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Then there is a bug. I bought a coffee, and caught all but two fish, then it stopped letting me get tokens. I was wondering if you had a wallet and only able to buy so much or something.

This was a lot of fun. I would like a way to go to the shop without dying, I ended up just letting myself die after a few levels so I could upgrade, but I loved the different kinds of mobs, and finding strategies to get to the next level.

The MOOOOOOO! when your cow gets stolen is my favorite.

This is just a place holder, it isn't out yet.

This is a really cool game. I do wish I could zoom out a bit more so I can see more parts moving, but otherwise it's fantastic and I love it!

This is a game I can see myself playing for a while. Well made, love the glass shattering. If I had any quibbles it would be making the letters bigger, or having different font options so I could see better, otherwise it's great the way it is. 

That's a really great idea for a game. I think it should start slower and build up, but otherwise a great concept. 

I fell like this could be a really fun game with some tweaking. To start with having progressively hard words would be good instead of just a random dictionary. Sometimes I started with "hug" and other times I started with "undesirable". There was also some oddness going on with the box colliders which killed me way to easily sometimes, and missed letters completely other times. One play through I got half way through the word and the word changed which killed me. 

All of these are little bugs that could be ironed out though and take an already fun game to being a really great game. 

For a first game this is even more impressive. 

This really needs a full screen mode. It's so hard to see everything because it's so small and my eyes are so old, lol. But the idea, the story, and even the "tough luck here's some music" is really darn funny. I would play more if it had full screen.

I do like the run animation for the stick figure. Creative. The platforms were also easy to read. When you jump the legs splaying out to the side make it hard to aim at first. I got the hang of it, but it was a bit of a struggle. Also when you fall off the platform at the end you just keep falling...there's nothing in there to reset the lvl. I also apparently missed a coin somewhere, or there was no end screen. I'm not sure which. 

It's a good idea, but there wasn't a way to decide how much force you were hitting with which made it really hard to aim it. Otherwise it wasn't too bad. Nice obstacles, though I wondered about the T since I couldn't land on it or anything. I wonder if the next lvl was supposed to start at the next T but instead they just all started at the first T and you just had to go through all the obstacles to get to the new score pole. That could be a bug, for sure.

I liked this as a game jam game. It has the bones of a great game, it just feels like it isn't quite complete. Though I don't know what it's missing, really. The music was good, the graphics were well designed given the limitation. The strategy wasn't that difficult once I figured it out, but I did wish for a speed up button for the battle section. I feel like there should be some sort of resource management to go with taking over the planets or something to help with growing the fleet, and give more to the game. But as a game jam game it's perfect. 

Well done. Great use of the text, and clear path to look out. Weird that menu is accessed by X instead of enter or space, but I can forgive that. In serious need of sound though.

I loved this. There was a lot going on, but I was able to get to the boss and then die really fast. Lot of different enemies, and good sound and vibration to go with the graphics. Loved it. 

I really wish jump was the space bar. It was an okay game, but having to use the up arrow for the jump just really got frustrating after a bit and I stopped. 

The game works. I'm not good at word games so I was terrible at it, but it definitely worked. I only managed to make one pair that scored me any points though. 
I do think it would improve it if you could make the screen bigger, and if it had some sound. Otherwise it could be a fun game for those who like word games.

I like the concept, but the implementation needs some work. I was playing the HTML version and it was very hard to get through the areas because the character kept catching on floating letters. I couldn't tell what I could walk on and what was background. Though the music was fun and bouncy, and I do love the idea of using synesthisia as a tool, still... the actual game could use some work.

I tried it, but it was TOO FAST! I couldn't really play it just zoomed right into a wall. It also didn't quite fit on my screen. It needs a windowed version. But the music is kind of cute, and the graphics are adorable. It does allow for turning and picking up, you just should consider slowing it down and giving graphic options.

Really tough. I didn't quite know what I was doing, or what I needed to do to make money. I had farms, and doctors, and that's about it. The nobles ended up killing me. 

I think I broke it. I went to the water first, and then when I went to the block at the top it would only ever say "water" or "hot water". It wouldn't give me any other options. Other then that, and the repetitive music, it was a pretty fun game. I liked the humor, and trying to figure out what word to use on each of the interactable

This was a lot of fun. I've always loved these kinds of games, and you did well using only ascii graphics. It could use some background music, but otherwise I really enjoyed it.

I thought the sounds were fun, and the little insects you got as rewards for beating a level were cute. Some of the puzzles were very hard since they demanded you know pop culture, otherwise it was a simple puzzle, and still fun to figure out. 

The menu could be a little easier to read. The game, itself, was really fun. I actually got pretty far into the game without ever using a thruster because I didn't know how to get the ship to move. I started again and tried with the thrusters and it was really tough. Which is good. The thrusters work the way they are supposed to, but it takes a bit to get used to them and adds a new layer to the complexity. If it wasn't for the fact that you can basically win the first 8 waves or so by staying in one place and shooting it would be a great game. I would suggest having the spawn in point shift a bit after the third wave so that you are forced to move. Also love the color scheme, and the music was fun but it got a bit repetitive quickly. 

Lol, I thought about making the apples pick ups, but it was way more fun to use them as things you can bounce off of and get some air.

I can see why the camera was bothersome to some. Doing away with it, or giving it limited motion seems like a good idea. Also needs some sound, and something to achieve. I just kept growing and planting things, then adding water. It would also be helpful if there was some sort of tutorial in game to let you know to water the plants to get them to multiply. Otherwise I love the design, and it worked well. It could definitely be a nice base to a larger game.

The dialog was hard to read because it was all different sizes and shrinking as it came on the screen. The game play was also a bit difficult since you used odd buttons to get the left,right etc movement. Why not just use W,A,S,D? Otherwise it was okay.

I do wish it had a full screen button because my eyes aren't as good as they used to be. Otherwise... god I hate repairs! It was really fun, took some getting used to to get into the rhythm, and really had a lot of parts once you got deeper into it. Very enjoyable. 

That is a beautiful creation. I like clicker games, and this just hit that spot giving me enough to do to feel like I'm playing it and it isn't just playing itself, and also creating something beautiful. I really enjoyed the experience.

Yep, no shadows is definitely an issue. I haven't figured out a way to do shadows with text blocks though.

Thank you. I tried simulating the shadows with the ice cicles but ya, it's tough without proper shadowing. 

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Lots of fun. I do wish there was a "sell all" button, but really that was all that was missing. Love the little critters in the background, and all the different fish you can catch. I found everything except one fish... really tempting to just keep playing till find it... hmmm

It is possible to do particles using periods and commas for the sprites, you just have to figure out how to get them in there correctly. 

Nuts.... I got to a certain point and fell, but the checkpoint was behind a "push" word so I couldn't go forward. And there was no way to reset. I think I'd have to start the entire game over to get through there... 


I wonder if you ever fixed the win condition. I got all five parts twice, the first time I got a screen about not going into the long night, and the second time it reshuffled the deck again and kept playing till I ran out of fuel. Otherwise I love this game.

Ya, I was wondering that too

What does "switch light A" mean? I tried moving around the area and pressing A over and over, but there doesn't seem to be anything to interact with. Then I just fall to my death repeatedly because I can't see anything.

Thank you :) 
Definitely the one I am most interested in developing. 

I loved super monkey ball. One thing I definitely want to do is figure out how to let people select or earn different balls.