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Fantastic game!

Gameplay is really straightforward and everything has a great feedback.

Pixel art is so cute and consistent. Also the environments are quite diverse!

Cutscenes are smooth and really add to the game.

Music fits perfectly and is pretty chill.

Boss fights are right on! It's probably my favourite parts of the game.

All in all, I had a surprisingly great time with it and had me relax. 


PS : I forgot to mention the story which is a nice interpretation of the idea of entangled particles.


Your feedback is really valuable. I'll probably keep working on it after the jam. Even though the quality might not be up to the jam's standards, I'm willing to keep improving it as a personal project. The big next step would be to address the performance issues and QoL in general, which I think is critical for such a precision demanding game.

I'm really glad you appreciated the character's pixel art since it was my first shot ever at it and it demanded much effort. But oh boy was it fun and did I learn about movement and anatomy!

I just checked who was Atomic Boy Scout and even though I had heard his story before, it had never came to my mind when  I started writing the plot.

Regarding the upskirt, I guess I added it partly due to nostalgia. My main references for magical girl anime were the ones  i watched in the 90's. It's certainly debatable, but I thought was a funny reference (amongst many others).

I'm going to play your game (and the other's submissions as well) soon. But for now i need a day off.  Really looking forward to seeing how all of you  guys have nailed it.


BTW thanks for the comparison, SMB is one of my  favourite platformers !

Hi, thanks for playing it and sorry that it disappointed you.

I was way behind my schedule when I submitted.

I pushed a major update that makes the game more playable. Also I added the soundtrack. I added checkpoints as well and overall the game shoud feel smoother thanks to plenty of fixed bugs.

We would be so glad if you could give another try from now. The game should be in its proper state today.

Have a great jam!

Thanks a lot for playing it!

I submitted the game but was way behind my schedule. I didn't want the contributors to be disappointed not having their work showcased. Otherwise I would have never submitted such an early prototype. 

I pushed a major update today and it made the game rather more interesting.

From now on, the game is in a playable state and I will keep updating and probably released the final update today.

There is actually a story that must be told through fun cutscenes and will be implemented today.

I hope you will give another chance and enjoy our music producer's amazing work.

So sorry again for this very rough submission.

Have a lovely day :)

Thanks for playing it !

Please feel free to give it another try. I added checkpoints and made some adjustments today. Still fairly difficult though x)

Thanks a lot for testing early and your feedback.

Yeah I am way befind my schedule but I released a fair update today that makes the game more playable.

The S key was intended for debugging purposes and will be removed upon the next update.

I'm still working on it. Please feel free to give it another try from now. I asked @lapspider45 to help me with the soundtrack he did an amazing job at it. And so did the other team members who helped with the visual assets.


Thank you for testing early. 

I'm so sorry though that you could not try a playable version. I just updated today and, even though it is still unfinished, it is at least at a playable state. So feel free to give it another try :).

Thanks for playing our game! And congratulations to have made it until the end! :)

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Thanks for playing it and the feedback!

We indeed faced the various challenges you mentionned concerning the platform phase but since it was my first time programming a video game, we decided to workaround them. For example, I didn't know exactly how to implement jump buffering and coyotte jumps, so we decided to extend the player's hitbox a little bit on the X-axis. Which made the player more reachable for the enemies as a side effect. To save time, we "cheated" again by designing all the levels  arounds those flaws. We tried to teach the player that enemies could reach you from one tile below in the 4th level of the game, for instance.

Had we had more time, the game would have been completely different :)

Cheers!! we have learnt a lot from this jam!

thanks! we'll try to allocate more time to the level design next time :)

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thanks! we're pleased you enjoyed the game and that you joined our fight against modern slavery towards cats xD

That is such a fun game! I had a good laugh at every single customer! Art is good too! Great Job!

Thank you very much for playing it and the good review!

 We tried really hard to offer fun and challenging levels. Testing the levels was a main focus for our game but so were so many other aspects (code, art, animation...). Balancing the difficulty was one of the unexpected major issues we had. It might have reflected in some of the levels.

Anyway, we are so glad that you had such a good time playing our game and wish you a really good jam!

really impressive! controls feel really smooth and give a great feedback. Also, the art is simple but really effective. The sound design is also good! Congrats

The art is fantastic! The BGM also fits perfectly. Platforms and game mechanics are really creative. It's little bit pity that we are stuck at level 3. Really good job on this one! I will show this project to my team for inspiration

Really fun and well inspired! ComiCon rampaged my people even more than a global pandemic XD

Really nice pixel art! The Tree level was really difficult though. I could not really guess what was a platform or not. Good Job

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for playing and glad you enjoyed! I'll tell our artist that you like the way she went full cuteness on this project xD. I also hope that you were not stuck on the "ladder level" for too long. 

I don't know much about 3D game devlopment but it looks rather time consuming. I'm really impressed that you managed to release such a game for this game jam. Good Job

The monsters' visual is great! Gameplaywise, shooting with keyboard inputs (for example by using the arrow keys) would have felt even more arcade :)

3D assets are good. With a little bit of dev time it can turn great!

Really cool mechanics! I wish there were more levels! Had a lot of fun

Thanks a lot! Your comment is giving positive vibes to all the team! We deeply appreciate that you took time to play our game and enjoyed it :D

Really addictive! the first level would have been better with a different color for the obstacle. Good job!

I liked the concept! could be a solid base for a story-driven adventure game :)

The AI is mad !!! In our first drafts we wanted to have a similar AI for potential followers, but we gave up quickly x). Well done !

The art is amzing! Unfortunately my setup is potato so I experienced massive frame drops. Otherwise really it's a really fun patformer :)

Great game! Visual assets are simple but rather effective. Game feel and animations are on point and give the player a great feedback on what's happening. Sound design is over the top! Good Job!

Relaxing game. Great mood and creative gameplay mechanics

Amazing concept! Just needs some visual cues and feedback when guiding the spaceships. Great Job!

It feels really polished! SFX and gameplay feedback are on point! Good Job

Controls are smooth and BGM is epic! Great Job

Character desing is great! Gameplaywise, shooting with the keyboard arrows would have felt more natural IMHO. Good Job!

Really nice mood! I like the wall ride mechanic. I wish there were an ingame sort of tutorial to learn all the different inputs. For example: I didn't realise I could do a double-jump until I got trapped into a death cycle.

Otherwise great job!

Dialogue bug fixed and button for skipping dialogues added!!! 

Also, the enemies are no longer dancing when the level is reloaded.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, we managed to fix it in time because of you giving our game a try early :D

Dialogue bug fixed and button for skipping dialogues added!!! thanks a lot for your feedback.

We asked the host of this game jam if could fix the bugs and gave us 5h to have it done. We made it in time thanks to your feedback :D

Dialogue bug fixed and button for skipping dialogues added!!! thanks a lot for your feedback