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Oh that's a great solution!

The music is fixed, but the sprite does not launch in the center of the screen which makes it a lot harder since bugs spawn right on top of you now. Sorry about that.

I think the itch launcher is a newer thing. It's supposed to work with most games that play as web based applications, I think, but some games just do not work with it. Maybe I'm an early adopter, lol. 

That's awesome!

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I feel like a high score read out would be an awesome upgrade to this game. Plus a menu and a pause button so I can walk away if I need to. With that it would be perfect. I would pay for an upgraded version!

I'm guessing it's "hay", which is why it keeps saying hey.

Good premise, and the game works well, but the sound may be messed up. The menu music keeps playing when you go into the game so you can hear both at the same time.

That's tough. I got 16 pies.  I do like the audio, but the aiming is really hard. I'm sure if I stuck with it I could get more though. Also it doesn't run on the launcher. It downloads and everything, but for some reason there is an error.

Very true. I am trying to pick up the coding but it isn't easy. Patience and practice, right? Maybe I'll try Construct. 

Is construct 3 easier? I've been learning Unity, and godot.

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I'm not a turkey at all... C0605L040808
Cute little dress up game with some fun outfits. 

It would definitely be fun. I know very little about the programming side, I'm trying to make my very first game this week. Good luck!

It's a super cute little game. I think it would be easier to tell which squirrel you are if you made it contrast with the others a bit more. Give it a darker coat, or a white streak or something. I really do like the asthetics though, it's really a pretty display. Would love to be able to climb the trees and get to the top. 

I love the atmosphere, and lighting. You really brought the graphics up a notch. The music was a nice touch too, making everything seem soothing and relaxing.

This game is beautifully created. I love how you made it 3d with these little sprites. I do wish I could turn with the mouse, but I'm getting the hang of it.

This was fun. I really enjoyed hunting down all the people and cows. The farmer sniping me with whatever he threw surprised me, but it made it more challenging. The  sounds reminded me of a weird train ride. Kind of fitting, actually. 

This was a great take on the theme. Music fit well too. Easy controls and when the visitors started showing up that was kind of hilarious. I do wish it had started out a little slower and ramped up though just because it took me a lot of dieing to finally get the rythem of it. 

It's a nice start to a game. It definitly worked well. A few glitches going through some of the doors, but otherwise worked okay.  If you wanted to go farther with this consept I think you could change things when you went through doorways, and added some creepyness to make it feel more unsettling. 

This is so well done. Love the ghostly skin you gave the boat. Very challenging. Love the sounds too. It does need a menu for the escape button though. 

This reminds me a little of the old game Mastermind, which I used to play a LOT of. You had to guess what the other persns pattern was. But in that game there was always an indication of your choice, and how close you were to the solution. In this all you're doing is guessing. I suspect the items on the persons face and body are a hint, but even when I used all the things assotiated with the blue feet people I didn't get a cure, so maybe I'm wrong. I think the game has potential, but something to indicate if I have one right, or two right, would be useful. 

I am so glad you put in that toggle for the CRT or I couldn't have played this. It was making my eyes cross. But it looked good, and I loved the feel of this one. A simple puzzler that got harder as it went, and it just worked. Could use some music, but the simple sounds were enough. There's always youtube in the background anyway.

So a restart button might be in order. I accidently got myself upside down, and couldn't get out of it. Had to shut down and restart.

Otherwise this is cute. I liked the graphics, and the sounds. It was hard to control, but I was able to get through. I was a bit surprised that as soon as you fly too high your game is just over, but understandable. 

Oh, awesome, that's the only one I missed then. 

Maybe a bug then? I was trying to along the coast but it wouldn't let me go beyond the shore. I might try it again. Also wasn't sure how many lights there were to catch so I was never sure if I finished it.

Laziness is definitely a problem. I'm playing gamejam games instead of finishing the edits for my book so I get you.

First thing I tried was rotating the camera... disappointed I couldn't. Not necessary, but definitely a quality of life upgrade. 

Yes, some sort of indicator would definitely be useful. I think it has potential. The main game play works well, and if the tiles are different every time you start there's some good replay value there. It was slow basically when I tried moving the map around, and when I clicked on trees or houses it took a little longer than it should for the UI for that item to pop up. I'm sure that could eventually be fixed with optimizations. 

I did not find the ghost. I did find pillars, headstones, the top of a tower so that you could look down over everything. I couldn't figure out how to get to the light just out in the water though. Loved the windmill too!

That's a very cursed carrot. I hate the controls, which is the point, lol. 

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I liked the consept, and I could pick things up and throw them which was kind of fun. It was also a lot of fun to run through all the items and find out how many I could make roll and fly off just from running.  But controlling the character was more frustrating than it needed to be. It had weird controls that made turning and walking seperate and I found that frustrating. I'd also suggest adding a lose condition if you walk off the plate, . If you were to develope this you might add an animation to the pick up, when you pick up an item the character just has his arms down at his side with the item stuck to his chest. 

Fun, and frustrating. Nice combo. I love the way you used the assets, and the islands popping up are interesting. The voice gets really repetitive though. Maybe different lines, or a simple tone whenever the ships stearing changes would be better. 

The graphics look nice with the simplistic line designs. The bunny popping out and saying "kill it" was a little ... um... startling. It did make it difficult to control where you were going. Then the rocks being thrown out.... I wasn't sure what was causing that, but it made it difficult to walk through doorways. I think with some more information about what's going on I might like this better. Also it needs some music. 

This is such a great consept. I kept wanting to get up closer to things to see what they were, and had to slow down to let the landscape appear from the white background. So many interesting things as well, and it all looked alive because of the way it is constantly shifting. The sounds were great as well, from the clattering over wood, to stepping on stones, and the owls hooting in the background. And I'm not sure if it was just my imagination or not, but it almost seemed like the landscape got jumbled up faster the more lights I collected. The only thing that might make this better is if there were other things to find hidden in the landscape besides the lights. 

An interesting consept. I like the hex tiles. Is there an indicator that a house is going to do anything the next day? Because I was unable to tell which one I should cast sloth on. Overall an interesting consept. Runs a bit slow, but I'm guessing that's because it hasn't been optimized in the 48 hours. 

I love the visuals. I was a little disapointed that I couldn't stop on the islands and rescue people (or kill them if I'm a pirate). The curse was a bit simplistic with just the clouds so it would be good to add more variety if you expanded upon it. 

I like the consept. The walls are less useful since cursed can spawn right inside your fences. I'd like the whole game to be bigger so I can see it better, maximizing the game. And it really needs some sound. But the consept is fun. Oh, and I encountered a bug when I tried closing the game and instead of closing it I ended up with another window. Then I right clicked the icon in the itch game launcher and another one opened. Maybe it's because I was using the game launcher. 

I do like the consept. The map has a nice asthetic to it with the brown background, and everything looking like a wasteland. Wouldn't mind seeing where you go with this. 

The visuals are really simple so for the game jam aspect it's not high, but it works really well for what it is. Really enjoyed playing. It's simple enough to make you think "I can do better" but hard enough that... I rarely do better at all. Especially with bouncing off the power up. I can not remember how many times I've died to that thing. Simple and fun. 

The sounds the planet makes are just... disturbing. I guess that's the point. I was actually kinda happy to put it out of its misery. 

Anyone who gets stuck on a puzzle... just because you only have one line per puzzle doesn't mean you have to stop drawing that line when the chicken starts moving. 
Would love a save state for it. I got up to the level with two keys. Would love a full game. The sketchy art is really indearing, and I love that chicken.