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Awesome, thanks.

also, as a suggestion maybe a crafting guide that fills in once you find a combo would be great. Or some sort of hint. I can't tell why some things are highlighted and others aren't in there.

I have been enjoying the heck out of this. Trying to unlock all the classes, and see what all is out there. 

I used the AEIOU scroll and as soon as I clicked it the whole thing caused a blue screen of death. Hoping that's was just a random bug. 

You deserve a high five, this is super awesome and I love how easy you made it to track the different versions of each games. Kodo's to you!

The tutorial was lovely. Then all heck broke loose!

This was simple, at first, then quickly became a race to memorize things. I like it. 

It's beautiful and controls well, but I was confused about the souls. There are orange ones and blue ones, but only the blue ones count for coins? What are the orange ones for? And the blue ones are so far away you only get one or two before you are sure to die before you get back. I suppose that is so you HAVE to sacrifice a soul, but I hate the idea of wasting a soul like that. And it is super expensive to get any upgrades. Still... It is an interesting setting, unlike any I've seen before. With a little balancing I could see this being really awesome.

First, this is beautiful. I love the colors, the soothing music, and the graphics. It's just.... pretty in every way. The game play is simple, and easy to get into a nice zen flow. Then you start adding a ship and it gets a bit more complex, which I loved. The only criticism I might have is that the sound of picking up the flame is a little sharp compared to all the other sounds and graphics, but even that was still okay. 

It would have been a little more satisfying if momma was waiting at the top, or came down after baby went to the nest, but otherwise I loved this game. It was adorable. The obstacles were simple enough that I could figure them out, but there were a few challenging spots. I kept missing the broken fence for the bird to go in at first and trying to get it over the mushrooms but that didn't work. Finally figured it out. And it wasn't until the bird was on the flower with me that I realized the bird was getting closer to me I also chased the bird up a few slopes because it kept catching on a corner, but I got it to the nest!

The octopus is cute, and the game loop works well. I wasn't sure what purpose upgrading the light had except for making it so you couldn't upgrade the speed of the octopus some levels. Otherwise good game.

Man that demon is really hard to beat. I haven't managed to do so yet, but I think I'm going to keep trying. 

Beautiful game. I love seeing the new demons, and watching them dance across the screen is kind of hypnotic. Also love the music, very appropriate and a nice loop that I could listen to for a very long time. There are a few typos, but that's fine, it's a jam so it's all good. Oh, and it would be nice if there was some sort of indicator that when you click for flames your click was counting, like a small flame, or a number, or something. Otherwise it's an awesome game.

It is always easiest for the person who made it, unfortunately.

I use Brave browser. I did double check my audio was working, it was just this game that wouldn't play music for me. Maybe I'll try in Chrome later when I have time. 

An interesting change to a tower defense game. I like that you have to unfreeze the ground in order to place things, it adds that extra bit to it. Seems a bit tough to get past the level though. 

I don't know why but the audio wouldn't work for me. I tried reloading, and it still wouldn't work. Otherwise a nice game, simple but effective. Love the art style.

You have to hold the note to make the astroid burst. 

Okay, I started to figure it out. Cut down trees, put the logs in the furnace, and kill the ghosts so they stop destroying your buildings. And if you walk on the snow it turns to ice which makes it more complicated. 

I like the idea, I think you might benefit from a new first level that acts like a tutorial and shows you how to play before just launching a person into it. The graphics and sound are good, the movement system is a bit slippy, but I think it's supposed to be. Trying to figure out where to add the log into the furnace is sometimes tricky. Some indication or pop up might be good for that too. Otherwise a good take on the theme. 

I liked the idea, but I wasn't sure when I could dash again. I think some indicator telling me when I could dash would be incredibly helpful. Maybe ramping up the slime invasion a little slower too. Loved the art, and mechanics work, just need that indicator so I know when to dash and stop killing myself on slimes. 

Oh I love this idea. The idea of using your health bar for a platform really makes you think over how you're going to do everything, and when you might like to sacrifice some of it. The third level does make it impossible to beat if you loose all but one bar though, meaning you have to start over. 

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I really enjoyed this short little romp. The textures made it a bit hard to figure out where  you were going in a couple of places, and I would have liked to be able to rotate the camera sometimes, but otherwise it worked well. Beautiful game, cute little story. Short and sweet, and I liked it. Oh, and I never got to give the apples to her!

I love the graphics, and the idea behind this game, but it is incredibly hard to figure out a balance. I am always running out of faith, even though I keep building more cathedral pieces and only have three buildings. I can't figure out why my little builders suddenly die and become monsters. I've managed to get up to ten pieces of cathedral built before there are too many monsters for me to keep going. I feel like I'm missing some part of the build. What causes the guys with the crosses? What makes the little red dudes? Is there a way to keep my warriors alive because things seem to ramp up faster than I can compensate for. I'm going to keep trying, because I want to see the cathedral, but it is definitly on hard mode. 

You could build the building on a seperate card stock so you can keep the words separate too

Thank you for playing. I hope to figure out what's causing that screen jump.

I agree, that screen jump is odd, and it didn't do that until I uploaded it so I have to figure that one out. 

Thank you for playing.

Thank you

The cut scene and story are amazing.

If you made this in one hour that's great. Simple, but effective. 

I couldn't figure out how to buy a tower. I tried clicking, dragging, and right clicking, nothing seemed to work. If you could add instructions I'd like to try playing again. Also once you die it just says you win, but I think you know that already. The monsters seem to move really fast too, but I can't tell how effective the towers are till I can buy one.

It does get a little complicated trying to balance the shield between all the projectiles the higher up in level you get. I think a little blast when the projectiles hit the castle would be a nice touch. Otherwise it's an effective mini game.

Cute little game. The aiming is a bit weird because you have to aim really high to get it to go any farther than right in front of you. And once you run in th ehouse you really can't go back outside. Those doctors really want to get you I guess. Cute though. Hope you're feeling better.

I noticed that glitch after I uploaded it, it didn't do that in unity. It's so weird. 

Thank you for playing. 

I did start the art work back when team seas came out, but I never got to make a game with them because life.... was being interesting at the time. So, ya, I was glad to finally use the graphics. 

Great for first game complete and game jam. It feels like a complete little experience. I like the the chill music, and the sound effects. The controls were easy to grasp.


If you hold control and click it opens it in a new tab so you can just spam through everything but its still annoying. 

I also found that not everyone categorizes their items correctly. Some game stories come up as games, or games show as books. And you can't recatagorize or create your own sub folders. 

Maybe some day they will work on that. 

I love how everything just kind of sneaks up on you.... 

I've bought a couple bundles and the lack of support for bundles is frustrating. I can't just add all of the games to my library so that I can sort them by games, tools, books, etc. I can't find a way to add the game to my library unless I press download. I don't want to download everything, I just want to add them to my library so I can easily sort through them and figure out what I'm doing. 

I have a terrible internet connection so installing all of the bundled items will take me a week if I actually did it. But really it's just difficult to see what is in the bundle and I want to be able to sort it like I do my library.

Please add the ability to just add them to my library with one click, or an option in settings to automatically add bundle purchases to library. 

Downloaded this on the app and it doesn't go full screen. It also has a weird white box around it. You might check into that. Otherwise it works perfectly and I might pick this up on steam sometime.

I do like the graphics on this one, and the the hide and hunting of the different mushrooms is kind of fun. Like a memory game remembering where they are. I think the only odd thing is the character doesn't have a walk animation, but that's a small thing.

An interesting game. The text is really hard to read, especially in full screen mode. (I downloaded this on the launcher for full screen.) And the curser is hard to place. Once I figured out what I was doing it worked out, but that curser could really use some updating. 

I think your game broke. It is saying "Action is not defined" now.