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Lord Kuro

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I like the idea of getting abilities from the enemies to get past obstacles on the map, but it's a little hard to tell that it's what you need to do. It took me forever to figure out how to get past the bridge lol. The browser version crashed a few times with no apparent trigger, but that might just be my bad internet connection.

Thanks for trying the game! I wish I could have had a bit more time to add an epilogue or something showing Candyman lurking around the camp for real.

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The error seems to be fixed in this version. I love the writing and gameplay! It's a very unique use of the battle system. The story reminds me of Lux Pain, but has much better gameplay. I'd be interested in playing a longer version.

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Updated to fix map issues and a repeating event.

And thanks for giving it a try anyway! :)

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Where did you get stuck? I'm about to post an update that makes some map fixes and gets rid of a repeating event, but it's still no good if it's not intuative.

Thanks for trying the game and for the bug reports! Hopefully those'll be easy to fix in an update.

This was a really fun game! Just a heads up: there is some sort of bug in the final battle that made the enemies stop fighting for some reason. But that was the only issue I had with the game. 

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Thanks for the reply. If it was the ketchup, it was in the far left wooden cabinet in the storage room (the room to the right of the kitchen). If it was the resumes afterwards, they were in the dumpster out back (specifically the sprite with the trash bags).

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That's a huge bummer. I really thought I had it working at least at a first draft level. What item was it, so I can make it more obvious when I update it? The others that reviewed it were able to reach the ending, so at least it isn't broken, but it's no good if players get stuck.

This was a lot of fun! A little short, but very addicting.

I'm really liking this one so far, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the flashlight on the car. Any hints for dumber players?


This was a cute story, but there's some stuff I think could be improved on to make it even better. The Engrish breaks the immersion really bad, and some of the choices don't make much sense (why was it bad to go back for the backpack? Why do I even need the backpack? Right or left at the ending? etc etc.). The biggest problem I had was how the ending just came out of nowhere. I'm the last person who should complain about a dead protagonist, but it was so sudden it was hard to be sad about it. It was more of a "Wait, wut?" and less of a "No, my worst fears have been realized!". A little foreshadowing would go a long way to making sure the ending breaks the player's feels with maximum impact.

Thanks for all the feedback! This was my first game and my first attempt at anything bigger than a single map in RPG Maker, so I was kind of learning as I went. I want to make an update to fix some issues and plot holes I couldn't beat down by the deadline, so I'll be sure to fix those problems you mentioned as well. The killer calling them 'it' is both because he's nuts and because I've probably seen Silence of the Lambs too many times lol.

The game keeps crashing during fights in the forest outside the demon castle. It's saying "Loading Error: Failed to load:img/animations/Howl.pgn"


All feedback, bug reports, and typo sightings are greatly appreciated!