what to do. I also had a lot of difficulty climbing back up to reach the water pipe and it left me quite frustrated (I never managed to climb back up there) Maybe consider making the slope gentler/build a different collider/ground instead of using the foreground image?

(Also a little nitpick from a fellow artist: You guys might want to increase the alpha cutoff on the sprites because i can see some white pixels around some of the assets, especially on the main character. Would also love it if there was something indicating that I can interact with an object, maybe an outline, particle effects or even just colour coding certain items to make them stand out a little more from the BG)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hello! Thank you very much for trying out the game. Yeah, we are definitely aware of all the issues with QOL and all... sadly we were short on time so these aspects were not polished enough. :( There was supposed to be an indicator for various things like transforming, which we added during the grace period. (We also added some dialogue with NPCs that was planned but missing.)

According to the comments we tried to shake the train less, and increased the jump a bit to help with climbing up the pipes. Thanks for your thoughts, we'll definitely consider them for any future patches. 

(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง


I just tried the updated version of the game and everything works as intended! Yay! 

I really love the idea of platforms and levers only being interactable in the alternate form and I love what you guys did with the button (i.e leaving the original body there as a weight haha) Great work! Can't wait to see more from you guys!! 


Thanks for giving our new version a try!! Really glad you like the mechanics : D It means a lot to us! ^^ 


Your art is beautiful; the cover captivated me to try out your game and the music is really pretty and reminds me of IB. c: I started off by playing the one you submitted in time and I'm sure you already know the issues with that e.g. the text allignment and lack of music and no way to progress etc. 

Playable Version 2 - The train scene at the start gave me motion sickness because of the screen's shaking (and I personally don't get motion sickness). The character's are adorable and if not for the comment you made below, I wouldn't have known how to progress in the first level as there are no clear instructions so I got stuck by the tree unable to pass. I also found that the controls were a little difficult as the character kept getting stuck on the terrain. However, your "special mode" is an interesting concept and I love the change in colours. I think with more time, this could be a cute little game.


Thank you so much for giving our game a try, and thanks for the feedback! 

We'll try to make the instructions and puzzles more clear, and probably update it within the grace period if you'd like to give it another go! ^^


Definitely! Keep me updated. c:

Developer (8 edits)

Unfortunately we were REALLY tight on time for the game so many graphical issues were not fixed before submission LOL (we submitted seconds before the deadline...)  ಥ_ಥ

game.rar is the version submitted before the grace period (only playable until end of tree map before game breaking bugs, and many graphical issues)

Beginner GameJam Game.rar has many issues ironed out, and is from the grace period. Game is playable until the City Map (unfortunately that map cannot be finished.)


Puzzle order for tree map (spoilers):

Activate the lever on the other side of the tree.

Press Z next to regular form to return.

Pump water underneath the metal structure.

Jump on tree to reach next level on right.