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Thanks for giving a try Tsuki! ^^

I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it!

Thank you for giving it a spin!

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it ^^

Thank you so much! I'm very glad to hear that you've enjoyed playing this ^^

Oh that is so valid, honestly. Sometimes life just gets in the way and that's okay!!

Thank you for sparing some time to give it a spin nevertheless, La Volpe! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the bugs scattered here and there ^^; (And thanks for reporting them! I'll get them fixed when I can!)

Thank you for giving this game a spin! I'm glad you've enjoyed it, and I hope you get to make the game you want to make someday!! 

I also didn't expect to make a hidden games object using renpy out of all the engines out there, but it was the only engine I could use rather comfortably at the time and my options were limited haha. I guess that's the beauty of game jams, you really have to work with what you have, and what I had was basic renpy programming and being able to draw quickly! 

Once again, thanks for giving this a try and leaving a review, I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for giving it a try, and an even bigger thank you for hosting the game jam! 

I look forward to participating in more of them :)

Thanks a lot for playing, and no worries!

amongus jokes and anti-capitalism? all the better, ngl. 

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing as well! And very glad to hear that you enjoyed it!! :)

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you found it relatable.

Whatever it is you needed to leave behind, I hope you heal from it 

Fair enough, playing games during new year was how I spent mine as well, haha.

Anyway, I hope you have a pleasant year ahead! Happy new year!

Thank you for giving it a try! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it as well!

I hope you have a pleasant day (and year) ahead!

Thank you so much for playing, even during new years! I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed it <3

I hope so too, as well.

Thank you so much for giving it a try and even more happy to hear that you enjoyed the art and story! And yes, some things were intentionally left vague ;)

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful new year ahead of you.

Once again, thanks for playing! <3

I used musescore to compose and make the mp3/MIDI, and did a little editing in audacity (mostly adding reverb, equalizing etc)

Both are free afaik, perfect for someone like me who isnt a musician by trade haha

Thank you so much for giving it a spin! I'm very glad you managed to push through!! I admit, some of the o jects i put were a little tricky but im glad you managed anyway.

Once again thanks for playing through it! Hope you enjoyed it haha

Hello! The resolution of the images are optimized specifically for desktop backgrounds, but you may use them for other non  commercial purposes with credit. I hope that helps!

Thank you for giving it a try! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing, glad you feel that way about it!

Thank you for giving it a try! Very glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for giving it a try! glad you feel that way

Thank you so much for giving the game a try! And to answer your questions, I did not study botany, although I do have an interest in both botany and mycology, I mostly learnt from guide books and personal research, I'm basically a hobbyist naturalist on the side, haha

In terms of my career as a gamedev, my position is a little weird I suppose. I have worked on bigger games as an independent contractor/freelancer, but I also make smaller games on the side as passion projects as a way to combat burnout from bigger projects. (I just joined my first game jam this year, which was suggested by a few industry friends and I found it helped with managing burnout)

 As for my education, I never studied game design, all my knowledge of it comes down to watching videos that break down game design (i.e extra credits on youtube haha) or analyzing games that I, myself play. 

However,  while I have never studied game design, I did study a lot of things that helped me: Fine Arts, 2D and 3D arts and animation, as well as a little music (I'm not the greatest at music tbh, but i do know the basics). I mostly took short classes/courses for these but I do have a diploma in 3D Art/Animation. From there, I simply learnt of their implementation in different game engines and picked up some basic coding (mostly basic Python on renpy, but I know a little C# and learnt to operate UE4 Blueprints too)

As for your last question, I ended up going in this jam as a solo dev despite having plans to collaborate with other participants simply due to my schedule. 

This jam was 10 days long, but about 1-2 days before the jam started, I got an urgent freelance job and suddenly I found myself available for less than half of it. (I really needed the money, then) At that time I wasnt even sure I could participate at all, I did talk to them about it and decided to not join the team, I thought it would be a little unfair if I worked in collaboration with someone but wasnt able to pull my weight because of my busy and irregular schedule. I didnt want them to have any sort of resentment towards me if i was unavailable. I wasnt planning on joining the game jam at all at this stage, but when I finished most of my work on the 5th day of the jam, I, (for some reason which i cant really explain) decided to give the jam a shot anyway. It felt a little weird asking to join someone who was already progressing with the jam so instead of asking for a collaboration, I decided to go at it alone.

Anyway, once again thanks for giving the game a try! I hope I answered all your questions, but feel free to ask if you have any more!

Thank you so much for giving it a try! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately I dont have any other music like this, this was my first time composing haha. However, who's to say i wont make more for future games? ;D

Thank you for trying the game! I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for giving the game a try! I'm still very much a beginner in programming and I'm still experimenting with different engines (renpy being one engine I'm more comfortable with, which was why I stuck with it for this game jam) but I too, am looking forward to making more complex gameplay mechanics, I hope you'll look forward to them!

Once again, Thanks for giving it a shot as well as for all your feedback <3

Thank you! Glad you feel that way about it!

Thank you so much for giving this game a try! To be honest, at first I had contemplated putting in a timer or a thing that tells you the number of clicks/extra clicks but when I tested it, a lot of players found it just added unnecessary stress to the game so ultimately i decided to cut it out :3c

Thanks for giving it a shot! Very glad you enjoyed it! (Also do look up how the birds sound if you havent because it is quite interesting as well hahaha)

Thank you so much for giving it a try! I admit I have been a little crafty about some of the hidden items but I'm glad the hint feature helps! I hope you enjoyed it!! 

Yeah, I suppose I'm lucky in a sense that I already know what i specialize in, but I guess game jams would also be the perfect opportunity for someone getting into gamedev in general, as it gives us a chance to just try out all the disciplines to see what we'd like best without being too worried about making something that isn't superb.

I do highly reccomend working in a team sometime in the future because the dynamics for that is extremely different from working solo, and it really trains you to communicate with the other team members and allows you to make bigger games! Game jams are also great for this because you might also find a more experienced teammate who is willing to teach you the ropes as well heheh

ooooo what a neat little game!! (haha, see what I did there?)

but anyway, fr. I love the idea of you as the player playing as the clouds! a very creative take on the topic and I look forward to seeing more!

Thanks for giving it a shot and I'm glad you enjoyed it!! 

thanks!! and yeah it's just a relaxing(?) little jam haha. Glad you enjoyed it!

Ooooo Looking forward to the finished game!! Great work so far!

Thank you!! I hope you'll enjoy it! 

I swear every time the deer says something it almost *drives* me to tears (haha)

Fantastic game with a fantastic narrative. I honestly could just look at the scenery for hours

This game really perfectly encapsulates how i feel going out to get buffet/freeflow hotpot with my friends, especially since now I can't do that anymore HAHA. Anyway, this game was pretty well-balanced and very enjoyable! Thanks for making this!

I have no idea what i just witnessed but i am in love with this. The animation and controls feels so Juicy and amazing, and the sound design is immaculate!

I really quite liked the idea of this game, but there's just something about the camera movement and settings that made me really feel the motion sickness. It got especially bad when you (SPOILER ALERT) go into the basement areas, especially the stairs (SPOILER END)

oohhh do your best! tbh I've noticed that a lot of players that I've asked tend to get around 150+-  

I do hope you'll reach 200! If you go far enough you may even see a slightly different galaxy haha